The 10 Most Popular Smartphones on FrAndroid (Week 52)

What are the favorite smartphones of FrAndroid readers? If you ever wondered, here's the Top 10 most viewed products on FrAndroid last week, with a notable absence of OnePlus.

Happy New Year ! Today is January 1st 2019 and we wish you health, happiness and the best smartphone on the market. But on this beautiful first day of the year, we would like to offer you an ultimate return on 2018. Every week, we share with you the most popular phones by our readers. For this, we analyze the most consulted product sheets on our site.
Here is the time to discover the 10 most popular smartphones on FrAndroid on the last week of the year just ended, from 24 to 30 December 2018.
Huawei ends in beauty
The big winner of this last week of 2018 is called Huawei. Already accustomed to squat the high spheres of the ranking, the Chinese manufacturer stands out especially on these seven days. We can note – once again – the pole position of Huawei Mate 20 Pro closely followed by the P20 Pro. The first attracts attention by its many technological strengths, while the second has seen great price reductions making it very attractive in terms of price / quality ratio.
But that's not all ! The classic Huawei P20 is in fourth place, while the P20 Lite has a small place in sixth place. The entire P family of 2018 is represented. In tenth position, finally, it is the Huawei Mate 20 which points the tip of his nose thus closing this Top 10 dominated by its declination Pro.
Note also the indefatigable Honor 8X on the third step of the podium. The recent device offers a very solid data sheet for an attractive price and should have no trouble becoming a bestseller. A nice move for Huawei, Honor's parent company, which in a sense manages to monopolize the first three positions in this ranking.
OnePlus, where are you?
As usual, Samsung is also taking a good share of the cake thanks to the Galaxy A8 2018, in fifth place, which will definitely managed to stay absolutely all year in this Top 10. Further down, we find the Galaxy S9 (7th), Galaxy A7 2018 (8th) and Galaxy Note 9 (9th) to complete the pretty picture.
The most assiduous of you will have noticed that we have already mentioned the 10 winners of this last Top 10 of 2018 and that the OnePlus 6T is not there. The latter, despite the praise received at its release, failed in eleventh place. Perhaps it will be able to recover from 2019. This is what we will see in the next ranking that will run from December 31 to January 6!
On this note, we wish you a wonderful new year!












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