The 5 (real) Best Childrens Alarm Clock 2019

Posted on January 17, 2019
Among the multitude of alarm clock for children available on the market, here is my list of 5 alarm clocks that stood out, to please all budgets.
The cute rabbit from GoLine is definitely the alarm clock that I prefer because it is perfect for the little ones as for the big ones, at a very small price!
You will also find at the end of this article a shopping guide so you can make the right choice for your child.

The best cheap child alarm clocks
From 24 to 30 euros, here are three alarm clocks for children who will like small budgets.
GoLine: the best cheap

At just 26 euros, the brand GoLine offers here an educational alarm clock. This alarm clock is a unique combination of a digital alarm clock and a colorful night light made of silicone.
It is specially designed for children and with its 7 lights of different colors of low intensity, it keeps company with your children when they fall asleep and when they wake up at night!
In the morning, a ringtone to choose from 12 natural sounds awakens your child gently. A remote control makes it easy to program the alarm clock and in particular to choose the color of the night light. This is of course also possible via buttons!
The soft silicone bunny head also works to the touch, changing the pilot light at the touch of a finger. Nothing is easier then, even for toddlers. And no risk of breaking the rabbit's head accidentally.
A snooze function obviously accompanies this alarm clock. The LCD screen allows not only a visible display of the time, but also the date, the day of the week and the temperature (which I think is not really necessary for the youngest).
An auto off lamp timer function up to 999 minutes saves energy. The built-in battery is able to support 30 days of portable use, but this alarm clock also works by USB connection (unfortunately not provided).
With its small size of 10x 10x 15 cm, this alarm clock is made without worry a place in the room of your child and in his suitcase if necessary. This time too, small size means small screen, so be careful if your child has trouble seeing …
BPA free, this cute rabbit-shaped lamp is perfect for kids. It also exists in cute pig version for a similar price.
An alarm clock too cute, easy to use and cheap, my favorite of this selection is certain and, I think, the best value for money.
Bulbotz Chase of the Pat 'Patrol: the cute little dog

With its mini-price of 24 euros, little fans of Pat'Patrouille will be thrilled.
This children's alarm clock with the iconic Paw Patrol Chase figurine will make them smile when you wake up!
For those who do not know, Chase is a German Shepherd puppy that protects his community. He is a police detective / police dog and a spy dog.
This 5-minute alarm clock has among other things an LCD screen easily readable by children. With two AAA batteries included, it accompanies your little one everywhere, even on vacation.
It's enough for your child to press the buttons at the top of Chase's clock to reveal the sound effects of his character. Similarly, it can turn on the night light for 5 minutes, something to reassure at night if necessary. In this case, the screen and the dog's head light up!
Attention, this alarm clock is smaller than it seems, with a height of only 14 cm, which is still a reasonable size and perfect to slip into the bag if necessary. Recommended from 4 years, the screen may be a little small for younger children or those who suffer from a sight.
Of course, like any alarm clock, it has a function of alarm and repetition.
An easy-to-use alarm that will not fail to make emulators and make surveys a little less difficult!
Lego brick: for Lego fans

The latest low-end alarm clock of this selection is, at a still very modest price of nearly 30 euros, an emblematic shaped alarm clock of blue Lego brick, which will certainly appeal to children.
Usable from 6 years, it has a simple operation with the basic functions of alarm and report of ringing (snooze). The display on the LCD is easy to read.
With dimensions of only 10.3 x 10.4 x 25.9 cm and 2 AAA batteries (included), it is ideal for use at home as a mop. Attention again to the rather small screen that could cause concern to some children!
Unfortunately, it does not have a continuous backlight and can not be used as a night light.
This alarm clock also exists in many other colors, at very variable prices, but always cheap!
The design is really nice and perfect for Lego fans! It looks very sturdy, perfect for young children. Not really need to invest more at that age in my opinion!
The best alarm clocks for mid-range children
Barely more expensive than previous alarm clocks, here is a mid-range child model that stood out.
Lego Kids Batman: the best mid-range

 Usable as a toy


For a price barely higher than the previous Lego alarm clock (about 32 euros), the brand Lego offers another alarm clock, but this time with the effigy of the famous superhero Batman!
With its height of 24 cm and articulated arms and legs, it will surely be quickly adopted by the fans of the famous bat. It can even serve as a toy for the most cautious children, since this alarm clock is really a lego if not much bigger. A dual use that will emulate it for sure!
Recommended from the age of 6, your child will be fully able to use his alarm clock and bell delay functions, for a standalone alarm clock. Just hit Batman's head to activate the Ring Delay and Backlight features, so it's easy!
Again, the brand Lego has unfortunately not included a night mode, but I guess that from 6 years is not really necessary. Too bad also that the alarm clock is not the theme of Batman …
Its LCD screen is easy to read, although still relatively small for children with a vision problem.
With its 2 AAA batteries included and its still modest size, it is perfect for the home, as if to go on a mop.
If your child is not especially fan of Batman but you like this style of awakening, know that there is a variety of models available, at variable prices, but around 30 euros, such as Harley Quinn, Joker , Wonder Woman, Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, etc … sure to find something that will please your child.
An alarm-game for the big ones that seems to justify its price, in my opinion.
The best alarm clocks for high-end children
For slightly larger budgets, here is an upscale child alarm clock that stands out.
Clocky Original Runaway: the best upscale


