The 5 (real) Best Garden Trolleys 2019

Posted on March 21, 2019
After several hours of research, I finally made my selection of the 5 best garden trolleys available on the market.
If I had to choose only one of the different models selected, it would be the Sekey because it is a foldable model, which can support up to 120 kg. You will find at the end of this article a buying guide to help you find a garden cart that meets your needs.

The best cheap garden carts
A garden cart can be adapted to various activities: transport of wood, bags of soil, waste, tools, toys, etc. It is a versatile tool very practical!
The price of a garden cart depends on its dimensions, the capacity of the bucket and its design (quality of manufacture, tipper, type of amount, etc.) The products are classified by price range, here to begin , the most affordable 4-wheel model in this selection.
TecTake: the best cheap

 Folds and unfolds easily

 Robust steel tube frame
 Load capacity up to 80 kg
 360 ° swivel wheels
 Legs of attachment of the arm a little fragile

The TecTake brand offers many products for the home (including decoration), and leisure. Here, I propose the TecTake garden trolley, ideal for me, for the transport of small loads.
This is a folding hand cart with 4 wheels that is 95 x 53.5 x 117 cm. Its dimensions are approximately 14.5 x 53.5 x 67 cm (L x W x H) when folded. For less than 50 euros, it is a trolley that has the merit of being versatile. A good tool to carry races, go camping, and do some small work in the garden!
Being foldable, you can easily store it or put it in a car trunk, positive point! The handle allows a good grip, and its wheels (20 cm in diameter) can follow your movements (360 ° swivel wheels).
You will have no trouble pulling or moving your small cart, especially since it weighs only 9.4 kg. Such a cart is convenient for carrying bottles, beach equipment, toys, etc. Its tubular steel frame is rather robust, and can support a load up to 80 kg, which is not bad!
The trolley is easy to maintain, and the interior surface is also washable. Fortunately, because we rarely transport clean things in the garden … The fabric used is waterproof and resistant to soiling.
Finally, another advantage to emphasize are the two small mesh pockets designed for you to take a water bottle or a small bottle of water with you.
In short, this cart is a tool that will do some service. It is manageable and compact enough that you can be stored easily. In addition, it is easy to assemble! When you receive it, you just have to set the 4 small wheels, and that's it.
It is quite functional thanks to its swivel wheels and its flexible handle: it is a tool according to the description that makes it. A good price-performance ratio ! For more stability, if necessary, you can place a small board in the bottom of the container. The brackets of the arm are a little fragile by cons.
You also have, from the same brand, the TecTake garden trolley, certainly a bit more expensive (around 60 euros), but just as interesting. It is a foldable transport trolley with 4 wheels that is 114 x 51 x 48.5 cm. It also has a tarp, which is very convenient. The wheels (15 cm in diameter) are made of rubber and rotate 360 ​​°.
The handle is also padded on this model for a comfortable grip.
The best mid-range garden carts
Among the mid-range garden trolleys, you will have more versatile trolleys that will further facilitate your use. You will find 2-in-1 models, a little larger and more suitable for different types of terrain than entry-level models.
Sekey: the best of mid-range

 Easy to assemble and adjust

 Not very practical for the older ones

Sekey is an international online store that has been offering accessories and tools for the home and garden since 2016. Sekey offers here a multi-purpose garden cart, ideal for camping, picnicking, barbecue, gardening, beach, and other outdoor activities!
You would not think about it at first, but you can also use it to ride races when you live on the top of a building, if however, you can take the elevator with it.
At the seaside, you can also take your cart with you for beach gear, backpacks, a foldable beach bed, drinks, umbrellas, anything you do not want to lug under your arm! Just remember to wash the wheels well when you come back so that salt does not spoil your cart.
The Sekey is a trolley that is easy to adjust and fold, and rather pretty! Equipped with large wheels, it is stable on more bumpy roads, including meadows, country roads, beaches or sandy lands. Durable oxford fabric is easy to remove and clean.
The cart handle is foldable and can be adjusted in length by a clamping and loosening system. When folded, the dimensions are 18 x 60 x 75 cm, with a thickness of only 18 cm. Very convenient for storage in a car trunk or at home!
The truck can support up to 120 kg, so you have something to do! The truck itself weighs only 11 kg.
Among the small drawbacks noticed by the users, there is in particular the handle, which does not turn with the front wheels as it is the case on other models. The turning radius is a little wider. On the other hand, the handle deserves, according to the biggest users, 10 cm more!
Sekey offers this garden cart in 4 colors: blue, gray blue, red and green. Handy, practical, and usable on different terrains, it is the ideal mid-range model!
Varan Motors: a cart with tarpaulin and removable sides


