The 5 (real) Best Torches 2019

Posted on January 22, 2019
After several hours of research, I finally made my selection of the best 5 flashlights among more than thirty models available at the moment.
Halepro is my favorite flashlight in this comparison. Although not as powerful as the Marauder lamp, it offers a value for money that can hardly be beat, especially with a lifetime warranty!
You will also find at the end of this article a buying guide to help you find the flashlight that fits your needs.
The best cheap torches
Even at the entry level, you will have access to products of excellent quality. I am thinking in particular of Halepro which is my favorite of this comparison.
Halepro: the best cheap step

 How to choose the lighting mode can be a bit tedious

Like the Mikafen lamp, this Halepro lamp offers 5 different lighting modes to suit all needs: you have the choice between Powerful, Medium, Low, Strobe and Morse "SOS". Just lightly press the power button to switch between each mode.
The zoom function of this flashlight allows to adjust the light beam according to your needs and can light up to a distance of 500 meters, which is more than enough for everyday use.
This tactical flashlight is made of aluminum alloy, which is an ultra strong and lightweight material that is used in aeronautics for the design of airliners and fighters. This makes this flashlight an ultra strong, sturdy lamp that is both shock and scratch resistant.
In addition, it is waterproof and anti-abrasive. If you are not yet convinced of its solidity, know that this lamp is resistant to falls and impacts according to the military standard US MIL-STF-810F. In short, it's solid!
We can also note the design of this lamp for the purpose of self-defense, with the serrated form of the tip of the Halepro and the blinding effect of the light beam (not to mention the famous strobe mode to neutralize the assailant) . This lamp is very common in the US Navy, which is a guarantee of quality.
Small in size (14 cm long) and quite light (only 136 g), the Halepro can be transported anywhere without problem, whether on vacation, hiking or even fishing or fishing. camping. In addition, it has a bike rack, which allows you to hang it on any handlebars and thus illuminate your nocturnal bike tours for maximum safety.
Halepro uses "L2 CREE Super Bright LED" technology that generates 1000 lumens of lighting power. The light beam of the tactical flashlight is 100 times more powerful than a camera flash!
As I told you earlier, it can light up to 500 meters. In addition, it is possible to obtain a wide-angle beam that allows panoramic vision in the dark.
The manufacturer is so sure of the quality of his product that he proposes a policy of "satisfied or reimbursed" 100%, without question. In addition, this flashlight is guaranteed for life.
We can also take into account the fact that the customer service is based in France, which can avoid some inconvenience …
One thing that I appreciate a lot from the manufacturer is that it provides a rechargeable battery with its charger in addition to the flashlight. But if you absolutely want to use AAA batteries, it is also possible, but you will need 3 (but as you will see in the shopping guide, I do not recommend opting for disposable batteries).
The illumination time of the lamp can vary between 1 and 10 hours, it depends on its mode of use and the battery used.
Only downside (and it's a very small flat), the inability to directly select a lighting mode: you have to press several times on the same single button. The problem is that each time the lamp turns off and on again in a different mode, which can be annoying if you only intend to use one lighting mode.
OLight i3E EOS: discreet and efficient


