Skoda KLEMENT: an innovative electric two-wheeler halfway between bike and moped

The Czech brand Skoda has lifted the veil on a concept of electric two-wheelers a particular hair: the design of a bike, the power of a moped. Its acceleration and braking system is also distinguished by its innovative and fun side.

Skoda itself does not classify its product in any category: neither bicycle nor moped, but a concept of electric two-wheelers reflecting its vision in the short and medium term in the field of urban mobility. Thus was born KLEMENT, presented in an official press release on the occasion of the 89th edition of the Geneva Motor Show. And the least we can say is that the craft is appealing by its minimalist design.
The speed of a moped
Forget the brake levers, the derailleurs and all visible cables, and make way for a product consisting of a saddle, an aluminum frame, wheels … and a 4 kW electric motor attached to the back . At its heart, KLEMENT conceals a double removable 1250 Wh battery, offering a range of 62 kilometers. Still, this two-wheel sports a sleek look, whose lines are considerably closer to the bike.

Except that its engine allows it to climb up to 45 km / h, a speed that does not meet the French law, which allow e-bikes to run up to 25 km / h. That's why KLEMENT is more like a moped, despite its deceptive design. Especially since its acceleration and braking system is at odds with that of a bike.
A question of inclination
It is enough for the user to put his feet on the fixed pedals, before tilting forward to gain speed. And conversely to lose, thanks to hydraulic disc brakes equipped with ABS. Note that a system of energy recovery during braking can recover some valuable minutes of autonomy to this machine weighing still 25 kilos.
Like all the electric two-wheelers of the moment, KLEMENT has a connectivity allowing it to be fitted to a smartphone, with which the user can consult diagnoses or limit the use of the product to a pre-established geographical area. The icing on the cake: to reload your mobile device safely, a support with an inductive load has been installed by the teams of the firm. No information on its price and its release date has been communicated.

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