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    After a successful 2018 year, Xiaomi started in 2019 when she released her Mi Mix 3 in Europe. To continue to avoid the notches on this range, the Chinese manufacturer is betting to return to fashion sliders. A successful bet for this smartphone? This is what our full test will tell you.

Technical sheet
                                    Xiaomi Mi Mix 3
            Version of the OS
                            Android 9.0
                Screen size
                            6.39 inches
                            2340 x 1080 pixels
                Pixel density
                            403 dpi
                            Snapdragon 845 to 2.8GHz
                Processor (CPU)
                Graphics Chip (GPU)
                            Adreno 630
                RAM memory
                            6 GB
                Internal memory (flash)
                            128 GB
                Camera (backpack)
                            Dual 12 Megapixel sensor
                Camera (front)
                            Sensor 1: 24 Megapixel, Sensor 2: 2 Megapixel
                Video recording
                            5.0 + A2DP + LE
                            LTE, HSPA, GSM
                Supported bands
                            2100 MHz (B1), 800 MHz (B20), 1800 MHz (B3), 2600 MHz (B7), 700 MHz (B28)
                            2x nano SIM
                Ports (Inputs / Outputs)
                            USB Type-C
                            3200 mAh
                            157.89 x 74.69 x 8.46mm
                            218 grams
                            Blue, Black, Green
                            486 €
                        Product sheet
                                                    | Test
                                This test was made from a smartphone loaned by the brand.
We're not going to go against it: what attracts you the most about this phone is its design. And it's very natural: the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is one of the few, with the Honor Magic 2, to bring up to date the slider. Above all, it is the only one to be officially available in France for the moment.
And yes: this design is successful. The front of the phone is maximally occupied by the screen, making it almost invisible to the edges of the phone to use. They are still present of course, with a slightly thicker chin than the other edges by the way, but have absolutely nothing shocking.

The contours of the phone are more surprising. Rounded on the majority of smartphones currently available, the slices are rather well marked closer to the screen while the back, it is well rounded. The printing on hand is not unpleasant, and these edges are useful for the use of gesture navigation, but we still feel the difference between the front and the back.
On the right edge, we find the eternal volume and lock buttons. The top of the phone integrates absolutely nothing, while the bottom has a USB type-C port flanked by two speaker grids. No jack on the horizon so. It is the left edge that is the most interesting: the Dual SIM hatch overhangs a fourth button called "IA". By default, it allows you to launch Google Assistant.
The back of the device does not conflict with the habits taken by Xiaomi on its phones in 2018. There is a dual photo sensor oriented vertically on the upper left corner whose modules are still very protruding. And finally, the round-shaped impression reader is affixed to the pile where the finger rests naturally. This is a glass back whose surface is reflective enough and quick to capture fingerprints.
The only note of color is none other than the "MIX by Xiaomi" logo, whose golden color recalls the strapping of the previous models.

And finally, of course, the slider. Pushing the screen down and back up reveals the dual front sensor housed in a reflective glass compartment. The mechanism itself, made of magnets, seems very resistant without being too difficult to use and we soon get to have fun opening and closing his phone for pure pleasure. Xiaomi promising 300,000 cycles (one cycle = opening + closing) before the slightest appearance of a problem. We are rather confident about its durability against the quality of its finishes.
There is not: the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 tends to turn heads. It really stands out from other devices available on the market, a big plus for a competition that tends to look more and more like. He stands out and does it very well. Only downside of this design: it is not certified as resistant to water or dust.
This is also the case for its weight: it weighs a good 219 grams, more than the majority of smartphones available on the market. For comparison, the Mate 20 Pro already considered heavy weighs 190 grams. It does not interfere with the use, but it feels: Fortunately, this weight is well balanced on the entire surface of the phone.
The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is equipped with a large screen of 6.39 inches AMOLED supporting a maximum definition Full HD +. It is at 19.5: 9 ratio, and is therefore among the most elongated available on the market.
As you can see, one can only appreciate the screen. The contrasts are deep and really sublime, while the colors are very bright and pleasing to the eye … if you like the rendering classic blue smartphone. The brightness of the screen also seems very satisfactory.

