The 4 (real) Best First Aid Kits 2019

Posted on February 13, 2019
After several hours of research, I finally made my selection of the 4 best first aid kits among more than fifteen models available at the moment.
My favorite is The Body Source Kit, a compact model, quite complete, whose content is really well organized. Huge favorite for the Wallaboo, the first aid kit to have if you have a baby or children.
You will also find at the end of this article a buying guide to choose the first aid kit that will perfectly match your profile and your needs.

The best cheap first aid kits
The low-cost models are compact kits. Composed of basic elements and accessories, they can treat the most common problems: cuts and strains mainly.
Their weak point: the scissors. If they are usually included, they are often of dubious quality, and it is common to have to replace them.
Covarmed: the best not expensive


 Lightweight and compact model
 Only helps to ward off small sores
 Dressings and wipes in small numbers

Covarmed offers a wide range of first aid kits. It's very simple: there is something for all profiles and for all budgets. If this model is extremely basic, it is also compact and lightweight.
First feature of the Covarmed kit: its compact size. This featherweight model weighs just 424g. It is therefore perfectly suited to travel: it is easily slipped into the glove box of the car.
If this kit displays a mini format, it still consists of forty elements. We find the basics: elastic bandages, sterile compresses, assortment of plasters, disinfecting wipes, pack of cold …
Note that if the elements are well chosen, each is present in very small numbers. Admittedly, this is enough to ward off a little bobo, but it will be essential to think of replacing each item used, otherwise you will be left without the next bobo!
On the side of accessories, this first aid kit only has the essentials: a set of safety pins consisting of 12 pieces, a pair of gloves and a pair of scissors.
We note that unlike too many entry-level models, the accessories are of honorable quality. Still, it is likely that you will end up having to replace them.
We appreciate the kit itself, which is quite robust: if you make sure to replace the elements as and when uses, it is likely that this first aid kit will last a long time.
The Covarmed kit is a model of travel whose elements are limited, but sufficiently well chosen to make it possible to cure the small most common bobos. And despite its small price, it has quite reliable accessories.
An excellent choice, if you are looking for a first aid kit to equip a vehicle.
The best mid-range first aid kits
Mid-range first aid kits are much more complete than first-price models. They are therefore safer in some contexts: workshop, hiking … they are also more suitable when there are children at home.
Different assortments of elements and accessories are proposed: you will find without difficulty a model adapted to your needs. Some are even designed for you to personalize, like The Body Source kit.
The Body Source: the best mid-range

 Pretty complete set (90 items)
 Sturdy and waterproof kit

 No treatment for burns

The Body Source is an atypical brand whose stated philosophy is "to offer health-inspired products designed to enrich your body, mind and soul". The brand is mainly known for its products based on argan oil or coconut, its diffusers or its salt lamps of the Himalayas.
We did not expect it on the field of first aid, yet … with this kit, The Body Source offers one of the most interesting – and most comprehensive – of the market.
This first aid kit comes in a nylon pouch of very good quality. Robust, well thought out, it has the advantage of being waterproof. She knows how to be compact while offering generous content and, above all, well organized: a very good point when you have to intervene quickly.
We also appreciate its beautiful finishes. The kit itself is designed to last!
Despite compact dimensions – 23 cm long, 17 cm wide and 8 cm thick – this first aid kit is very complete. It consists of no less than 90 elements.
We find the basic essentials: antiseptic wipes, bandages and bandages, cold packs. To cope with a wide range of incidents, it also contains a finger splint, saline solution and isothermal survival blanket. Accessories (including medical scissors) are also of very good quality.
It is still surprising that it has nothing to treat burns. If this first aid kit fits all conditions – car, hike, sport, home, office – it may still be necessary to complete it. For hikes or holidays, you can for example regret the absence of venom pump.
Fortunately, The Body Source had the idea to reserve some empty spaces: you are free to add the elements that will allow you to perfectly adapt the kit to your profile.
The brand assumes its bias: it offers you an excellent base, to which you can add the products or accessories that suit you. And it works well, since this first aid kit is robust, practical and reliable.
An excellent quality / price ratio!
Lohmann Rauscher Stella Legal +: a pretty good rigid model


 High quality material

Lohmann – Rauscher (or L & R) is a heavyweight in medical devices and hygiene products. Among his (many!) Areas of expertise: the design of first aid kits.
The group offers emergency boxes, designed to meet corporate standards. Among them, the Lohmann Rauscher Stella Legal +.
This first aid kit has a very pro design and format: some people will consider it a hard plastic as an asset, since it helps them withstand falls and shocks. Others will have a disadvantage since it may be more difficult to store than a flexible model, especially since it is not especially compact (26.5 cm long, for 18 cm wide and 8, 7 cm thick).
Given the configuration of this model, its content does not enjoy the same visibility as that of the kit The Body Source. The set is quite well organized, even if after use, the storage can be a little tedious.
This first aid box is not as complete as The Body Source Kit. But it offers the basics: bandages, bandages, stella strips, compresses, safety pins, scissors …
If there is enough to ward off small sores, note that there are only few dressings, no equipment to treat the eyes or treat burns. We are therefore on a fairly basic model. On the other hand, it contains a first aid notice.
Given its size, this first aid box will find its place in the garage, near the DIY workshop or possibly in the car. However, it is not suitable for travel or hiking.
Although the Lohmann Rauscher Stella Legal + is not suitable for all profiles, it's a good choice if you're looking for a rigid model that will withstand shocks.
The best high-end first aid kits
The high-end first aid kits are quite comprehensive. They are generally conceived in a particular optics: trekking, navigation …
It is therefore targeted kits, whose dimensions and content can be varied. These high-end kits are not all for extreme activities. The proof with the Wallaboo, a model specifically designed for the little ones.
Wallaboo: the best high-end


