Surprise, SFR limits its unlimited mobile internet

SFR has several times made available packages including unlimited internet consumption, whether it is its Power offers or even some temporary sales RED. But surprise: some users have seen their option be suspended.

Free Mobile has launched the first possibility for some subscribers to enjoy a totally unlimited mobile internet connection. For this, however, you must have a Freebox subscription as a bonus for a mobile plan.
The only operator to have responded to this offer is SFR. The red square operator has implemented it as an option on some Power packages. In the end … the unlimited was not.
SFR terminates the unlimited internet option of some users
Some users, spotted by Universe Freebox, have recently received a message from SFR stating that their data consumption is harming the network. The operator indicates that if the "abuse" found is not settled in the future, the option Internet unlimited would be automatically terminated … if it is not already done, since some consumers have seen their option be directly terminated .

I just had an amazing call from @SFR: I have an unlimited internet package sold on a lie. I use 329go of internet I harm other users … The girl tells me that I can go to court I would lose. An interested lawyer?
– Florian Pouvreau 📈 (@fpo_digital) January 30, 2019

Obviously, such an SMS did not please users of SFR lines called "unlimited". After all, what is "the unlimited" if it is automatically cut off after heavy use? The grumbling is launched against the Twitter account SAV of SFR.

Hello @SFR_SAV can you give me the definition of the word "unlimited" in your packages, especially when I saturate the network at 3am 😌
– Pepito (@ pepito44_) December 13, 2018

SFR: We offer you unlimited internet on your mobile if you engage a year with us.
Also SFR:
– M! KE (@MKE_Production) February 5, 2019

Scandalous @SFR_SAV holder of a mobile power package 20go with unlimited internet option, in December I saw my option be removed for too much internet consumption !! After calling the 1023 I find myself with a 100go option offered but it's not my request !!!!!!
– Anthony (@ zanth0ny) January 30, 2019

A clause story
It seems improbable to be able to sell an all-inclusive package and block it afterwards, but the operator predicted this. In its contract clauses, SFR states:
In case of continuous use heavily bandwidth consumers (peer-to-peer type or download for example) likely to saturate the network on a given area, and may harm users SFR on this, and / or use via equipment other than mobile equipment, the customer will be notified by SMS of its unreasonable use. In case of recurrence following this notification, the customer is informed that the benefit of unlimited mobile internet will be removed, and Internet access will be limited monthly to 100 GB.
The terms used are naturally quite broad (download type?) To be applied to the goodwill of the operator. This could motivate some to appeal to a consumer association like UFC Que Choisir to settle this difference.

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