Our probe confirms these first impressions. AMOLED requires, the contrasts are infinite and the maximum brightness is measured at 460 cd / m², which is very good. The average color temperature is 7500K, pulling blue so like most smartphones on the market.
Note that you can adjust the color balance a bit with the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3's software interface. By default, the contrast is automatically optimized according to the ambient light, but you can push it further or, on the contrary, make it a more normal shade. Similarly, colors can be set manually or using three settings that are "default", "hot" or "cold".

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 comes out of box with the interface MIUI 10 under Android 9.0 Pie. It also takes advantage of the security patch of November, which is not really up to date without being too late to be disturbing.
As always, MIUI is a very special interface whose experience is closer to a tangy iOS than Android. Here, no question of having an application drawer, everything is organized on the desktop and the entire OS revolves around that. A theme application allows you to customize your smartphone as much as possible. On the left side of the host, a similar iOS component allows you to find shortcuts and some widgets.

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is still entitled to some specifics. First, be aware that the "button IA" is fully configurable in the options: you can do much what you want. By default, pressing and holding it on will allow Google Assistant to listen to your request, and releasing it will launch it – like a walkie-talkie. However, you can use it to open the camera, the previous app, activate the flash, etc. A second action can also be configured: the double click.
The effect of the slider can also be reviewed. By default, opening it will automatically launch the camera in portrait mode. However, you can also access a quick tools interface that includes a timer, weather, a voice recorder, a calculator, and some application shortcuts. Alas, this panel is not customizable. You can also choose to launch an application of your choice, or just that nothing happens.
Note that a sound is played when opening the slider if you are in ringer mode. You can disable it, or choose from 5 possibilities: Hi-tech, a relatively robotic sound. Warrior, who makes the sound of a katana that comes out and puts in its sheath. Mechanics, which makes a mechanical noise. Intellect, a classic sound of bells. And finally Lighter, which mimics the opening and closing of a Zippo lighter.
The configuration of the phone being what it is, facial recognition is not available: you can only rely on the back finger reader, still effective. Xiaomi promises that she will arrive in a future update, but it is difficult to establish how it might be pleasant to use.
In absolute terms, the MIUI 10 experience is always very good … as long as we adhere to its operating principle very close to iOS. Remember, however, that Android 9.0 Pie has made the installation of an alternative launcher a little more complicated, because the multitasking mode is often poorly managed. Here, the POCO Launcher has directly encountered a display bug that we did not want to test further this possibility.
Warning: the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is only Widevine L3 certified. This means that Netflix, MyCanal and others will not provide their feed in HD, which is more than a pity.
In our test configuration, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is equipped with Snapdragon 845 coupled with 6GB of LPDDR4X RAM. This is a couple that has proven itself in the market in 2018, and continues to do so early this year.
In use, the smartphone is naturally perfectly fluid. To navigate between applications and surf the web, there is not the slightest problem; still happy.
Xiaomi Mi Mix 3OnePlus 6GS Samsung Galaxy S9 Huawei Mate 20 Pro (perf ON)
SoCSnapdragon 845Snapdragon 845Exynos 9810Kirin 980
AnTuTu 7.x294 236297 132242 627300 614
PCMark 2.08 4548 6415 4189 337
3DMark Slingshot Extreme4 5504 7383 2444 220
3DMark Slingshot Extreme Graphics5 2545 2573 5324 252
3DMark Slingshot Extreme Physics3 0983 5212 5254 113
GFXBench Car Chase (onscreen / offscreen) 29/34 FPS32 / 35 FPS26 / 28 FPS27 / 32 FPS
GFXBench Manhattan 3.0 (onscreen / offscreen) 53/65 FPS59 / 83 FPS57 / 73 FPS59 / 78 FPS
Sequential read / write 703/254 MB / s736 / 202 MB / s820 / 204 MB / s866 / 195 MB / sec
Random read / write 34,3k / 5,7k IOPS35,4k / 5,6k IOPS32,8k / 5,8k IOPS39,6k / 40k IOPS
Fortnite runs perfectly well and without a huge drop in framerate. You can launch it at its currently available maximum settings, in 30 Epic SPF, and have a fluent experience allowing you to chase your opponents with ease.
The same thing is observed on PUBG Mobile, which launches in HDR and ultra image frequency with anti-aliasing activated without suffering too much framerate drops. The game is perfectly playable and very beautiful.
The heater of the smartphone is located around its dual photo sensor and its back. If you can feel it, it never goes to the burning and dissipates quickly. It's beautiful work.
Double rear photo sensor
The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 comes equipped with a two-sensor photo system. The first is a 12-megapixel Sony lens-opener f / 1.8, while the second is a 12-megapixel Samsung telephoto sensor opening at f / 2.4. This configuration tells you something? This is normal: it's the same as the Mi Mix 2S and Mi 8. Xiaomi highlights here its algorithm improvements to achieve a higher photo quality.
By day, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 really makes great pictures. However, it would be better to activate the HDR, surprisingly disabled by default, to maximize the potential of its sensor, but the shots given are vivid, crisp and perfectly preserved colors. Note that an artificial intelligence mode is available (disabled by default too), but serves … strictly for nothing. As much as leave it off.
Inside, the report is the same. The colors are well transcribed, the sharp images and the smoothing imposed by the lack of light is well managed so that the final image retains its naturalness while avoiding noise. Note, however, a very slight tendency to overexpose a scene, which however appears very rarely.
At night, the sensor continues to offer very good performance. The noise is fine enough not to be too disturbing and the quite advanced smoothing done by the smartphone catches things well. The pictures are very good, although the colors tend to be a little hotter than reality.
Note also that the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 has a night mode that requires you to wait a few seconds to each capture to optimize the image. This mode is not comparable with the Google Pixel 3's Night Shot, but will instead enlarge the image processing to enhance sharpness, boost brightness, and improve smoothness without damaging the quality of the photo. In fact, the final shots look like Instagram filters … So it's not useless, but dispensable anyway.
However, there is a small problem with the photo experience proposed by Xiaomi: a small latency between each capture for the double rear photo sensor. It is not so marked that it is clenching, but still feels the use. It's a shot to take.
Double front photo sensor
At the front, we have the right to a 24 megapixel main photo sensor opener at f / 2.2 supported by a second 2 megapixel sensor managing the depth.

