The 6 (real) Best Ironing Tables 2019

Posted on March 29, 2019
After several hours of research, I finally made my selection of 6 best tables to iron among more than thirty models available at the moment.
My favorite is definitely the Foppapedretti Assai: this top-of-the-range and aesthetic model is a really functional workstation, especially when it comes to ironing large pieces.
You will also find at the end of this article a shopping guide to choose the model of ironing board that exactly matches your needs.

The best cheap ironing tables
Few ironing tables are really satisfying. They sin mainly because of their lack of stability, which is uncomfortable and a bit dangerous.
It is therefore difficult to find an interesting model for less than 40 or 50 € … except looking for the side of the table boards. In this category you will find nuggets, although there are few that match the Jäll of Ikea.
Ikea Jäll: the best price


 Compact and lightweight model
 Machine washable cover
 Not suitable for large rooms

When you think of Ikea, you usually think kitchen, dressing room and other pieces of furniture at a nice price. However, do not underestimate the equipment and storage space offered by the sign, especially on the laundry side.
And it would be a pity to miss out on this mini ironing board, which can be devilishly practical in many circumstances!
The Jäll ironing board is a table model. In other words, an ironing board that is placed on a table or a worktop. It is therefore THE ideal choice for students or people who only have a small laundry room, and who need an ironing board that is as space-saving as possible.
Sewing and / or patchwork addicts will appreciate this little board. It is also a relevant choice for holidays, even for regular pros.
This model can also be used as a side table, in addition to a classic ironing board. Smaller, lighter, more manageable: it allows you to give a little express iron your work clothes (or evening!) Before you dress.
The Jäll ironing board is indeed compact at will: 73 cm long for 32 cm wide and 13 cm high … which does not prevent it from being stable and resistant, since it is made of steel (with a epoxy coating). It is equipped with a hook that allows it to easily fit against a wall or behind a door.
Convenient to use, this model is also easy to live with. The 100% cotton cover and the polyester lining allow a machine wash at 30 ° C. Attention, however: no dryer! This model supports a maximum temperature of 200 ° C at the sole of your iron.
Unsurprisingly, the JÄLL ironing board has "the lack of its qualities": this small model is not suitable for large rooms: bath towels and bed linen, mainly.
Compact, light, manageable and functional, this table board is certainly not perfect and it will probably not fit all profiles. But in a studio, a camper or any other small space, she provides. And given its mini price, we can only appreciate its qualities!
The best mid-range ironing boards
The mid-range models have rather generous dimensions, which offer a beautiful ironing surface. At the same time robust and light, they offer you also an excellent stability.
Warning: if most of them allow you to adjust the height, the proposed amplitude can vary radically from one model to another. If you like working in a sitting position, check this last point.
Brabantia Titan: the best mid-range

 Neat design, beautiful finishes
 Ergonomic and generous ironing surface

 Cover of excellent quality

 Coating of the fragile iron rest area

Brabantia is a well-known brand of home equipment. This century-old company offers a wide range of products, since it offers different ranges for the kitchen, the bathroom or the maintenance of linen. His trademark ?
An excellent quality / price ratio! The proof, again, with the Brabantia ironing board 345647.
If this is not necessarily THE crucial criterion when choosing an ironing board, we can only notice the neat design of this model, especially since the finishes are really neat. There are few manufacturers to dwell on this point! This model is of course distinguished by more important technical characteristics.
Note first the dimensions of the table: 135 cm long and 45 cm wide, which offers a generous and functional work area. If this ironing board offers a beautiful workspace, it knows how to be discreet once it is folded, and it is also quite light.
We also appreciate the adjustable height – from 63 to 102 cm – which makes it possible to work comfortably, standing or sitting. It is particularly comfortable for people over 1.75 m.
This ironing board also has an iron rest area. However, the coating seems a little light to withstand intense heat in the long run. On the other hand, we note the high quality of the cover which offers a good working comfort.
Easy to handle, the Brabantia ironing board 345647 is equipped with a child safety device, which prevents it from closing accidentally, and a locking system that facilitates transport. Its wide feet (35 mm base) and anti-slip tips give it excellent stability. The ergonomic ironing surface facilitates work, whether it's ironing shirts, t-shirts or pants.
This model is a perfect example of Brabantia's know-how. If this ironing board does not revolutionize the concept, it is really practical and of excellent quality, despite a slight reserve on the iron rest area, likely to lose its superb long-term.
Offering outstanding comfort, the Brabantia ironing board 345647 is a "must have", especially in homes where you regularly iron large quantities of linen and clothes!
Vileda Total Reflect: the best for a steam generator!

