Thanks to Google's AI you can take yourself for Johann Sebastian Bach … even without talent

This Thursday, to pay tribute to Johann Sebastian Bach, Google has created a very special doodle. Using artificial intelligence, he is able to turn your scores into melodies that could have been created by the German composer.

This Thursday marks the 334th anniversary of Johann Sebastian Bach. To pay homage to the Baroque composer, the firm has developed a very special doodle. It is indeed an interactive doodle that will allow you to enter notes on two measures of partition. Once the composition is complete, Google's servers will then analyze and harmonize it to make a melody that could have been Bach.
To do this, Google explains having analyzed 306 compositions of the "Cantor of Leipzig" to identify the most recurring sequences in his work. Once your composition validated, Google has implemented mechanisms of artificial intelligence based on machine learning by identifying the different sequences to make links with what has already been Johann Sebastian Bach. Logically, the melodies resulting from the doodle strongly use the counterpoint.
Huawei has already tried it with Schubert
Note that the tool put online by Google allows you to change the tempo of the score, but also to add sharps or flats to each note, to electrify the music and even export it to MIDI format.
Google's doodle Jean-Sébastien Bach is reminiscent of Huawei's initiative last month. The Chinese manufacturer had indeed boasted of having "completed the unfinished symphony of Schubert" by analyzing all the melodies to which the composer had been exposed thanks to the Mate 20 Pro. With the difference that the composition of Huawei required to pass in the hands of a very human composer, Lucas Cantor, for arrangements, as explained by our colleagues in Numerama.

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