Whatever the shooting conditions, the main sensor before managed to offer very good shots. Do not forget to activate the HDR (disabled by default) for the best day shots, whose sharpness is excellent. At night, everything is very good with very good color and subject conservation, even if the background of the selfies is very noisy. Fortunately, this does not tarnish the final shot.
Portrait mode
The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 offers, both front and back, a portrait mode. It has excellent performance proving that the combination hardware (dedicated sensor) and software (the algorithm) is really well provided by Xiaomi. Even small hair does not pose any problem.
Coupled with this, we find again at the front and the back the possibility of retouching the post-capture effect. Thus, it is possible for you in the phone gallery to increase the blur or apply nice effects on the background of the image. These are a bit gadgets, but still work excellently.

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is capable of shooting in 4K at 60 FPS at its maximum, but also in slow motion at 960 FPS in 720p. In between, you can enjoy 1080p in 60 or 30 fps or 720p in 30 FPS. The video capture takes advantage of OIS 4-axis stabilization of the main sensor to avoid large jerks in capture.
And precisely: this stabilization is not very effective. If you see his contribution, it is still very discreet and "rounded the angles" rather than really stabilize a capture. This is not so serious: the final quality of videos taken by the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is very satisfactory, including a good management of the dynamic range and very accurate colors.
The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 does not have a jack, but an adapter is provided in the box. For the rest, its speakers are at the bottom, surrounding the USB type C.
The problem is that these grids are very small. Also, in this configuration, they are naturally closed when you take the phone in landscape orientation. In game, it's very simple: we can not hear anything, no matter how we take in hand the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3. It would have been welcome that the call speaker is used in support, this which is not the case.