 Total Reflect system restores heat and steam
 Iron rest XL compatible central steam
 Good ironing surface
 Suitable for tall people
 Integrated electrical outlet

 Unsuitable for sitting work
 Thread guide too narrow for a steam generator

In the category of home maintenance equipment, Vileda is a must. The brand, already present in more than thirty countries, is also available online. And it is true that in terms of price / quality ratio, it is difficult to find better when it comes to household cleaning products (and laundry, for that matter).
Not surprisingly, the brand offers a selection of interesting ironing tables, starting with the Total Reflect Plus. Certainly, this model has some flaws. But if you use a steam generator, it's definitely a choice to consider!
Without equaling that of the Brabantia Titan, the Vileda Total Reflect Plus table offers an already generous ironing surface: 130 cm long and 44 cm wide. This model allows you to adjust the height. Again, the comparison with the Brabantia model is not necessarily to his advantage.
The amplitude (from 74 to 96 cm) makes it possible to adapt to everyone … provided they work standing up. If you prefer to iron in a sitting position, be careful: even in the low position, the table remains too high and it will find a suitable stool.
The Vileda Total Reflect ironing table has several interesting features. First of all, if you use a steam generator, this model is perfectly adapted: its XL iron rest is large enough to accommodate it.
Only downside: the guide wire. This table is equipped with a plug and a wire guide, which allows you to fully exploit the length of the cable of your iron. That of a steam plant is generally thicker, and the guide wire is not suitable.
This model has another special feature: its cover (which earned it the name "Total Reflect"). It has three layers, including a thin metal layer, which restores heat and steam, avoiding condensation. This system contributes to offer a very good comfort of use.
The Vileda Total Reflect also offers more traditional, but significant features: a wide base for excellent stability and the click & stop child lock. Fairly light, it is also quite manageable.
This ironing table is probably not very suitable for people who enjoy working in a sitting position. For large size magnets working standing, however, she is at the top.
In addition to excellent value for money, it is distinguished by its ability to accommodate a steam plant … hence a question, all the same: why the guide wire was it not planned accordingly?
The best high-end ironing boards
Top-of-the-range models are distinguished first and foremost by the quality of materials: they are ironing boards that you can use for many, many years.
If one finds traditional models – even austere – like the Bartnelli T-Leg, it is also possible to find smart models, such as Brabantia Steam Control and its condensed steam recovery system.
Foppapedretti Assai: the best upscale


 Several finishes available

 Shelf for ironed linen
 Generous ironing surface

Forrapedretti is an Italian brand that was founded in 1946. It specializes primarily in furniture for children. And it's obvious, when you look at the beautiful silhouette of this wooden ironing board.
A nice design, because this model was designed for young moms, who do not necessarily want to fold and store the ironing board every day! With its soft design, this model does not denote in a living room or in the bedroom. If this model is thought for the linen and the clothes of the small ones, it will also do the job for the big ones.
The Assai ironing board has classic dimensions: 123 cm long and 50 cm wide. With 8.7 kg, it's not really a featherweight model. This is of course due to the fact that it is made of wood. This model offers three height adjustments: 85, 88 or 91 cm. It is therefore designed to work standing up.
This model has been designed to stay in place or to fit in a corner without ruining the decor: priority is clearly given to the aesthetics. This ironing table is available in various finishes (raw, white, wenge, walnut), which allows you to opt for a version in phase with your interior. It should be noted that you will have to mount it, but do not panic: the operation is really simple!
This effort on design is particularly interesting in a studio, or if you go back to your everyday life and you have no desire to spend your time transporting your ironing board.
And we must admit that in a small space, it's the best. This real "workstation" is pretty well designed! Equipped with an XL iron rest, it is also equipped with a shelf to accommodate clothes folded and ironed.
The ironing table Assai is a model with a neat aesthetic, certainly, but it does not forget to be stable and functional. As often, the greatest qualities of this model are also its small weaknesses.
Well thought out, it is a real workstation, but in return, it is used standing. And its width, ideal for large rooms, can make ironing some clothes more delicate. Although it does not necessarily match all profiles, it is still one of the most interesting models on the market.
Bartnelli T-Leg: a safe bet in the laundry room