 Assembly a little tedious
 Fragile according to some users

Varan Motors, created in 2009, is a company specialized in importing affordable DIY equipment. First specialized in generators, they sell today various gardening tools, and more particularly, this XXL steel garden trolley that caught my attention.
What is interesting at first is its large format, particularly well suited for gardening work, for transporting, for example, branches, leaves, sandbags, cement or gravel.
Its removable handle makes it easy to tow your cart. It is easy to steer thanks to its two front steering wheels, and its handle covered with foam. The sides of the truck can be lowered manually and individually.
A thick plastic bag is also provided at the time of purchase. Once fixed, you can use it for turf or transport soil for example. Your package contains a removable tarpaulin, a mounting instructions, and the necessary equipment that goes with it.
The Varan Motors cart can support, according to the manufacturer a hundred kilos (attention, the site referenced above indicates 600 kg, but in reality, it is about 136 kg).
Its 30 cm high wheels and its 122 x 61 x 28 cm (L x W x H) bucket give a total dimension to the trolley (excluding handle) of 130 x 61 x 63 cm (L x W x H) for a total weight of 34.94 kg.
The main disadvantages, according to the users, are the assembly and the notice which is in English. Then, users agree that the finishes lack robustness, but it is a model that remains practical because it offers a large volume, ideal for picking herbs for example!
Haemmerlin: a light, robust and handy truck


 Light, easy to handle, easy to maintain

 Plastic box a little fragile
 Assembly a little tedious

Haemmerlin, is a French company started in 1867 by Charles Haemmerlin, as a workshop of ironwork which was intended primarily to produce bread ovens … Far from the garden carts so!
But twenty years later, his son launched a new range, that of metal wheelbarrows, a real innovation for the time. The production then begins, and the success is not slow to follow. The company has now diversified, offering garden tools such as the garden trolley that I present to you in this comparison.
The Haemmerlin Garden Cart is ideal for transporting soil, foliage, pots, wood, soil bags, gardening equipment, etc. With its steel structure and tilting tank with a capacity of 75L, you can pour its contents easily.
The handle offers an anti-tilt safety system. According to users, it is a handy model thanks to its swivel pull bar, which is also lightweight and easy to maintain.
It is equipped with 4 inflated wheels (diameter of 27 cm), and can withstand a maximum load of 150 kg, and 100 kg for spill operations. It can also be hung on a motorized lawn mower to pick up grass.
The bottom of the container is rectangular, and the edges of the bucket are curved. The bin is 110 x 90.8 x 62 cm and has a capacity of 75 L. Its chassis is painted steel, and its metal rims, which gives the truck a total weight of 14.5 kg. Only the tray that is plastic could, according to users, be its weak point. To check with use!
The best high-end garden carts
At the high end, garden trolleys are more like a small trailer for larger jobs or loads. The model that I present, for example, has folding panels and tires with suspensions.
These are garden trolleys suitable for any type of terrain.
Waldbeck Ventura: the best upscale

