The 5 (real) Best Bibs Baby 2019

Posted on January 27, 2019
Sometimes it becomes difficult to choose because there are different varieties. Here is my selection of the 5 best baby bibs among more than thirty models available at the moment.
The bib apron Bumkins with its many strengths is my favorite of this selection. For the best value for money, the Tomkity bib lot stands out clearly and can be used from birth.
A little shopping guide at the end of this article will also help you to understand the important criteria to make your purchase to choose the one that best suits you and your child.

The best cheap bibs
Here is a lot of baby bibs that will delight the budget.
Tomkity: the best cheap


 No protection for sleeves

With its unbeatable price of 10 baby bibs for less than 16 euros (less than 2 euros the bib!), The brand Tomkity offers 10 super cute waterproof bibs that can be used for your child for about 3 years (0-36 months). An incomparable investment!
The batch of 10 is also a tactically tactical idea since these bibs are washed in the washing machine and therefore must wait a minimum before recovering. With a batch of 10 you have something to see and organize your laundry!
The front and back are made of soft cotton and the waterproof plastic is placed in the center, without contact with the skin. With its size neither too small nor too big, baby can even crawl without stepping on it.
Easy to open and close with the velcro closure on the side, parents can do this with one hand and the child can put it and remove it alone when it is bigger. Autonomy guaranteed, but this also means that your child can potentially also remove it even during meals … to use on a cooperative child!
Be careful, however, as they do not have a receptacle pocket, if baby drops food, it may land on his lap. Similarly, the sleeves are not protected, it will roll up or accept the stains!
Not ideal so when learning autonomy during meals. But I would say perfect before this step!
The grounds are super cute and will undoubtedly please your children with funny animals and bright colors. A quality / price ratio really difficult to beat for sure.
The best mid-range bibs
With prices ranging from 15 to 18 euros the bibs, here are three models that will please you.
Bumkins: the best mid-range


 Protection of the whole upper body (apron)

 Not suitable for the first months of baby


For a price almost identical to the previous bib (nearly 16 euros), here is a bib-apron with sleeves, which revolutionizes baby meals. Indeed, with its sleeves and elastic wrists, baby is perfectly protected to experiment and learn to feed alone without staining his beautiful clothes.
In addition, the receptacle pocket prevents too much food from falling to the ground, which is very convenient. Its soft plastic texture is perfect and leaves a great freedom of movement to the child, unlike the silicone bib like the one above.
With its adjustable tie closure, baby is always well covered up and can not take it off alone in the middle of the meal. Just a pity that a velcro closure quality does not replace the links, to be more convenient for parents …
Big advantage of this bib, you can use it without worry during painting and coloring moments of your child to avoid stains. A multi-purpose bib that will quickly become indispensable.
With its material, it folds easily and takes up almost no space, so you can take it everywhere with you without any worries. Personally, I have an equivalent and it really changed the situation!
Machine washable or simply with a sponge, you will not take the head to keep it clean.
The proposed motifs are very varied and will certainly please your children. Be careful though, prices differ a lot depending on the model.
Attention, once again, this bib is not suitable before diversification, during the first months of baby. It remains clear however my favorite of this selection, even if the price is not negligible.
Skip Hop Zoo: the silicone bib

 Not suitable for the first months of baby
 A bit too big for toddlers who are just learning to eat
 No protection for sleeves

The famous brand of baby care Skiphop offers here a silicone bib at a price of nearly 15 euros. Much more expensive than previous bibs, this one stands out however by many assets, that the parents of children who start to eat with the spoon will particularly appreciate.
With its foldable silicone material, this bib is both ultra-sturdy, easy to wash, but also comfortable to wear (unlike rigid bibs). Just a passage under the tap and maybe a little soap to have a clean bib. You can even put it in the dishwasher for even less headache (in high position only).
Another benefit is its deep receptacle pocket for crumbs and the like that may fall when baby eats alone. Ideal so not to have to pick up half of the meal!
With its adjustable neckband and soft silicone, it adapts perfectly to your child and allows him to eat comfortably, without being hampered by his bib.
For this price, you can buy the model "monkey" but know that many other animals are available, but available at higher prices unfortunately. In any case, they will please the toddlers for sure!
Ideal for the first real baby meals, this bib is not suitable for the first months, when baby is in the breast or bottle. In this case, it will invest in cotton bibs, like the precedents of this selection.
Personally, having tested a similar product, I find that these bibs and in particular this one are a little too wide and hamper a little baby movements.
The child is then struggling to bring food to his mouth, because of the wide bib that hinders.
This bib is perfect when parents give food to the spoon or when the child eats alone and is big enough not to be bothered by the bib. Unfortunately, the sleeves are not protected and it will roll up all that to avoid stained clothes.
 In short, an interesting bib, but not always ideal.
Baby Bjorn: the soft plastic bib

 Not suitable for the first months of baby
 A bit too big for toddlers who are just learning to eat
 No protection for sleeves

