The 5 (true) Best Abdominal Wheels 2019

Posted on March 4, 2019
After several hours of research, I have finally made my selection of the 5 best abdominal wheels among more than thirty models available at the moment, so that, with the return of good weather, quietly at home. I advise you is probably the Power Guidance, very effective and offered at a price quite accessible. You will also find at the end of this article a shopping guide that will allow you to choose a wheel suitable for your objectives and your level.








                                                                Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro









                    Best upscale



                                    Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro







The best cheap abdominal wheels
The abdominal wheel is a product generally proposed at rather affordable prices. Discover the ones that offer unbeatable value for money.
Power Guidance: the best price step


 Suitable for beginners and advanced users

An entry-level cheap and chic abdominal wheel that's perfect for small budgets and small spaces. It has a single wheel, unlike other models for a rather neophyte audience that includes two for more stability.
That of Power Guidance is still quite thick – about 5 cm – which does not make it one of the most difficult to use.
This is a very light accessory – just under a kilo – which makes it easy to store and transport if you want to bring it with you to the gym. The abdominal wheel is increasingly recognized for its ability to gain and its ability to work several muscle groups at the same time, most rooms now have, but we do not always want to wait half an hour his tower.
From the point of view of aesthetics, it's all simplicity. This ab wheel is a monochrome black with yellow dots at the ends of the axle and a notched wheel that gives it a sturdy appearance.
The overall look is rather austere and serious. The editing does not pose any particular problems: one can therefore start immediately in his exercises (gently at the beginning!).
The very thick wheel looks pretty deceptive: we can think at first glance that it would be a very stable ab wheel that would make its rollout with ease. Well no!
First of all, the rollout (the basic exercise therefore to practice with a wheel abdominal) is anything but simple, even with a two-wheeled accessory or very thick. It is not as stable as it seems, and it still requires a certain level of muscle tone and control. It must be said that the end justifies the means!
Big plus for this wheel in comparison with other entry-level models: it comes with its little foam carpet for the knees, which allows not to hurt himself by performing his exercises. It does not slip and allows you to gain comfort and stability.
For me, this is the best entry-level model: efficient, easy to assemble and (relatively) stable, I particularly appreciate that the carpet is provided. A very good choice for those who want to work strength and resistance at a very affordable price.
Elite Body Squad Ab Wheel: efficiency and low price

Are you looking for a lightweight, portable and devilishly effective weight training accessory? It is therefore an abdominal wheel (or "ab wheel") that you need! This Elite Sportz model is offered at a very affordable price.
This is appreciated immediately, it is the two wheels. Indeed, an abdominal wheel is not the most stable bodybuilding accessory that exists, which is not necessarily a disadvantage, because it forces you to work your balance and to be as precise as possible in your exercises .
This instability can still be a little too much for people who start with an ab wheel, or even be dangerous.
With the Elite Sportz, the problem does not arise. The two wheels perfectly stabilize the device and allow the user to focus on his rollouts. Disadvantage ? It is therefore almost impossible to work the obliques.
From an aesthetic point of view, it is an accessory in simplicity in black and gray with robust appearances. The handles have a non-slip coating for comfort during the exercises and indeed, we feel no discomfort even after several minutes. The same can not be said for the knees: to the extent that the rug is not provided, plan a small additional expense.
It is light enough, which facilitates its storage when used at home and allows to slip into his gym bag if you want to bring it to the room. The wheels are neither too hard to slide, nor too easy (which could be dangerous anyway).
At the same time, we appreciate the videos made available by the brand that provide ideas for exercises to be performed at home. Even if we can not repeat it too much: if you are a beginner, have a sports coach accompany you!
In conclusion, an abdominal wheel very suitable for beginners.
At the same time for its small price (it is not worthwhile to invest in a model of high-end if you are not sure that this type of exercise will suit you), and its stability, which allows the the user to master the perfect rollout without worrying for his security. Definitely, a good deal!
Adidas Ab Wheel: for advanced users

