The 6 (real) Best Combined Fridge 2019

Posted on March 7, 2019
After several hours of research, I finally made my selection of the 6 best fridges combined among more than thirty models available at the moment.
My favorite is the Bosch KDV47VL30, a mid-range model spacious, high-performance, and rather well thought out in storage.
You will also find at the end of this article a buying guide to choose the combined fridge that will perfectly match your needs.

The best cheap fridges combined
The entry-level combi fridges are divided into two categories: standard models and mini-handsets. To avoid unpleasant surprises, always make sure to carefully check the dimensions, especially the net capacity of the combi.
If their price is low, cheap models already offer very good performance. Their small weakness? Door seals and accessories.
Samsung RB30J3000SA: the best cheap


 Climatic class SN-N-ST

 Lack of precision of the temperature setting
 Fixed height shelves

It is probably useless to present Samsung: smartphones to the kitchen equipment through the TV, the brand is everywhere! When it comes to refrigerators, the manufacturer is quite uneven. But with his combo RB30J3000SA / EF, Samsung is doing the job!
This model has fairly standard dimensions: 59.5 cm wide, 66.8 cm deep and 1.78 cm high. So we are on a standard net capacity: 311 L, 98 L for the freezer, located at the bottom, and 213 L for the refrigerator, which is the top of the device.
The Samsung RB30J3000SA / EF combi is an energy class A + device that is among the most discreet on the market. We can not say it enough: the 100% silent model does not exist. But with a volume of 39 dB, this combi is doing really well!
Nothing to report in terms of LED lighting, which is satisfactory. In terms of technology, this combi benefits from the Digital Inverter Compressor, an automatic control system that allows you to readjust the power according to the temperature of each level of the refrigerator. Not surprisingly, we also find the True No Frost function, which prevents the formation of frost.
The Samsung RB30J3000SA / EF combi has a good cooling capacity (12 kg / 24h). We will appreciate its climatic class (SN, N, ST) which allows it to operate under optimal conditions in a rather wide temperature range (from 16 to 38 ° C). It should therefore find its place in all kitchens, whatever the orientation.
We appreciate the organization: the storage is quite well thought out. It is quite easy to organize the races in the refrigerator part, especially as the space of the door is well exploited. We can still be surprised at the lack of storage for the bottles, and regret that it is impossible to vary the height of the shelves …
The freezer is quite basic, since it has 3 compartments: simple, but all the more effective as they open fully. Be careful though: the shelves and top storage can be a little difficult for small sizes to access.
In use, the Samsung RB30J3000SA / EF combi is far from flawless. It is indeed difficult to precisely adjust the temperature.
On the other hand, if its glass shelves are of excellent quality, the combination of dishes or bottles and the vibrations of the appliance can produce a noticeable background noise. This is not necessarily the combi most suitable for an open kitchen.
This model does not offer less a homogeneous cold, and it is extremely good job. It also displays an elegant design and has very nice finishes. Given its price, it is therefore rather convincing despite its weaknesses.
Hisense RT156D4AG1: a compact model that does its job very well!


 High-performance and economical combination

 Reduced net capacity: 120 L

Hisense is a Chinese brand that has had the time to build a fairly good reputation, since it has existed since 1969. Although its catalog is quite extensive, it is more specifically known for its TVs and refrigerators.
In 2016, Hisense ranked as the world's 4th largest manufacturer of refrigerators. In other words, the know-how is at the rendezvous. The combi RT156D4AG1 is the best proof!
This model has compact dimensions: 48.1 cm wide by 51 cm deep and 1.18 m high. Despite its small size, it offers a net capacity of 120 L, that is 91 L for the refrigerator and 29 L for the freezer.
It is also designed to accommodate a microwave on the top. This model energy class A + is among the so-called "silent" models, since its noise level is 40 dB.
It will be understood: this mini combi is thought for a kitchenette. It is also a pretty good model to equip a caravan.
It can finally be used as additional storage, in addition to a larger model, provided it is installed in a temperate place, since it displays an N-ST climate class. It must therefore be installed in a place whose temperature is between 16 and 38 ° C.
There is the manufacturer's bias, which clearly gives priority to the chilled part. But if the freezer is a very small size, it is nonetheless very reliable. Both parts are quite well designed: it is possible to fully exploit the available space.
The refrigerator door is particularly well exploited: it even has a storage for bottles … which is not the case of the Samsung RB30J3000SA, with dimensions yet standard!
Let's linger on the top of the device, supposed to accommodate a microwave. While the combi is not very high, it is nice to use it as a storage plan.
But beware of its small size: all microwaves will not find their place on such a small surface. It should also be noted that the surface is not slip-resistant.
It is nonetheless possible to exploit this space, either with a small microwave or with a coffee maker or any other piece of small appliances. However, we will take care to have a slip-resistant protection to avoid any incident.
If you are looking for a traditional model, go your way. However, if you need a mini-combi, no doubt you will be satisfied with the performance of the Hinsense RT156D4AG1. Because if you are on a very basic model, it is extremely good job. And not to spoil it, it displays a pleasant design and very pretty finishes.
The best mid-range combo fridges
The mid-range models are distinguished first and foremost by their technical characteristics. It becomes possible to find Class A ++ devices, such as the Bosch KDV47VL30, which prove to be efficient and above all economical in the long term.
Another peculiarity of its devices: their tropical or subtropical climate class extended. These devices can therefore work optimally even if you use them as backup storage, installed in a cellar or garage.
Bosch KDV47VL30: the best midrange