 Lighting of 90 real lumens
 None identified yet

This mini flashlight with its classic but efficient design is equipped with a Philips TX LUXEON high-performance LED and a TIE PMMA lens. This one is able to focus the light for a range of 44 meters.
The i3E is very compact and offers a maximum power of 90 lumens, except for the silver model which gives it a power of 120 lumens. The LED has a life of 60000 hours, which leaves plenty of time to see.
This mini flashlight is powered by a single AAA battery.
The i3E is a versatile flashlight and its compact size makes it easy to slip anywhere, whether in your pocket or bag, or add to a bunch of keys without adding too much volume and weight.
Its classic design is both elegant and sober and this mini flashlight is very discreet! It's a good choice if you're looking for a compact, bright and affordable flashlight that you intend to take with you everywhere.
The lamp is available in several different colors, which includes black, blue, purple, green, red and silver, which has a higher power of 120 lumens.
Its body is made of aerospace grade aluminum, which benefits from a milspec type III anodizing anti-scratch treatment. The diameter of the head of this lamp is 14 mm and its length is 60.5 mm, which means that we are really in the presence of a keychain flashlight.
This lamp is very practical and more, it is waterproof, which is a not insignificant (I do not recommend immersing it, said waterproof, certainly, but what to endure the rain, not a dip in the pond ) …
What I like about the size of this lamp is that it is quite capable of doing the work of some other larger flashlights without being cumbersome, which allows you to take it anywhere with it. use in any circumstance, during a car breakdown or when you get up at night and you do not want to turn on to disturb others for example.
Finally, it turns on and off by screwing / unscrewing the head of the flashlight, which prevents accidental ignitions when in your pocket.
Mikafen: good lighting at a low price


 Good quality lighting
 Resists heavy rain

This flashlight features a Cree XML-T6 LED bulb with adjustable focus. The manufacturer announces a zoom out 500-700 lumens and a zoom of 700-800 lumens.
The lighting quality of this lamp is irreproachable and can illuminate very far, perfect for a night walk! Well, do not expect a lighthouse lighting for a boat, eh, it's still an entry-level flashlight.
This flashlight has 5 lighting modes: High, Medium, Low, Strobe and SOS with an ON / OFF button. A tactical tail switch is present to operate this flashlight with one hand.
It can be powered in two ways, via a 3.7V 18650 battery (also known as a rechargeable battery) or with 3 AAA batteries. Compared to the i3E, it's more, but this flashlight is much more powerful than the one we saw earlier. One can also note the low battery consumption which allows several hours of use without problem.
Water resistant and non-slip, it can be used under heavy rain, making it a perfect companion for outdoor camping, hiking, fishing or simply the walk of dog.
The manufacturer is so sure of its product that it offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 90-day money back guarantee after the purchase of the device, which leaves plenty of time to see if you are satisfied or not with this flashlight.
The box delivered with this device contains 2 flashlights and 2 straps for hanging by hand.
The best mid-range torches
Although being the best lamp mid-range, in my humble opinion, it can not beat the Halepro, which is however less expensive.
Anker LC 90: the best midrange

 Resistant to water and shocks

 Range of 300 m only

This tactical light features a 900-lumen Cree LED that emits light up to 300m. It's not bad, but it's less than Halepro. Like this one, 5 lighting modes are available: powerful light, medium, weak, strobe and SOS signal. So we are, once is not custom, in the presence of a tactical flashlight.
In average brightness, the lamp life is evaluated at 6 hours without loss of intensity with the supplied 3350 mAh rechargeable battery that powers the lamp. The battery is rechargeable in approximately 6 hours on a 1A socket (attention, the plug is not included!).
The flashlight has an IP65 rating of water resistance, which allows it to be used even in heavy rain. And with its aluminum body, shock resistance assured!
Finally its LEDs have a lifespan of 50000 hours. It's not bad at all, but it's still below cheaper competitors.
One thing I liked was the fact that you can hold it on your feet to illuminate an entire room, which can be useful during an untimely power outage. In addition, the body of the lamp is designed to be slip resistant to ensure better hold.
The Anker LC90 flashlight comes with a 18650 rechargeable battery, a micro USB cable and a strap and of course a user guide.
The flashlight is guaranteed 18 months and the manufacturer offers of course the support of a customer service when needed. It's not bad, but we are far from the lifetime warranty of Halepro, which is less expensive.
The best high-end torches
This flashlight is undoubtedly the most powerful of this comparison. But to high-end product, also high-end price!
Olight X7R Marauder: the best high-end


