The 5 (real) Best Pregnancy Pillows 2019

After several hours of research, I finally made my selection of the 5 best pregnancy pillows among more than twenty models marketed at the moment.
The Queen Rose pregnancy cushion. Large and comfortable at an affordable price, it will be perfect before and after the arrival of baby.
You will also find at the end of this article a buying guide to choose the one that will suit you best.

The best cheap pregnancy pillows
Here is a perfect pregnancy pillow for the smaller budget.
Babymoov Mum & b: the best cheap

For just 30 euros, the famous baby brand Babymoov offers here a compact pregnancy cushion, ergonomic and scalable. The maternity cushion Mum & b adapts perfectly to your morphology thanks to its microbeads and its specific shape in the form of peanut.
It helps relieve back pain, which is common during pregnancy and helps maintain your belly during periods of rest. It can also be used to elevate your legs.
With its small size (53 x 8 x 23.5 cm) and carrying bag, this compact pregnancy cushion will be your ally wherever you are, perfect for staying comfortably moped!
Scalable, this pregnancy cushion turns into a real nursing pillow at the birth of a baby. You can give the baby bottle or breastfeed your little one whatever the desired position.
What to meet all your needs for a long time. Baby can even use it for his periods of play on the stomach.
Its beautiful two-tone cover with neutral colors and trends is very pretty and remains easily clean since it is removable and machine washable, an essential advantage when we hope to use it with baby.
Unfortunately, because of its small size, this cushion does not allow you to stall your baby in a seated position or to properly cover the mother's body during the night for even more comfort, as do the longer pregnancy cushions.
Too bad, because for the price it would have been perfect. It is ideal as a complement or to go on a trip without loading too much.
The best mid-range pregnancy pillows
From around 53 to 63 euros, two pregnancy pillows stood out.
Queen Rose: the best mid-range

This mid-range pregnancy cushion is, at around 60 euros, a body pillow, which stands out for its length of almost 165 cm. It allows to create a small cocoon of comfort during pregnancy, whether at night or during the rest or relaxation of the day.
This multifunctional U-shaped pillow replaces the need for multiple pillows and will perfectly support the legs, back, neck, shoulder and belly.
Hypoallergenic, it is made of a 100% cotton outer cover that is easy to wash in the machine, which will be very useful with baby, that's for sure. The filling is hollow polyester fiber.
Remain more than to make a little room in the bed and especially not to be bitten by other members of the family who will certainly want to grab it. Ideal during pregnancy, this cushion will convert easily after the birth of baby pillow nursing or baby hold, enough to use a long time!
I must say that level look it is not very fun, but is very matt with its very neutral colors. The reverse of Babymoov's Doomoo is certain!
As for holidays, its large size will obviously pose a problem in terms of portability. Difficult to find a place in the car and even less in the bag!
To keep at home so. It is however, I think, the best value for money of this selection and my favorite from this list.
Babymoov Doomoo: the pretty

 Too firm at first for many, then tends to collapse

At the still modest price of about 50 euros, the brand Babymoov presents here another model, very different from the previous pregnancy pillow. Much larger than the Queen Rose cushion (74 x 39 x 17 cm), this Doomoo maternity cushion adapts to any position to relieve the back, the legs or the belly of the future mother and allows to include it for a comfortable sleep.
Like the Queen Rose pillow, this cushion is scalable and can easily be used after pregnancy to put your baby at the right height during breastfeeding or bottle feeding,
After a few months, you can even use it to help your baby sit up. Thanks to its elongated shape and stretch fabric, this Doomoo nursing pad fits all positions.
Just like the other cushion in this range, its filling is ultra fine microbeads that reduces noise for even more comfort. Unfortunately, it seems that these microbeads make the cushion a little too firm at the beginning, then dissociate and collapse thereafter (hence the possibility of buying a refill of microbeads) .This unfortunately does not inspire confidence really .
Designed in very soft organic cotton and easily machine washable at 30 ° C, this cushion will quickly stay clean and soft.
Level look, many patterns and colors are available, at prices around 60 euros. You will not have trouble finding your favorite at a price still reasonable among this pretty selection.
The best high-end pregnancy pillows
For larger budgets, beyond 100 euros and up to 150 euros, two pregnancy pillows stand out.
Leachco Snoogle Total: the best upscale

This cushion is, at nearly 145 euros, a real investment.
Just like the PharMeDoc cushion, it surrounds the entire body, thanks to its length of almost 150 cm. It ensures effective support from head to toe, with a single pillow.
Also shaped like a "C", it slips easily between the legs for optimal comfort, especially during pregnancy. You can enjoy a restful sleep before the arrival of baby.
This cushion can obviously also be used during breastfeeding and stalling baby. Your child will surely also rely on it during his first moments of play on the stomach. Multiple use possibilities that will make this cushion a must-have at home!
However, it will be difficult to win with you on the mop, or so provide the car and especially a chest accordingly. In any case, it will not go unnoticed for sure!
Level look it is clearly more fun than the other cushion of this range, with a cover with a nice pattern and soft colors. Nevertheless, I must say once again that I do not really see how it deserves to be more than twice as expensive as the very similar Queen Rose cushion.
Not sure therefore its price is justified.
PharMeDoc: can do better