 Door with reversible hinges, 90 ° opening
 Interior lighting to be reviewed

Bosch is one of the heavyweights in home appliances that we no longer present. The brand of appliances offers reliable appliances, which offer most of the time a value for money. And in the category of combination refrigerators, the manufacturer knows what he is doing. The proof with the KDV 47 VL 30, a truly very successful model.
This combi has fairly generous dimensions, although they remain in the standard: 70 cm wide for 65 cm deep and 1.91 m high. It therefore offers a net capacity slightly higher than these comrades: 315 L (instead of 310 L traditional).
Bosch is betting on the refrigerated part, which has a capacity of 229 L. The freezer (4 stars) offers a capacity of 89 L.
The first strong point of this device? Its energy class A ++.
Its extended tropical climate class (SN-T) gives it great flexibility, since it operates in a temperature ranging from 10 ° C to 43 ° C. With its nice design, it is obviously in its place in the kitchen, but it will work so well in the garage. This combi also falls into the category of so-called "silent" models (sound level: 39 dB).
In terms of functions, Bosch is one of the big brands that offers their own technologies, so it's important to take the time to decrypt.
This model has a VitaFresh compartment, designed to better preserve fruits and vegetables through better control of humidity. There is also the classic Low Frost technology, which limits frost formation.
This model is equipped with the FreshSense system, sensors designed to ensure uniform and optimal refrigeration. The freezer finally benefits from the SuperFreezing system, which allows you to quickly freeze the food you store, without harming the freezing of products already stored.
In fact, the handset offers excellent performance. We also appreciate its beautiful autonomy in case of breakdown: not less than 30h. His little thing more? Not only this model has a very good capacity, but the storage is also well thought out to fully exploit the space.
The combi has 5 safety glass shelves, 3 of which are adjustable in height. The freezer has an adjustable shelf, too. We particularly appreciate the chrome bottle rack, knowing that the door also has 4 bins, which can store the largest bottles.
The Bosch KDV 47 VL 30 has only one noticeable flaw: its interior lighting is not really on top. The brand wanted to propose a new system, producing a uniform and glare-free light. This is unfortunately not the expected success: the bottom of the device is much darker than the front. Caution also for small sizes: the freezer shelf can be complicated to reach.
Admittedly, this model is not absolutely perfect. But this very powerful combi – with its elegant design – is nonetheless easy to live with every day. An excellent choice for a family!
Samsung RB29FWJNDSA: a combi a little too full of fantasy …?


 Energy class: A +
 Climatic class: SN-ST

 Average enough capacity for its size

With the combi RB29FWJNDSA, Samsung offers a midrange device that does pretty well job. Unfortunately, he gives in to the temptation of the superficial, proposing some nice little originalities … but not necessarily functional!
This combi shows a template that can leave skeptical: 59.5 cm wide for 66.8 cm wide and 1.78 m high. It could be expected that its capacity was over 288 L net (98L for the freezer and 190L for the refrigerator). In case of power failure, this device has a battery life of 18h: honorable, without being exceptional.
This A + energy class device displays a standard sound level of 39 dB, so it belongs to the category of so-called "silent" combis. A very good point for this model: its climate class SN-ST (extended subtropical). It can therefore operate in any place where the temperature is between 10 ° C and 38 ° C.
We find some constants at Samsung. First, No Frost technology that limits the appearance of frost. And the Digital Inverter Compressor that maintains a constant temperature more stable.
Side storage and options, however, Samsung is loose. We find the opening of its various compartments, which allow easy access to stored food. And a riot of storage space on the door.
This variety contrasts with classic balconies, and at first glance, it is quite attractive. In use, on the other hand, they are rather useless, even frankly boring (good luck to store bottles!). In short, one is more on the surface than on the practice.
Then we are surprised handles, quite impressive. A more ergonomic version would have been welcome. To tell the truth, we could even do without it!
Finally there is the question of the water dispenser on the door: there are those who love and those for whom it is without interest. For once, it's a question of taste!
The fact is that the combi RB29FWJNDSA is doing its job … no more. In terms of capacity and performance, it is average (or slightly below). The fault, no doubt, equipment certainly very attractive, but not really practical.
The best high end fridges combined
The high-end models offer a much more generous capacity: they easily exceed 300 L. They are therefore perfectly suited to large families.
They offer interesting performance, including a nice autonomy in case of power failure.
Siemens KG49NXI30: the best high end


