The 4 (real) Best Fans 2018

After several hours of research, I finally made my selection of the 5 best fans on foot from more than twenty models available at the moment.
My favorite is the Honeywell HSF600WE4: a cheap model that offers excellent performance and has a remote control, discreet enough to ensure under any circumstances (including at night or in the office).
You will also find at the end of this article a buying guide to help you find the ideal fan to fight the heat during hot weather!

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The best cheap foot ventilators
The entry-level models are for the most part reliable and they allow you to enjoy a nice ventilation zone. These are mostly basic fans, offering 3 power levels, and no additional function.
Honeywell HSF600WE4: the best cheap


 Timer from 1 to 8 hours

 Low light at night

Honeywell is an American brand that is based on decades of research and innovation. This manufacturer has the ability to bring small more interesting, even its cheapest products.
We still have the demonstration with this fan on foot, quite well designed, if not perfect.
The Honeywell HSF600WE4 is a standing fan with oscillation.
At first glance, its design seems quite classic. It has the good idea to have a location for the remote control, which is quite practical if you like a well-ordered interior.
This fan is equipped with aerodynamic blades, which allow it to produce a breeze powerful enough for a very low noise level: 48 dB.
The standing height can vary from 1 m to 1.20 m. And with a 70 ° oscillation, the HSF600WE4 offers you a wide ventilated area. Moreover, the head also tilts vertically to allow you to find the most suitable setting possible.
Admittedly, it is not really compact – a standard diameter of 40 – but it turns out to be quite effective. Especially since it has a timer (1, 2, 4 or 8 hours) and 5 power levels. The brightness of the display decreases after 15 seconds and the camera also has a night mode.
Small plus: the assembly of this model is simple, and you do not even need tools.
It still retains its main flaw: a poorly designed grid, which harms its very
good sound performance. Indeed, when the fan is in silent mode, it would indeed be very discreet if the grid did not tend to vibrate. If you are sensitive to noise, you can decide to do without it.
Honeywell could make some small improvements to this model. However, the HSF600WE4 fan remains an excellent model, which offers very good performance. It will be adapted to the living room as well as the bedroom or office.
Aigostar Daisy 33JTP: a basic who does the job


 80 ° vertical oscillation


Aigostar is one of the brands of household appliances known to design good quality devices at low prices. As such, one could legitimately expect the best of its Daisy 33JTP stand fan. If nothing special, this device is a good basic.
Mounting this fan can be quite epic. Not that it is very complicated. But it is better to take things in the right order, under penalty of seeing the elements make resistance!
We immediately note its power cable, which measures 1.80 m: one of the longest in its range. Depending on the configuration of the premises, this can be very practical.
In its design, the 33JTP Daisy is quite classic. It has a simple design, but very elegant, which makes it a model enough passe-partout, able to slip into all interiors without ruining the decor.
This model has 3 levels of adjustment. The first is really sweet: probably a little too much for the day.
During the night, on the other hand, it is quite pleasant. That's good: only in this position is it discreet.
Because unfortunately, when the fan goes up, the sound level does the same. It can become really annoying for people sensitive to noise. It will therefore be reserved for living rooms and the bedroom, in position 1.
This fan has a foot whose height varies from 1.08 cm to 1.28 cm. It performs a horizontal oscillation of 80 ° and it allows a vertical oscillation of 24 °. In other words, it offers a generous ventilation zone.
With the Daisy 33JTP, Aigostar offers a good basic, robust enough and enough to cool a room of 40 m². We regret that it is as noisy when it runs at full speed!
The best mid-range standby fans
The mid-range models are distinguished above all by their power. As a general rule, they do not make subtleties: from setting 1, they release! These are therefore significant devices in case of very high heat.
The other side of the coin: to guarantee good stability, they are often a little massive.
Rowenta VU4210F0: the best mid-range

 Ultima Protect Anti-mosquito Range


It is probably useless to present Rowenta: the brand is one of the heavyweights of home appliances. With the VU4210F0, the German manufacturer tries the 2-in-1 fan, since this model is also supposed to protect you from mosquitoes.
In practice, the spread of mosquito repellent can leave some users skeptical. Do not panic: as a fan, the VU4210F0 ensures!
At first glance, this fan has a design full of character. On this point, everything is about taste: we like or we do not like.
Objectively, I must admit that it can be tricky to melt into the decor in some interiors. We particularly note the particular profile of its control panel.
Because the fan VU4210F0 is therefore to protect you also against mosquitoes. For this, simply insert a bottle of mosquito repellent in the integrated diffuser (it is compatible with the majority of cartridges available on the market).
The main interest is not to polarize two shots at a time. A function that can be useful depending on the region in which you live (and the way you usually protect yourself).
It goes without saying that you can also use this device as a "simple" fan. Its rotor is quite classic (40 cm in diameter). The horizontal oscillation of 60 ° allows you to enjoy a good ventilated area.
It should be noted that the device offers only 3 levels of power, and that it displays a sound level ranging from 54 to 60 dB. It will therefore be reserved for living rooms, because it is a little too noisy to sleep (or to work in the office, if you are very sensitive to noise).
It is useful to specify that the assembly stage is a bit tedious, especially since this model is quite bulky. It is true that it is stable, quite robust, and powerful: it already brews a lot of air when it is set on the first level.
With its fan VU4210F0, Rowenta does not convince everyone. Whether it's the design or the mosquito repellent option, we love it or we hate it.
But even if it is not necessarily discreet visually and audibly, this fan is effective enough to enjoy having it at home, even if to provide a less powerful auxiliary model for the room.
The best high-end standby fans
The high-end models are distinguished above all by their power. It is therefore quite heavy equipment (between 8 and 10 kg).
Their performances are quite similar, and the best way to decide between them is still to take an interest in their Silent Night / Night Silent function: the best models do not exceed 45 dB.
Rowenta VU5640F0: the best high-end

