Sony WH-1000xM3: the arrival of Amazon Alexa revives the war of the assistants – CES 2019

At CES 2019, Sony announced the arrival of Alexa on its latest wireless headset, the WH-1000xM3. What give a little more choice to those who do not like too much Google Assistant.

With its latest wireless headset, the WH-1000xM3, Sony has achieved some success, both critical and commercial. Its good quality, incomparable comfort, very good active noise reduction, which is more customizable … The Bluetooth headset is a real success on many points.
The Japanese manufacturer intends to take advantage of software updates to continue to improve its product. On the occasion of CES 2019, Sony confirmed that Amazon's intelligent personal assistant, Alexa, will be available soon on the headset through an update of the Headphones Connect app.
At the moment, the headset can already easily launch Google Assistant, by clicking a button or by pressing the right headset. In the near future, users will have the choice.
A war that is gaining ground
Beyond the novelty for the Sony headset, this proves once again that a major war is being played between Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Each tries to gain ground to win on a multitude of devices.
It remains to be seen now if one of them will really win or if both will succeed to coexist in the long term.
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