The 6 (real) Best 2019 Ice Turbines

Posted on February 26, 2019
It is said that gluttony is a bad thing, and well, I do not agree. After several hours of research, I finally made my selection of the 6 best ice turbines among more than twenty models available at the moment. The choice was difficult, but the one I recommend from a point of view price-quality, capacity and ease of use is probably H.Koenig HF320. You will also find at the end of this article a buying guide that will allow you to choose the turbine that will meet both your requirements and your budget. Good tasting !

The best inexpensive ice turbines
You do not have to spend hundreds of dollars to make delicious home-made ice creams as soon as you feel like it. Discover the best entry-level ice turbines!
H. Koenig HF250: the best cheap step

The German brand H.Koenig offers a range of ice turbines including the HF250, entry-level model with retro accents with a capacity of 1.5L. We knew the HF180, slightly cheaper, but at the same time less bulky with its tank of 1L.
So let's discover this large format ice cream maker … Or gourmet!
It may not need to be clarified, but that says ice turbine said integrated refrigerant group, so no need to start its preparation several hours in advance, unlike conventional ice cream makers. The tank, with a capacity of 1.5 L, allows to feast up to 7 or 8 people in a few tens of minutes of preparation time.
The device has only one tank, but there is the possibility of ordering additional bowls for very large families or special occasions where you would like to treat your guests with a variety of preparations with different flavors.
It comes with a measuring cup, a small recipe book, an ice cream scoop and a user manual. Everything is simple enough to install and get started
As far as aesthetics is concerned, we are not on a fancy look: this device will certainly not please your kitchen with its rather retro-serious metallic design. It has on the top a screen showing the cooling time and the time remaining, while below, it has power buttons, time adjustment and start of the preparation cycle: roughly , the essential.
We regret a little bit that the screen is not inclined, forcing to bend over the device.
After preparing the recipe and allowing it to cool, pour the mixture into the bowl and press the start button, a process detailed in the brief user manual. Subsequently, one chooses the time step (10, 30, 40 or 50 minutes) and one starts the turbinage. Nothing's easier !
By the way, the machine is rather silent, which makes it possible to go about its occupations during the time of turbining without having the impression of a plane taking off in a corner of its kitchen. This is not the case for all, so we prefer to emphasize!
In just half an hour (or a little more, depending on the desired texture), the results are there. We certainly do not find all the advantages of a high-end device: it will not really possible to reproduce all the lightness and elasticity of Italian ice, for example, and the weight (13 kg) of the turbine did not facilitate storage.
However, it is a solid and easy-to-use device that will allow both cook and experienced apprentices to enjoy family and friends.
Klarstein Snowberry & Shock: Simple and Affordable

For this second entry-level model, we are once again looking at a German-made product with the Klarstein Snowberry & Choc, the self-proclaimed "freshness heroine of hot days".
With its tank capacity of 1.2 L (a bit low compared to 1.5 L of HF250), it is still enough to feast on tables of four to five people with delicious recipes based on … ? (I do not know either) In short, let's discover all that!
We like the aesthetics of the Snowberry & Choc, rather refined with fake tunes vintage radio. But just like the model tested previously, we are always on a gray and black combination …
Definitely, fantasy, it will be for your frozen creations! A little less heavy at only 9 kg, but with bulky dimensions (39.5 x 20.5 x 25 cm), it is also not very easy to handle.
Its engine with a power of 130 W is sufficient to make ice cream in 30 to 40 minutes and its built-in cold storage system avoids having to go through the freezer box beforehand. Simply pour the ingredients (which will first be allowed to cool) into the tank, adjust the time of turbinage with the timer button on the top and start the machine.
If during the cycle time you want to add new ingredients, simply pause the machine, which stops both the device and the timer. Allow a little more turbination time than what is indicated in the manual (by the way, this one is only available in English).
The unit keeps the preparation cold for one hour after the end of the cycle – still transfer your ice cream relatively quickly, because it has been noticed that otherwise it tends to adhere to the walls of the tank!
We regret a little that the various elements of the device do not go in the dishwasher, which could have made this machine even more convenient and user-friendly. Do not panic, however: everything comes off and wipes off with a damp sponge.
In conclusion, there is a practical model and easy to use that allows you to make ice cream with a speed that even the most hungry little mouths can not blame you.
The machine is solid, the price is affordable, everything is relatively (relatively) easy – there is still a small preference for the HF250, which has a larger capacity, for the same price and substantially the same functionality.
The best mid-range ice turbines
The small homemade ice cream is for you quite unavoidable and you are ready to invest accordingly: it's good!
H.Koenig HF320: the best mid-range