 Hard-to-lay protections


As we mentioned in our buying guide below, the abdominal wheel is not a particularly suitable accessory for beginners. Contrary to appearances, these small devices still require a certain degree of muscular tonicity, strength, even psychological resistance!
It is therefore important to choose an ab wheel that suits its level above all else.
With the Adidas Ab Wheel, we are on a model slightly less suitable for novice users than the Elite Sportz tested above. Indeed, its single wheel is of a medium wide diameter, which requires the user to provide additional efforts to maintain stability.
For experienced users, it is rather a positive point: nothing like to work on tone and gain muscle. In addition, a single wheel makes it easier to work the obliques and thus better carve his lap belt, reinforcing his back at the same time.
Aesthetically, we are on a rather simple black monochrome look, if not the red dots at the ends of the central axis: the whole is rather pleasant.
The handles are covered with a foam protection for easy and comfortable handling, but be careful, you will have to put them yourself and it is not … particularly easy, to hide anything. Apart from this, editing is relatively easy.
Once these cursed protections duly mounted, we discover a rather pleasant model to use (if you can use such an expression for an accessory that, at least the first few weeks of use, you will leave the abs on fire after each session ). The ab wheel rolls pretty well and the grip is no problem.
In terms of sustainability, everything looks pretty solid: we're still on a brand whose reputation is, hopefully, more to do.
We regret a little that once again there is no carpet provided, because if you want to put his abs to the test, this is absolutely not the goal in regard to the knees. So plan to buy a small carpet or protections.
My global opinion? An affordable abdominal wheel that will allow more experienced people to add to their workouts.
The best mid-range abdominal wheels
By adding a few more euros, we are immediately on models with more elaborate design. Discover the mid-range abdominal wheel that I selected for you.
Yokamira JFLS026: the best mid-range

 Handles that tend to slide

With this mid-range model, we are on a concept that differs from that of the three wheels tested before. While most ab wheels have one or two wheels mounted on a central rod, this Yokamira brand product offers an ingenious system of exercise that is unique to it (by the way, being patented).
Three wheels arranged in a triangular way promise both comfort and stability, with which more is an autonomous brake for more security. So we could say that this is a system particularly suitable for people who start with an abdominal wheel. Let's discover all that!
We immediately appreciate the quality of the materials (stainless steel) of this product offered all the same at a very affordable price. The aesthetics is less worked than on the other models we have discussed, but with this kind of accessory, we will say that it is not the most important. A thick foam mat is provided, which helps protect his knees.
The editing is done without particular difficulty. We just regret that the protections of the handles have a little tendency to slip or even remove during the exercises. For an accessory that focuses on safety, it's not great. Apart from that, they are comfortable and allow a good grip.
The ab wheel is at the same time delivered with a small plastic support that acts as a brake. It is placed on the ground to block the wheel to the level that you want: a gain in safety certainly, but why not at the same time a good way to measure its progress and the evolution of its rollout.
This small touch and more makes it an accessory suitable for novices more demanding in terms of security, as well as confirmed who wish to vary the exercises and move to the next level.
The wheels slide easily (but not too easily, which would not be great from a safety point of view) even on a surface not as smooth as a carpet.
In conclusion, a rather interesting system that neophytes appreciate for its stability and confirmed for its versatility and ease of use.
The best high-end abdominal wheels
A versatile high-end model that allows you to work several muscle groups safely.
Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro: the best upscale


 Ease of use
 Assistance mechanism

We apologize in advance: with our selection of the best high-end abdominal wheel, we do not make originality. Indeed, the AB Carver Pro from the brand Perfect Fitness is recognized in sports circles as being one of the most successful and ergonomic ab wheel among those currently available on the market.
We want to confirm this: it's not just hype.
Offered at a price significantly higher than those models that we have discussed above (a small forty euros anyway) the AB Carver Pro is distinguished by its very thick wheel and ergonomic handles. The whole is of a rather particular aestheticism (I personally find that it is a little UFO), but with a comfort of use the same, one is ready to do away with the aspect "object of decoration".
The wheel is equipped with a spring mechanism that offers both resistance during the rollout and assistance during the recoil, which allows to work more muscles while gaining safety and avoiding force on the lumbar ( remember that this is an area to pay special attention to during this type of exercise).
At the same time, it has angled ergonomic handles that allow you to better engage the muscles of the arms and the trunk. Its spherical wheel rotates right and left to work well the four groups of abdominal muscles while providing great stability.
At the same time, we appreciate the knee pad provided, as well as two massage balls and a foam roller, which will help relieve muscle knots unfortunately well known to athletes.
In general, it is a very suitable wheel for novices wishing to start with a wheel abdomen because of its stability and ease of use, especially thanks to the thickness of the wheel and the assistance mechanism.
At the expense of intensity, experienced users may find it a little too easy to use and turn to more demanding tools.
The products of my selection on offer at the moment

