The 5 (real) Best Condoms 2019

Posted on January 28, 2019
"Come out covered", well known expression for a long time and by all but who can certainly benefit from a small "and use the best cover" because the naughty activity also passes by the security that must surround it.
That's good, I've selected for you the 5 best condoms available at the moment and my favorite is certainly the Manix Skyn ​​Elite for its almost imperceptible side. The condom that provides the best protection without neglecting sensations! You will also find at the end of this article a shopping guide that goes out of their way to help you buy safe and smart.

The best cheap condoms
Two brands on which we can not be wrong, if we seek optimal protection without taking the head at the price!
Manix Skyn ​​Elite: the best cheap


 Feeling the closest to the report without a condom


 Lubrication too limited for some

If Durex is the most famous brand and the most present on the market, its main competitor has the advantage in terms of design and especially in our selection, because despite the fact that the English manufacturer is present twice in this article, here we find the model of condom that has my personal preference.
Manix, since it is the brand presented in these lines, is a French manufacturer, then Australian, which begins its activities in 1986 and launches advertising campaigns rather famous for their humor. I also recommend to go take a look at it on Youtube, it's quite funny and interesting!
And it is in 2009 that Manix develops and sells the Skyn, condom touted for its imperceptible side.
Indeed, the Manix Skyn ​​Elite is a 53 millimeter diameter condom entirely designed in what the brand calls "SkynFeel", sensoprene which is a soft and very thin material (and without latex), which makes without a doubt one of his main selling points and one of the reasons why this model is my favorite for our selection.
Yes, the Skyn ​​Elite is a condom that offers a sensation very close to unprotected sex. There is a fairly clear difference between a standard model like those proposed by Durex and this one.
The sensation of pleasure is apparently shared in the same way by both partners, without embarrassment, while ensuring excellent solidity to current standards and staying in place.
If this product is your first purchase of its kind, I think nothing or anyone can convince you to head to another model and if you have previously tried a condom of another brand, I urge you to try of it that can possibly make your reports even more enjoyable, if it's possible for you, of course.
We notice a very slight smell when opening one of them, but this smell is rather pleasant and not at all embarrassing, especially compared to other models in latex.
If we want a little quibble, we can also discuss the lubrication, which seems a little limited for some, but it is up to you to get your idea because it is primarily a personal feeling that depends on several factors.
We can of course also say, that again, limiting the size to 53 millimeters is not very nice for men among us who are more widely equipped.
We note, however, to finish these lines that the packaging of a box, which contains 10 condoms for less than 10 euros, has the advantage of being rather stylized, which can be important in a report that is about to start.
Take out a beautiful black box of known brand and class, it can reassure a partner (or many, why not?) Who is wondering if you protect yourself properly.
Durex Feeling Sensual: the end of the end


 Too much stretching can lead to tearing

As long as we are among the people who practice or have practiced sexual activity,
Durex must certainly be a name that certainly evokes something.
This is one of the best known manufacturers in the design and production of condoms, native to the UK and present on the market since 1929 already.
It's simple, Durex alone brings together more than 25% of the global market of condom sales, making it the undisputed leader, which we do not necessarily realize.
But enough about the history of the brand, it is one of their flagship product that interests us here, the Durex Feeling Sensual.
This is probably one of the most common condoms and can be found almost anywhere, obviously online (which facilitates the purchase if you are a little annoyed to acquire this in the trade) or in most stores or pharmacies.
With an average diameter of 52 millimeters, it is easy to unroll, put on and fits in most sizes, without forgetting that it can be removed only manually, thus avoiding any accident.
Feeling Sensual is also lubricated properly, for a shared feeling of both partners without the unpleasant smell sometimes related to this lubrication or the material.
At this level, the model of Durex is a rubber latex condom that has the great advantage of being very thin (while being strong of course) and therefore offer a maximum pleasure almost without being noticed.
In addition, he allows himself to have an expiry date usually very long, we still take the trouble to check before use, it goes without saying. So you can keep an entire box for as long as you want to separate from your favorite activity, if that's the case!
Only downside, it must be made sure not to stretch too condom during the course or at the time of removing it to avoid cracking, but this is the case for most entry-level models of the market, so those most often found on sale.
We can also regret the lack of choice in terms of sizes, since men are not all equipped in the same way. But most of us find their account.
To sum up, the Durex Feeling Sensual is an excellent entry-level condom offered for less than 9 euros for 12 of them (there is a box of 20) and can be bought in peace for little one verifies that the size is suitable.
The best mid-range condoms
The pleasure is important, the price is also but this condom mid-range combines very well both, without complex, but with a security guaranteed by the well-known brand.
Durex Pleasure Me: the best mid-range