The sound itself is not bad. At maximum volume, it does not saturate, but remains powerful. As usual with this kind of configuration, the main problem is the lack of bass, but treble and midrange are not badly adjusted.
Network and Communications
Gone are the days when buying a Xiaomi phone necessarily meant being attentive to the supported network tapes. The Mi Mix 3 sold in France is compatible with the bands 2100 MHz (B1), 800 MHz (B20), 1800 MHz (B3), 2600 MHz (B7), and even the 700 MHz (B28) useful for the future or Free Mobile subscribers.
The sound on call, which goes through a very discreet upper speaker that is integrated in the slider, but goes through a grid above the screen, is very good. The voice of the speaker is as clean as yours and the noise reduction microphone perfectly fulfills its purpose.
The GPS fix is ​​also very fast and the compass directly oriented. Nothing to say, it's all good.
The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is equipped with a battery of 3200 mAh. On such a diagonal screen, it is rare to see batteries below 3500 mAh, which did not bode very well.
In fact, however, the Mi Mix 3 holds the distance very well. Using it on a full day is no problem, although it will obviously connect to be sure to fit on a second. He is not a marathon runner, but he is surprisingly well considering the size of his battery.
On our Viser test, he bows out after 9 hours and 55 minutes. This is a score that places it in the higher average found on our custom tests. It does not have much to envy other high-end smartphones on this point.
    Autonomy test Viser
                Xiaomi Mi Mix 3:
                OnePlus 6T:
                Mate 20 Pro:
                The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is also compatible with Quick Charge 4+ quick charging and a compatible charger is provided directly in the box. This charging is really competent, from 34% to 80% of battery in only thirty minutes of charge. Filling the phone takes only about an hour. The phone does not heat during this, unlike the charger that quickly boils.

The phone is also compatible with Qi wireless charging at 10 W. Double bonus: Xiaomi directly provides a charging pad in the smartphone box. It works very well, and can take 17% battery (80 to 97%) in thirty minutes, easily completing a partial recharge made before. As always with the Qi, the practical aspect takes precedence over the performances, but both are here at the rendezvous.
Photo gallery

Price and release date
The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 will be available from January 18, 2018 in a single configuration in France: 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. It will be sold 499.90 euros during the first two weeks of marketing, then 529.90 euros. Three colors are available: black, blue and green.
Where to buy Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 at the best price?
                        Test Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 The verdict
                                The big return of the slider is done without hindrance. The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is sober, elegant, but also original. It is a pleasure to use it, even if we note a weight still well marked.
                                Its large AMOLED slab is interrupted by nothing, absolutely nothing, and remains very luminous and contrasted. If it is blue by default, it is possible to re-adjust everything. It lacks only a little more brightness and finer settings to reach the same level as the largest high-end.
                                MIUI 10 Android 9.0 Pie is part of the bonus of several special features for the slider Mi Mix 3. The sound customization is very fun, but the OS itself is very particular and is not perfectly translated here. What's more, the absence of Widevine L1 is really a shame.
                                What about more than a couple Snapdragon 845/6 GB of RAM already seen and reviewed, except that it continues to perform as well and never let go. The biggest 3D games are quickly devoured, without too much heating.
                                The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 offers excellent photo performance no matter the light conditions, and its software processing is not very aggressive and fair enough in its performance. It can, however, force a small waiting time between each take.
                                The Mi Mix 3 is in line with the high-end lineup of 2018 with a full-day battery life, fast charging really fast and wireless charging. As a bonus, it offers its recharge pad directly in the box.
                    The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 manages to be an original smartphone in a market where its competitors are more and more alike. The big return of the slider is here perfectly successful, as well in its construction as its use, leaving the major place to a big screen sublime.Ses performances are excellent, his photographs are very good in any field, his autonomy remains very good and he offers both a very fast recharge and wireless charging. For its price, it's a bargain. It would lack only one OS at the same level of finish as the hardware, and potentially an IP68 certification, but it is more grounds for improvements for a future model than defects of it: we can not than recommend it.
                        Good points
                        Original and successful design
                                                            Large screen of good quality
                                                            Snapdragon 845 still effective
                                                            Ultra-fast charge + wireless
                                                            Charging pad provided
                        Negative points
                        MIUI not fully translated
                                                            He weighs his little weight
                                                            Widevine L3
                                                            (No jack)


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