The 5 (Real) Best Sleeping Bags 2018

After several hours of research, I finally made my selection of the 5 best sleeping bags among more than thirty models available at the moment. My favorite is the Teton Sport Mammoth Double which in my opinion has the best value for money with a cold resistance foolproof. Only be careful, it is bigger than average, so do not hesitate to look at other bags if you need a lighter and less bulky bag. You will also find at the end of this article a shopping guide to help you find the perfect sleeping bag for your hikes!






                                                                Teton Sport Mammoth Double

                                                                Mountain Hardwear HyperLamina Flame








                    Best cheap



                                    Teton Sport Mammoth Double






                    Best mid-range



                                    Mountain Hardwear HyperLamina Flame








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The best cheap sleeping bags
This sleeping bag may be the cheapest, but it is not a byproduct and, strangely, is the one that resists (and far!) The best in cold conditions!
Teton Sport Mammoth Double: the best cheap


 Record comfort temperature

Although this sleeping bag is not expensive, it is nonetheless a reliable product. With its semicircular flap for the head with a cord, it keeps your head and the cushion away from the ground.
The head liner can easily be tightened with its lanyard.
The taffeta outer cover has a long life and is both easy to store and resistant.
This sleeping bag is suitable for several seasons.
The zipper flap is located along the entire length of the sleeping bag to reduce drafts, you can even attach two sleeping bags with a right and left zipper!
This sleeping bag keeps you warm, even in temperatures below freezing (the manufacturer recommends using it down to -18 degrees, which should be enough unless you go to a very cold area).
Its flannel padding keeps the body warm. In addition, it is very comfortable and gives you the impression of being in bed linen. To prevent the air from escaping from the sleeping bag, the shoulder openings and zippers were padded.
The seams are staggered and separate the padding to minimize pressure points. This ensures that there are no cold places left.
I like how it is possible to keep an opening at the top or bottom to ventilate the sleeping bag, which is possible thanks to the zipper system without hooks and self-repairing
This sleeping bag is also equipped with a storage bag. An inside pocket has also been provided to store your flashlights, your wallet or even your keys.
Another point that is obvious to the acquisition of this sleeping bag is its size. It is very big ! Indeed, it measures 203 x 83.5 cm!
The heat produced by this sleeping bag is self-sufficient and you will not need any additional accessories to avoid snapping your teeth during cold weather.
Despite its size, it is not too heavy to carry, which is a real plus! In case of hot weather, this sleeping bag will be perfect for sleeping over.
Its appearance is very basic and will remind a little military sleeping bags for cold weather.
The best mid-range sleeping bags
These sleeping bags will suit the casual camper and will satisfy most of their users.
Mountain Hardwear HyperLamina Flame: the best mid-range

 None identified yet

According to the manufacturer, this bag is "designed to be one of the lightest and hottest synthetic bags on the market".
It has a thermal insulation to improve its efficiency. Lamina construction welds Thermal Q insulation to the liner and casing, eliminating cold spots caused by traditional sewing.
Different insulation points are placed in the top of the bag so that the heat of the sleeping bag can be concentrated where you need it most. The efficiency of this thermal system is optimized by a "mummy" sleeping bag cut.
The zipper system of this sleeping bag is designed to minimize the weight of the sleeping bag while allowing a certain level of ventilation.
The ergonomic collar is designed to block the escape of hot air, keeping it close to you. The footwell is made in such a way that your feet can maintain a natural position while minimizing the weight of the bag and ventilating the bag.
The mummy cut is designed so that the weight and mass of the sleeping bag are reduced, while the thermal efficiency is maximized. You do not have to worry about the wind either, this sleeping bag being very resistant to gusts of wind.
A nylon storage bag is included with the sleeping bag.
In terms of the temperature that this bag can withstand, the manufacturer indicates a comfort zone at 0 degrees and a minimum of use at 6 degrees. It is not bad but it remains less than the previous sleeping bags. I am surprised that this is the cheapest bag that offers the best resistance to low temperatures.
The bag is quite big even in standard size with a length of 1 meter 98. If you choose the long version, it will be exactly 2 meters 13.
The sleeping bag is easy to store because it does not inflate when rolled, which is a significant asset for the less gifted of us (which I am unfortunately a part, I always struggled to store properly my sleeping bags).
The bag is very comfortable, even with a layer of clothing to resist the cold. If you sleep in underwear, you will even have a little room to move despite its "mummy" cut.
One aspect that I particularly enjoyed is the zipper placed on the middle of the sleeping bag and not on the side. This allows to ventilate the sleeping bag if necessary without losing too much heat at the same time.
Kelty Cosmic Down: a comfortable mummy bag

