The 6 (real) Best Italian coffee makers 2019

Posted on February 22, 2019
To find your way among the multitude of Italian coffee makers available on the market, here is my selection of the 6 best Italian coffee makers that you can buy.
The Bialetti Moka express is my favorite of this selection and has a very good price / quality ratio!
You will also find at the end of this article a buying guide that will help you make the right choice.

The best cheap Italian coffeemakers
For small budgets, here is an Italian coffee maker that stood out.
Bialetti Venus: the best cheap step

 Handle and knob seem a bit fragile

The famous Italian brand Bialetti coffee makers offers a cheap version, which allows you to prepare the equivalent of 6 cups of Italian espresso coffee (about 3 French cups), enough to satisfy many coffee lovers at the same time!
Made of shiny stainless steel, durable and unalterable over time, this coffee maker is beautiful for a long time, especially since it is possible to put it in the dishwasher, for an ultra easy cleaning, no headaches (much more convenient than the aluminum coffee maker!).
Compatible with all types of lights, including induction, it adapts to all modes of heating. The nylon handle and knob are sturdy and offer good grip for ease of use, even if they look poorer than the body of the coffeemaker.
The safety valve is exclusive, easy to inspect and clean, patented Bialetti.
Level look, it has a classic design, timeless, "signature" unique and original of the famous "little man with mustache" brand.
Its design is however slightly different from the classic Italian coffee maker since it is round and not hexagonal. This has, I find, a little less charm and makes it especially a little more difficult to open, especially when it is hot.
Like any Italian coffee machine, its main fault is that it must not be forgotten on fire, since it does not stop on its own. The stunned must be careful, but in return will have an espresso worthy of a real espresso machine.
For the price, it's really a good deal, especially for beginners in the field who do not dare to embark.
The best Italian mid-range coffeemakers
For slightly higher prices but still affordable, here are three Italian mid-range coffee makers that will please.
Bialetti Moka Express: the best mid-range


 Hexagon shape easy to unscrew
 Does not work with induction

Here it is, here it is, the Italian coffee machine with the typical look as we saw so much formerly!
Once again from the famous Bialetti brand, this Moka Express coffee maker has remained in all respects identical to its original version, for my greatest pleasure. Timeless, it will be a problem in every kitchen!
Unfortunately, this version has not been retouched either visually or in terms of materials. Made of cast aluminum, it is certainly very resistant, but unfortunately is not compatible with all types of fire, and does not work with induction, aluminum being non-magnetic. Be careful so before you start, it would be a shame if you can not use it!
With its typical hexagonal shape and recognizable among all, even for those who do not drink coffee, this coffee maker is very easy to unscrew from its base for easy use. Its design is identical to the original version and this also includes its nylon handle that protects against burns.
Not particularly fan of the design of this handle that is rather low-end, but it has been proven over the years. Needless to say, once again there is no possibility of automatic shutdown (logical, it is not electric the beautiful Italian).
With its capacity of 300 ml, it can prepare about 6 small cups or 3 large cups: it's not huge, but it's usually enough for a coffee solo or in love.
It is even possible to buy other versions of this coffee maker, with more or less capacity depending on your needs (variable prices obviously but still affordable). This coffee maker is my favorite of this selection and the best value for money in my opinion.
Rossetto: the modern


 Handle and knob quality

 Not practical to unscrew when hot

Comparable enough level look at the previous coffee maker, this Italian coffee maker Rossetto brand is it, this time, made of shiny stainless steel, stainless and very resistant and above all very easy maintenance.
Like the Bialetti Venus coffee maker presented at the entry level, it is also compatible with all types of lights, including induction, ideal for all, unlike the classic aluminum version.
Its design is also elegant and round, which is original and pretty, but not always very practical when you have to unscrew the base, especially when it is hot. Nothing in this case the original hexagonal design, which is also a little more typical (although less design is true).
Unlike the previous coffee maker, the handle is much more robust and good quality, probably due to its soft-touch bakelite material.
His pommel is also more design and quality. A global impression of quality therefore, for a nice coffee maker that will allow you, with its 56 cl of capacity to prepare a maximum of 9-10 cups of espresso coffee (6 cl per cup) … well, let's settle for about 4 cups .
Be careful once again not to forget about the fire at the risk of burning coffee and damaging the coffee maker. A spare gasket would have been a plus, just in case.
This coffee maker is a very good deal given the price, for a quality coffee and keeps all its aroma. A modest and profitable investment in no time.
Bialetti Kitty: the all round

Clearly unavoidable in Italian coffeemakers, Bialetti offers a third coffee maker, this time the Kitty model. Much more similar to the Venus than the Moka Express, this coffee maker is also made of stainless steel shiny steel, practical, resistant and unalterable over time.
It works well without any problem with all types of fires, even induction, and is very easy to wash in the dishwasher if necessary.
Level design, it is even rounder than the Venus, which makes it a small coffee maker really nice to look at with its particular design, although it is not always ideal when unscrewing the base of the coffee maker (if you wait until it cools down, but it is easy to unscrew!).
Its handle is also a little different in design compared to previous coffee makers, but still has this look a little low-end in my opinion. Too bad, but this is said it is anti-burn, thanks to its athermic material, which is essential for a coffee machine that goes on fire. Again, no automatic shutdown, you just have to be careful!
Just like the previous coffee makers, it is announced for 10 cups (Italian, so small), but can only serve much less. It will nevertheless be ample for a small solo café or two for sure.
You can even choose a smaller model among the different versions available (2,4, and 6 cups).
The best Italian high-end coffeemakers
For budgets a little more generous, with prices beyond, but not much above 50 euros, here are two coffee makers that stood out.
BonVivo: the best high-end

