Sony (Xperia) finally works with Sony (Alpha) for the camera of its smartphones

For the Xperia 1 camera, Sony Mobile and Sony Alpha have finally decided to work hand in hand to bring all the know-how of the Japanese giant in a single product.

Sony has everything to be a leader in mobile photography. Not only does it manufacture its own photo sensors – used by the vast majority of the market – but it also has a premium image division that designs cameras that are appreciated by the entire industry (the Sony Alpha 7 III is today a must-have, for example).
And despite that, it must be admitted, the result is very disappointing. Sony Xperia's smartphones are far from the best in the market, for the moment anyway, because giants like Samsung, Apple, Huawei and Google have reason to shake today.
A restructuring in 2018
On the occasion of the MWC 2019, Trusted Reviews was able to exchange with Adam Marsh, marketing manager of the Japanese firm. The latter revealed that the 2018 restructuring that led to the departure of Kaz Hirai, Sony's CEO, helped to consolidate the links between the company's various business areas. One of the most notable changes in this case is Kimio Maki's move from Alpha (photo) to Sony Mobile Product Development.
Thus, the Sony Xperia 1 presented at the Barcelona show – and that we took in hand – should take advantage of these organizational changes. Thus, the smartphone should inherit several features of mirrorless devices of the brand such as extraction in RAW (for more possibilities in post-production), autofocus set on the eye of the subject or the application Cinema Pro for give cachet to videos.
An old competition
A question then burns everyone's lips: why not have these teams work together before? A software enhancement can be as much a camera as a smartphone after all, the algorithm being similar in image processing in a number of cases.
According to Adam Marsh, this barrier between the two poles comes from a certain commercial rivalry. "Even if we are a company, there are still some obstacles that make Alpha do not want to give Mobile some things, because all of a sudden, you have the same quality. [sur un smartphone] than on a camera of 3,000 euros, "he explains. He adds, however, that "having a smartphone and a camera that gives the same experience is a good thing."
Sony from one end of the chain to the other
Like Samsung, which produces its own chips, Sony has a great expertise in different areas, be it in the display – with its TV Bravia – or photography. It is good news to learn that the barriers between different divisions of the business are starting to fall and that knowledge is now shared. This is perhaps the sign that Sony could become an important manufacturer in the mobile world, especially as the brand does not miss the mark of 5G.
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