 Good value for money


We return to H.Koenig for this first mid-range model, the HF320 ice turbine that promises increased performance and power for a relatively affordable price.
At first glance, a machine with quasi-professional looks (we think we'll have to make room for him in the kitchen …) rather massive that will, we hope, allow us to give free rein to our creativity with delicious ice cream in maximum size. Indeed, with its tank of 2L, it will not have eyes bigger than the belly …
Its rectangular design, once again a bit austere, is still relatively neat and that's good, because once the machine installed on your counter, you will not want to move it very often (42 x 29 x 21.5 cm for 12 kg all the same …). The least we can say is that it is professional!
Like the other models in the range, it comes with instructions, a measuring cup, an ice cream scoop and a small recipe book (you can find more ideas on the manufacturer's website as well as … everywhere on the Internet. ).
Getting started is relatively easy by following the manufacturer's instructions. Small power boost for this midrange device, which has a 180 W motor – which still tends to stop in full winding due to overheating.
We wait a little and it starts again. It is possible to modify the program during the cycle, or even to pause it to add ingredients to its preparation (chocolate chips, cookies, speculoos, hazelnuts … In short, I'm sure you will not lack imagination to this level!).
An LCD screen on the top gives access to the menu, which allows you to choose from the different programs. You can select a default mode (10 min, 30 min or 60 min), or use the pick wheel. Be aware that the suggested preparation times do not always correspond to the actual time required, so expect any testing. As soon as the ice cream is ready, a temperature hold function automatically engages.
Small flat all the same: a relatively annoying engine noise that makes it difficult to forget the device in a corner of his kitchen when it is running. The end is worth the means, but this aspect added to its imposing size does not make it a device of the most discrete.
Fortunately, the results are there: once we have folded, it becomes very easy to make succulent ice-cold preparations with little effort and relatively little time.
We regret a little bit the imposing appearance of the machine (make sure you have the necessary space available in your kitchen) but apart from that, it remains a wise investment for those who love good home cooking … In large quantities !
Domo DO 9201: the performance in maxi format

A second model of mid-range large capacity, this time straight from the United States: the Domo DO 9021, with once again a removable bowl of 2L that allows you to feast up to 10 people, ideal for large families or to plan large amounts of ice cream in advance to keep frozen (even if, let's be honest, a spoon here and there spoon, this kind of delight can never withstand very long).
Featuring a relatively powerful 180W motor, this unit lends itself to the creation of ice creams, sorbets, yogurt or even granita. Once again, there is no need to put the tank in the freezer upstream: it is equipped with its built-in compressor that allows to make ice cream in one hour, or even less, preparation.
Delivered like many other models with its ice cream scoop, measuring cup and a cookbook, it is relatively easy to install and start.
From an aesthetic point of view, we are again on a sober all steel look quite successful, and it's good that because this device will also take a lot of room in your kitchen with its imposing dimensions (28.5 x 42 x 26.5 cm) for a total weight of 13 kg. In other words, you will have to find a place for him!
It has on the top of an LCD screen with temperature indicator and time remaining, an on / off button, and a button to choose between the modes Ice cream, Cooling and Mixing, and a timer.
It is also possible to open the lid to add ingredients en route. Be aware that once the mixture has reached the correct texture, the machine will shut down automatically.
The machine exudes strength, and it is not only in appearance: a user reports having had no problem of failure or slowdown even after two years of use. We appreciate at the same time the silence of use – it is far from the case of all devices of this type!
In conclusion, a very good device solid and easy to use. As for the value for money, I still prefer the H.Koenig mentioned above, which has about the same features and the same capacity for a slightly lower price.
The best high-end ice turbines
Ice cream, it's not fair that you're crazy about it: you just want a cult. With these high-end machines, you will never go back to the glacier (or simply to draw inspiration …).
Lello Musso Mini Lussino: the best upscale