The abdominal wheel is a simple and inexpensive bodybuilding accessory that can boost your tone, endurance, and strength while sculpting your abdominal muscles.
One could think by name that this accessory allows to muscle before all the abdomen, but it is far from being the case: it acts at the same time on the shoulders, the back, the legs, the arms and one on the way…
In other words, just about every muscle in the body.
If you want to work your muscles simultaneously, it's a perfect accessory for you.
In this guide, you'll learn how to choose the right wheel for your needs, taking into account a variety of factors, such as your level of experience, your budget, and how much time you plan to devote to your workouts.
Good reading !
The abdominal wheel
As we said above, an abdominal wheel allows you to boost your tone, strength and resistance of your lap belt. On top of that, she improves balance and posture and at the same time sculpts your arms and legs.
It has a central stem, usually steel, which has handles and pedals and, as its name suggests, a wheel of a diameter more or less wide (usually around 35 cm). There are abdominal wheels of different sizes and calibres.
Be careful though, because its affordable price and great portability can be misleading: it is not a particularly easy to use device. Exercises of a specific nature require a certain degree of application and precision, at the risk of being ineffective or causing injury.
Beginners are advised to talk to a sports coach before starting to do the exercises with the necessary precision.
The benefits of the abdominal wheel
The abdominal wheel does not only work the abs: it also solicits muscles such as shoulders, arms and hamstrings. The possibilities of use are numerous: with one or two hands, with the knees, on an inclined or declining plane, with or without ballast …
Effectiveness to tone the body
The solicitation of various muscle groups will help you boost your posture and balance, sculpt your body and stimulate the lap belt, reducing the risk of back problems in the future (be careful, if you have suffered in the past it will be imperative to consult a doctor beforehand).
The price
Despite the presence of a growing number of low-cost gyms in large and mid-sized European cities, doing sports can be expensive. Licenses, subscriptions, trips by public transport or gasoline …
Even if one is fortunate to have a cheap club close to home, building muscles can ultimately be a non-negligible monthly cost. With abdominal wheels of a correct quality for fifteen euros, gaining is available to all!
An abdominal wheel will take up very little space in your closets or in the trunk of your car. No need to let go on sports training when you go on vacation!
The disadvantages of the abdominal wheel
The abdominal wheel is an accessory that has many advantages. Alas, there is also the other side of the coin …
To get into the muscu, there is better …
The use of an abdominal wheel may be complicated for most beginners. Indeed, this one requires a certain level of force.
It is therefore very suitable to maintain, to get well and complete a sport and much less in the muscle building phase.
The risk of back injuries
High efficiency also says much need for precision: if you do not exercise properly, you risk injure yourself or exacerbate existing health problems, especially in the back.
Ask a professional to help you get started and if you have had musculoskeletal problems in the past, do not hesitate to seek the advice of your doctor before starting.
Your goals
The training objectives necessarily vary according to your level. If your goal is simply to work a little muscles of your abdomen, an entry-level wheel will suffice.
If you are looking for a truly versatile accessory to vary the exercises or want to work the flexor muscles, you will need to invest in a much more advanced model, with specific functions or the ability to work with the feet.
Your level
When I say "beginner", I evoke of course people who have never used a wheel in their sports practice. As we have seen many times before, this accessory is not ideal for those who start for the first time in the muscu.
Beginners would do better to focus on medium diameter models, because the larger the wheel, the more energy is spent. Do not have eyes bigger than your stomach!
People who already have some muscle tone can opt for a larger diameter wheel or two wheels, which will allow them to train more. At the same time, favor a solid and resistant wheel, which is therefore suitable for more regular use.
The frequency of your workouts
If you already know that you will use your abdominal wheel several times a week, or even every day, opt for a model that offers maximum comfort and durability.
If you're new to this and do not know how often you're going to use your wheel, you still have the option to start with an entry-level accessory before moving on to a more advanced model.
Technical characteristics
Here are some technical characteristics to take into account when choosing your wheel: the maximum weight that it can bear, the length of the central rod, as this will influence the comfort of use of the device, the weight of the wheel itself and the presence or absence of a rotation system.
It is important to keep your body steady during training by squeezing your knees and arms to focus on the abdominal muscles and not the hip flexors!
It is important to evolve slowly to avoid injuries and not to force when you feel unable to move forward: do not worry, over time you will be able to make a full round trip .
To begin, you can kneel, roll with the wheel and then bring it back to you by soliciting your abdominal muscles. If it's too simple, you can use the standing wheel (once again, you need to have a solid back and practice before doing this type of exercise).
The interview
Like any sport accessory, your wheel will require some maintenance to ensure its durability.
Dust and sweat are an integral part of your sports sessions, but also one of the sworn enemies of your muscle building equipment. After your workouts, clean your wheel with a damp cloth, focusing on the axle, the handles, the rotation system, etc.
The budget
One of the most appreciated aspects of the abdominal wheel is its low price. In the above comparison, we offer models starting at less than 20 euros.
Everything will depend on your goals, your level and your frequency of use: know that in the case of the abdominal wheel, it is sometimes the more expensive models that are most suitable for beginners, because they tend to offer more stability.

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