The 5 (real) Best Nose / Ear Clippers 2019

Posted on January 14, 2019
Having a developed hair, especially on the face, is not always very presentable, despite the sexy side of a beard of three days. Having hair on your nose or ears can be a problem for some of us.
Fortunately, there are lawnmowers dedicated to these sensitive areas and after several hours of research, I selected for you the 5 best among them from twenty models available, including the Philips NT5175 / 16 which is certainly my favorite thanks especially its excellent quality / price ratio and its accessories.
You will also find a shopping guide at the end of this article to help you see clearly in the criteria to consider when making your purchase.

The best lawn mowers and ears cheap
Only one mower present in this first section, but from a renowned brand that ensures us an optimal quality.
Philips NT3160 / 10: the best cheap price


 Possibility of mowing eyebrows
 Not very reliable over time

Our selection starts here with a mower of a brand well known in the field and which certainly does not need to be presented.
The Philips NT3160 / 10 is an entry-level product available for fifteen euros, which is quite the job, without much detail.
It is designed mainly in plastic, but has a rubber coating to facilitate its grip, especially when wet.
It is also at this level that rests its main strength, the fact of being able to easily use it (and therefore also clean) under water, in the shower for example, so as not to waste time in the morning when you have to add shaving, hairstyling and other necessary grooming tasks before you go to work.
I also like its proprietary technology, present on most of the brand's mowers, the "ProtecTube", which avoids the tear in the eye of pain when on some other models a hair is caught between two blades without being cut and is so ripped off, promising then a bad early morning for the user.
It is a kind of small fence with rounded ends, which also avoids excessive irritation, provided of course to use a proper cutting angle, which is not always the easiest to find , whether in the nose or ears and despite the best effort of the brand in this area.
The NT3160 / 10 also offers eyebrow mowing with two different clogs of 3 or 5 mm, to adjust the size precisely, whether Spock or Cara Delevingne.
The device is therefore very useful, but remains primarily an entry-level product whose strength seems limited over time and it would perhaps be wiser to invest in a model of higher range if the mowing of your facial hair is regularly needed.
It also appears that in some cases, the device does not necessarily start properly, probably because of a poor contact between the battery and its connector.
The battery is nevertheless included and Philips brand too, and should not be changed after two or three uses, which is quite significant for the entry level.
In summary, the Philips NT3160 / 10 is a fairly basic mower, but for its price, it will do very well for most people who are bothered by small hairs that exceed daily.
Remington NE3850: the mower that does not cut hair in four


 Ignition on the base of the mower

Remington is unquestionably one of the personal hygiene specialists and has a long history of designing equipment for mowing, cutting and shaving all kinds of hair.
It is quite logical that the brand offers a series of mowers for the nose and ears including the NE3850 Nanoseries, which interests us here and sold around 15 euros.
This is a rather classic model, but offers two different mowing tools despite its low price.
The first is a lawnmower usable in any position, both vertically and horizontally and suitable for precision use, with the possibility of associating 2 distinct hooves to trim the eyebrows.
This mower implements the "Active BladeClean" system, which allows the blade to be raised a little for easy cleaning, either by blowing on the tip to chase the hair, but can also allow cleaning with water the blade (and all is waterproof and can be used in the shower).
The second tool is a more traditional mower, usable vertically, with which you can easily get the hair located further in the nose or ears.
I am less convinced by this second accessory, which does the job of course, but the smell of heated metal that sometimes seems to emerge is rather unpleasant and may cause a fear of malfunction of the device.
And since we are talking about the operation of the Remington NE3850, we can note that it works on battery and that the start / stop button works by rotation of the compartment where the battery is, which complicates a little its startup or its extinction in full use.
I personally prefer models that have an operating button along the product, where a finger is enough to access it.
There does not seem to be any major problems with the use of this mower, if we exclude the point put forward above, making the Nanoseries NE3850 a safe bet to fight his hair every day.
The best mid-range nose and ear clippers
In this category, the proposed mowers are more complete and often have accessories to look after his look without much effort and for a very reasonable price.
Philips NT5175 / 16: the best midrange

