The 6 (Real) Best Furniture Shoes 2019

Posted on February 25, 2019
After several hours of research, I finally made my selection of 6 best shoe furniture among more than twenty models available at the moment.
My favorite is the Maisons du Monde Cottage, a high-end decorative and compact model that is perfect in the lobby, solo or combined with another element if space allows.
You will also find at the end of this article a buying guide to choose the shoe cabinet perfectly suited to your needs.

The best furniture cheap shoes
There is a wide variety of models at very low prices, but it is essential to be vigilant.
For classic furniture with drawers, the quality of the materials, especially the hardware, will be examined. For the models intended for the wardrobe or the dressing, one will check the solidity of the fasteners as well as the care brought to the finishes of the lockers.
Ikea Bissa: the best cheap


 Possibility to combine several cabinets
 Wall mounting required (kit sold separately)

When it comes to functional and cheap storage, Ikea is simply and unavoidably. The Swedish giant has a particular talent for the organization of the wardrobe.
The furniture kit pro is known for its dressings, but it is nonetheless able to produce really interesting storage elements. The proof with his shoe cabinet Bissa.
The Bissa wardrobe consists of two lockers, which can accommodate 8 pairs of shoes. Note that everything depends on your shoes: stilettos or ballerinas addicts will probably be able to wear more. Its dimensions are reasonable: 49 cm wide, for 28 cm deep and 93 cm high.
This wardrobe has a simple but elegant design. Its dark brown color allows it to blend easily into any interior. This is one of Ikea's classic finishes: if you have already invested in the furniture of the brand, or if you intend to do so, you can easily compose a harmonious whole.
The simple look of this shoe cabinet owes nothing to chance. Another specialty of Ikea is to design elements that can be combined. If you need a larger piece of furniture, you can install two Bissa elements side by side.
In use, this model is easy to live with. It is possible to adapt the storage to your needs, since the lockers are equipped with separations that you can place or remove at will. Robust, this model is also easy to clean, since it is enough to use a cloth soaked in mild detergent.
Attention to the installation: the cabinet Bissa is delivered in kit (obviously!) And it must imperatively be fixed on the wall. If the panels are pre-drilled, the fasteners are bought independently, since the choice depends on the material of your wall.
Finally, we note that the furniture has no background. The idea seems to be to allow your shoes to be properly ventilated. The effect is not necessarily terrible when you open one of the lockers: it all depends on your wallcovering and brightness. But this remains anecdotal!
With the Bissa wardrobe, Ikea offers a compact, stylish and ultra-functional shoe cabinet for a really low price. This small discreet piece of furniture is rarely put forward in the aisles of the sign: it is nevertheless a must have for small budgets!
Whitmor: a small price at the top for the dressing room


 Beautiful storage capacity

 Unsuitable for very large pairs of shoes

Whitmor is a family business, founded nearly 70 years ago in Mississippi, USA. The brand has specialized in storage. From the laundry room to the dressing room, it has everything you need to organize the house. Its strong point: an excellent quality / price ratio.
This shoe storage is designed to fit in the wardrobe or dressing room. First of all, we appreciate the quality of the materials and the care given to the finishes.
This model is very suitable for an open dressing room because it displays a very nice design. A little extra: the nets on the side of the lockers, which provide additional storage space, for example for socks and tights.
Whitmor Shoe Storage stores 10 pairs of shoes. It is equipped with metal hooks that guarantee good stability and excellent resistance over time.
This model has all-purpose dimensions: 12.7 cm wide, 29.2 cm deep and 1.32 m high, it fits into most standard wardrobes and walk-in wardrobes. It may be regrettable that the lockers are still small, and that they all have the same format: so do not expect to store all the shoes (including the highest boots), but it is a constant in shoe storage for a wardrobe.
This shoe storage offers great storage capacity and is really solid, which is already an excellent point for an entry-level model. We also note its design worked with the greatest care: a little more pleasant everyday (and quite rare in this price range!).
If you are looking for a wardrobe or dressing room model, the Whitmor is undeniably one of the most successful on the market.
The best mid-range shoe furniture
Mid-range models fall into two categories.
On the one hand, you will find shoe cabinets with a neat design, which will be decore enough to find their place in an entrance. On the other hand, you will find models with a look much more austere but offering a large storage capacity.
Songmics bamboo: the best of mid-range

