Tesla Model 3: discover all the stages of its assembly in video

The Californian company Tesla has posted a video timelapse in which are linked the different stages of production of a Model 3.

If you've always wondered how a Tesla Model 3 was made, then the company itself gives you the answer. And for that, it's easy to take a look at the Instagram account Tesla Motors, on which the group led by Elon Musk has released a video timelapse highlighting the various stages of assembly of its flagship electric vehicle.
Robotic arms
From the installation of the famous touchscreen to secondary finishes, but oh so important, through the installation of the front seats and the steering wheel, all the processes managed by its human teams and some robotic arms appear in this short content. Before the final product takes off officially outside the Tesla factory.


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 How Model 3 gets made. Order at Tesla.com
Posted by Tesla on Dec 29, 2018 at 8:18 am PST

And to say that the problems of production of Model 3 have almost pushed the firm from across the Atlantic to go out of business. Water has since sunk under the bridges: the company has raised the bar to see its sales take off. Better, its deployment in Europe in early 2019 was even recorded, pushing Elon Musk to double the number of Tesla Superchargers on the Old Continent.
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