 Generous net capacity

 Precise temperature adjustment

 Medium lighting system

Siemens is another safe bet for home appliances. And the manufacturer is especially good at blowing hot and cold in the kitchen! Whether it's cooking food or keeping it cool, the brand offers equipment that is reliable and powerful. It proves it again, with the handset KG49NXI30 Hyperfresh.
This model displays dimensions slightly higher than those of standard models: 70 cm wide and 67 cm deep for 2.03 m height (caution, therefore, for small templates!). This device also displays a capacity correspondingly: 435 L (330 L for the refrigerator and 105 L for the freezer).
The handset KG49NXI30 is a device of energy class A ++. With a sound volume of 40 dB, it belongs to the category of silent devices.
Its door allows a 90 ° opening without overflow, which allows to install it near a wall. If this combi has a very nice design, it does not rank less in the climate class SN-T (tropical extended). It will work optimally not only in the kitchen, of course, but also in any place where the temperature is between 10 ° C and 43 ° C.
The device has 20 hours of autonomy, which is quite honorable. Its freezing power places it a little above standard models: 15kg / 24H.
In addition to No Frost technology, which prevents the formation of frost, this combi has a plethora of technologies with evocative names … but can be confusing! Let's make the point …
The hyperFresh drawer benefits from an optimal humidity level for the conservation of fruits and vegetables. FreshSense sensors regulate the temperature in case of untimely variation (especially following the opening of the door).
 The MultiAirflow system ensures a homogeneous circulation of air in the refrigeration compartment. The filter The antiBacteria system coupled with the airfreshFilter filter effectively neutralizes the smell of the refrigerator and eliminates bacteria.
 The super-refrigeration system allows you to quickly lower the temperature, for example to quickly refresh drinks or to store food without the already stored food warming up. The multiAlarm system: a visual and audible alarm signaling any abnormal rise in temperature.
Finally, we note the design of safetyGlass shelves, unbreakable safety glass and equipped with a rim that prevents overflow in case of spilled liquid.
In short! The KG49NXI30 handset has all the assets to allow you to store a significant amount of food safely. And not to waste anything, it allows to adjust the temperature accurately.
Side storage, the space is rather well organized. The freezer consists of three spacious compartments. The refrigerator has two floors HyperFrech, three traditional shelves and a drinks rack, as well as 3 balconies and a bottle storage in the door.
If you have to look for the little beast, you can blame a rather average lighting system, but that's about it.
If the Siemens KG49NXI30 handset has an elegant look, there is nothing really striking at first glance. Admittedly, on paper, he has the essential technologies – and some others! – but it can be judged quite little different from its competitors.
In use, it is nevertheless reliable and really practical in everyday life! An excellent choice if you are looking for a spacious and functional combination.
Smeg FAB30RP1: a model (and a price!) Of legend

Smeg has achieved a feat that probably dream many heavyweights of home appliances! The brand first became known for the quality of its devices. And she imposed a truly iconic design. Fridge, freezer or combination: Smeg appliances are recognized at first glance.
The problem ? If the performance is there, we also pay the "packaging" … and we pay for it quite expensive!
Smeg is first a retro look that never stops to inspire counterfeits and pale imitations. Let's be honest: the brand brings great care to the finishes.
It is therefore easy to recognize these appliances, which give a unique character to a kitchen. The FAB30RP1 handset is no exception. Nothing to say about its dapper look! But we must not lose sight of the fact that its soft silhouette "nibbles" on its net capacity.
Here is a model slightly larger than the standards 60 cm wide, 72 cm deep and about 1.69 m high. Still, the volume is slightly lower than one would expect: 293 L only.
If this model displays a retro look, the technology is well and truly level! This A ++ energy class device is one of the most discrete on the market, with a noise level of 38 dB. Its climate class SN-T allows it to operate optimally when the temperature is between 10 ° C and 43 ° C.
If the storage space is small, it is pretty well organized. The refrigerator door is equipped with 7 modular compartments, including an egg locker. The compartment has 3 adjustable height glass shelves, a chrome bottle rack, a cheese compartment and 2 crispers.
The freezer leaves more to be desired as it only offers a shelf in height, intended for the ice cube tray: not the top to optimize space and organize food.
In terms of performance, the handset FAB30RP1 does its job, but it tends to fall short of its competitors: a rather unconvincing freezing power (3kg / 24h) and an autonomy of 15H in case of power failure.
Aesthetically, this model is a little gem, which will melt any lover of deco. And we must admit that the handset FAB30RP1 Smeg does its job … but not much better than a good mid-range model.
No alarm, a basic temperature setting, all technologies are limited (the system no Frost, mainly) …, Given its tariff, we would be entitled to hope better.
The products of my selection on offer at the moment
No products from my selection are on sale at the moment.