For just over 17 euros, the famous BabyBjorn babycare brand offers here a soft plastic bib, comparable to that of Skip Hop.
This time in soft plastic (without bisphenol A) and not silicone, this bib has a deep and ample pocket that can recover a lot of food. The stiffness of the material prevents it from deforming and allows the food to stay in the pocket.
The size of the bib is adapted so that the pocket of recovery does not get stuck under the table.
This bib wipes easily with a damp sponge or rinses under running water. He can also put in the dishwasher.
The whole bib is made of plastic that dries quickly. You do not have to wait to reuse it!
The choker is nice on the child's skin and does not rub. Thanks to its adjustable closure system, the bib adapts as the child gets older.
The closure is designed to open easily in case the bib gets caught. The tie in small pearls clings unfortunately sometimes in long hair.
Just like the previous mid-range bibs, it is suitable for children from four months, starting from diversification. This bib, like the silicone, unfortunately embarrasses the child a little in his movements.
So many assets, but also still a lot of disadvantages, especially for the price. Available with many different colors, some are however cheaper than this orange version.
The best bibs upscale
Here is a bib that will emulate, if the budget follows.
Anais + Aden: the best upscale

 Not suitable for the first months of baby

 No protection for sleeves

The famous brand of high-end nursery Anais and Aden offers for about 22 euros, a lot of two shoulder bibs of high quality.
These bibs can be used as ultra-covering classic bibs or shoulder bibs with their dimensions of 22 x 59 cm. In any case, they will be ideal for the very first baby months.
For more convenience, they even have a snap button so you do not slip baby's shoulders to keep it clean.
Made in a typical quality material of the brand, cotton muslin, these bibs are ultra-soft and durable. They go easily to the washing machine and stay flawless and soft for a long time.
Anais and Aden have made these bibs with four plies of cotton muslin to make them very absorbent for all the small baby bouncers and returns.
The patterns are adorable with beautiful, discreet designs, in soft colors of Disney animals. This version for almost 22 euros is that of Marie, the pretty little feline Disney aristocats, but other versions exist at prices a little different with for example the 101 Dalmatians, the Lion King, Bambi and many others .
This collection is a classic of the brand and will certainly please many, even those who are not fans of Disney, by the pretty discrete designs and soft colors.
Not sure that I want my baby to start growing with these bibs, they look way too good to be covered with mashed carrots or anything else!
In my opinion, they are ideal for the first months of baby, when he drinks only milk and drool / vomit often. They are, I think, not very suitable for the first real baby meals, because they do not cover the arms and do not seem well adjusted at the neck.
The quality and beauty of the products Anais and Aden no longer has to prove itself, but the budget must be able to follow because it is clearly high-end.
The products of my selection on offer at the moment

Essential accessory for baby for long months to keep his clothes clean as long as possible, a bib can be in many forms, materials and styles.
In order to choose the one that best suits you and your baby, here are the important criteria to think about in order to choose the one that will be ideal.
Matter according to age
During the baby's first months, before diversification, it is necessary to protect the baby clothes (and yours) from milk and other wastes. For this, it is necessary to have not only bibs or squares in cotton or soft muslin, but also well absorbent that does not irritate the baby's skin.
They can be put on the baby's stomach or on your shoulder if you carry baby in your arms. At this age, bibs made of silicone or plastic are not suitable because they are not absorbent.
When baby starts the real meals, prefer a silicone bib or soft plastic with a receptacle pocket to recover the food that falls. They wash themselves very easily and can even put in the dishwasher.
The bib apron
By cons, when baby starts to feed alone, bibs silicone or plastic can sometimes hinder the movements of the smallest and therefore cause concern. In this case, the miracle solution to allow baby to experiment freely without risk of staining is the bib / apron, which is very flexible and protects even the arms of the child to avoid any risk of tasks.
These aprons have most of the time the very practical pocket / receptacle and are therefore ideal for this phase of learning. These bibs-aprons take much less space than bibs silicone or soft plastic and will accompany you everywhere without worries.
The other advantage is that they can easily be used in creative workshops such as drawing and painting to protect clothes. A must in my opinion!
The cotton
For dental episodes, it is also recommended to choose a bib cotton well absorbent and not silicone or plastic. Since baby dribbles all day, you can opt for a nice cotton bib or even a bandana bib to stay stylish all day long.
The form
Obviously, for a bib to be effective and comfortable to wear, it is necessary that it is well adjusted to your child, neither too tight nor too wide. It is therefore advisable to choose a model with an adjustable fastener since the child's neck changes size.
It is also necessary that the bib covers the torso of the child, without being too big and obstruct the child in his movements. Be careful also, if your child crawls with his bib, it should not be too big and the child walks on it and gets hurt.
Long, but not too long, wide, but not too much, sometimes not easy to choose the ideal size.
To minimize your work as parents, the bib chosen should be easily washable, either directly with water or with a sponge or directly in the dishwasher. If you choose a model that goes to the washing machine, you will have to take into account the drying time if necessary.
This is often the case for cotton bibs or cotton muslin for the little ones. Predict the number of bibs accordingly so that you never run out of time.
Without a doubt, preformed soft silicone and plastic bibs are the ones that take up the most space. While this will not be a problem at home, they are not the most convenient for walks and other outings.
Once again the bib-apron is ideal and takes up very little space. In this case you can also use a cotton bib, occasionally if necessary.
To avoid any risk of strangulation, it is best to use a bib with snap or Velcro. They also have the advantage of closing and opening quickly, perfect for busy parents.
If you ever choose a model with links, it will absolutely be necessary to remove it to your child after the meal. They also have the disadvantage of having to put with both hands.

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