The 4 (Real) Best Car Phone Rack 2019

Posted on February 19, 2019
After several hours of research, I finally made my selection of the 4 best car phone supports among more than thirty models marketed for the moment.
If I had to choose one, it would be the iOttie Easy One Touch 2. Compatible with most phones, it offers good options for ergonomics and adjustment, is overall very complete, and I prefer its mounting system which, well used, seems to me more reliable. That's why it's in my opinion the best product of the selection, in relation quality / price.
You will also find at the end of this article a shopping guide to summarize the different elements to take into account to make the best choice.

The best cheap car phone mounts
 Car phone stands have become essential accessories for driving with peace of mind. The most basic models are accessible to all budgets and do the job satisfactorily.
Spigen: the best cheap

 May affect the appearance of the phone
 Blocks the wireless charge

This first cheap support that I propose is a magnetic support. How it works ?
Well, simply, the support ends with a magnet on which the phone is fixed.
So you have to read the manual, the phone does not just fix it like that: we must add a small magnetic plate that is one that will be perfectly magnetized support. For this, you usually have two options (both provided, you do not need to make the choice before the purchase).
The first option is a simple plate that you can slide between your phone and its shell, so that it is well maintained. The plate will then be magnetized to the support through the shell, but it does not always work very well if the magnet is a little weak, or the shell very thick …
The second option is a magnetic plate with an adhesive side, to stick on the back of your phone or hull. Be careful, the adhesive is often very powerful and difficult to remove, the goal being that the phone fits the support.
So pay attention to the point at which you paste it on your phone. And be aware that this means that your phone will have a kind of big black sticker on his back, which is not the most beautiful effect, if it counts for you.
Incidentally, this model offers a protective film to place on the phone to protect it from the adhesive material.
The advantage of the magnetic is that there is no problem of compatibility: it works with all phones.
This support is fixed on the ventilation grid, and, rare detail at this price, includes a wheel that can change the orientation of the phone. On the other hand, beware: magnetic plates prevent induction charging.
Mpow: no need for frills

 Blocks the wireless charge


Here is another magnetic support, always fixing on a ventilation grid. Logic, it's the cheapest! They are also the easiest to use since it is enough to put down your phone and remove it: no adjustment is necessary!
We find more or less the same characteristics as Spigen previously seen: the choice between two magnetic plates, adhesive or not (in this case, to maintain in the shell).
The rubber base attaches to the ventilation grille, which avoids having to find the right location on the dashboard, while not interfering with the visibility of the windshield.
In addition, the manufacturer puts forward an offer of refund if the support is not compatible with your grid, as well as a guarantee of 18 months. On the other hand, this position has a potential disadvantage: the support may hinder ventilation. Of crucial importance if you use a lot of air conditioning or heating!
Beware of the power of the magnet if you opt for the plate stuck between the phone and the shell: with a big hull, you could suffer disappointments, the magnet is not the most beefy of our selection. Remember also that magnetic plates prevent wireless induction power.
All this being said, at a very low price, this support does very well with most phones and in most situations. In addition, with its warranty and refund in case of incompatibility, you can afford to try!
The best mid-range car phone mounts
In the mid-range, you have access to more complete choices in ergonomics and reliability: fixing, keeping the phone firmly closed and orientation settings are convenient to you!
iOttie Easy One Touch 2: the best midrange

 Medium quality finish

We change totally category since I will now talk about a support "tongs", that is to say, a frame in which you place your phone.
This one is particularly well thought out, because the support closes automatically and keeps your phone in place, including with a shell. It is also very easy to remove with a simple push on the mechanism.
Small touch very significant, the base of the frame can move to the side to free access to the ports of your phone, for example for the charging cable.
The arm is telescopic, to adjust the distance from the driver about 5 centimeters. The orientation of the phone part is also, and rotates 360 ° to place the phone in the ideal position.
On the side of the base, it is fixed where you want thanks to a gel ultra-adherent. And when I say ultra, it really is! Read the manual that explains how to use the media and allow reuse, advertised as "unlimited" over time by simply rinsing with hot water to restore the adhesive.
You can choose to mount the mount on your dashboard or windshield with two lock settings, one for flat and smooth surfaces, the other for a textured or curved surface. Be careful not to impede visibility by choosing your location!
The only flaw that can be found in this support is a slightly sloppy finish, but nothing aberrant in this price range. So I think it is a good support very comprehensive reasonably priced.
The best phone supports for high-end car
In the high end, the goal is to combine ergonomics, reliability and simplicity: it is no longer a question of having to make a choice between ease of use, ergonomics and quality of finish.
WizGear: the best high-end

We return to a magnetic support to complete this selection, with the WizGear and its powerful magnet associated with an effective grid fixation.
I do not have much to say more loving side: it is very powerful! This aspect allows you to trust the media even if you use it with a shell. It resists well vibrations and turns the driest!
The lock in the ventilation grille, dubbed "Twist Lock", is convenient and reliable. Unlike some systems that limit the grip on the grid, it closes well without damaging.
Added to this is a wheel rotation and tilt very practical to orient the phone at will.
The set is very good, with a flawless finish that gives confidence at all levels. This quality finish combines with a minimal size, which allows the holder to take up little space. It does not interfere with ventilation or visibility!
Of course, you will not cut anyway the disadvantages of a magnetic system, namely the addition of a plate side phone, and therefore the impossibility (not systematic, however) to charge your phone wirelessly induction, s it has this feature.
So it's a matter of choice, depending on your phone model and your priorities: there is no absolutely universal support. If having a sticker on the back of your phone does not bother you and it does not charge wireless, if you're tired of complex locking mechanisms, this support is perhaps the solution!
The products of my selection on offer at the moment
No products from my selection are on sale at the moment.

