Sony seems to abandon its Compact range: hard blow for small formats

At CES 2019, Sony's vice president of marketing commented on the lack of a Compact model on his latest line-up. It seems that the decision is final.

The CES 2019 was an opportunity to unveil many different products for manufacturers, but smartphones have never been the stars of the event. That does not mean that the discussion was not open to them.
Don Mesage, vice president of marketing for Sony Mobile, spoke about the company's changes for 2019 for Digital Trends. Among his statements, a relative to the range Compact is particularly challenging.
The Sony Compact range is over
The launch of the Sony Xperia XZ3 was indeed without a Compact model, even though the brand assured us a few months ago at the MWC 2018 that its small models were made to last. Don Mesa seems to indicate that this is a long-term change:
"We insisted on the Compact for a very long time, because of the ease of use. There is always room for different sizes, but people now want a lot more space for their content. "
If the sentence remains open to interpretation, we can not help but read the announcement of the final end of Compact mobiles … seeking not to offend their worshipers. The mobiles under the 5-inch diagonal have just lost one of their only remaining defenders, a blow for anyone who wants a mini but high-end format.
Surprises at MWC 2019
Don Mesa is still confident in the future. The man says that announcements will be made at the MWC 2019 in Barcelona that will highlight the new course of Sony Mobile.
On the program, we are told "greater convergence between content and devices". It must be said that the Sony empire is wide, covering many sectors such as music, film and video games. However, a mobile PlayStation is still not on the agenda.
We will have to wait a little longer before seeing the Xperia XZ4, but the leaks indicating that it would be equipped with a 21: 9 format screen seem to stick with this idea of ​​convergence. Still a little patience: the MWC 2019 is fast approaching.

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