The 5 (real) Best Audio Headphones for Kids 2019

Posted on March 14, 2019
To make your search easier, here is my selection of the 5 best child audio headphones among more than thirty models available at the moment.
The Puro Sound Labs BT2200 is a small concentration of technology and has a very attractive and elegant look. Its price remains a little too high for my taste. For a headphone with good value for money, The Riwbox CT-7 is a good deal in my opinion for a child helmet. Just a pity that the look is so special.
You will also find at the end of this article a buying guide allowing you to know the important criteria to take into account when choosing a child's headphones, in order to be able to equip it with an audio headset adapted to its morphology and especially to his still fragile ears.

The best cheap child's headphones
For very small prices, here are two models of children's headphones that will particularly appeal to small budgets.
Elecder i37: the best cheap


 Robust cord that does not get tangled

 -No volume limitation

The Elecder company, which specializes in headphones and headphones, offers the first child audio headphones in the selection. At a very low price, this headphone has a band adjustment that makes it perfect for small heads, but also for many adults.
The two pads are particularly soft and allow children to use this headset without hurting their ears while providing sound insulation. Moreover, this helmet is also very light to be comfortable to wear, even for small heads, without adding too much weight, which can in the long run hurt their neck.
Its 1.5 meter cord attaches with a standard 3.5 mm jack to many audio and video media. This cord is extremely sturdy and does not tangle, which is perfect for use by children!
In terms of sound quality, it is not left out and this headphone offers excellent listening quality, with an excellent sound effect including low quality.
With a simple and pretty design, this helmet is foldable and very light and can therefore easily follow the child everywhere, whether at home or traveling. Its look comes in many colors that will delight children, with touches of flashy colors very pretty.
For the price, it's hard to ask for more, even if, with a focus on children, I would have liked to see a system of sound limitation to protect their eardrums and minimize the risk of hearing loss, which can be associated with prolonged listening at too high a volume.
That said, the fact that it is a headset and not headphones is already good and avoids many accidents of this kind.
BestGot: the design


 Lightweight, foldable helmet with carrying bag

 Volume control and microphone on the cable
 No volume limitation
 Volume control on the cord not ideal for the little ones

In the same price range, BestGot offers another headset for children, but with a very different design. Indeed, this helmet has a much more advanced design, with a more worked look.
Also available in many colors, your child will certainly fall in love. It is, however, in my opinion, a little more "big" in terms of age given its design and will certainly appeal to teenagers.
Its cord is also thick and very resistant, ideal with small since it is usually a fairly sensitive point of audio listening systems.
Just like the previous helmet, it is also foldable and even comes with a small waterproof bag, particularly convenient to carry it safely. With its 3.5 mm jack, it is also compatible with most audio, video and smartphones on the market.
Composed of soft pads, an adjustable band and very light, these headphones fit perfectly small and large heads without worry, for an optimal comfort of use.
They allow sound insulation and pleasant listening, especially as they have a high quality sound.
These headphones also have an online control for answering calls by pressing the button when using a mobile phone and playing / pausing a song when used in a device that supports control. in line with the music. Ideal for teenagers, although it is not very useful for the little ones who may even misuse these functions!
Once again, I deplore the fact that there is no special child limitation, so that they are not accidentally exposed to too many decibels. Adult supervision is once again in order, especially for the youngest.
The best mid-range children's headphones
For a higher price but below 50 euros, here is a mid-range child's headphone that stood out.
Riwbox CT-7: the best mid-range


 DB volume control

 Volume control and microphone on the headphones
 Look rather for girls

For a price much higher than the two previous models, but which is still reasonable (for a child's helmet), Riwbox offers here a headphone audio look very specific since it has small cat ears and colors vivid and flashy, worthy of a cosplay costume.
Clearly geared to please little girls by the look, sequins and tones of roses, this helmet may not be all the rage. This headset also lights up with built-in LED bulbs and can flash and change color depending on the music. A real show all by itself, your child will not go unnoticed for sure!
This option can be deactivated at will in particular to preserve the level of the battery. In addition to being bright, this helmet is also foldable and therefore very easily transportable.
Unlike previous headphones, it is Bluetooth (4.2), which eliminates a cable and is perfect for children who are not likely to get tangled in or break. The controls are on the sides of the helmet, no worries to control even wirelessly.
This headset works on battery and recharges easily via a USB cable. It is also possible to use this wired headset if needed, since it is sold with a very robust braided audio cable and a 3.5 mm jack compatible with most audio and video media. What to enjoy the headset even when the battery is discharged!
With its 40 mm loudspeakers, soft pads and its featherweight (210 grams), your child enjoys a soundproofing and smooth and can enjoy fully and comfortably the sound quality and powerful bass of this headset . If this headphone delivers a high quality sound, it is perfectly suitable for children since it has a volume control of 85 dB, which prevents children from abusing decibels, which reassure many parents.
Just a pity that the design is not more unisex or a version a little less gendered girl exists.
The best high-end child's headphones
For prices approaching 100 euros, here are two models of children's headphones that will appeal to those who have the budget.
Puro Sound BT2200: the best high end


