Spying: Huawei pledges he does not open a back door to the Chinese government

A representative of Huawei claimed that he had left no back door on his 5G equipment and that the Chinese government never asked him to do so.
Photo: Pierre Metivier
Since the United States went to war against Huawei, the Chinese company faces the risk of banishing 5G networks of several Washington allies. The US government accuses the firm of being an espionage tool in the service of Beijing and questions its infrastructure 5G.
The tone between the two sides soon rose to the point where Huawei's founder said the United States was "unable" to crush them. In this kind of case, it is good to try to calm the game and it is what more or less tried to do the Chinese company at a press conference in Canada.
No backdoor
The neighbor of the United States would also think to ban Huawei 5G network, because he fears that the Chinese government has asked him to place backdoors – or back doors in French – in its equipment. Recall that this term refers to a secret access to a software allowing to collect data without the knowledge of the user.
Huawei denied the allegations: "We will never execute this request," said Liang Hua, the group's interim chief financial officer. He emphasizes the commitment to the respect of the law of his firm. He further stated that Huawei had taken the trouble to order an independent legal opinion on its obligations, and ensure that Chinese law did not require companies to create backdoors in their solutions.
He concludes by saying that Huawei has never received such a request from the Chinese government. Now, it remains to be seen whether these statements will calm Canadian concerns. Recall that it was in Vancouver that Meng Wanzhou, the financial director and daughter of the group's founder, was arrested at the request of the US authorities.
More recently, the United Kingdom went against Washington, believing that the potential danger represented by Huawei could easily be managed. And meanwhile, the Huawei Mate X is one of the stars of the MWC 2019.

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