Songmics is a recent brand since it was launched in 2012. It offers a rich catalog of home and garden equipment, as well as a range of pet accessories and equipment. The brand excels particularly in the design of storage units, which are distinguished by their design: simple and functional, they are also robust. Among its success stories: this beautiful shoe cabinet, which will find its place in the garage as well as in the entrance.
This model is a disarming simplicity, since it is simply made of 3 shelves, 2 frames, 3 boards and 12 screws. Suffice to say that it is not very complicated to ride, especially since it comes with everything needed! With dimensions that are reasonable – 70 cm long for 26 cm deep and 55 cm high – it offers an already honorable storage capacity: 8 to 10 pairs of shoes.
This shoe cabinet has a matte look: it will inevitably find its place at home, whatever your type of decoration. We will also appreciate the choice of bamboo: an aesthetic material, solid and renewable and recyclable. And not to spoil anything, it is not very demanding in terms of daily maintenance. Unlike a wardrobe, he does not hide shoes. But it's roomy enough for you to clean up.
If the Songmics furniture is designed for shoes, it is very versatile. It is indeed strong enough to accommodate some flower pots, or be distracted to store your books or DVDs. In short: it is a reasonable investment, which you will not fail to amortize in the long term.
If this model is not extra-solid (we will avoid for example to divert the bench, even if it is tempting!), It is really practical and easy to fit at home. Functional and design, it will slip as well in the entrance or under the veranda as in the garage. And the day you're tired of it, you'll have no trouble finding it another use!
Songmics cover: a medium design but a sacred ability!

 Large storage capacity


For large families – or addicted to shoes! – Songmics offers an XXL shoe cabinet. With its 9 shelves, this model can actually accommodate no less than 27 pairs of shoes. While this is not necessarily the prettiest model on the market, but it has a formidable ability.
Let's be honest: the Songmics bookshelf is not necessarily very pretty. Certainly, it displays friendly lines and a nice cream and chocolate color, but the quality of materials is not really at the rendezvous.
The structure and the non-woven fabric are quite robust enough to do the job, but the whole gives off an impression all the same very "cheap" – especially as this model is a featherweight (no worries, however: the cabinet is stable). So avoid installing this model too prominent, under penalty of giving a blow to the decor.
If the aesthetic appearance leaves something to be desired, editing is easy. In everyday life, this wardrobe is easy to live. The scratches that hold the curtain are solid, and the zipper is of fairly good quality. We also appreciate the quality of the breathable fabric, which ensures good ventilation.
To give you such a generous capacity, the Songmics shelf cabinet has impressive dimensions: 1.60 m high, 50 cm wide and 28 cm deep. This model also has two small side pockets of 14 cm side.
This cabinet is designed to store shoes, it is quite versatile. So you can divert or recycle to store towels, bed linen or clothing.
If you are looking for a deco model, better go your way. On the other hand, if you need to stock a large number of pairs of shoes, the Songmics shelving unit is definitely the model for you.
The best furniture high-end shoes
We can perfectly find a shoe cabinet that is perfect in your home … or even that gives it a little extra touch of fantasy! The quality of materials, as a bonus, is at the rendezvous!
Maisons du Monde Cottage: the best upscale


 Complementary storage for accessories

Maisons du Monde is a well known brand for its collections of neat furniture. If the brand does not position itself definitely among the trend creators, it knows very well surfing the modes of the moment.
The brand also offers more timeless collections, willingly inspired by the ocean coast or country houses. Among its sure values: Cottage, a collection that includes a very nice shoe cabinet.
The Cottage collection is composed of various pieces of white pine. If you have a nice space at home, then you can adopt the shoe cabinet in combination with the ladder shelf or cloakroom. Maisons du Monde is indeed taking an assumed bias: priority to decor.
This shoe cabinet can therefore go completely unnoticed in the entrance. With its two baskets and two lockers for shoes, it passes without difficulty for a traditional furniture. The best, if you do not like to have a collection of shoes under the nose permanently!
We appreciate the rattan baskets, which bring a touch of charm to the furniture. And they are also very useful to welcome scarves or handbag: practice in a small entrance.
Especially since the dimensions of this model are reasonable (80 cm wide for 93 cm high and 34 cm deep). In terms of capacity, you can expect to store a dozen pairs of shoes: an honorable capacity, if not exceptional.
As always with Maisons du Monde, the quality of materials and pretty finishes are at the rendezvous. In this case, it is a plating of Paulownia, a wood from Asia that is robust and elegant. Attention: although its structure consists of medium density panel, the furniture is relatively massive (16 kg all the same).
Alone or in combination with other pieces of the collection, the Cottage Shoe cabinet is a very pretty model if you are looking for a model to place in the entrance. And it is also very functional. A safe bet!
Seville Classics: functional and robust