 Good positioning and patience needed for a really effective cut

Second product of this brand in our selection, here is the Philips NT5175 / 16 mower, which is in addition my favorite (would I have the audacity to say that I have "the nose" for this kind of thing?) And which is sold for less than 20 euros online.
Like the entry level mower, the NT5175 / 16 is made of plastic and rubber, the latter greatly helping the grip, especially in the shower, since it is of course waterproof, as its little sister NT3160 / 10.
Here we also find the "ProtecTube" technology which, as a reminder, prevents the hair from being pulled (or even torn off) while being caught between two blades but which also limits the cutaneous irritations. It is a criterion that I appreciate enormously, because I myself have suffered several times the hair torn off with force in the nose.
And believe me, it's an experience I do not wish for my worst enemy. Tearing hair in this way should be illegal and against the Geneva Convention.
As this is an evolution of the same entry-level model, we unfortunately still have a position not always easy for effective mowing, but it seems that this is the case of many of these products, which require a little patience for an optimal cut.
However, this model contains, in addition to the two hooves for the eyebrow cut (one of 3 mm, the second of 5 mm), another detachable tip that allows precise mowing of the legs, neck or even a mustache or an incipient beard (accuracy of 3 mm). This tip uses the "DualCut" system, with little friction and double sharpening, to ensure a precise shave of the most recalcitrant goat.
This specificity largely justifies the difference of about 3 or 4 euros more compared to the entry-level model, since it transforms the Philips NT54175 / 16 into a small mower with a quality of cut that one finds on the models specifically provided for this purpose (if you only do precision work of course).
The set runs on batteries (included) brand Philips and comes with a small storage bag sober and discreet, so easily transportable.
What makes this device my favorite of all the selection is mainly its versatility for the proposed price and no significant defect.
The best high-end nose and ear clippers
In the top of the range, there are two prestigious brands that offer the ultimate in grooming, which is not just limited to the nose and ears, but also in some cases any hair present on the face.
Panasonic ER-GN30-K: the best high-end

 No accessories except the cleaning brush

I only recently discovered that the Panasonic audio-visual giant, which is usually confined to audio-visual equipment and small appliances, has carved out a place in the world of beauty care.
It seems that the brand now has a range of epilators, hair care, toothbrushes but also razors and clippers.
The one we are interested in is the Panasonic ER-GN30, which is rather in the top of the range of these products and which is a place in our selection.
This is a device with a classic design but after a closer examination, proves to be excellent.
Plastic finish, but very pleasant to the touch, with an excellent grip, this mower is, like most of the correct models available at the moment, washable and usable in the shower. The opening and the separation of the blade to be done is extremely simple and all is very easy to put together once washed.
The cut is precise, efficient and does not require excessive time compared to many other models. No need to find an optimal position, the nose hair and ears are shorn quickly and without having to pass several times.
A big button of ignition is at the level of the placement of the thumb, impossible to miss and very practical since usable with only one hand.
The device works with AA batteries, for a very good life and comes with a small cleaning brush for the modest sum of about 20 euros.
My only regret for this model is its lack of accessories, especially for the mowing of a mustache or a beard, or a tip with hoof for the precise cut of the eyebrows (which can still be done with the tip present).
No possibility to take care of your beard of 3 days, you must use another mower specifically for this …
It also seems that the daily operation of this device sees longevity reduced to more or less a year, which is a bit short in my opinion.
In short, Panasonic imposes itself here with a small mower of excellent quality, which does not clutter accessories, but which, for its price, is a deal if you want to get rid of unsightly hairs that clutter your face.
Philips NT5175 / 49: for users of any hair

