Small glitch for the Tesla Model 3: the Autopilot is deactivated on the first European deliveries

While the first Model 3 for Europe have docked in Belgium, the steering assistance of the electric car, known as the Autopilot, remains unavailable, the fault of a certification still being processed.

If you follow assiduous news related to Tesla brand, then you will probably have noticed the countless messages and other tweets observed in recent days signaling that the first Model 3 finally arrive in Europe. The cargo ship Glovis Captain has indeed docked at the port of Zeebruge, Belgium, to deposit a first batch of electric cars.
Model 3: a homologation, yes, but not for the Autopilot
While the first customers of the Old Continent receive their little baby waited for such long months, some quickly became disillusioned. In question: the deactivation of the piloting aid, also called Autopilot. Except that the people concerned have paid the additional sum of 5300 euros to afford the option "Improved automatic control". Surprise is therefore important, necessarily.
Brought to light by the Los Angeles Times, then relayed by Electrek, this disappointment should be short-lived. According to the American media, the Autopilot Model 3 has not yet received the necessary certification issued by the RDW, the Dutch authority in charge of European certifications. The organization had indeed allowed the Model 3 to ride our roads a few weeks ago, but the agreement obviously did not include the Autopilot.
A matter of days
However, the Autopilot Model 3 is identical to that of Model S and Model X, approved by the RDW. But slight material differences would force the body to perform a new series of tests. The latter have already been made and approved, according to a source close to the file cited by Electrek. It is only a matter of days before the Autopilot is deployed on the European Tesla models.
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