Snapchat: the new Android application will arrive in 2019, too late?

Snapchat has always been less optimized on Android. The CEO of Snap Inc. has stated that the complete overhaul of the application will land in the course of 2019, but would it not be too late already?

Instant chat apps are among the most popular mobile solutions. This market is particularly competitive as well as clogged, but a small software managed to take everyone by surprise a few years ago: Snapchat.
Nowadays, however, after being copied by all its competitors, the service goes from bad to worse. It must be said that Snapchat has long snubbed Android, and offered much lower performance on the platform. All this will change.
The new Snapchat for Android will arrive in 2019
Presenting at a conference in San Francisco, Snap Inc CEO Evan Spiegel revealed that the new version of Snapchat's Android application, already announced before, would finally come out "by the end of the year." It should finally adapt to the platform and allow everyone to enjoy the real quality of their cameras.
Android is finally considered important by the company: "Android is absolutely necessary for our strategy. There are about 2 billion Android users who do not use Snapchat. We would welcome some of these, I think. "
Too late for Instagram
Good news ? The opinion is mixed. On the one hand, Snapchat users on Android will finally be considered by the company, and will finally enjoy the full performance of their device.
But on the other hand, it seems that the climax of Snapchat has already been reached, and that the service is condemned to fall gradually. By being devoured by its competitors without considering the most used mobile platform in the world, Snap Inc simply let Instagram steal its user base little by little.
Today, the social network trend is none other than the one owned by Facebook, thanks to the features it has recovered from its competitor. It is not certain that an update arriving so late in Snapchat's life will solve this problem.
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