 None identified yet

This Kelty sleeping bag offers protection from the cold down to -7 degrees Celsius. Here again, it's not bad but it remains less than the Teton Mammoth Double bag that we saw together before. But this is not where this bag is the most interesting.
The real plus of this sleeping bag is its hydrophobic DriDown that allows your bag to stay dry even in higher than average humidity conditions. In addition, this system offers excellent defense against mold and also faster drying, even in a cold and wet environment.
It is versatile enough to be used in 3 seasons and has very nice accessories like a hood of "thermal comfort" and a collar screen. This makes it an ideal sleeping bag for travelers in rain or snow.
The sleeping bag is quite large and suitable for people up to 1 meter 83. Unless you opt for the long version of this sleeping bag, in which case it is suitable for people up to 1 meter 98.
At the material level the sleeping bag is mainly made of polyester. This sleeping bag is really comfortable provided you stay within the recommended temperature limits. The zipper is of excellent quality and blocks very rarely.
Being a "mummy" bag, do not expect to have a lot of room to move. But the advantage of this is that the sleeping bag will take up less space in your backpack.
It can also be noted that, despite its nature of bag "mummy", it is easy to enter and just as easy to leave what is always appreciable.
Another important point that should not be overlooked, the after-sales service of the brand Kelty is very effective and you will repair your sleeping bag if you have a problem with the zipper for example (which should not happen but fall on a faulty model can always happen, even with the best brands on the market).
The best high end sleeping bags
These bags are expensive, but are particularly effective. These are bags that will be particularly suitable for people who camp regularly in cold conditions.
Sea To Summit Spark II: the best upscale

 a little hard to get in

And here is again a sleeping bag "mummy" for this comparison. This is made of nylon, the coating is made of nylon 15D with a high density weave. The sleeping bag's envelope is made of 10D nylon treated with DWR. This treatment drastically reduces the risk of mold.
Level sealing we are in the presence of 850+ Ultra Dry Down. It benefits from a hydrophobic treatment that retains 60% of the moisture and absorbs 30% less moisture in humid conditions.
The zipper stops at one-third of the sleeping bag and is placed on the side to ensure a minimum of heat retention.
This lightweight sleeping bag is specially designed for travelers who count the grams of the contents of their backpack. It will be ideal in summer, spring and autumn but also in winter when it is also not freezing cold. Thanks to the materials used to make this sleeping bag, it is incredibly lightweight and easy to pack for storage in your backpack. This makes it a perfect option for minimalist adventurers and those looking for the best weight / content ratio for their backpack.
The sleeping bag is designed to be cold when it's hot and warm when it's cold, thanks to the 850 + material and its zipper system stopping at half the length of the sleeping bag.
We can say that it is a very versatile bag that will be effective in most situations except those of extreme cold. If you are the type not to go out hiking and other outdoor exercises in winter, you can not go wrong with this bag.
Entering the bag can be a bit arduous due to the configuration of the zipper but it will not be a disaster either.
Marmot Phase: insulates from the cold

 Zipper a bit capricious

This bag is designed to withstand temperatures of up to -7 degrees. Here again, it's a good performance, but not as good as the entry-level sleeping bag we've seen before.
But resistance to low temperatures is not everything, and this sleeping bag has other advantages in your pocket. It is stitched in ultra-lightweight Pertex Quantum and is filled with waterproof material to ensure a quiet night even in wet conditions, which is a not insignificant.
It has more than one design at the feet that is specially designed to provide better insulation while providing more room for your feet. The zipper was designed to limit the risk of clashes and possible blockages which is a significant detail.
This sleeping bag and its lining are made of Pertex 10d 100% Nylon Ripstop.
A drawstring for the sleeping bag hood is included to better fit the shape of your head and not to let cold air seep into the sleeping bag.
This bag is very light and will not take up too much space on your backpack, which is a good thing.
It will however be necessary to announce some problems with the zipper which I could see among the returns of users. It seems to like getting stuck in the padding of the sleeping bag, so be careful when you open or close the sleeping bag.
The design of the bag is simple but pleasing to the eye, closed, this bag gives an impression of comfort and protection of the not insignificant cold.
This sleeping bag keeps its promises in maintaining the heat, nothing to complain about it.
The products of my selection on offer for the moment