The combo fridge is so common that you almost forget that it plays a very important role everyday. It ensures the storage and good preservation of food. It must therefore provide sufficient cold and ensure good hygiene. It is therefore worth taking the time to think before choosing a model!
The type of combined fridge
There are 3 types of combi refrigerators.
The fridge topped the freezer
In this case, priority in the refrigerator: it is the most spacious of the two compartments. The freezer, cubic, is usually equipped with a shelf. It does not allow to store a lot of food – just a few frozen.
The freezer topped the fridge
On this type of device, the compartments "refrigeration" and "freezing" are of volume that can be equivalent. This type of device can store frozen products, ice cream, but also your own frozen food.
The American model
This is the model with freezer and fridge being side by side. If it is very bulky, it is the combi fridge that offers the greatest capacity.
The choice depends entirely on your consumption habits.
The dimensions
The first criterion of choice is, of course, the space you have. At equal capacity, the dimensions of a model can vary from a few millimeters to a few centimeters. It would be a shame to miss!
So carefully lift the width, the depth and possibly the height.
The location
The combi is equipped with two hinged doors. Depending on the configuration of the kitchen, it may be easier to open the door on the right or on the left. The ideal is to opt for a model equipped with a reversible door.
You have to install your fridge handset against a wall? Opt for a model like the Siemens KG49NXI30, whose door opens at 90 ° without overflow.
Climate class
If the ambient temperature is very low or, on the contrary, too high, your combined fridge may be hard to beat. Not only will it consume much more energy, but in addition, its performance will be impacted: the temperature produced will be too high, the cold not uniform enough … and it will quickly affect the good conservation of food.
To avoid this type of annoyance, always check the climatic class of your appliance: SN (temperate enlarged at a temperature of 10 to 32 ° C), N (temperate at a temperature of 16 to 32 ° C), ST (semi-tropical either a temperature of 18 to 38 ° C), T (tropical or a temperature of 18 to 43 ° C), SN-T (tropical extended or a temperature of 10 to 43 ° C), NT: (temperate to tropical is a temperature of 16 to 43 ° C), SN-ST (extended subtropical is a temperature of 10 to 38 ° C), N-ST (sterilized to subtropical or a temperature of 15 to 38 ° C).
The energy class
Your combi will be connected permanently. It is therefore important to opt for a model that is as economical as possible.
If you are looking for a small combi to equip a temporary home – such as a student room – an energy class A + model is more than enough.
If you are looking for a model of great capacity, intended to equip the family kitchen and to last for many years, better to opt for an A ++ class device. These models are extremely rare in the "cheap" category.
We must therefore move towards mid-range and high-end devices. But in the medium term, you will realize substantial energy savings to amortize your investment!
Some foods are very fragile (this is particularly the case of meat and fish). As for frozen foods, once they are thawed, you must either consume them or … throw them away!
In other words, a power failure can lead to carnage. To avoid this, we think about checking the autonomy of the device. One rule: "the more, the better"!
The type of cold
A distinction is made between the brewed air, which propels the cold air evenly in the appliance, and the ventilated cold, which makes it possible to better eliminate moisture to prevent frost formation.
The capacity
If you do not want to have a chore every other day, the capacity of your combi must allow you to store a suitable amount of race. A single person can easily accommodate the net capacity 120L of a mini model, such as the Hisense RT156D4AG1.
If you hesitate, follow the guide: 200 to 300 liters for a couple, 250 to 400 liters for a couple with a child and 300 to 600 liters for a couple with 2 or 3 children.
Attention by decrypting the technical manual! The figure that interests you is the NET capacity (or usable capacity) of the device.
The accessories
Practical advice: do not neglect the accessories – shelves, bottle rack etc – because they are the ones that will allow you to fully exploit the available space.
Choose adjustable accessories and / or removable, which will allow you to organize your combi according to your consumption habits. Focus on quality materials: chromed metal for the bottle rack and safety glass for shelves – more sturdy and more hygienic than plastic.
The major brands offer a host of technologies whose name varies, since each manufacturer seeks to develop innovative systems and unpublished. In fact, these technologies tend to look alike.
