The 5 (real) Best Balance Bikes 2019

Posted on 1 February 2019
The market flourishes therefore these little bikes and sometimes the choice is difficult, especially when you are new to the field. Here is my selection of the 5 best balance machines among more than twenty models available at the moment.
The Btwin balance bike from Decathlon is my favorite style and it is, with the Enkeeo balance bike the best quality / price ratio of this selection in my opinion.
You will find a little guide at the end of this article to understand the important criteria and to take into account when choosing a balance bike for your child.
The best balance bikes
Here are two low priced bikes that will make the happiness of small budgets.
BTwin Runride 520 Cruiser: the best not expensive

For a price of 55 euros, the famous brand BTwin from Decathlon offers here a balance bike also for children from 2 to 4 years (85 to 100 cm). Other colors and looks are available for the same price, but clearly not as pretty and classy as this one.
The noticeable difference with Coewske is the presence of a small size brake suitable for small hands, which is an asset in order to save a bit of the shoes (and therefore the parents' bank account) and also to familiarize child with the brakes.
It also rather light with its 3.6 kg: this all-steel bike has an adjustable saddle and handlebar to evolve with the child.
Its puncture-proof tires and its steel frame are robust and can therefore be used without worries for a few years, or even for another child later (the pettis brothers and sisters will also be able to enjoy them!).
 The followers of the Décathlon brand and in particular BTwin know the quality of the products and will not be disappointed again.
The brake has a lever suitable for small hands and guarantees easy, natural and smooth braking (via the rear wheel) thanks to the Stop Easy system. The child will avoid braking by the feet (shoes will tell you thank you).
Many trumps so for this balance bike with a vintage look and super nice, with its white wheels and saddle and handle leather effect. My favorite of this selection without a doubt.
What to ride with class in the park or in the street and will appeal to both girls and boys. For the price, this balance bike has one of the best quality / price ratio of this selection, which is not surprising coming from Decathlon.
Coewske: the basic

With its sweet price of just 55 euros, the brand Coewske offers a balance bike for children from 2 to 4 years.
This small equilibrium training bike is made of magnesium alloy and weighs only 2 kilos, but it is strong enough to support up to 32 kg. A small bike so very handy, even by small, which offers control and effortlessly. Ideal for beginners!
Level safety, this bike has a non-slip coating at the handles, so that the little ones have an easy grip. Puncture-resistant and inflatable EVA tires are very durable and shock-absorbing for comfortable driving on most terrain.
The seat, on the other hand, is supple and dense, providing a comfortable seat for the sensitive buttocks of toddlers. In order to adapt to different sizes, the handlebars and seats are adjustable.
With this bike, your child will have much less trouble moving to a conventional bike, without the help of casters.
Level design, this balance bike is simple and pretty, with a choice of colors for different prices. You can surely find a color that will please your child.
An entry quite right in my opinion, especially for a time of use of only 1-2 years. Personally the very "plastic" look of the wheels does not please me too much, but for the rest, I really like it.
Although not necessarily necessary, it also lacks in my opinion the brakes, so do not have to invest in a pair of shoes too often. This would also allow the child to become familiar with this system, which he will have to use on a conventional bike anyway.
The best midrange balance machines
For prices a little higher, from 60 to 75 euros, two balance bikes have stood out.
Enkeeo: the best mid-range


 Small handle behind seat
 Equipped with brakes, a bell and a footrest
 Usable long 50 kg maximum
 Sporty look not to everyone's taste

For nearly 60 euros (not much more expensive than the previous balance bike), the brand Enkeeo offers a balance bike with a sporty look and customizable with stickers.
This exercise bike has a padded seat and handlebar for easy and comfortable riding. Both adjustable, this bike adapts to the size of the child, and is recommended for children from 2 to 6 years (50 kg maximum) … much longer than the previous balance!
A fairly wide u-shaped footrest allows children to rest a bit, letting themselves roll without having to hold their legs.
The tires are made of durable rubber with extra thickness and width to prevent dangerous bursting, ideal for easy riding on all terrains including gravel and speed bumps. What satisfy the little stuntmen in chief. !
That said, I do not think this kind of terrain is really recommended so young … personally simpler terrains seem much more conducive to learning the balance. Once acquired, it is better to opt for a true mountain bike if the child wishes.
Like the previous Decathlon balance bike, it also offers a rear braking system for a fast braking reaction, preventing children from potential accidents thanks to increased safety.
The coolest is the seat with a small handle behind, which in addition to allowing to easily hold the bike, also prevents the child from slipping from his saddle back, slightly holding the buttocks.
She also has a small bell well practiced, like on a bike!
Available in three colors and with stickers for personalization by your child, it will make a sensation for sure.
Personally, his look is a bit too sporty for my taste and I much prefer that of the previous bike BTwin, but otherwise it also offers a good value for money, especially for such a long use.
Bikestar: the sportswoman