 Force to get up to turn it off

 Can break if put too high

At around 46 euros, the last alarm clock of this selection is a perfect alarm clock for children who have trouble getting up in the morning. Indeed, in addition to ringing at the desired time, this alarm clock runs away, rolls from the bedside table and rings until it is caught.
Thanks to its two big wheels, it can jump from a bedside table of 90 cm, and thus force the child to get up to extinguish it. Perfect for those who tend to hang out in bed a little too long!
Be careful though, if placed too high, it may open by landing on the ground and lose its batteries, or even get damaged. Think carefully where to put it, at the risk of having to replace it quickly …
Compact, with its dimensions of 13.33 x 8.89 x 8.89 centimeters, it accompanies you everywhere. Moreover, with its 4 AAA batteries not included (unfortunately), it has a long battery life up to a year that can see coming!
An alarm clock that can be very practical, even essential for some and whose super nice design does not disappoint.
For this price you can buy the chrome version, pretty and go everywhere, but know that other colors are also available with variable prices and sometimes cheaper.
It is clearly aimed at children already tall, perfect for a teenager I think. The price is still reasonable in my opinion, given the quality look and its singularity. No more delays at school for "wake up failure" that's for sure!
The products of my selection on offer for the moment

Leaving children out of bed can sometimes be difficult for parents. In order to make it more responsible and to ensure a timely departure for school, an alarm clock is often a good solution from 5-6 years old.
Once again, the market has understood the demand and it is often difficult to choose among all the available models. Here is a little buying guide that will allow you to select the one that best suits your child.
As any object intended to be used by children sometimes quite young or just not cautious, it is advisable to choose an alarm clock that will not break at the slightest shock and can withstand falling a number of times.
Avoid awakenings too fragile unless your child is already big and knows how to pay attention to his objects.
For the little ones, an alarm clock with a silicone exterior can be a wise choice. Also, be sure to choose an age-appropriate alarm clock without a small tip that could get into your mouth or hurt the child.
The display
For the sake of simplicity, the LCD is particularly suitable for children, but must also be chosen according to the age of the person concerned. The smaller ones as well as children with sight problems require a rather big screen with just the time written on it.
Prefer a display as simple and streamlined as possible. For the older ones, you will be able to choose a model that displays a little more information, such as the date, the day of the week or even the temperature.
The light
Depending on the age of your child, it may be useful to buy an alarm clock that will also light if necessary, to help your child fall asleep alone, especially if he is afraid of the dark.
It is also recommended to opt for a clock model that has a backlight on the screen with the time, permanent or by pressing an easy access button so that your child can check the time as soon as he wishes it and without having to light the light of his room.
The ringtones
In order to make the lift a little more enjoyable, check the included ringtones as you would when choosing your own alarm clock.
If your child wakes up without much difficulty, why not use a soft and pleasant ring instead of the traditional and annoying Bip, which will be ideal for heavy sleepers!
Ideally, choose a model with several choices and especially an adjustable volume so that the child hears the ring without it wakes the neighbors in passing!
The style
Like any object intended for children, the look of the alarm clock can play a lot in the acceptance of it by your toddler.
So opt for an alarm clock that will please him, you will surely find one that he will want to use, you will even find alarm clocks in the shape of superheroes or cartoon figurines !!
Other features
Personally, I do not specifically recommend a alarm clock with a ring delay for a child …. at risk of seeing regular wake up failures.
Unfortunately, it is often an option included by default … but you do not have to show your child how to use it!
Another feature on the other hand very interesting for the big sleepers who get up very difficult, it is the alarms on wheel, which "jump" of the bedside table when it comes time to get up and which requires the child to get up to extinguish it … Leaving the bed guaranteed even for inveterate marmots!
The connection
It is obvious that for reasons of economy, it is wise to choose a model that works on mains or rechargeable battery (be careful not to forget to load it in this case).
However, for practical reasons (especially on vacation), a battery-powered alarm is often ideal, especially nowadays, where the batteries last much longer. No need to change them very often, even in continuous use.
The best of both worlds is an alarm clock that can be plugged into an outlet or battery, as needed! No worries in case of unexpected power failure!
Given the multitude of models available on the market you will not fail to find what suits your child, do not worry!

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