 Robust epoxy steel frame


Seville Classics is an American brand established in California. For almost 40 years, she has been offering a complete catalog of furniture and accessories for the home.
The brand is particularly effective when it comes to offering high-end storage. Its trademark: functional models made of high quality materials. These extendable shoe racks are a fine example of Seville Classics' know-how.
With its three levels, this extensible furniture goes straight to the point. Here, not superfluous, but a solid epoxy steel structure, resistant and elegant. If the design is simple, nothing "cheap" so far. Not satisfied with being refined, this model is elegant.
This low model will find its place in the entrance as well as in the dressing room or garage. We note its remarkable capacity: up to 21 shoes when it is at its maximum.
Of course, it's up to you to adjust to the space you have, even if you want to reduce its capacity. For this, you can adjust your shelves from 64.5 cm to 1.18 m.
It should be noted that in contrast to too many models expandable, the Seville Classics displays the same behavior and the same resistance, even when it is extended to the maximum. While steel weighs its weight (3.5 kg empty), but the structure has an impeccable hold and stability.
The Seville Classics design will not appeal to everyone. If you are looking for a piece of furniture able to hide the shoes from the eyes and to blend in completely with the decor, it is better to turn to another model.
On the other hand, if you are looking primarily for a functional model, you will appreciate these shelves. Reliable, robust and practical, they are an excellent investment!
The products of my selection on offer at the moment

Each individual has on average a dozen shoes. If you are 2 at home, the situation can quickly turn into chaos (more or less) organized!
The shoe cabinet is a must stowage. But before choosing a model, it is essential to ask yourself about the use (and location!) To which you intend it.
In the entrance, the shoe cabinet usually has the purpose of storing the pairs of shoes that you use daily. In the dressing room or in the bedroom, it will be necessary to store either an important shoe collection, or the winter shoes in summer (and vice versa).
So you can choose to combine two storage units – one in the hall and the other in the bedroom – or opt for an XL model.
The type of furniture
Decorating and storage specialists compete to design a variety of shoe cabinets. There are, however, some basic models.
Low shelves
Fixed or extensible, the shelves are basic but functional shoe storage. These storage spaces easily find their place in a dressing room at the bottom of the closet.
Decorators love them relatively little, because the shoes are exposed to the eyes. However, the shelves offer optimum capacity.
High shelves
Benefiting from a large storage capacity, these shelves are often intended for the garage. They have a breathable canvas designed to protect your shoes from dust.
Shoe rack for wardrobe
Made in canvas and possibly reinforced with a solid structure, these models consist of a column of lockers, intended to be hung in the wardrobe.
The boot rack
It has rods that store your boots optimally, since they will not deform.
In the entrance, we prefer closed furniture, with one or more drawers. You can opt for a basic model, like the Ikea Bissa, or prefer a model "trompe l'oeil", like the House of the World Cottage, which perfectly imitates a chest of drawers or a chiffonnier, for example.
If you have a large collection of shoes to put away, you can opt for an extreme option: the shoe closet.
The capacity
To choose the capacity of your shoe cabinet, you must consider several criteria: the number of people living at home, the space you have and the extent of the shoe collection of each.
The materials
Shelf or drawers version: the shoe cabinet is put to the test daily! If you do not want to have to renew it every year, it is important to look after the quality of the materials.
For the structure, we will favor the metal, which displays an irreproachable behavior. Plastic is much less resistant to heavy load and the passage of time.
If you opt for a closed cabinet, make sure it is breathable. If the fabric is effective in protecting your shoes from dust, wood remains a safe bet, much more aesthetic.
Storage organization
Boots or sneakers do not need the same space! To make the most of your shoe cabinet's capacity, it is best to have a well-organized space.
Wardrobe models rarely feature lockers of various sizes. On the other hand, cabinets with drawers or shelves may be more flexible. So do not hesitate to choose shelves with spacing is varied, or to choose accessorized drawers.
If you do not have a lot of room in the room or the entrance, you can go to a shoe rack accessorized. You can find a model topped with a mirror in feet, or with additional storage, in which to slip your keys, scarves or purse.
The budget
The price of a shoe cabinet depends on several criteria: the type of furniture, materials and capacity.
Count from 15 to 50 € for a wardrobe shoe rack and 20 to 100 € for low shelves.
Furniture side, the bill can fly and far exceed 100 €. The shoe closet is the most expensive option: from 1400 € for a custom-made model.
The ease of maintenance
By definition, shoes are made to walk. Even taking the trouble to clean them before placing them in the shoe cabinet, it is likely that your storage is regularly exposed to soiling.
To facilitate everyday life, we will therefore choose in priority a model easy to clean!

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