Tapie case: Stéphane Richard, CEO of Orange, risk three years in prison

The case Bernard Tapie does not touch that the French businessman. Stéphane Richard, current CEO of Orange and former chief of staff, also faces 3 years in prison, including 18 months in this context.

In the French media landscape, few businessmen sound like Bernard Tapie. More than once in the dock, he has also more than once been sentenced, but has never ceased to appear for influential politicians, Nicolas Sarkozy in mind.
Judged once again for fraud and embezzlement of public funds in the context of the case against the Credit Lyonnais, it was determined by the prosecution that private dishonest arbitration had been obtained by the businessman. The public prosecutor's office requires five years in prison against Bernard Tapie and the confiscation of all his property.
Stéphane Richard accused in the Bernard Tapie case
However, he is not the only one to be convicted. Stéphane Richard, current CEO of Orange and Chief of Staff of the Minister of Economy Christine Lagarde at the time of the facts, is also one of the important figures in this case.

3 years imprisonment, including 18 months firm, required against the CEO of Orange Stéphane Richard, tried in Paris in the controversial arbitration case that granted Bernard Tapie more than 400 million euros in 2008, then that Mr. Richard was chief of staff at Bercy. #AFP
– Agence France-Presse (@afpfr) April 1, 2019

The prosecution is demanding three years in prison including 18 months firm, 100,000 euros fine and a ban on public service for five years for influential businessman telecom. In this case, he is accused of making a "truncated presentation" to the Minister to facilitate arbitration in 2007.
Today Tuesday, April 2, the defense is now speaking. The trial will last until April 5, while the final judgment should be pronounced only in several weeks.

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