 Beads and ribs that can add a plus

 A little thick to fully enjoy the pearls and veins

We have already done a tour of the history of the brand for their entry-level model, but this time with a slightly more expensive and less regular model that Durex returns in our selection.
We are in the presence of the Durex Pleasure Me which literally means "give me pleasure". With a name like this, we are entitled to expect more sensations from the same standards that Durex has the secret!
Opinions are divided on the question.
The condom Pleasure Me is a model in natural rubber latex (yes, latex, quite simply, but I give you the full name to shine in the evening) with a size of about 56 millimeters in diameter, only available in this size and that works for most men, but I let you check that yourself.
It is well lubricated, with a rather pleasant smell to the opening, very easy to put on and as resistant as one can expect from Durex, which is quite positive.
It is at the level of their design that the change is made, since the Durex Pleasure Me is a condom that sports not only ribs intended to increase the pleasure of your partner, but also small pearls that run all along the condom with as objective the same increased effect of pleasant sensations.
It appears that this addition works very well with some people and less with others and that, as mentioned earlier in this article, opinions are divided on the subject.
It is noted that this condom is quite thick and it can reduce the feeling of contact for some of its users. In addition, pearls and veins may not add much for them.
For others, the model perfectly meets the expectations by bringing this small noticeable difference, but that does not necessarily change the life.
In any case, Durex remains the benchmark in terms of condoms and if you have the idea to change your habits a little, the Pleasure Me is perhaps the alternative to try first if you trust them entirely side of their resistance and held in place.
And yes, you can trust them, without hesitation.
The best high-end condoms
The elite of protection is at the rendezvous with these two quality condoms that give pride to strength and size (which must still find a shoe to his feet).
My Size: the best upscale

Gentlemen, you who have the luck, or the curse, (everyone does not necessarily agree on the question), to be armed with an engine of exploration (or war, to each his opinion, but it says "make love not war" is not it?) worthy of rockets Apollo or Soyuz, this condom is particularly addressed to you.
Finally, here is a brand that offers a very, very wide choice of different sizes that are absolutely suitable for all men, if we take the trouble to measure.
My.Size is made in Germany and we know and recognize all German quality in most products designed in this country and this model of protection is no exception.
Condoms offer an unparalleled choice in size, which I will list the different diameters: 47, 49, 53, 57, 60, 64 and 69 millimeters! If you do not find in this selection the size that works for you, I do not understand anything about it.
It's quite logical to propose different sizes when you think about it. Everyone wears hats, sweaters, coats or shoes of different sizes, which adapt to the morphology of the person. And it must be the same when looking for a condom.
The strong point of this brand is to put on sale a condom that will not be too tight or too wide and that will ensure not only that the fun is at the rendezvous, but also a perfect condom outfit is assured, without possibility of tearing or displacement during the act. This seems to me essential!
In addition, My.Size will also play on the length by putting forward a condom 225 millimeters long, where most other models are around 190 millimeters, but for a recommended size of the organ that varies between 13 and 14 centimeters, nevertheless.
At the design level, the My.Size is a fairly regular latex model, rather thick, but without exceeding the standard practiced everywhere else.
Lubrication is standard and disappears fairly quickly when threading, so it is recommended to add its own lubricant if necessary.
You may also be concerned that this brand is less well known, but I assure you that the strength and reliability is as high here as for the models offered by the market leaders.
In short, My.Size is a brand that is interested in your size by selling a condom that is certainly a bit more expensive than average, but which ensures perfect reliability, no frills and focusing on your comfort.
Lelo Hex Condoms: resist! proves that you exist?

 Combined resistance and pleasure
 Feeling different from the norm
 No option without latex


Lelo is a Swedish brand of intimate goods and accessories design.
Their specialty lies in sextoys, massage products, but also a range BDSM on which I will not lie here (I hear from here the sighs of disappointment, I'm sorry).
Small fun to shine in society, Lelo currently sells the most expensive vibrator in the world, a 24-carat gold plated device estimated at about 15,000 dollars (13,200 euros). To your portfolios?
Aside from this very useful information, let's see if their Hex range is worth its pretty expensive price of nearly 20 euros for a box of 12 condoms.
First of all, I want to announce that I will do my best to avoid references to the big furniture manufacturer in kit that is also Swedish, as tempting as it may be.
Lelo offers the purchase of a condom that they guarantee as having better hold and less slippage than most other models on the market. And if we believe the many industry awards that have been awarded to the brand, we can conclude that the bet is won.
This condom does not differ greatly from the others in terms of its manufacturing material, since this is a latex model all that is most common, it's a shame, we appreciate the existence alternatives offered by other brands.
It does not differ either in size because it meets the standards with its 54 millimeters in diameter and 180 millimeters long. No choice of different and customized measures, unlike what is done at IKEA. Well, I did not keep my word, do not hold me too rigor, I beg you!
No, on these aspects, the Lelo Hex is not at all different compared to a Durex, for example.
Where the brand innovates, it is by its Hex design, a structure comparable to alveoli (avoid for cons perhaps to think of alveoli during the report, unless it is your "thing" I do not judge) , 350 hexagons to be exact, which provide pleasure judged increased, as is the case on models with ribs or beads, but which in addition completely changes the resistance and reliability of the condom.
Indeed, these interconnected hexagons allow flexibility and advanced stretching of the object that can reassure everyone, even if no condom is undetectable.
The way a Lelo Hex is drilled to the extreme is significantly less risky than the standard models and I urge you to check their website and watch the video that shows this difference, it's quite edifying … or it can scare the d use the other products on the market, but it is quite interesting to observe.
Finally, we note that the conduct and placement of the condom is rather simple and unfussy and that its lubrication is minimalist, but must certainly be sufficient in most cases.
The Lelo Hex can boast of really innovating in terms of its design and its resistance, even if several aspects of its use are comparable to other brands, but that is enough for me to justify their price if we look for something different to this which is done everywhere.
The products of my selection on offer at the moment