 4 levels of adjustment / Turbo Boost function
 Silent night function

 Permanent light signal and too powerful

With the VU5640F0, Rowenta returns to the base: a fan … that ventilates! And it's a pretty good success: this model is a powerful device and remarkably quiet.
We could almost believe that he is perfect. This is not quite the case.
The fan VU5640F0 – or Turbo Silence Extreme – is primarily designed to refresh. Here, no frills: we focus on performance and efficiency.
The unit therefore offers the Silent Night function, with a minimum sound level (45 dB). We find it through the other fans of the brand: certainly, the device is silent, but in "Night" mode, it sends heavy! We will place the camera at a good distance and / or it will be reserved for really sultry nights.
This model also offers the Turbo Boost function, which allows it to deliver an air flow of 80 m3 per minute: not bad for a fan of standard caliber. It must be said that it displays a power of 70 W, which makes it the most powerful of this selection. It also benefits from blades with worked ergonomics.
If you do not want to activate the Turbo, you have 4 levels of "traditional" powers. Its oscillation covers 120 °, and you can adjust the height to 30 cm.
We also appreciate the handle, which allows you to carry the device more easily. On the other hand, it is clear that the foot is not irreproachable. Depending on its location, it may tend to vibrate.
Another huge miss: the bright display. The fan is indeed equipped with a rather powerful blue LED that illuminates non stop: downright not practical at night. We can be surprised at this choice, when a first price like the Honeywell HSF600WE4 has the good idea to offer low brightness.
A defect that can be remedied by simply sticking a piece of chatterton, which is not aesthetically great. Given the price of the device, it can make you moan!
It is regrettable that Rowenta has missed on certain points, because this fan is really a significant power in case of heat wave!
The products of my selection on offer for the moment
No products from my selection are on sale for the moment.

The floor fan remains a safe bet to cool the house in case of heat wave. With the purchase as with the use, it is an option which indeed costs much less expensive than the air conditioner.
Another important advantage is that they can be installed almost anywhere since they are easy to transport from one room to another.
The fan
This is of course the crucial piece. The standard size is 40 cm in diameter, but it is possible to find more compact models or, on the contrary, larger.
The size is of course important, but we must not neglect the number of blades and their profiling. Be careful not to neglect the practical aspect: you should be able to open it and close it easily to carry out a small cleaning.
The oscillation
Most foot ventilators offer two types of oscillation.
The horizontal oscillation
It generally varies from 60 to 80 °: the greater the amplitude, the larger the ventilated area will be. In a narrow room, an oscillation of 60 ° is sufficient.
The vertical oscillation
It is between 25 and 30 °, allows you to precisely adjust the ventilated area, which is particularly useful in the bedroom or office.
The foot ensures the stability of your fan. It is therefore common that this is the heaviest element of the device.
Remember to systematically check its dimensions, because depending on the configuration and materials, it can clutter a large floor area. It would be a pity that once your purchase was made, you were unable to place the fan in the desired location!
The mast
It is inadvisable (and very unpleasant!) To direct the fan to the height of man. It is therefore essential to be able to adjust the height of your fan … and to be able to do it easily!
Do not forget this convenience when choosing your device.
The control panel
You'll find devices with alternative controls, such as the Klarstein Summer Vibe, equipped with a Grip-Shift handle. Most have a digital control panel instead.
Beware of bright models, equipped with LEDs: their lighting can be surprisingly powerful – and annoying! – in the bedroom. We therefore prefer a model whose signal light will turn off after a few seconds after start-up and / or adjustment, or better: equipped with a low-light function for the night, like the Honeywell HSF600WE4.
Power and speed
The most popular fans have 3 to 5 power levels. The more levels there are, the more precise the speed setting can be.
But beware: the number of levels is not necessarily speaking. As an example, for 3 levels, the Aigostar Daisy 33JTP will offer a fairly soft first level, while the Rowenta VU4210F0 will offer a fairly strong breeze at level 1.
The maximum power of a device can also vary from one model to another: we always think to check the technical instructions (knowing that under 50W, do not expect to perform tremendously in case of heat wave ).
The sound level
Let's be clear: the absolutely silent fan has not been invented yet. The best performers drop to 45 dB in "Silent Night" / Silent mode (the equivalent of a silent freezer). The more you increase the fan speed, the noisier your device will be (up to 60 dB).
This remains quite acceptable during the day, in a living room. In the office, it depends: the sensitivity to noise varies from one individual to another. But to concentrate calmly, it is better to opt for a device as discreet as possible.
The options
Fans now offer different functions, but they rarely accumulate. So take the time to choose the best option before buying your device.
Models with remote control can be very convenient. If you frequently use your fan at night (or if you are naturally dizzy!), A timer will be very useful.
If you only have a small number of outlets, or if you want a fresh and insect-proof space, a device like the Rowenta VU4210F0 with mosquito repellent may be more suitable. The choice is mainly based on the region you live in and your habits.
Other features
You should be able to carry and install your fan where / how you want it.
For that, do not hesitate to privilege these "small details" which can change everything: a power cable of more than 1.20 m, a handle of transport, without forgetting the possibility to assemble / disassemble the device easily to clean and store it.
The interview
The worst enemy of the fan is dust. To maintain it, of course, always start by unplugging it.
Everyday, you can bet on a tip of grandmother: an old stocking, which will remove the dust of the blades. Do not hesitate to bring a small brush to clean it more completely.
In case of more serious dirt, simply use a little dishwashing liquid diluted in lukewarm water. Make sure to wring the sponge well: it must be only wet (we still talk about an electrical device: no question of flooding!).
Then wipe with a soft cloth.

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