Hey yes, choosing a good sleeping bag is not so easy! There are several criteria to consider in order to choose the one that suits you best, according to your comfort and your use.
The type of sleeping bag
First you need to determine what type of sleeping bag will meet your needs.
The Backpack Sleeping Bag If you are looking for lightweight equipment that will assist you on 3 season camping and will be lightweight enough to carry it anywhere with you, this is the type of bag made for you.
The camping sleeping bag
This kind of sleeping bag is often too heavy for a backpack, but also tends to be the thickest and most comfortable. If you do not camp too far from your camp, you'll be able to use one.
They are not usually expensive.
The lightweight camping bag
If your trip will last more than one night and includes hiking on any distance, then this is the type of bag in which you will need to invest. You will also need to decide what type of insulation you will need, this is one of the most important points to consider.
Manufacturers generally offer several sizes for different sleeping bag models, as you will have seen in this comparison. The bag should be large enough so that it can be turned around, but without being too big to prevent too much air inside and thus lose thermal comfort.
The size of the bag when packaged
Here, synthetic bags simply can not beat down bags. They just can not be as well compressed as these.
If durability, heat and compressibility are your main concerns, then the down bag should be your choice. They have a lot of advantages over their synthetic counterparts.
Several sleeping bags of this comparison are down bags.
The performance of a down is based on four main criteria.
The type of down
Goose down will generally be better than duck down.
The report down / feathers
In order to keep a swelling power, the down bag always contains a part of feathers. For example 80/20 means 80% down and 20% feathers. The higher the percentage of fluff, the better.
The swelling power
This one is measured in cuin. It can go from 550 to 900 cuin. The higher the value, the better the down.
To prevent the accumulation of down in some areas, sleeping bags are compartmentalized. The more compartments are numerous, the less the lining will tend to move.
The material
Synthetic sleeping bags are better known for their ability to withstand wet conditions and to better keep their shape and insulation properties in such conditions.
However, they are heavier and bigger, so you'll have to keep that in mind. They are also cheaper.
The heat
The thickness of the bag will be the main point determining the sleeping bag's ability to keep you warm. A thicker bag will simply put more space between you, the floor and the cold air.
Down bags tend to be warmer than synthetic bags.
Comfort temperature
Most sleeping bags will show up to what temperature they are comfortable for an average adult. Unfortunately that is not everything. Some bags with the same comfort temperature will not be as hot as each other.
Most bags are "3 seasons", which means they are good for spring, summer and fall and offer a rating between -10 and 4 degrees.
If you are looking for a sleeping bag to protect yourself from bus air conditioning and to camp in areas where it is not too cold, the comfort temperature of 10 degrees should suffice. On the other hand, if you plan to trek at altitude or camp in colder areas, you will need a maximum comfort temperature of 5 degrees and ideally it will be better if it is 0 or less.
The weight
The sleeping bag will probably be your heaviest item in your backpack. You will need to find the right balance between weight, comfort and warmth.
If you camp in cold weather areas you will have no choice but to opt for a heavier sleeping bag.
Here, it is the synthetic bags that hold the top of the basket. By nature, they are more moisture resistant and do a better job of keeping you warm when the weather is wet.
The best thing to do in any case is prevention: if you plan to encounter rain, keep a waterproof blanket to put on top of your sleeping bag.
The sleeping bag that allows you to use it in wet and cold weather will of course be the most versatile. You will need to consider where you plan to camp and what season you plan to camp before making your decision.
If you're not sure where and when to go camping, then you'll need the most versatile bag that fits your budget.
The zipper
All sleeping bags do not necessarily have a zipper that goes all along it. If you plan to use your sleeping bag during warm weather, it is better to have one that can open completely.
Some of the lightweight sleeping bags close higher to save some space.
The accessories
Most sleeping bags come with standard accessories like solid zippers, durable wraps, and more. The features and accessories you need to pay attention to are those that increase the warmth, comfort and practicality of your sleeping bag.

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