 Tendency to flake


With this first high-end coffee maker, we continue in the Italian brands, which is not really surprising.
This moka decanter with its elegant chrome-plated copper finish has a very different design from the others, very elegant and attractive while offering the possibility to prepare an espresso in a traditional way. Even the handle is pretty and ergonomic, which is clearly different from the previous coffee makers!
Like modern coffee makers, it allows you to prepare an espresso regardless of your type of stove, whether it works with gas, electricity, whether it has ceramic or induction plates.
A well-designed spout allows for pouring without spilling coffee and a safety valve prevents excessive pressure.
The mocha decanter can be used to prepare up to 6 small cups (Italian-size), even if one approaches more realistically about 4.
A nice coffee maker that clearly stands out, but unfortunately does not always seem to always the road in the long run since it tends to easily flake, which, for the price, is obviously not normal. Too bad, she really had everything to please if not!
Not certain either that it is dishwasher safe, which can make cleaning sometimes a little laborious and its round base does not facilitate unscrewing.
This copper version also exists in silver version, but which, as a result, stands out less visually compared to other coffeemakers. In the end, nothing beats me a Bialetti coffee maker, a little cheaper and quality foolproof.
This copper version, even if very elegant, remains special and may not go with all the kitchen decorations.
Alessi: the original

 Does not work with induction
 Handwash only

The last Italian coffee maker of this selection is from the famous brand Alessi and remains, I think, at a price quite suitable (nothing to do with a real espresso machine).
This coffee machine from Alessi, just like the previous one, stands out immediately for its very design look (not really for my taste, but it's a matter of personal preference), but those who know the brand are not surprised .
This cast aluminum coffee maker has a spout whose particular V shape, reminiscent of the beak of a chick (hence the name of the coffee maker), allows to perfectly retain the drop.
It also has a technology developed by illy caffè, with a tank that interrupts the flow at the right time so that the coffee does not have a bitter aftertaste. This enhances the round and full-bodied aroma of this drink.
The plastic handle and knob, available in red or black, complete the coffeemaker.
Due to its cast iron construction, this coffee maker is not compatible with induction hobs. In addition, it can not be washed in the dishwasher, which makes washing by hand necessary.
However, it is extremely quiet (much more than many other Italian coffeemakers) and can supply about 3 cups (Italian). Know that it also exists in version 1 and 6 cups.
I find that given the price (even if it remains affordable), the design (that I do not really like) and the fact that it is washable by hand and incompatible with induction hobs, another coffee maker is a smarter choice.
The products of my selection on offer at the moment

Italian coffeemakers, also known as mocha or macchinetta coffeemakers, have been around for many years. Adored by purists, these devices have evolved, especially from a design and appearance point of view, but the preparation of coffee is the same and provides a quality coffee, worthy of the best espresso machine.
This gives a full-bodied coffee rich in aromas. The caffeine content is reduced thanks to the emulsion produced by the machine, which reduces the harmful effects on your body, as well as dependence. What advantages then!
If you do not need to invest a lot, you still have to pay attention to certain criteria before making your choice.
The material
In order to buy a coffee maker that you can use (it's better!) You must check how it is made, especially if you have induction hobs.
Indeed, if the typical Italian coffee maker is originally cast aluminum, it unfortunately does not work with induction systems, aluminum being non-magnetic. You will have to turn to a more modern stainless steel version that works on any type of fire.
This is one of the most important differences between Italian coffee makers available on the market. This difference in material apparently does not give rise to other differences in the use or quality of the coffee obtained, but purists may have a different opinion.
Capacity (number of cups)
After selecting the material for your coffee maker, you will need to choose the capacity you need. It is important that your device is able to satisfy you as best as possible without you having to constantly redo coffee, or that it does too much coffee, that you will not be able to drink.
The capacity will be to choose according to the number of cups which you wish to obtain. To give you an idea, an Italian coffee maker with a capacity of 0.6 liter will be able to fill six cups espresso or three cups say French.
In any case, the number of cups advanced by the manufacturer is generally a little overestimated, and it is about Italian cups and not French (much smaller). So beware and see a little bigger.
To obtain the right dosage and a full-bodied coffee as we like it in sufficient quantity will surely require several tests.
There are now two very different designs on the market.
If the traditional Italian coffee maker is hexagonal, the most modern ones usually have a softer design and are therefore mostly round, without the marked angles of the original.
If this design has no impact on the quality of the coffee obtained, it turns out that the hexagonal shape is much easier to unscrew from its base, especially when it is hot, that the round shapes … and one understand why.
Personally, I particularly like the hexagonal shape that I find more typical and timeless, but round coffeemakers are visually a little more design, it's true. This is only a personal preference, it's up to you to choose the model that you like and that will go well with your kitchen. Price level, this should not matter much.
The interview
Most modern stainless steel coffee makers are dishwasher safe, making cleaning much easier. On the other hand, those made of aluminum are generally only hand washable, which makes maintenance a little more tedious, but not impossible either.
In any case the coffee maker usually cleans easily at the tap, unless you have accidentally burned your coffee.
Attention, in any case it will be necessary to monitor your coffee maker so as not to burn your coffee since there is no automatic shutdown on these machines. It will also take you 5 to 15 minutes before your coffee is ready, so go your way if you're in a hurry.
For the rest, you will see that this kind of coffee maker will last you a long time and for a minimum investment. You will come out a winner, that's for sure!

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