The 4 (real) Best Reversing Cameras 2019

Posted on January 16, 2019
After several hours of research, I finally made my selection of the 4 best reversing cameras among a wide selection of models! My favorites are the Carchet wireless kit, a simple and effective model that will allow you to see day and night and the Garmin BC 30 wireless for its strength and its accessories.
You will also find at the end of this article a buying guide to help you choose a rear view camera that fits your needs.

The best cheap reversing cameras
Many drivers are now equipped with a rearview camera for their safety or parking in reverse. Especially since today you can find suitable reversing cameras at a low price!
Carchet Wireless Kit: the best cheap price


 Beautiful image resolution
 7 LEDs allow good visibility in the dark
 Assembly guide not detailed enough
 Powered by the cigarette lighter (and not USB)

The Carchet kit offers a 4.3-inch screen and a rear view camera with a viewing angle of 170 °. Its lens and 7 LEDs allow you to see correctly day and night. The kit is sold at an affordable price (about 30 €).
The Carchet camera, equipped with a wireless module, is a model of high quality. It can be adapted for a car as well as a truck, a camper or other large vehicles.
The kit comes with the necessary hardware for installation. You will first be able to fix the screen to the windshield. Then simply connect one transmitter to the screen and the other to the camera on the back for this to work. The manual explains how to proceed, even if, according to some users, the guide lacks details.
You have the choice between connecting the camera to the car's back-up light or simply using it as a rear-view mirror (for vans for example). This installation allows a wide and precise vision.
The screen connects with the supplied cigarette lighter plug (compatible with 12-volt inputs). After connecting the camera to the backup light, you're done. The screen turns on automatically when it receives video (and turns off when it no longer receives video).
A practical aspect is that the camera works instantly as soon as the reversing passes. You can then view the benchmarks that allow you to estimate distances.
You can distinguish three levels of distance according to the colors that appear on your screen: the green when you are far enough from an obstacle, the orange when you are moderately close to it and the red that indicates you that the obstacle is very close or immediate (it is high time to stop then, otherwise "boom"!).
eRapta ERT01: a simple and functional model


 Beautiful image resolution
 Can be installed on the license plate with a fastening strip (included)
 Problems with image colors
 May partially cover some number plates

The eRapta ERT01 camera is a car rear view camera that offers a 149 ° viewing angle. It is compatible with 12-24 volts inputs. The wire, included in the kit, is 8 m long, so you can use this camera on long vehicles!
Compliant with I69 international standards, this camera is dustproof and watertight. It is fixed on the top of the frame of your license plate. Just be careful, however, not to hide your plate (clever little goes!).
The lens is adjustable, so that any vehicle, regardless of its height, can configure the camera for capturing good images. The camera has indeed an adjustable lens and a viewing angle of 149 °, which allow you to "see" what is happening behind you. It also provides automatic backup.
The eRapta ERT01 camera also has an LED light (8 LEDs) which is activated automatically at night, which is most interesting, especially in rural areas (or urban, depending on neighborhoods), where public lighting could be absent. So you have no more excuse to go to your friends, no more pretense of being afraid to make slots in the evening!
A disadvantage, according to the users, is at the level of the resolution of the image. The colors are sometimes saturated and do not always offer a faithful representation of the reality.
If you are looking for an extra model that can guide you properly for your rear steps, this model is still interesting given its very affordable price.
The camera is guaranteed 2 years. If the product you received is defective, do not hesitate to contact the company within 24 hours of receipt of your purchase to have it replaced!
The best midrange reversing cameras
For a hundred euros, you will be able to get an effective and durable reversing camera! Here are some models that might please you …
Auto-vox: the best mid-range

 Compatible with many vehicles

 Do not mask the license plate
 Good vision in low light
 Reusable mounting brackets (washable suction pads)
 Problems with the cigarette lighter

 User guide in English

Auto-vox is a company specializing in the manufacture of mirrors, rear-view camera and car accessories.
The Auto-vox Backup Camera has many benefits, including stable signal transmission, wireless, and good night vision. The kit you receive includes: a wireless transmitter, a 4.3-inch screen, and a backup camera attached to its support. The camera connects to the monitor via the transmitter: no power cable is needed, good news!
The Auto-vox has a 4.3 "screen and a camera with a viewing angle of 170 ° (adjustable). When reversing with your vehicle, the system automatically turns on to guide you and help you park safely.
Waterproof, the camera works well with fog lights on rainy days. It is suitable for most vehicles: cars, vans, campers, trucks … In short, a real go-anywhere!
It has a nice wireless design. The 6 LEDs turn off and turn on automatically according to the light intensity of the environment. This camera offers a stable resolution up to 100 m, which is more than enough (who likes to go back a long distance?).
Unlike wired cameras, over the hassle of using cables in the car. You need to install the display, then install the backup camera on the license plate and finally connect it to the wireless transmitter. The connection is then established between the display screen and the backup camera via the wireless transmitter.
Auto-vox offers superior night vision. Lines are displayed on your screen to warn you of the risk of collision and guide you on your backward steps.
On the other hand, the Auto-vox is waterproof (IP67) and offers a rather stable signal. It can easily be disassembled and cleaned if dust accumulates thanks to its reusable suction cup mount.
The 4.3-inch screen is lightweight and comes with a silicone adhesive suction cup holder that allows you to mount the screen anywhere on your windshield or dashboard. The screens are made of robust silicon to withstand shocks. Plus, the brackets allow 360-degree rotation so you can see from any angle.
According to users, this camera is easier to install than another wireless camera. And the image quality is as good as that of traditional cameras. However, users have noticed malfunctions, mainly monitor problems that do not turn on or flash.
As a bonus, some report that the camera offers a wide and pleasant field of vision (valid for larger vehicles). The monitor integrates into its environment by not taking up too much space.
The Auto-vox is a reversing camera that still offers excellent value for money. Nevertheless, it can be difficult to install since the assembly plan is in English. In addition, it is a fragile device, so handle it with care.
All Auto-vox reversing cameras can be replaced or refunded within 6 months. They are covered by a 1 year warranty and you get, according to users, an excellent after-sales service. Good point for this camera!
The best high-end reversing cameras
If you want a reversing camera that lasts in the long term, you can turn to models that are a little more expensive but resistant!
Garmin BC 30 wireless: the best high end


