Shadow Awakening: All About The Next Hearthstone Expansion

The first extension of 2019, the year of the Dragon, was announced by Blizzard. Called the Awakening of the Shadows, it will contain 135 new playable cards. A few weeks before its release, we take stock of new cards and announced mechanics.

The story of the extension
The future Awakening of the Shadows extension will highlight the M.A.L. Legion. If we still ignore the meaning of this acronym, we know that this team includes some of the most emblematic villains of the various Hearthstone extensions.
We will find Dr. Boum (Armageboom), Hagatha (Cursed Wood), Madam Lazul (Very Old Gods), Wax King (Kobolds and Catacombs) and Rafaam (League of Explorers). These different characters seem to have allied for one goal: to seize the magical city of Dalaraan. Of course, the forces of good should not be allowed to do so and also prepare their defense.

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Note that Blizzard has already announced that the three extensions of 2019 will have a common story that will be developed as and when the outputs. What to predict a response for the second extension of the year of the Dragon, scheduled for this summer.
2019, the year of the Dragon
The new Hearthstone extension, Awakening of the Shadows, is part of a special context for the card game. Not only will this be the first year of a new standard cycle that will see the disappearance of the 2017, Un'Goro, Throne of Ice and Kobolds and Catacombs, but other influential decks will also come out of the game.
Blizzard has indeed announced that Genn and Baku cards, which allow to build strong decks odd or even cards, will be more playable than free format. Concretely, this means that paladins, thieves or odd warriors will no longer be able to benefit from their improved heroic power. Likewise, even warlocks will lose their ability to use their power for only 1 crystal of mana. In short, with this new year of the dragon, all cards are rebutted.

It is in this setting that Awakening of the Shadows will have a great interest for the players, while many particularly powerful cards, such as the various Knights of Death, the legendary weapons, the Lich King or Prince Keleseth. No need to hope that the cards of the new extension are overkill, given the disappearance of many used cards, the news should find their place in the decks.
Maneuvers and double fate
As with each new extension, Awakening Shadows will introduce some new mechanics. Two are thus on the program: Maneuvers and Spell Double. The first one, Maneuver, will allow you to improve a map as you keep it in your hand. For now, only one example has been given by Blizzard with the Hagatha Maneuver card for the shaman. The first time you have it in hand, this card will inflict one point of damage to all minions for 5 mana. In the second turn, she will inflict two points of damage, always for the same mana cost. In the third round, she will inflict three points of damage this time, and so on. A good strategy should therefore be to keep the card as much as possible in order to improve its effect and make it as effective against aggressive decks as against large creatures.

The other mechanic, Sort Double, will allow you to play the same spell twice. Once you have played the card that has this keyword, another identical card – but without the keyword – will appear in your hand. Unlike Echo mechanics, Sort Double cards can however be played on several different turns. This is a good way to gain value on the board deck. Only one map has been shown with this mechanics for now: "Help from the Forest".

Finally, Blizzard announced the arrival of new token cards, the Laquais. These servants at the cost of a mana crystal offer very powerful abilities for their low cost. They are five and for the moment only one card allows to recover them in hand, the Rogue of M.A.L.
A mysterious solo mode
For now, we still do not know what will be the single-player mode of the L'√Čveil des Ombres extension. Just know it will be available one month after the launch of the extension, in May.
For now, the extension site indicates a "Secret Plan". Blizzard seems to want to keep the mystery around the adventure: "Clear, there is nothing to see! Shoo! OUTSIDE ! ".
Release date and pre-order
The extension will be released on April 9th. The pre-order for L'√Čveil des Ombres is already available with two offers. The first, at 49.99 euros, allows you to order 50 packs of cards and enjoy a legendary random card. The second, at 79.99 euros, includes 80 packs of cards, a legendary golden card and a hero portrait for the priest: Madam Lazul.

135 cards planned in the Awakening of the Shadows
Blizzard has announced that 135 new cards will make up the Shadow Awakening expansion. For the time being, Hearthstone's publisher has only released nine, including three legendary ones: Kalecgos, Chef Nomi and Prince of Evil Rafaam. By April 9, the remaining 126 cards will be unveiled, whether by professional players, streamers have directly by the developers themselves.
Shaman cards
Hunter cards
No hunter card has been announced yet
Warlock cards
Druid cards
Warrior cards
No warrior cards have been announced yet
Mage Cards
Paladin cards
No paladin card has been announced yet
Priest cards
Thief cards
Neutral cards


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