 DB volume control

 Volume control and microphone on the headphones

The last helmet of this selection is, contrary to the previous one, adapted to the children even if I am not sure of wanting to invest so much for a very small who risks to throw it or just not to pay attention to it. Given the investment, I advise rather for teenagers!
For the price, this headphone offers a limited volume of 85 dB in order not to damage the hearing of the little ones, which is a very good point and reassuring for the parents. Despite this limitation, the sound delivered is of high quality, worthy of a studio.
With a Bluetooth connection and a battery with a long life up to 18 hours, this headset provides freedom of movement that will be appreciated by children who are not likely to see the cable tangle.
The Bluetooth V4.0 connection connects very easily with all compatible media and allows you to enjoy sound up to about 9 meters without worry.
An audio cable with 3.5mm jack (compatible with most media) is still included with the headset, so your child can enjoy the headphones even when the headset is unloaded.
A volume, microphone and playback control is within easy reach on the side of the headset.
The ear cups consist of a soft and supple ear cushion, which offers incredible comfort while also filtering 82% of its pattern at 1 kHz.
The background noise is blocked naturally, even if the volume is not put to the maximum. This makes it possible to preserve the fragile ears of the children and to make them appreciate their music or their video even in a noisy environment like in an airplane.
Made of lightweight and durable aluminum earcup and headband, this headphone will last much longer than competing cheap plastic products. This also makes it lighter (only 156 grams) and gives it a high quality appearance (rather a good thing considering the investment).
This headset is very easily portable, especially since it comes with a rigid transport box, which allows it to be optimally protected when not in use.
Available in three colors, this quality helmet will make your child happy. It remains to be seen whether you can or want to invest as much.
Certainly my favorite of this selection given its look and its benefits but not really the best quality / price ratio.
JVC HA-RX700: for teenagers

 Heavy and non foldable helmet
 Helmet rather suitable for teens


Only mark of this selection that I knew, JVC proposes here a model of quality audio headphones but not necessarily specialized for the children, unfortunately. Anyway, given the price, I recommend using it for teenagers and not for the little ones.
Not certain also that the size of the helmet or pads are suitable for all small heads and ears …
Otherwise, it is true that this headset is of high quality, and I would say fortunately given the price!
This wired headset has indeed a cable of 3.5 meters with a 6.3 mm adapter in gold plated. Be careful, if this length of cable is an advantage for watching TV, this can however be annoying for uses "closer to the body" such as a tablet.
In addition, the jack is not compatible with all media, and you will probably need an adapter to use this headset with most of your usual audio and video media. Not very practical so in my opinion!
For the price, a Bluetooth headset would also have been welcome …
Noise level, JVC does not disappoint, however, with high bass quality and high-performance dynamic sound.
This helmet is however quite heavy (0.91 kg) and must certainly be felt after a while.
Again, clearly not a helmet for the little ones, especially since it does not have a volume limit adapted for the most sensitive eardrums. The headband is however very wide and this makes it possible to support this headset for a comfortable final wear, especially with pads that seem rather soft.
Level look, the design is not really what I prefer, but it is rather boilerplate. This helmet is not foldable, unlike the previous and will take a lot of space when you travel.
The products of my selection on offer at the moment