To have a powerful device, take the time to decode what the proposed technologies are. Among the most common (and most useful!): The prevention of frost formation (eg No Frost system); the fast refrigeration function (Super Cool) that allows you to quickly cool your drinks; Super Freeze feature to freeze food faster the fresh vat, which offers an optimal moisture content to preserve your fruits and vegetables; adjustable temperature zones, so that each section of the unit has a specific temperature; ionization (or antibacterial treatment) to ensure better hygiene.
Do not forget to check the base: the thermostat. You must be able to adjust the temperature as precisely as possible. Some devices have an external digital thermostat, on the front, which is quite practical.
Another useful function is the visual and / or audible alarm, which warns you if the temperature rises dangerously.
The freezer
If you mainly want to store ice cream or frozen food, you do not need to look for a war machine. If you want to freeze foods and good food yourself, it's important to make sure that the freezer is suitable. To judge its performance, check the stars.
1 or 2 stars
The freezer reaches – 6 ° C and keeps the frozen and frozen products 2 to 3 days for 1 star. It reaches – 12 ° C and keeps frozen and frozen products up to 4 weeks for 2 stars.
3 stars
The preservative can reach – 18 ° C, and it keeps frozen and frozen products for 12 months.
 4 stars
The freezer reaches – 24 ° C. It is able to freeze foods, and keep frozen and frozen products for 12 months.
The distributors
The handset can offer one or two dispensers (water and ice). Caution: on some models, the dispenser may nibble on the interior space. You may end up with a larger model than expected!
The sound level
The biggest disappointment when buying a fridge combi? The noise ! Especially since most devices claim to be silent.
We can not say it enough: it's a marketing argument. The silent combi has still not been invented! A model is said to be "silent" when it produces a low noise (40 dB).
Some models tend to 35 dB. But there is still a noise, which can also be slightly amplified for various reasons (especially if your device is not stable).
In conclusion, which combined fridge to choose?
Of course, the combined fridge must ensure! There is no question of wasting food or swallowing a stale food because the temperature is too high, or making a giant game of Tetris every time you store the races …
Nevertheless, "in real life", it is often necessary to make a compromise between the ideal capacity and the space available in the kitchen. The most practical choice often turns around 310 L: it is this template that is in the spotlight in my selection.
Moreover, we will not lie: given its size, the combined fridge occupies space in the kitchen! We can not ignore the style.
Moreover, the manufacturers have understood it well. Not only have they long given up the good old handset all white, but they often decline their devices in several colors (this is particularly the case of the very iconic Smeg FAB30RP1).
A little trick of a deco addict: beware of the crush! Even if you rummage in the category of small prices, the combined fridge is not given. On the other hand, it is made to last several years. But tastes change and trends go: to avoid getting tired, stay on a fairly simple model, like the Samsung RB30J3000SA, the Bosch KDV47VL30 or the Siemens KG49NXI30!
Honorable Mentions
Samsung RB37J5820SA With a useful volume of 360 L – 98L for the freezer and 262 L for the refrigerator – and a climate class SN / T (10 ° C to 43 ° C), this model is a good option to equip a family kitchen or to have generous backup storage. Not the most glamorous … but super convenient!
Samsung Family Hub RB38M7998S4/EU Ce combiné dernière génération n’est certes pas donné ! Mais il commence à faire parler de lui. D’accord : il peut être déconseillé de regarder sa série préférée en cuisinant !
Mais ce combi connecté permet aussi de chiper des recettes sur le web, de jeter un œil à son contenu en faisant les courses, de noter les dates de péremptions pour éviter de gaspiller et même de gérer le planning de toute la famille. Et en plus, il offre une capacité plutôt généreuse. À checker… à condition d’avoir le budget !
Haier HBM686SWD Certes, son design est passable et son organisation basique. Ce modèle de 309 L (220 L pour le réfrigérateur et 89 L pour le congélateur) n’en fait pas moins son job. Et il propose même un distributeur d’eau. Un mini prix qui vaut le détour !
Beko REC52S Son niveau sonore est un peu élévé (44 dB) et son design manque sans doute un peu de soin. Mais avec ses 450 L (326 L pour le réfrigérateur et 124 L pour le congélateur), il affiche une capacité appréciable pour une famille. Un modèle qui fait plutôt bien son job (et qui est équipé d’un distributeur d’eau), même si son pouvoir de congélation laisse un peu à désirer.

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