It seems easy enough to select condoms, since at first, they are all similar, especially since the boxes and bags that contain them do not show anything of their specificities and must therefore be taken according to their container .
It was not easy for me in my youth to make this choice, since the Internet was not as widespread as now and so it was sometimes difficult to compare these products.
In addition, I quite understand that we can be a little embarrassed to have to ask questions to a store salesman or a pharmacist on these purchases, even if this should not be taboo at all, since first and foremost the health of the person and the safety of both partners (or more, again, why not?)
But here, today and in particular I hope thanks to this small contribution, it is quite simple to inquire and so we will go around the criteria to consider when buying one or more boxes of condoms .
The material used
Before choosing your condom, it is helpful to know the material used for its design.
Most of the current condoms are made of latex, which is a rather resistant material but still allows not to lose the feeling of pleasure too troublesome way.
The problem is obviously that from one brand to another, from one range to another, the thickness of this latex may change. You usually need to learn online (with this selection for example), or experiment yourself to find the model that is strong enough but not too thick.
On the other hand, there are also condoms in different materials, since the latex can not only be a little thick and lose some pleasure compared to an unprotected report (and out covered of course, it is essential) but can also be a topic to which you are allergic (what you notice or notice very quickly).
These materials are for example polyurethane, which is antiallergic, known to make more noise during the movement back and forth and be generally less flexible.
We also find the proper sensoprene Manix, which seems to be an excellent alternative almost imperceptible, while also offering optimal resistance.
The reliability of brands
This is a very fast but essential criterion.
Trust renowned brands, there are some trustworthy ones that are mainly those offered in our selection.
With Durex, Manix, My.Size or Lelo (even if the last two can not be found everywhere), you can not go wrong.
These brands meet very high safety standards set not only by Europe with the CE mark, but also the NF mark (French standard), which ensures that the product has been tested by an independent laboratory in addition to having been tested on the manufacturing site.
Be vigilant and prefer your own purchases to the free acquisition of some products available for free in the evenings, for example.
As we have seen in our selection, most manufacturers are based on a standard standard that suits a lot and that measures about 52 millimeters in diameter and 190 millimeters long.
It must be kept in mind that this standard may not be suitable for you without being due to any concern whatsoever. We all have a different morphology.
Fortunately, some manufacturers keep this criterion in mind and offer different sizes according to your constitution (My.Size present in our selection for example), but it is therefore literally take things in hand and do not hesitate to measure to be certain, unless you opt for the test method and error, not very effective and probably rather expensive.
In any case, you can find the size that works for you, since you can easily acquire (thank you Internet) condoms that are up to 225 millimeters long and 69 millimeters in diameter.
The conversation
It is necessary to watch, it is important, to the good conservation of its condoms.
Indeed, there is an expiry date on them, we have mentioned elsewhere in this article, and it is imperative to respect if we want to ensure resistance and lubrication of the condom that corresponds to what we wait.
It is absolutely not necessary to take any risk at this level, but it must be said that most manufacturers propose rather long retention periods (especially at Durex).
Do not forget to mention that a condom should be stored in a dry place, away from light and heat. Avoid the wallet or pocket for long periods, if possible.
The issue of playful condoms
As we have seen in the selection presented in this article, there are models of condoms that offer a non-smooth structure.
You can find condoms with ribs or beads and hexagons to name only those proposed here, but also condoms fluorescent or have a certain taste (fruit, more generally) or vibrant or musical models.
When it comes to a slightly more fun side, once again make sure that your purchase meets the highest health and safety standards.
Once this step is over, treat yourself, have fun and enjoy everything on the market. Believe me, the choices are legion and you will probably probably discover condoms that put everyone in a relaxed atmosphere or that can even make your partner laugh, if that's what you're looking for.
In short, there is something for every taste and every color!

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