For a price of just 100 euros, the maternity cushion at PharMeDoc starts to be a fairly important investment.
For this price, the brand offers a C-shaped maternity cushion that helps support your back, hips, knees, neck and head to prevent or reduce tension. in these places, frequent during pregnancy and thus allow you a restful sleep.
Thanks to the PharMeDoc body cushion, you do not need to use different pillows during the night to ensure a good position. Indeed, this cushion is so large (144.8 x 76.2 x 17.8 cm) that it can surround the entire body.
Its Polyfill foam provides the perfect balance between relaxation and support for your belly and adapts to your body shape for optimal support and comfort.
This cushion can be used during pregnancy but also for breastfeeding and infant support after delivery.
Its removable hypoallergenic cover with zip is machine washable, phthalate / latex / lead free and BPA free, perfect for mom and baby.
With its lifetime guarantee, this pillow will not leave you, even after pregnancy and babies. Just hope your bed is big enough to fit.
Level look, nothing folichon though, a basic white and no reasons, no risk it detonates with the decoration of the room, that's for sure. For the price, I'm not sure it really offers something new.
Not sure therefore that the investment is fully justified. For a comparable pregnancy cushion, I still prefer the previous one, from Queen Rose, which is much cheaper.
The products of my selection on offer for the moment

To try it is to adopt it is clearly relevant when it comes to a pregnancy cushion. Besides that it will allow you to relieve pain and find a comfortable position to sleep, it will be able also easily to serve you after the arrival of baby, at the time of the baby bottle or the breastfeeding but also to stall baby and during his moments games. A must! But before starting, it is necessary to make the right choice according to your preferences and especially your budget.
Types of pregnancy cushions
Above all, it is important to clarify the different types of pregnancy cushions.
The cushion-hold
The most basic is the pregnancy wedge cushion that slips under your back or stomach to provide essential support throughout the night for specific areas. These pregnancy cushioning cushions are one of the least expensive pregnancy cushion solutions and the one that takes up the least space too.
Because of their small size, you will need a separate pillow so that your head can rest while you sleep. An advantage of the smaller size is that the pillow pregnancy pillows are perfect for traveling during pregnancy.
By cons, obviously, they do not support multiple areas at once … Another disadvantage is that they are generally not very design level design. In addition, the inclination of the slope varies from one brand to another. Therefore, many women have different preferences when it comes to wedge-shaped pregnancy pillows.
Body pillows
The body pillows for pregnancy are long cushions, usually about 1.5m to 1.8m long, large enough that most users can easily snuggle indoors. They can provide support to various parts of the body at the same time, including the head.
Long pregnancy cushions replace the use of several regular cushions on the side of the body. The advantage of the body pillow is that it is one and the same piece that stays in place, which avoids losing it during the night. Make sure you have enough room in the bed, at the risk of ousting your partner.
Long multi-position cushions fold and conform to any shape you want. The more expensive flexible cushions contain microbeads while the cheaper range contains standard polystyrene beads. The microbeads allow much more efficient filling than standard polystyrene foam.
The total body pregnancy pillows are available in two different styles, U-shaped or C-shaped. Although both styles are total body cushions, they enjoy a very different sleep.
The C-shape is designed to be used in jumper position (C base is placed between your legs while the top of C is used to rest your head) with your back fitting into the C curve, which helps relieve the pressure on your spine.
A U-shaped pillow is designed to be placed on horseback (as if you were a koala in a tree). As the U-shape offers support on both sides, this pillow is suitable for those of you who like to sleep on your back but can not do it because of their bulky belly.
Just like the C-shaped pregnancy pillow, the U model also offers support for the head, back and legs.
Before you start and buy a pregnancy pillow, it is important that you consider its size. If the pillow is too big, your partner will certainly sleep on the couch.
Also consider your personal preferences. Some women literally like to swim in their pregnancy pillow. Others prefer it smaller.
In order to be usable and washable without worry, it is necessary to opt for a pregnancy pillow with a removable protective cover to easily wash your pregnancy pillow.
The most popular pillow brands sell spare covers separately so you can always use your pillow while your washed cover dries.
Be careful, covers that attach with buttons or pressure quickly become unpleasant. A zip or a simple zipper will greatly simplify the withdrawal and go unnoticed.
Polystyrene beads
Filling with polystyrene beads are often in the cheapest pregnancy pillows. Styrofoam padding allows pillows to easily fit your figure and light weight.
The disadvantage is that they tend to make noise when you sit down or change positions.
Polyester fibers
A polyester fiber filling is very quiet. The amount of polyester fiber used in a pregnancy cushion will determine the firmness.
Although polyester is a very popular padding in pregnancy pillows, it does not breathe as well as the other padding.
Microbead filling is virtually noise-free and is much more comfortable than standard polystyrene beads. The micro-pearls are incredibly thin balls about 0.7 mm wide that give the impression of having sand inside.
Unlike sand, micro pearls are incredibly lightweight, which allows you to easily carry your pregnancy cushion.
The shape memories
Memory foam pregnancy pillows take the shape of your body when you press against it. Once your weight is removed from the pillow, the memory foam returns to its original shape.
Pregnancy pillows containing memory foam fillers are usually quite firm. Since memory foam can accumulate heat, some manufacturers shred it before using it to fill the pregnancy pillows.
Shredded memory foam allows air to circulate inside, reducing the sensation of heat.
If you want to keep your pregnancy as natural as possible, then you will definitely be looking for a pregnancy pillow to meet your needs. Natural fillings include: Spelled, wool and Kapok.
The firmness
If the firmness will depend largely on the filling of your cushion, it is essential to know what suits you best. If many people like soft pillows, it is best to set this preference aside when choosing a pregnancy pillow.
Indeed, a firmer pregnancy cushion will provide more support than a softer cushion, which is the main goal. Although a firm pregnancy pillow may seem uncomfortable at first, you'll get used to it quickly, do not worry!
Health level …
Finally, a hypoallergenic pregnancy cushion will allow you to sleep at night without triggering allergies. If you have had respiratory complications, asthma or allergies before pregnancy, a hypoallergenic pillow is absolutely essential.

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