Swatch sues Samsung for plagiarism, claims $ 100 million

Samsung is facing a new legal case concerning intellectual property, this time regarding its connected watches.

While Samsung has just finished its contract with a counterfeit trademark, here is the firm in a case concerning intellectual property. According to Reuters, the Swiss brand Swatch filed a complaint against Samsung regarding the dials of its connected watches.
The problem of free personalization
Samsung's connected watches have the right to a feature that Apple Watch fans have long been asking for: the ability to completely customize the dial. It is even possible to download new dials created by other users on the Galaxy Apps store.
This is where the problem arose, since Swatch noticed that many of the dials in question were actually replicas of watch dials created by the Swiss group.
An example of a copied dial. Credit: The Verge
If Samsung is not responsible for the creation of the dials in question, it is the firm that makes them available on his shop and gets some of the profits on sale.
This is not the first time that application shops are clearly infringing intellectual property, but usually the brand concerned merely reports the problem and the application in question disappears in the process.
Swatch estimates, however, that the damage is $ 100 million, so he wants to take the case to court.
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