Telecoms market shares: Free is still in trouble

The operators having provided their results for the year 2018, Hammett forum delivers us the market shares of the telecoms on 2018. One observation is made: Free is always in decline against its competitors.

All telecom operators have now delivered their results for the year 2018. It has been seen thanks to this that SFR had managed to overtake Free, as an example.
The latter does not seem to be in great shape. His results were not convincing, quite the opposite: it seems that the Super Free now escapes him. The market shares of telecom operators, which are not delivered by Hammett from the forum, tend to underline it further.
Fixed Internet: Free goes back further and further

Nothing surprising for Orange, the market leader, who signs solid results driven by fiber optics. SFR is also a good student.

It should be noted that Bouygues Telecom continues to have excellent momentum with +0.5 points of market share and many new hires. In contrast, Free recorded a net decline of 0.8 point market share, the largest recorded over the year, and on which the controversial Freebox Delta does not seem to be intended to help in 2019.
Mobile market shares: Bouygues is the only one growing

Bouygues is the big winner of this year 2018 taking 1.5 points of market share, with a net increase in the m2m (machine to machine) market. It is again the third mobile operator of France thanks to that.

Free Mobile has meanwhile lost a point in the market over a year, putting it back to the same level as in the first half of 2016. A drastic decline that tends to note a shortness of its formula.
Orange remains mostly stable on the market, while SFR is down, but stabilizes after a difficult period for the operator in recent years.
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