 Maximum load of 300 kg

 Side panels are foldable


 No notice in French

Waldbeck Ventura offers a solid high-end garden trolley! This model looks almost like a small trailer.
It can support a maximum load of 300 kg, and is barricaded by folding side panels. This is very convenient for dumping contents or carrying bulky loads! Eventually, you can even use it as a garden chair to take a break during your gardening …
Its wheels are wide and adapted to different types of terrain. Little risk of stagnation therefore!
This hand truck is suitable for heavy loads, its robust frame in black lacquered steel is resistant. The steel that is treated here protects your truck from bad weather, rust and metal wear.
Its large metal handle is sturdy, and allows you to comfortably tow the cart. The side panels are pine wood, for a good maintenance of your cargo. They also offer a rather nice look to your garden tool!
In summary, it is a very useful tool for carrying heavy loads or bulky things! And, it must be admitted, thanks to its design, you can strut in the garden proudly wearing your cart.
Its dimensions are approximately 98 x 55 x 124 cm (W x H x D) for a weight of 28 kg.
The only drawback noted with this model: the record is not available in French (only in French and German), but most users do not consider that this is very problematic because the schemas are simple to understand.
The products of my selection on offer at the moment

When you tinker or garden, transporting the material is essential. And if we can avoid back problems, it's even better!
A garden cart, can be a convenient solution and very versatile! The maneuverability and flexibility it brings distinguishes it from the wheelbarrow so much adored by gardeners.
You have two or four-wheeled trolleys, both practical and manageable so that you can carry more or less important loads.
You also have different kinds of trolleys: foldable trolley, large, with removable side panels or a tilting tank. From the simplest two-wheeled model to the most sophisticated 4-wheel trolleys, the choice you have is quite diverse.
So, how to choose the right garden cart? I will, through the lines that follow, give you some criteria to consider before buying.
The different types of garden carts
A garden cart is usually equipped with four metal corners. These can be removable for easy cleaning and transport / unloading.
These trolleys are pulled by a long handle, and are very convenient for transporting wood chips, earth, plants, tools, grass, etc.
The removable sides offer a great freedom of use: you will be able to move bulky loads without much difficulty, reason why, a trolley can quickly branch out of its main role by serving, for example, storage space for the beach equipment, for camping, barbecue, etc.
In general, the supported loads vary from 150 to 500 kg. The desired volume and the height of the bucket depend mainly on the intended use.
Two-wheeled garden carts
Two-wheeled trolleys are sufficient for specific gardening and small loads. They can be used as a tote or extra bin for weeds or fruit picking for example.
This type of cart usually offers a capacity of about fifty liters, for a maximum load of about thirty kilos.
For example, you have the Techit 2 wheel trolley with a capacity of 67 L: a model that is both light, handy and robust.
Four-wheeled garden carts
Four-wheeled trucks can carry heavier loads, but their characteristics vary from model to model. You will be able to determine the model that suits you according to the quality of the wheels (quality of manufacture, pivoting character, etc.)
These trolleys are usually made of metal, and are therefore more impressive. Their volume is generally greater than 100 L for a maximum load of 80 to 600 kg for the most robust.
The dump carts
A dump truck usually looks like a utility cart or a small wheelbarrow, but what makes it special is its ability to tilt.
Particularly suitable for transporting grass, soil or firewood! This is an added bonus, which can save you some backward strain.
Folding carts
The foldable garden carts have an accordion metal frame to fold the side panels when not in use.
The sides are not removable, and the load capacity is often lower than metal frame garden trolleys.
Foldable trolleys, on the other hand, have the advantage of being easy to transport, and to be folded and unfolded in a single step. Once folded, they are even less bulky than some models two wheels, and this is their major asset. Unfolded, these trolleys offer an interesting capacity for many works and movements of objects.
A foldable model is therefore ideal to go on excursions, to the beach or to go camping. If you are often brought to travel with all in all!
The materials
You will find trolleys built from different types of materials, but most of the time, trolleys are made of either plastic, metal, or wicker.
Plastic trolleys are comfortable and practical, but only for small volumes. The plastic garden cart is lighter and therefore often easier to maneuver than other models.
Sturdy trolleys are usually made of metal and some models like the Waldbeck Ventura also incorporate wood. These are stronger than plastic ones.