Choosing a car phone holder may seem simple: after all, smartphones are all more or less similar, and the constraints of driving are pretty much the same for everyone. And yet, how many times have I got into a car by not being able to adjust the mount, or finding it misplaced to watch the GPS!
I will try to give you some keys to make the right choice.
The type of support
There are two main types of telephone stand: magnetic media and clip holders. Each has, of course, advantages and disadvantages.
The magnetic support
Magnetic media are based, as their name indicates, on the use of magnets, which stick the phone to the support. However, the phone itself is not magnetic, in any case not enough.
It is therefore necessary to add a magnetic plate, which can either stick on the phone (or the shell), or slip between the phone and the shell.
If you use a protective shell, you can avoid this appearance problem by choosing to place the plate between the phone and its shell. But this exposes you to another potential problem: if the magnet is too weak, or your hull too big (or worse, both), your phone may be poorly maintained and slip from its support at the discretion of turns or vibrations.
So check the power of the magnet before making your choice!
The use of magnetic media is also the simplest: you just put your phone on the support and it will remain maintained. In simplicity, we can not do better!
No problem either compatibility with the size of your phone: the magnetic system is suitable for all configurations.
Since nothing or nobody is perfect, there are a number of undeniable disadvantages to the use of magnetic media.
Some recent smartphone models feature wireless charging, by induction. However, in most cases, the positioning of the magnetic plate on the phone blocks this possibility.
This is not systematic, and may depend on the placement of the plaque, but it is a risk in many cases. Take this into account if you have a wireless phone.
Last, rare, but important point: some phones may suffer from problems caused by magnetism. It's really rare: a phone is not normally affected, neither in normal operation, nor other functions for which one might fear interference, such as GPS or storage (a magnet destroys a conventional hard drive, but the phone memory is not the same type).
However, some models have malfunctioned with magnetic media. Do not hesitate to check before the purchase if your phone is not part of it.
The clamp holder
The clip-on system consists of a frame in which your phone is placed. The arms (or clamps) of the frame extend to let the phone in, then contract on the sides to tighten it in position.
Clip holders also have some advantages that can be significant for the best models.
Equivalent range, a clamp support offers easier support of your phone in the ideal position. Indeed, the clamps are often more impressive, undergoing less vibration of the vehicle or the weight of the phone when changing direction.
Equivalent range, clip holders usually offer more varied adjustment options. They can generally orient themselves and adjust more ergonomically than magnetic media, often fixed at the entry level.
Of course, the clamp supports can not avoid some disadvantages.
Clip holders are significantly larger than magnetic media, since they must have a frame enclosing the phone. This means that they may take up more space in your field of vision, which can be inconvenient for driving.
Featuring a mechanism to firmly grip the phone, the clip holders are necessarily more complex than simple magnetic media. This is an important criterion: you must be able to place and remove your phone easily with one hand!
Unlike magnetic media, clip-on media can be limited in compatibility with phones: some smartphone models may be too big to fit, or too small to fit properly. The best clamps are those that offer the widest range of compatibility, extending far to the opening, while closing firmly.
Mount types
The supports do not just vary in the way they hold the phone. At the other end, they can also be attached to the car by different systems, mainly a fixation on the ventilation grid, or a suction cup (or an adhesive gel).
The sucker
A suction cup, which can also be replaced by an adhesive gel, is designed to stick to either the windshield or the dashboard. So we have the phone in sight, and the attachment is normally strong.
On the other hand, some models of poor quality can be difficult to handle.
The grid attachment
The brackets that attach to a ventilation grille are usually provided with a clip that attaches to the grid (horizontal, vertical, or universal). The entry-level clamps can be a little weak, especially if you have a big phone.
The higher the range, the more reliable the fastening systems. These bindings have the advantage of not obstructing the driver's field of vision.
Finally, I propose to summarize the criteria of a good car phone holder.
The bottom line is that a good support needs to accommodate your phone easily, using one hand. But be careful, it must also hold firmly once in position, while allowing to remove the phone easily.
The link between the phone and the support is not the only point to check: the attachment on the car must also be flawless, while being easy to remove if you change your mind on its location.
In this regard, be careful not to affect your visibility on the road … while not having to turn your head to look at your phone! Safety first.
Finally, I advise you to choose a model allowing side rotations and even 360 °, to easily find the ideal angle.
That's it, you know everything, so it's up to you now!

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