It is essential to choose a helmet that is well adapted to your child so that he can easily and comfortably use it, and without damaging his hearing in passing.
In order to choose the ideal helmet, here are the criteria that must be taken into consideration when choosing the helmet, for quality listening and safety.
Comfort and size
Above all, it is important that the helmet you choose for your child is adapted to its anatomy, ie the size of his head and his ears. Indeed, a headset too large will not be comfortable and may even hurt him.
The arch should be able to offer a circumference sufficiently small so as not to exceed uncomfortably at the level of the jaw.
You must choose a helmet specially designed for children, with an adjustable and well padded band and earbuds adapted and padded so that the helmet is comfortable to wear.
Similarly, the lightest possible helmet is preferable, so as not to hurt the neck of the child. Ideally, it should not exceed 200 g.
Sound insulation
One of the reasons for buying a child's helmet is to no longer hear his music or videos all day long. It is therefore advisable to choose a closed design helmet, minimizing sound leaks.
This is all the more useful in public transport! In addition, you should also know that the more the headset is open, the more the user will need to push the volume, a practice that is known to be damaging to the eardrums, especially those of young children.
Sound quality
When choosing the headset for your child, you must first and foremost ensure that the sound quality is optimal. Many manufacturers mistakenly believe that a child will be much less demanding on the sound than a headphone will produce.
To hide it, the technique they use the most is to amplify the bass. Make sure that the headphones you choose offer quality sound.
In addition, you must also be very attentive to its sound clamping system.
The ear, and especially the eardrum, is much more fragile than in adults. Therefore, if they listen to music at a high volume, children may damage it, which may even cause hearing problems.
You must therefore check that such a system is present (maximum listening volume at 85 dB, safe listening level), at least at least for the smallest, and that it presents no danger for hearing of your child.
For older children, it is good to make them responsible in this area so that they are not used to always put the sound to the maximum, which could be problematic when they move to a model without limiter. So choose according to the age and maturity of your child!
With regard to its solidity, it is a criterion of choice obviously important and which will depend mainly on the age of your child and the model of child which you have … No question to choose a helmet that the apple of your eyes risk of destroying in a few days!
This is clearly not a purchase you want to make regularly and so you need to opt for a very solid model. You must also pay special attention to its arch.
This is actually the most fragile part of a helmet and often the one that breaks first.
The different functionalities
Of course, they will not be the same for a helmet for a child as for a helmet for an adult. However, some of them can be a real asset.
For example, it may be interesting to opt for a foldable model, which will be easier to store and less likely to break.
In addition, some models offer some bonuses such as stickers that will allow your child to customize their helmet as he wishes. Choose features based on your child's age.
No need for him to have access to options he can not use or even misuse. For the little ones, prefer a child's headphone in plug and play that it will only have to connect to be able to use it.
For some, having a wireless headset is a must, while others will prefer the undoubtedly superior hands-free kit offered by wired headsets. Bluetooth headsets have the advantage of not having a cable and your child is not likely to get tangled up in them.
It can also continue to move without risk of losing the sound. That said, it is obviously necessary to pay attention to the loading of the helmet. In general, Bluetooth headsets are also delivered with a cable, to alleviate this problem.
Again, this choice depends on your child, the use he will make the helmet and especially the price you are willing to put in this purchase.
Know that if it is well adapted, a helmet can be used from 2-3 years. However, for this you will need to make sure that your child supports having the ears covered. In any case, when you buy a child audio headset, you must make sure that it is suitable for its age.
Finally, it is important to remember that the recommendation for headphone listening is up to two hours a day, at 85 decibels.
In conclusion, which child's headphones to choose?
For the little ones, a simple headphone plug and play basic and not very expensive is good enough: the Elecder i37, by the way, will have something to please!
Bluetooth or wireless, it is better to choose a model with bridging sound, as is the case with the Riwbox CT-7.
For older and responsible kids, you can opt faster for a higher-end headphones, and why not the superb and must-have Puro Sound BT2200. If you have a higher budget, you can also turn to headphones and headphones of a different style, like those found for adults: in-ear, Bluetooth headsets, wired headsets , headphones for sport … In short, the choice will be wider, with designs as original as sober!
Honorable Mentions
KitSound Levellers: cheap, basic and special child, this helmet looks promising, but does not have a lot of return customers to get an objective idea unfortunately.
JLabs JBuddies: not very expensive and basic look this helmet does not seem too bad to defend, even if some products suffer from defects.
Nintendo Pokemon: at a reasonable price, this headset will be a hit with Pokemon fans. Unfortunately, the returns are really few.
Riwbox WT-7S: similar to the Riwbox CT-7 but this time without the cat ears, this headset also has little feedback customers but seems rather fun to use.

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