 Children's products and accessories

Wallaboo is a Dutch brand specialized in baby accessories. Created in 2006, it begins by offering a choice of high quality blankets.
Its catalog will however quickly diversify. The brand offers this first aid kit specifically designed for toddlers.
The Wallaboo kit is 100% thought for babies. Its first feature: an ultra-convenient format. This kit soft to the touch, but slightly rigid measures 16 cm long for 14cm wide and 8.4cm thick.
It is therefore very easy to slip into the diaper bag. Note also the design, more fun than the kits for "big".
Of course, the contents of the kit are also designed for baby: cleaning wipes without alcohol, hypoallergenic bandages, non-adhesive bandages, thermometer … You have all the essential to carry out first aid in case of illness or small boil. It also contains a baby-friendly first aid guide.
Really well thought out, this kit is as practical at home as during the holidays, or just for you outings.
If the Wallaboo kit was created for babies, it is also perfectly suited for older children. It will allow you to treat children by sparing them allergic reaction or … disinfectant spicy!
Certainly, the kit is not 100% complete (it has not yet been invented!). But it has enough space to allow you to make some adjustments, for example by adding arnica, always good to have on hand from the moment a child begins to walk.
Very pretty, durable and compact, the first aid kit is definitely a must have when there is a baby (or a child a little bigger!) At home.
The products of my selection on offer at the moment
No products from my selection are on sale at the moment.

Before choosing a first aid kit, it is essential to take stock of your needs. For that, two major questions.
Who is likely to use it? If it's a booster when you tinker or work, a model such as The Body Source or the Lohmann Rauscher Stella Legal + will do the trick. If you have children, a model such as the Wallaboo will be more suitable.
Where do you plan to use it? If it comes to equipping the car, a model as basic as the Covarmed will suffice. For sedentary use, an emergency box like the Lohmann Rauscher Stella Legal + will be suitable. If you play sports, you will find kits specifically designed for this purpose.
The kit template
There are two types of kits.
Rigid models
They are designed to withstand shocks, they are suitable for use in a garage, workshop or on a boat. These kits are often a little heavier and cumbersome: they are therefore most often reserved for sedentary use.
Flexible models
Lightweight, they are easy to slip into a glove box or bag. Plastic and nylon are the most common materials because they are waterproof … provided that the finishes are treated!
In an emergency, you must be able to easily grab your first aid kit. Do not neglect its portability, making sure your first aid kit has a handle that's easy to handle.
The contents
Even at work, where legislation requires first aid equipment, there is no mandatory list of products. The contents of a first aid kit are therefore likely to vary considerably from model to model.
To make your choice, you will need to rely on the advice of professionals, common sense, and your particular needs.
The essentials, almost unmissable, are a pair of scissors, tweezers, cleaning wipes, an assortment of individual dressings, a triangular bandage, an assortment of compresses, sterile compressive bandages, an assortment of safety pins as well as disposable gloves.
Ideally, a single-use mask, a 70% alcohol vial, a tick forceps, a finger splint, saline and a venom pump will be added.
If you plan outdoor activities, bet on a model containing an insulated cover.
It may be safer to customize the contents of your first aid kit, for example by adding an ointment to treat burns and insect bites (consult your doctor or pharmacist). If you or a family member is susceptible to allergies or asthma, appropriate treatment is strongly recommended.
The organization
It is common for the first aid kit to be used to relieve mild sores. But it can happen that it is more serious and that it should be used under stress.
It is therefore essential that the contents of your first aid kit are well organized. Rigid model with locker or flexible models equipped with storage: carefully check the inside of the kit.
Ideally, a complete list of products and accessories in the kit should be attached. If this is not the case, consider doing it yourself. In case of emergency, you will know more quickly what you have to intervene.
The location
Your first aid kit should be easily accessible (not within reach of young children, of course). At work, all employees need to know where she is. It is good to adopt this principle at home, where every member of the family should be able to find it easily.
It is common to store the first aid kit in the bathroom. If you or one of your loved ones is involved in a "risky" activity, such as DIY, it may be wise to have a kit that will remain in the garage or in the workshop.
Before putting away your first aid kit, do not hesitate to take the time to review its contents to familiarize yourself with the layout.
The interview
It is essential that you can rely on your first aid kit in all circumstances. Remember to carefully inspect its content: some products are actually perishable, and it is essential to renew them. The same applies to the products used, which must be replaced.
Good to know: medical laboratories usually offer you a listing, giving you the references of each product, so you only have to order them.
The budget
The price of a first aid kit varies from € 15 for an entry-level model, several hundred euros for a model for specific activities, including trekking.
The price is of course related to the number of products that make up a first aid kit. If you opt for a small price, check immediately the quality of accessories – scissors and tweezers – because it happens that they are of poor quality. They will have to be replaced.
Opting for a mid-range model can therefore be more economical and safer.

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