Finally, you also have the wicker garden trolley that is generally used for the transport of logs and small wood cut.
Volume and carrying capacity
"What am I going to carry?" Is the first question you need to ask yourself because the answer will give you an idea of ​​the maximum load you need.
Opt for a large container (the volume is expressed in liters) if you want to load soil or plant waste, and for a large maximum load capacity (expressed, this time, in kilograms) if you want to transport very heavy objects . And by very heavy objects, mean gardening equipment, gravel, cement bags, and other building materials.
Trucks designed to accommodate this type of material have larger tires and a thicker structure, making them heavier than their counterparts of smaller load capacity, but more resistant and suitable for any type of terrain.
Also opt for a model with removable sides if the loads you carry have unusual shapes because you can more easily remove and remove the cart.
Choose a garden cart according to its dimensions also, according to your use. If this volume is quite limited (75 L for example), these trolleys can however transport items such as logs, logs, potting soil, garden tools or weeds.
The collapsible garden carts are of more or less significant sizes with dimensions of approximately 98 x 55 x 122 cm.
The tyres
In terms of tires, some light garden trolleys are equipped with plastic tires, some of which are also equipped with a tread.
If your use is intended to roll only on the grass with a small load, this type of wheel will suit, because plastic tires have the advantage of not bursting …
For heavier loads on the other hand, or more bumpy roads, it is the big pneumatic tires that must be favored.
Generally made of reinforced rubber and filled with air, these tires absorb shock when you move.
In conclusion, which garden trolley to choose?
It is important to learn about the different models of existing garden trolleys before choosing!
Among the garden trolleys of this selection, it is without question, the TecTake that I recommend you most in its price category. It is an affordable model that can be enough for many uses: walk to the beach, transport tools, wood, leaves or branches, for example. A garden cart like this one can also be suitable for children who want to walk around …
Foldable, so you can easily take it with you when you go out with your family or in the garden. Its steel structure is easy to assemble and disassemble. In the same line, I also recommend the Sekey, which can support a load up to 120 kg.
In the high-end, I recommend the Waldbeck Ventura with its flaps that allow to load and unload its content easily. Its walls can open and close very simply.
In addition, this model can support a maximum load of up to 300 kg. Note in passing that some garden carts can be attached to a lawn tractor.
So where to find garden trolleys? You can find them in the big gardening signs, and on some commercial sites. On for example, it is not uncommon to benefit from some reductions on this type of products.
Honorable Mentions
Wiltec Garden Cart: This metal garden cart can withstand heavy loads. A removable cover is included. It is a relatively affordable model, ideal for gardening (transport of leaves, bark, fruit, wood, etc.) However, the manual is in English …
Outsunny 2 in 1 Outdoor Garden Trolley: This garden trolley is a model equipped with a 75-liter dump body. Equipped with an arm with a handle covered with foam, and 4 tires (25 cm diameter ), it is a trolley adapted to any type of ground. It can support a maximum load of 200 kg, thanks to its robust steel structure. According to users, the locking system of the bucket is very convenient, and the wheels adapt to all types of terrain. Ideal for transporting firewood, sand, bags of soil!
Vonhaus Garden Trolley: equipped with 4 inflatable wheels, the Vonhaus garden trolley is a model that offers a large capacity, and a maximum load of 350 kg. For its price, this model offers interesting characteristics of load capacity and load volume!
Anaelle Panana Transport Trolley: the Anaelle Panana trolley is a nice model, which can support a maximum load of 300 kg. Ideal for transporting wood, and ride on different types of terrain thanks to its 4 pneumatic wheels. The handle is expandable. The arm can be adapted for a mower tractor (by detaching the upper part of the handle).
Homcom Garden Trolley: The Homcom garden trolley is suitable for all types of garden activities (transporting tools, wood, waste, etc.) thanks to its tilting tank. It can support a maximum load of 250 kg. Equipped with 4 tires of air of 31 cm, it is a model which is not ready to let go you, and this, whatever the type of ground! The rubber arm is adjustable. The structure is made of steel and its container with a capacity of 125 L rigid plastic. However, depending on the users, the instructions are not detailed enough.
Worx Aerocart WG050: I did not put this product in this selection because of its high price, but it is a very versatile model. The Worx Aerocart WG050 offers 8 functions (wheelbarrow, hand truck, tool carrier, etc.). The entire structure is robust, and its tires are off-road.

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