 The 12000 Lumens announced are not exaggerated


At a price like this, no doubt, we are in the presence of a high-end flashlight. The power of the lamp is also upscale with a maximum announced power of 12,000 lumens!
This flashlight can be charged via a USB type-C port and the cable is of course supplied. This system allows recharging 3 times faster than a conventional micro-USB cable.
The lamp is equipped with a proximity sensor that automatically lowers the power of the light when the head of the lamp approaches an object too close. In addition, a thermal management system reduces the light output when the lamp becomes too hot, to avoid any risk of damage due to overheating.
The opening and closing of the protective hatch of the port of reloading is done by simple rotation, which moreover makes it possible to ensure the tightness of the apparatus.
The design of the flashlight was pretty well thought out. A retractable thick wrist strap hole is there to keep the lamp in place while remaining unobtrusive. The finger grooves have been machined for a comfortable and natural grip.
In addition, a multifunction indicator is placed under the side switch. It serves as both a position indicator, a usage indicator and a low battery indicator. Convenient !
The manufacturer wants to warn of an important point: from 7000 to 12000 lumens, the head of the lamp quickly becomes hot, it is therefore not to keep the thumb on the button … or beware of the heater!
The lamp is illuminated by 3 Cree XHP70 CW LED bulbs, which can emit at a distance of 300 m and with an intensity of 36,000 candelas.
The lamp has an IPX7 sealing standard, which is virtually the highest standard of waterproofness. No risk of failure due to heavy rain! In addition, the lamp has been tested to withstand a drop of 1 meter.
The flashlight has 6 different lighting modes, each corresponding to a different lumen ratio. Each of these modes offers a very different autonomy.
If mode 6 (10 lumens) offers a range of 30 days, the TURBO S (12000 z 3000 lumens) lasts 3 + 120 minutes. The autonomy varies greatly depending on the mode used!
The flashlight is 129 mm long and the diameter of the head is quite wide (68 mm), but with three LED lamps was expected. The lamp is a little heavy too, making 665 g, but here again, it is the result of having advanced equipment for a huge light output.
Another good news with this flashlight, rechargeable batteries are of course integrated, at this price, it is a minimum!
The products of my selection on offer at the moment