 Works with most Garmin GPS

 Resolution of the image not top according to some users


We're no longer presenting Garmin, one of the most famous GPS brands of motorists!
Here, the brand offers the Garmin BC, a wireless backup camera provided without a screen. Why ? Well, just because it works with most Garmin GPS (Camper, Drive, Nuvi, …) and mounts easily to the back of the car, which allows you to display the image directly on the screen. GPS screen via a 2.4 GHz ISM radio transmission.
In the pack that you receive with this camera, you have: an AC adapter / receiver, a wireless transmitter, mounting screws, an Allen key and an installation guide.
According to users, the camera is easy to install. If you are a little handyman, you will be able to launch yourself in the installation of this camera. First install the rear view camera to the taillights and then connect it to your navigation system.
So you will be able to easily see what is happening in the back of your car. The image of the camera automatically appears when you put your car in reverse.
The transmitter must be within 10 m of the Garmin GPS, which is not a problem for long vehicles. On the other hand, this camera uses a 640 x 480 low resolution CMOS sensor with viewing angles of 115 ° vertically and 140 ° horizontally.
Another interesting advantage of this reversing camera is its robustness: it is resistant to bad weather. The brand is also known for the reliability of its equipment (count also on the 2 years of warranty offered by the firm), no problem so this side!
The Garmin BC30 is compatible with many Garmin navigation systems, but not all, unfortunately! Check if your navigation system can be connected to the BC30 camera. And if you also want to receive traffic information via the BC30, you will need to get the antenna extension cable of the same brand. Yes, we can not have everything, but at least we leave you the choice!
The products of my selection on offer for the moment

A reversing camera allows you to perform a reverse with better visibility on what is in the back of your vehicle (which limits accidents). The image you see on the screen is mirrored so you can see the back of your vehicle as if you were looking in your rearview mirror.
It can be installed on the back of any vehicle, but is particularly useful for drivers of long vehicles (or trailers).
With a reversing camera, you can also park more quickly and safely. Most models include an audible warning system when approaching an obstacle.
Do not confuse reversing cameras with dashcams, which are small cameras used to film the road.
Here are some tips to help you choose a suitable rearview camera!
The necessary equipment according to the type of vehicle
First check the compatibility with your vehicle. Then, do you need a kit that includes: monitors, power cables and, in some cases, license plate frames? Or on the contrary, do you only need the camera because you already have a GPS?
If you have a screen in your vehicle, the image can be sent directly and displayed on it. Some vehicles have an integrated rear view camera.
To choose a model, do not rely solely on manufacturers who tell you that the rear view camera is easy to install, as this is not always the case in practice.
Installation and features
There are reversing cameras with or without wireless, but also cameras with or without screen. Some manufacturers do not sell screens, you must use the screen of your phone (via an application) or your GPS.
At the range, many models are limited to 10 m in free field (without any metallic obstacle), but it is possible to find models up to 30 m. If you want a greater distance, you have models that use WiFi.
Indeed, some cameras are connected to the screen by a wire or waves that can be radio frequency, WiFi or Bluetooth. The difficulty of installation depends on the model of your choice. A wired camera is less obvious to install, but will have less interference.
A reversing camera uses the car's current by plugging into the rear light.
Most cameras must be installed on license plates. The angle of view is important especially if you drive large vehicles. In terms of visibility, it must be effective at night: your camera must be equipped with infrared or LED to illuminate you in low light.
The screen
The screen can vary from 4.3 to 7 inches. It provides you with basic information: lines appear to guide you to a parking spot.
Some models even offer different colors: green, yellow or red when you get close to an object. The warning is often reinforced by a warning sound.
The camera turns on and transmits the image to a monitor to show you what is behind you. It can be hidden in the bumper, under the license plate, in the trunk or at the tailgate.
Cameras are generally down to give you a better view behind your car. They also have a wide-angle lens to give you an optimal picture.
Many screen models are now in color and offer good resolutions.
For installation, the tools to be used vary by model. Some systems use multiple cameras to obtain very accurate images.
AIs are also appearing, especially with Mitsubishi Electric testing cameras combined with artificial intelligence (AI) to detect and differentiate objects up to 100 m. These cameras will surely be integrated into autonomous cars.
Recurring problems
The first prices for a reversing camera are around € 30. In general, a good reversing camera costs between 100 € and 500 € for the most expensive. But beware of the specifics: Is the screen provided? Is the system interfering?
Some problems can affect their operation. The most common problem faced by homeowners is poor picture quality.
The most likely cause is simply a dirty goal. Since many cameras are mounted in the back of the car, they may be obscured by mud, snow, dust, or other debris. Fortunately, the solution is simple: simply clean the lens with a soft cloth to avoid scratching it.
With a wireless system, you may encounter an interference problem (through the use of other devices, or in a parking lot, etc.). For the camera and monitor to work together in a wireless system, they must be "Coupled" so that they can communicate with each other. Incompatibility can be particularly problematic if you purchased the camera and monitor separately.
Neither is it an entirely reliable security system, do not forget to look in its mirrors and turn if necessary. A reversing camera is a security system that complements your vigilance!

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