For significantly more expensive, with a price of about 76 euros, the Bikestar brand also offers a balance bike look rather sporty. With its many colors and bright colors it will undoubtedly appeal to children.
With its extra-thick 24.5 cm tires and premium alloy wheel suspension, this bike has a comfortable ride on many terrains. Safety grips certified toxin-free have a protection against percussion and also ensure a smooth ride.
Its handlebar height and adjustable inclination angle with padding and adjustable saddle allow use from 2 years (about 88 cm).
The highly stable multi-layered steel tube frame with shimmering, shock-resistant metal coating ensures a robust and quality bike.
Safety level, this bike also has a brake handle adapted to children for the brake of the rear wheel. Ideal for getting acquainted with this equipment!
Equipped with a side stand, this balance bike stands very easily and can be used by children without problems.
Be careful however, with its weight of about 4.4 kg, it starts to be quite heavy, especially for the little ones. Take into account when buying, especially that you will probably wear it often yourself when your child will want more in the middle of walk.
With its simple assembly, it is almost immediately usable by the happy owners.
Personally, once again I prefer that of BTwin, much more classic and beautiful, especially given the price of it.
The best high-end balance machines
With prices over 100 euros, here is a balance bike for parents with a much larger budget.
Banana Bike LT: the best high-end

Much more expensive than the previous bike, priced at around € 111, this balance bike from the Babana Bike brand looks a lot like the second bike of this selection.
For this price the balance bike is available in pink color, but it also exists in blue and green.
Indeed, just like the Coewske, it does not look particularly sporty or masculine unlike the previous two and has black wheels, the effect very "plastic".
Level features, just like the Coewske, it also does not have brakes and so just counts on a stopping by the feet of the child (watch out for the consumption of shoes).
This balance bike suitable for 2-4 years (maximum weight of 25 kg) does not present any particularity really justifying this high price in my opinion, which is a pity. Just like the previous bikes, it is also scalable at the saddle and handlebars to adapt perfectly to the child.
 This lightweight (3.3 kg,), yet robust, balance bike is ideal for the little ones when they learn how to balance.
Just like the previous bikes, the tires are puncture-proof and are made here in EVA foam, peace of mind for parents!
This balance bike is, in my opinion, far too expensive for what it offers, especially given the competitor and the fact that it is used only for a short time. It is thus possible to find an equivalent for much cheaper, about 55 euros, as the Coewske early selection.
The products of my selection on offer at the moment

The market for the balance bike has grown considerably in recent years. The purchase of a balance bike is perfect for teaching the little ones to work their balance while easily controlling their speed.
Nevertheless, care must be taken to choose a balance bike that will suit your child so that he can enjoy it as much as possible. Here is a little buying guide to choose the one that best suits you.
The benefits of the balance bike
The balance bike is one of the best ways for your little one to learn not only to find his balance (which will allow him later to control his bike more easily), but also to adopt, from the start, a good position.
Yes, we can learn, instinctively, to adopt a good posture, while doing all the body work. Sitting on the saddle, legs almost stretched and feet touching the ground, your child can adjust his trajectory and dose his thrust, according to his wishes.
This position (neither fully upright nor fully seated) is in fact a natural position, which allows him to mobilize his whole body to move forward. And this position is exactly the same as the one he will adopt later on a bike!
The age of your child
The age to start the balance bike depends mainly on the motor skills of the child and his height. As soon as your child knows how to walk, he can technically ride on a balance bike if it is at his height and especially that he wants.
In general, the balance bikes are for children about 2 years (about 80 cm) and up to 4/6 years depending on the model.
If your child starts early enough, at age 2, check that it is well positioned, but if you want your child to use it longer, you will need to check the recommended maximum weight, which is specific. of each model.
The settings
So that your child can use his balance bike optimally and comfortably even when growing up, choose a bike adjustable in height at the handlebars and the saddle. To do the right balance, your child should sit on the saddle with their feet flat on the floor.
The material
We often have the choice between wooden and metal balance bikes. Whatever the material, the robustness of the material and its rigidity are important criteria for a bike that lasts and resists falls and others.
The weight
It is essential that the balance bike is well proportioned to the weight and size of the child. Thus, a light bike will allow your child to handle it well and lift it if necessary.
You'll be as happy that it does not weigh too much when you have to wear it on long stretches of walk because your child decided that he did not want to do it anymore!
The brake
Some bikes are unbraked, others offer one or even two. The brake is not a superfluous element, it must be a quality component, easily allowing the child to press the handle effortlessly to stop effectively, which is not as simple as what we think.
Since the balance bike stage is supposed to teach the child the basics of cycling, it is wise, I think, that he learns to use the brake at that time, in a safe and secure environment. in which he can still brake with his feet if he wishes. An ideal time to learn the use of the brake so, and the shoes will thank you, that's for sure!
Other accessories
The presence of a footrest, even if not necessary, can be a plus non negligible especially for the little ones who get tired quickly. It will be possible for the child to put his feet on it when the bike has acquired a certain speed (and therefore the balance), without having to keep them raised.
In addition, this really mimics the bike ride and allows them to test their balance in the most favorable conditions.
In any case, do not forget to put a helmet on your child and let him experience these new sensations!

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