Before choosing the flashlight, it is important to take a few moments to ask the question: in which situation will I use my flashlight?
In theory, a flashlight can be used in any situation, wherever you are. It is therefore a question of targeting the primary need to which it will respond.
For each activity that you think will fit a different model of flashlight. For example if you want to go caving it will be better to opt for a headlamp because you will need your 2 hands free while if you intend to use it in a campsite a flashlight will suffice.
Take the time to consider all the factors below before you start buying a lamp!
The type of flashlight
There are 3 main types of torch lights.
Headlamps are mainly used for activities that require both hands-free, such as running, cycling or caving. Depending on the model they will be more or less comfortable and also more or less heavy.
The offer is more limited than for the following 2 categories.
Tactical lamps
We can only say one thing, these lamps are fashionable at the moment, especially because of the strobe mode that allows you to defend yourself in case of aggression.
These lamps have earned the name "tactical" because of their tactical switch. These lamps were primarily intended primarily for use in the army, police, gendarmerie and other trades of the same type.
It seduces, therefore, whether in the civilian or military, not only for their power, but also for the famous strobe mode that can neutralize a possible assailant.
"Standard" lamps
What we call "standard" are all lamps that do not have a tactical button and do not have special features like waterproof diving lamps (which we will not discuss specifically in this guide).
This is the type of lamp found with just an on / off button and sometimes the ability to adjust the intensity of the beam, neither more nor less. Be careful though these lamps are not tactical, they are not less powerful and often remains of excellent quality.
As you will see in this comparison, LED torches are available in many different formats and shapes.
Here are some very simple little things to follow to find you and make the right choice of flashlight, depending on the use you make!
For everyday use
If you plan to use your flashlight only for everyday use or on vacation, consider taking a pocket model. They measure up to about seven centimeters in length and will produce plenty of light to see where you are heading.
In addition, they are cheap. The pocket models have very variable light output and some even have features like strobe or SOS signal.
For outdoor activities
If you enjoy forest walks and other activities like trekking or hiking, I recommend you take a wider flashlight with a light output of about 1000 lumens.
These are usually about 12 cm in length. Some of these models offer a zoom function, which will allow you to change the size of the light beam.
Some of these lamps are also delivered with what to make a flashlight hands-free, which can be very useful if you plan to climb, camping or even visit cellars.
For professional activities
If you work in security, the hunting industry or rescue services then I highly recommend opting for a lamp producing more than 1500 lumens.
These animals are large and heavier, they will often be more than 20 cm long, but this is explained by the luminous power of these flashlights that literally transform the night into day. They can usually be set to provide a wide stadium lighting or to illuminate specific subjects over a long distance.
Finally, do not hesitate to think also about the keychain flashlight! These small accessories look like nothing, but they will be very useful to illuminate the road if needed, illuminate the keyhole of the door or simply produce light in case of car failure.
The grip of it should be as easy as possible. Ideally, it should be light and easy to use. However, be careful: the more powerful the lamp, the more likely it is to be a bit heavy. It will then look rather at the design of the handle of the flashlight, if it is anti-slip, if it facilitates the holding of the flashlight etc.
The power
This is measured in lumens. The higher the value, the stronger the lamp and the brighter it will illuminate around it.
Some flashlights offer different levels of power to adapt the brightness to your immediate needs and, if necessary, save a little autonomy.
As we saw with the X7R Marauder, the autonomy of a lamp can go from simple to double, or even more depending on the chosen power.
The scope
This data is more important than it may seem, because it determines how far your light beam can go to illuminate in front of you.
It is usually better to have a longer range to see as far as possible, unless you have the sole purpose of using this lamp for repairs.
Feeding mode
Some lamps, rather rare, also work with a power supply. Some can be recharged via the cigarette lighter of your car or dynamo.
In general, and the torches we selected for this comparison, use batteries, preferably rechargeable.
It is important to understand why it is risky to use alkaline batteries for flashlights.
A flashlight may stay in the closet for several months before being reused. This increases the risk of battery leakage and possible damage to your flashlight!
Some torches in this comparison come with their own rechargeable battery which is always nice but if you have to buy it yourself, I recommend pre-loaded batteries like Eneloops.
The type of bulb present in the lamp
Today, LED bulbs are the most common and this comparison includes only LED torches. As I said above, their lifespan is much longer while consuming less energy.
Clearly, it's very simple: LEDs are hundreds of times more energy efficient than old torches with halogen lamps. In addition, the average LED has a lifespan of 50,000 hours, while a filament lamp takes just 2000 hours. Today's flashlights are therefore designed to last.
I strongly recommend the choice of a LED flashlight.
This simply determines how long you can operate your lamp. Torches with longer battery life are usually more expensive.
This is a criterion not to be neglected, especially in case you find yourself in an emergency situation!
The strobe function
Most of the flashlights in this comparison offer a strobe function as well as an additional SOS function (which flashes the distress signal in Morse code).
The strobe is an excellent feature to have. Indeed, it is useful in many different situations, such as an emergency on the side of the road, when running at night or, and this is its best known use, to defend itself.
However, this is not something you want to see each time you turn on your lamp. If you have to rotate between all modes of lighting including the strobe each time, it can become very quickly boring, even downright annoying.
A lamp that allows you to change directly to the lighting mode you want is preferable.
The heat
Some flashlights heat up more than others. Some also have a system to avoid any risk of overheating (we have an example in this comparison).
Make sure your lamp does not heat up to the point of being hot and check well in the manufacturer's description if there are instructions regarding the heat of the flashlight.
In general, stay on the least powerful lighting modes as much as possible to avoid any inconvenience, your flashlight will thank you, as well as its batteries!

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