Philips returns for the third time in our selection, with the NT5175 / 49 (or Norelco) mower that looks like its two other little sisters and has little difference from them.
This model is also presented, just like those presented elsewhere in the selection, with a plastic / rubber finish for optimal ergonomics, but the metallic finish of this one seems more solid and durable perhaps than the other model that looks like it .
The mower always has all the accessories presented on the NT5175 / 16. It is therefore two clogs for a precision cut eyebrows (as a reminder, these clogs are respectively 3 and 5 mm) that fit easily on the mowing tip, and another end (and its setting Precision) which allows to cut the hair of the neck, the legs, whiskers and other nascent beards with precision, even on some beards a little harder.
There is of course also a cleaning brush, even if the device is waterproof and can be used and cleaned under the shower or tap.
The cutting system is also doubled between the "ProtecTube" which prevents cuts and painful tearing of the nose hair (thanks to a small mesh and rounded tips) and the "Dual Cut" of the tip provided for the beards , which greatly limits friction and cuts when using this accessory.
The set works thanks to its battery which is, attention, a lithium battery (included, of mark Philips) for a life largely superior to the other models and is also provided with a small bag of storage space-saving and transportable everywhere.
The Philips NT5175 / 16 is the favorite of our selection and it corresponds to the same specificity with the same qualities, with the significant addition of a lithium battery that can justify a much higher price, but that goes from pair with a very long use of the product.
I leave you judge, since this criterion is rather personal and despite the fact that I find the price a little too high for this single notable difference.
The products of my selection on offer for the moment

It took years to grow a beard that some people consider sexy? You thought that would be enough.
But you realize that your hair also brings unwanted side effects that you could honestly do without: hair comes out of your nose and ears, and your eyebrows revolt.
Fortunately, nose and ear clippers are a reality, but you have no idea which one is right for you and what can be useful or much less.
Do not worry, this little shopping guide will help you to see more clearly and guide you on the criteria to take into account in the forest of your rebel hair.
First criterion to take into account in our society where (unfortunately) we do not take / have the time to do things in peace.
We tend to want to do several things at once and all the activities related to shaving are done by many of us in the shower, along with our morning toilet.
A number of devices are rather traditional and can not be used in the water. The models presented in our selection are nevertheless all waterproof and can not only be cleaned under water, but can also be used while taking a shower, which generally makes the hair less hard and does not stop specifically for this little task that should only take a few minutes.
In addition, the ability to wash the system and specifically the blades in the water provides a much more effective cleaning of the mower (we all had that moment when we open a razor to realize that it must be cleaned at the brush, causing an inevitable sigh).
For my part I am therefore for waterproof lawnmowers and usable in all circumstances, but it is obviously a specific choice to everyone.
Personal criterion but beside which one can quite pass without realizing its usefulness.
As we have seen in our selection, some devices are limited to the cutting of nose hair and ear, without attention to accuracy or to effectively address the eyebrows, neck, beard or the moustache.
Other models have specific, interchangeable hooves that offer accurate cuts to the millimeter and can perfectly mow a nascent beard or a goat.
Personally, being able to handle almost any hair and hair with the same device is vitally important, because I do not like to waste my time on this part of the morning ritual.
But if you're hairless and maybe bald, I fully understand that a specific model for cutting nose hair and ear is enough.
As we have seen in our selection, most reasonably priced models work with traditional alkaline batteries that do the job perfectly, but whose life can be limited.
It is clear that, at the moment, two observations at this level are to be made: it is simple and inexpensive to buy alkaline batteries, but it is necessary to change these batteries regularly and false contacts on low-end models are a reality.
So if this does not cause you a problem (this is my case), no need to look further.
If, on the other hand, you want your mower to have a long service life, without having to worry about the condition of the battery, there are models, which are usually the most expensive, with long-life lithium batteries.
There is not, in my opinion, a better choice than the other, but it is certainly a criterion to take into account because the price of your mower will be directly infuenced by this choice.
The brand
The answer is simply "yes".
I myself have used a lot of these devices (we do not see it in the photo of my biography, but I usually wear a lot of hair) and most of them were bad bill because no mark (or "unknown" mark).
One model never wanted to get going despite a new battery, another felt the metal heated excessively with each use, even for a few seconds, another still tore my hair in indescribable pain (you have already walked on a Lego – it's the same thing, but at the nose).
It stopped the day I headed for a recognized brand.
In short, the well-known and recognized brands such as Philips or Remington are specialized in these devices and have models singularly designed to avoid inconvenience of all kinds.
The choice of model in these brands depends largely on the criteria mentioned above and your budget, but if you have decided to buy a mower of this type, you can not go wrong by heading to a known brand product.

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