Sony: the PS4 cartonne, but the mobiles continue their inexorable fall

Sony has also delivered its quarterly report. We can see that its video games business, powered by the PS4, is still as good. However, its mobile division is experiencing an inexorable fall.

The Japanese manufacturer Sony has failed to captivate the attention of consumers in 2018. If his Xperia XZ3 has convinced us, remains that it lacks a bit of panache to succeed to stand out beyond the fans of the first hour of the brand.
We already knew that Sony's mobile division was in trouble. His latest quarterly results published this weekend only painfully confirm, as we announced Xperia Blog.
The Sony Mobile divison continues to fall
Unfortunately, it is not surprising that the last three months of 2018 have been difficult for Sony Mobile. The division recorded only 1.8 million sales of smartphones over the period, which corresponds to a decrease of 55% (!) Compared to last year.
Sales forecasts were lowered to 6.5 million units (compared with 7 million previously), making Sony only expected to sell 1.1 million smartphones from January to March. This is a very dark vision of the future.
The manufacturer says its sales have fallen particularly in Europe, Latin America and … Japan, yet a territory conquered by the local company. Despite its brand image, its products no longer seem to conquer buyers.
The PS4 continues to be the spearhead
For Sony as a whole, the PlayStation division continues to be its greatest strength. Contrasting strongly with the mobile division, the video game section continues to be dynamic as Oscar Lemaire tells us.
In the first 9 months of the fiscal year, its turnover is up 21% for a profit of nearly 2 billion euros, + 57% of profits compared to last year.
In 2018, 17.7 million PS4s were sold, a little more than the Nintendo Switch in its second year of existence. Thus, the console now has an impressive installed park of 94.2 million consoles in the world.

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