 Generous ironing surface

 Practical model for large pieces

Among the range of ironing boards offered by Bartnelli, the multi-layer T-Leg Extra is probably not the most aerial. But if its design is a bit special, its ironing surface, strength and maneuverability make it an excellent long-term investment!
This ironing board – made in Europe – displays beautiful dimensions: 129.5 cm long and 48.3 cm wide. Suffice to say that it offers a beautiful ironing surface, which is appreciated for large rooms, such as bath towels or duvet covers.
This model offers 4 height adjustments from 30 to 96.5 cm. This ironing board has a modular XL iron rest, which fits both a traditional iron and a steam plant.
There are classic features, but they are still useful: locking system for transport, metal structure treated anticorrosion and child safety to prevent the table to fold accidentally. The multilayer 100% cotton cover is rather thin. It is however of very good quality.
The base – quite particular – ensures good stability. If it seems cumbersome at first glance, do not worry: this model knows how to be discreet when it is time to put it away.
Despite a nice design and beautiful finishes, the Bartnelli Multilayer T-Leg Extra ironing board remains basic and austere. But if it does not present any particular accessory or innovation, it is robust and functional. And obviously, this model is designed to last.
If its price may seem high for a model finally very classic, the quality is well and truly at the rendezvous. Note also the width of this table, slightly higher than the standards.
It's a great investment to work comfortably and efficiently when you have large quantities of linen and clothes to iron, especially for large rooms.
Brabantia Steam Control: unforgivable faults for this price!

 Condensed steam recovery system


 Poor quality cover


From laundry to ironing, laundry care is one of Brabantia's strengths. One could expect a more expensive model than the Brabantia Titan, which is so successful, to be exceptional.
Alas, it is far from the case of the ironing board 220944. And if it is a good little soldier, which is not devoid of qualities, this model is definitely not up to its price !
The Brabantia 220944 has standard dimensions – 124 cm long and 45 cm wide – which make it possible to enjoy a pleasant ironing surface, without being exceptional. There is a small lack of ergonomics: if it is easy to iron large rooms, ironing shirts, for example, is more delicate. In terms of height, this table offers an amplitude of 77 to 96 cm (which is not ideal for working in a sitting position).
Unlike its little sister, the Brabantia Titan, this ironing board does not shine by its design, to say the least sad. This is the type of table more in its place in a laundry room than in a living room.
The Brabantia 220944 offers a special accessory: a tank located at the end. This is the "Aqua Bowl", a condensed water vapor recovery system. A detail ? If you use steam frequently, it is possible that the amount of water recovered will surprise you! This system is undeniably interesting!
This model presents another asset, more classic, but just as useful: a flexible XL iron rest, which will host a steam generator without flinching!
Stable, robust, and having an ironing surface large enough to iron large pieces of laundry, this table is so much more attractive that it has these assets. Unfortunately, it comes with a cover that is of poor quality, since it tends to move: a detail that we still find it hard to forgive a model with such a high price.
In short! The Brabantia 220944 ironing board is functional, reliable and well thought out. But it has some disappointing weaknesses for a model sold as expensive. It is true that this model is clearly able to last for many years. But all the same …
The products of my selection on offer at the moment