 Quality of preparations


The best high-end ice cream maker is probably a model once reserved for professionals, the Musso Mini Lussino. This stainless steel machine would be, according to the manufacturer, the "Rolls Royce ice machines" … And it seems that both amateurs and restaurant pros agree with them.
Let's discover this quality manufacturing device – who thought so? – Italian.
Mamma mia! do we want to exclaim when discovering the weight of the Musso Mini Lussino (18 kg). The ice cream machine generally is not known for its lightness, but among the products intended for domestic use, we rarely get to such a weight. Let's hope the performances are up to par …
His look is generally rather crude and professional but still harmonious and neat. So much the better, because if you plan to put it back in the closet after each use it will be necessary to envisage additional sessions in room of muscu.
We are not on a machine with an extraordinary capacity, with a tank of only 0.75 L. Manufacturers, clever little, we turn this into "hourly production capacity of 1.5 kg", (each tour will take thirty minutes) knowing that a tank will still be enough to feast 3 to 4 people.
We are more about quality than quantity in comparison with other turbines approached, but it is decidedly at the rendezvous.
By means of a wheel located at the front of the machine, the spinning time is fixed in steps of 10 minutes, from 0 minutes to one hour. The machine lends itself to the preparation of all kinds of ice cream, from the very easy ice cream yoghurt to sherbet and creamy confections. As on other models, you can open the lid to add ingredients and toppings during turbining.
Where this machine really stands out from the competitors, it is at the level of results. It makes it possible to produce, without fail, creamy, dense and creamy ice creams with a texture comparable to or even superior to "premium" or artisanal ice creams available commercially and in gelatiers.
On the sustainability side, nothing to complain about. According to the testimonials of many adepts, the machine holds for years. In case you are really out of luck, it is guaranteed for three years.
The downside (we will not talk about the price, huh, you've understood …): the tank is not removable, the machine is not easy to clean. The lid is simply washed in hot, soapy water.
In conclusion, if you come back from 20 years of expatriation in Florence and the idea of ​​getting rid of your daily gelato is simply unthinkable, get on this machine, which will also be suitable for great ice lovers and , why not, to small restaurateurs.
An important investment, but one that will allow you to enjoy delicious homemade ice cream for years.
Magimix Gelato Expert: for discerning gourmands

 Ease of use


With the Magimix Gelato Expert, we make a big jump forward in comparison with mid-range models, whether in terms of capacity, power, features offered and (yes) the price. Let's see if this high-end ice cream maker is worth its weight in gold!
We are on a model intended for large families, big gourmands and lovers of variety: with its two stainless steel tanks of 2 L each (one fixed and one removable) it is possible to prepare up to four liters of ice, two different flavors if desired, or for about 20 people. Each of the tanks has its own mixing blade.
On the top of the device, there are three buttons to select which automatic features you want to use, with the choice between Italian ice, homemade ice cream or granita. There is also a manual function for the experts.
Whichever feature you choose, the preparation time is between 25 and 30 minutes. It may not be necessary to specify that there is no need to place the tank in the freezer upstream: you can get started in the preparation of your ice cream spontaneously. The device ignores the LCD screen present in other models.
We appreciate its rather discreet and harmonious look with its rounded lines. Once again, the dimensions are quite bulky and a rather large weight, capacitor requires, hands it is still a little more maneuverability than other models with a total weight of just under 11 kg.
 Of course you will not have fun walking with it but do not worry, it will not stain in your kitchen!
Everything is extremely easy to start and thanks to automatic features, even neophytes can achieve excellent ice cream in a short time. It is worth remembering that despite the capacity of 2 L of each of the tanks, it should not be poured 2L of preparation, because the whole gain in volume over the turbining.
Some small (but really small) flats are still noteworthy: when using the fixed tank, the preparation tends to crystallize and adhere to the walls during the turbining, and in Italian ice mode, it is advantageous to consume its preparations rather quickly before they melt (which should not be a problem!).
The machine is at the same time a little noise but no more than most ice turbines. And finally: the price. He makes a great lover of ice cream!
These small negative points aside, we are dealing with a machine of high quality, versatile and durable: all in all, what one would expect from Magimix.
The products of my selection on offer at the moment

