Stadia: the five questions Google has not answered yet

On the occasion of the formalization of Stadia, its own video game streaming service, Google has unveiled a lot of information, especially in terms of the possibility for players and developers, or for the infrastructure. Nevertheless, there remain several question marks of size as to the future platform of games of Google.

This Tuesday in San Francisco, Google took advantage of the Game Developer Conference (GDC) to unveil in detail its future streaming video game service, Stadia. However, while the company has provided a lot of information about possible interactions between YouTube's developers, gamers, and viewers, some questions remain unresolved.
What games will be available?
For now, it's still unclear what games will be available on Google's streaming platform. The firm took advantage of its conference to highlight some studios like Ubisoft Montreal, which had been a partner in the beta of Project Stream, or id software, but we still do not know most of the games that will be offered.
We can however expect that most publishers who are not related to Sony or Microsoft will be able to offer their games on the platform, whether 2K – we could see images of NBA 2K – Activision, Bethesda or Electronic Arts.
What connection will be needed to enjoy it?
This is one of the big unknowns for now. In its conference, Google was particularly optimistic, promising a video stream in 4K to 60 FPS with HDR support. Nevertheless, on the Stadia website, the firm is more cautious. "Access to the 4K HDR at 60 FPS depends on your bandwidth. The gaming experience may vary depending on the quality of the Internet connection ", so just specify a small asterisk.
It should be noted, however, that a "Broadband Internet Connection" is required, although the necessary bandwidth is unknown.

How much does it cost ?
The business model of Stadia has not been addressed by Google either. We still do not know if it will be a monthly subscription to pay by users, as is already the case on Shadow for example, if the games will be sold individually, or if it will be a mix of both.
For now, however, the site of Stadia indicates, when registering, that "the subscription is activated", and this without spending the least euro. Unless there is a translation error, we imagine that it will be a free offer with payment for each game, even if nothing proves it for the moment.
Which devices are compatible?
Google has been a little more talkative about devices that control Stadia. The company has indicated that the service will be offered directly in the Chrome browser and so on the Chromebook, but also on Chrome OS tablet, on Android smartphones or from a TV connected to a Chromecast.

For now, however, we do not know if Stadia will also be available on iOS. Similarly, Google has not indicated anything about connected TVs not running Android TV would be available.
When can we play it?
"In the course of the year 2019", this was the indication of Google during his conference about the availability of Stadia.
Although this indication seems vague, the firm has announced that other announcements would be made during the summer. It will therefore take your trouble, the service before anyway be available by the end of the year.


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