An ironing board is an essential equipment at home. Many models are available on the market, and at first glance, one would soon consider that they are all more or less the same.
False! All models are not equal.
Some people consider ironing as a chore … whether you bend once in a while or once a week, it is essential to have a stable, secure and adapted to our size and lifestyle , to avoid domestic accidents … and kidney rides!
The materials
There was a time when ironing tables were commonly made of wood. Today, the wood is reserved for high-end models, such as the Foppapedretti Assai, specifically for people who attach particular importance to the aesthetic aspect.
Indeed, if the wood is as beautiful as robust, it remains quite heavy. It is therefore quite suitable for an ironing board intended to remain in place or to be stored in a visible corner.
The most common models are made of metal. Resistant and cheaper, they are also featherweight.
These ironing tables fold, unfold and transport easily. This is the wisest option if you do not have a laundry room in which to leave your table unfolded permanently.
The height
First imperative when you go back: preserve your back! It is therefore important to choose a table whose height is adapted to your size.
The majority of ironing boards allow you to adjust the height. But beware: the amplitude – and the number of positions – can vary enormously from one model to another. Check this point carefully. Ideally, it should be at the level of the hip when you go back.
The base
The feet of the ironing board ensure its stability: a crucial criterion for working comfortably and safely. So choose a model equipped with a reliable base.
Ironing surface and ergonomics
To determine the ironing surface of an ironing board, use the classic formula: length X width.
But beware: it is important to consider these dimensions. A narrow board (30 to 40 cm) will be very suitable for ironing clothes, but that of a bath towel or a duvet cover will be more complicated.
A wider board (40 to 50 cm) will lend itself well to ironing large pieces. It is then the ironing of some clothes that will be more delicate. The choice depends entirely on your profile!
The iron rest
As the name suggests, the iron rest is used to remove the iron or steam plant. Caution, however: it is not an element with immutable dimensions. It is therefore important to make sure that it is suitable for the device you are using.
To accommodate a steam plant, it must be large and support a significant weight, since some weigh a dozen pounds.
Do you have a large family and are you still in charge of ironing? Opt for a model equipped with a flexible iron rest, which allows you to remove the iron or the power station in a more comfortable position for your wrist!
The ironing case
The cover is a removable element. So you can replace it in case of wear … or if it is of poor quality! However, it is still better to opt for an ironing board equipped with a good cover, which will save you additional costs.
Beware of a misconception: it is not because a cover is thick that it ensures … and it is not because it is fine that it is of poor quality! We take the time to dwell on its composition.
Some manufacturers offer innovative covers: this is for example the case of Vileda. Its Total Reflect offers a cover that perfectly restores heat and steam, which saves time.
The main risk, with an ironing board, it is understood that it folds unexpectedly. To avoid this type of incident, choose a model equipped with a child lock. You do not have children? Despite its name, this system will be useful to you too. No question that the table collapses while you go back!
The transport lock is a system that locks the ironing board once it is folded. It is tempting to make the impasse … but this system avoids pinching your fingers, which is rather a good point!
Accessories and equipment
In addition to the iron rest, the ironing tables can offer many accessories and additional equipment …
An integrated socket
It offers greater freedom of movement, since you have the entire length of the cable of your iron to iron.
A guide-wire
It prevents the cable of your iron from falling or wrapping around the table.
A shelf
Ideal for depositing ironed linen.
It is also possible to find models offering relatively new and particularly practical options, such as the Brabantia Steam Control and its condensed steam recovery system.
In conclusion, which ironing board to choose?
The choice of the ironing board depends mainly on the amount of linen that you iron, and the frequency with which you iron. To have a versatile model, which will allow you to comfortably iron clothes and large pieces – type bath towel or duvet cover – you can opt for a width of about 40 cm.
Are you really a perfectionist? Opt for the extreme combo: a wide ironing board, ideal for large rooms, combined with a board Ikea Jäll, which will allow you to work perfectly small rooms.
When you buy, I would advise you to stay on a standard length. Because even a cover of excellent quality must fatally be replaced at one time or another. Moreover, it is always interesting to have an emergency cover, in case it is essential to wash the original cover. And by opting for a fancy size table, you risk complicating your life!
Honorable Mentions
Taurus Argenta: this basic model, with standard dimensions, is relatively recent. This ironing board displays a design (and a price!) Rather nice. The first returns are fearing a medium stability, used with an iron. On the other hand, this concern does not seem to exist when it is "ballasted" by a steam generator.
Leifheit Airboard: this ironing board does its job. But this featherweight lacks a bit of thickness: limited stability, finishes that do not promise an exceptional life. To avoid in the home where we go back a lot and frequently. A little disappointing because it is not given!

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