Unfortunately, not all of us have a Neapolitan grandmother to invite us to share delicious meals every Sunday, but that does not mean we have to deprive ourselves of delicious homemade ice creams and sorbets.
And fortunately for us as for the grannies of the Vesuvius countryside, the age of the manual ice cream maker, rather demanding in terms of effort, is over. Today there are many models on the market that allow us to give free rein to our creativity in terms of fragrances and colors, all without spending hours or getting tired – all at prices that are suitable for all budgets.
The benefits of homemade ice cream
First of all, making ice cream allows you to have control over the ingredients, and at a time when more and more voices are rising on the dangers of additives, it is rather reassuring.
Free to embellish your creations using food coloring or edible powder powders if you wish (there is a natural version or organic, if it is a requirement for you) or to favor simple creations based on fruits, milk and sugar: the most important thing is that you know exactly what is in what you consume.
People who are allergic to certain ingredients that one tends to find in a quasi-systematic way in the trade (the eggs for example, even the traces of nuts), even intolerant to the lactose, can rest quiet knowing that by creating their own desserts, they risk nothing and enjoy a greater variety than buying their ice cream in supermarkets.
Second advantage: we put as much sugar as we want. Of course, ice may not be the most suitable food when you want to pay attention to its line or prefer a diet low in sugar for a medical reason or other.
But far from me the idea of ​​throwing the stone: if you want to allow a small gap, a good homemade ice cream with a limited amount of added sugar will limit the damage compared to a product bought in the trade.
Third reason: as I told you above, creativity can be done. Why limit yourself to the good old vanilla-strawberry when you can taste ice cream blueberries-zest of lemon, butternut-pecan, matcha-mint, basil-ginger and you go?
The type of machine
To guide you in your choice, let's start by differentiating ice cream maker and ice turbine, two very different machines.
The ice cream maker
The ice cream maker works by cold build-up: ice cream is started by placing the ice cream maker's bowl in the freezer for about 12 hours – this will vary depending on the appliance – which will freeze the liquid.
Subsequently, we add the ingredients mixed in the ice cream maker that is closed and let for about half an hour.
In terms of price, the ice cream maker is much less expensive than the ice turbine. It is less convenient, however, because you have to think about ice cream the night before.
We can of course keep the tank in the freezer permanently. If you prefer to opt for this type of machine, you can take a look at the article devoted to it.
The ice turbine
The ice turbine has a refrigerant motor and therefore does not need to be placed in the freezer. It requires a larger investment than an ice cream maker, but saves space (in your freezer at least) and prepare your preparation more spontaneously, without having to think about it the day before.
Basic elements
The devices, whatever their level of price or complexity, all have the following elements:
A mixing blade
It helps redistribute the cold and ensure a creamy and consistent texture for your ice cream.
A removable bowl
It makes it possible to prepare your mixture independently of the appliance and to facilitate cleaning.
The options
Depending on the model selected, you will have options such as the automatic shutdown of the device after preparation is complete; a timer that alerts you when the preparation is ready; two vats that allow you to prepare two flavors at the same time; the ability to pause the device and add ingredients; temperature control and a time indicator.
In short, to see according to what you are looking for absolutely!
The volume of the tank of an ice cream maker or ice turbine varies once again depending on the model chosen. This is to be taken into account depending on the amount of ice that you intend to produce.
If you are making home-made ice cream for a large family or plan to have dinner with a lot of guests from time to time, opt for a high-capacity machine.
There are tanks with a volume of one to two liters, knowing that a liter of ice is enough for about 4 people (or 3, depending on the level of greed!). There are also two-tank models that can be used to prepare a double dose, or even two lots of two different flavors.
The power
Once again, this varies according to the model selected: there are devices with a power of 6W (ice cream machines operating with a cold accumulator system) as machines that exceed 180W (with a built-in cooling unit) ).
The more powerful your machine is, the less time it will take to cool down, which will allow you to prepare your ice cream without having to wait several hours in advance.
Maintenance and storage
Nothing special, even for those allergic to dishes: the inside of the device is cleaned in a simple blow of wet sponge. Almost all ice cream makers and ice turbines have one (or two) removable tanks that can be removed more easily during cleaning.
Usually made of aluminum or plastic, they simply wash with hot water and washing-up liquid like most kitchen utensils. Some even go in the dishwasher: to check during your purchase. The mixing blade is also detached.
The budget
Cold storage ice cream makers at 20 € can be found as ice turbines for a quasi-professional use at prices up to 700 or 800 €.
You decide based on your budget, the number of people in your home, the intended use and the time you want to devote to the preparation of your ice cream.
For an entry-level ice turbine of reasonable manufacturing quality, plan a budget of at least 150 €. This may seem high, but when you take into account the fact that a pot of quality ice cream can cost about 4.30 €, the calculation is done quickly.

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