The 6 (Real) Best Mechanical Keyboards 2019

Posted on January 25, 2019
And we can say that choices abound in 2019, with differences between products that are not always very obvious to spot. That's why after several hours of research, I have selected for you 6 of the best mechanical keyboards currently available on the market and my preference goes very directly to the Corsair K95 RGB Platinum for all its features.You will also find a shopping guide (not RGB, sorry) at the end of this article to help you to make the best possible choice during your purchase.

The best cheap mechanical keyboards
Although a high-quality mechanical keyboard usually costs a lot, the two keyboards presented here really have nothing to be ashamed of their prowess as they are of good quality, with even a renowned brand answering the call of the budget keyboard .
Redragon K561: the best cheap


 Heavy duty aluminum frame
 No need for external software!
 LED low quality look


Here is a manufacturer who is somewhat unknown to the battalion in the Francophonie and despite a more widespread online presence across the Channel and the US, is starting to find a place in the local market.
It must be said that Redragon offers really affordable devices, which can certainly attract the common players for which a Corsair budget for example is unlikely.
The Redragon K561 Visnu 87 is, despite its somewhat technical name, an excellent mechanical keyboard ready to tackle most current competitive games with confidence.
The finish, first is worthy of the greatest, with a frame made entirely of aluminum matte and considered waterproof (but if you buy it, still avoid spilling your drink on it, none of these keyboards is really completely waterproof) ) and resists shocks.
The keys, then, are anti-ghosting, a concept on which we will return in the shopping guide, but which avoids the incompatibilities between the keys in the game.
They offer a maximum required pressure of 60 +/- 15 grams, a key path of 4 +/- 0.2 mm which is also suitable for most uses outside the game.
These keys are obviously also interchangeable and can be detached separately, for cleaning or replacement, as on any good mechanical keyboard.
It is noted that the manufacturer provides the possibility of 50 million keypress, which is rather standard in the industry.
The Visnu K651 is a RGB (red, green, blue) backlit keyboard, which is fashionable in many areas but especially in computer hardware, producing 6 light themes and 9 individual color cycles, whose brightness is adjustable.
All of these features, apart from the aluminum frame, are present on most keyboards that are top-of-the-line, making the K651 Visnu a really inexpensive keyboard for its quality.
Moreover (if that's not enough yet), it does not need an external program to work and it is compatible with all current OS! Where most mechanical keyboards require software for the operation of LEDs, Redragon pulls out of the game with a system a little confused at first, but which we quickly get used to.
There is really not much to note negative on this model except the LEDs that seem to be perhaps of lower quality. We can also discuss the fact that it is an 87-key model (no keypad) that works well for players, less for workers who need quick access to numbers and space to ask their questions. hands facing the keyboard.
And if we really want to insist, we can also regret the lack of wrist rest, but at less than 60 euros, we do not sulk his pleasure.
Logitech G613: the brand at the safe bet


 Low quality finish

Logitech, creator of excellent computer peripherals since 1981.
One could imagine that I propose an advertisement for the brand, it is not so.
Logitech is simply THE reference of keyboard / mouse devices for a long time, it's a simple fact.
Headphones, keyboards, mice, webcams, accessories for tablets or Bluetooth speakers, at Logitech, we design the best possible products for all budgets.
And for some time, the Swiss manufacturer comes and goes with some of the best keyboards and mice (Logitech G Pro, Logitech Hero and Proteus, etc …) including the G613 is part, with a very good price / quality ratio.
The Logitech G613, wireless model does not really give the impression, at first glance, to be a high quality mechanical keyboard and very sturdy because of its dark gray plastic finish, with a minimalist logo of the range on its side left. Fortunately, we see that it does not get dirty too fast and seems rather resistant to dirt and fingerprints.
The various multimedia buttons present however do not help the overall appearance of the model, but all the necessary features at the fingertip, so do not go complaining too much.
Side keys, Logitech has strangely decided not to offer backlighting, which is however useful to most of us nowadays, probably in order to privilege the battery autonomy for the wireless.
At the level of pressure required for these, the manufacturer uses the quiet Romer-G technology (strongly, highly appreciated by office workers for not having a constant noise when the keyboard is used to write long articles like this one). ci) and guarantee a durability of 70 million strikes, ideal especially for athletes esport, even more thanks to the weak drive course of 1.5 mm that is considered very correct.
If we add 6 handy macros (and the accompanying software that is rather easy to use) for the player friends, we can only be positive about its possibilities.
And since the G613 is a wireless keyboard, you can linger for a moment on the G-series "Lightspeed" system, which promises minimal latency, stability and connectivity equal to that of a conventional cable. This is the case and the Logitech model is very powerful and makes you very quickly forget that you are on a wireless connection.
A keyboard that is much better than it looks, despite some small gaps and includes a wrist rest, which is more, not the most comfortable on the market, but that is quite the case, certainly for less 90 euros.
The best midrange mechanical keyboards
It is in this range that we usually find the best keyboards for most gamers who take their equipment seriously.
Corsair K70 RGB MK.2: the best midrange

 Price that may be too high for some

If you read my articles and are not familiar in advance with the brand, you know that Corsair is one of the pioneers in the field of RAM.
But the company has also made PC peripherals his workhorse with a whole range of keyboards, mice, mats or headphones of high quality that are very popular with players of all kinds.
The Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 is one of those keyboards that serve as reference in the field, but which is not necessarily affordable for all, despite its undeniable quality almost upscale.
This Corsair keyboard stands out for its superb brushed aluminum finish, which leaves absolutely no visible fingerprints after use.
The RGB backlight (therefore adjustable) is quite intense, but easily adjustable thanks to a simple button on the keyboard that gives the possibility to cycle 3 different intensities or completely cut off the light, if you wish.
Everything is of course also adjustable via the Corsair software, which also manages the brightness, but also the colors and different themes related to it (breathing, color cycle, waves, etc …).
In terms of keys, Corsair is in most of its models rather permissive and offers to choose yourself what suits you best for each keyboard. So you have the choice between MX Blue, Red, Brown, Speed ​​or Silent depending on your style and your use. For more details on these choices, I invite you to read the little shopping guide at the end of this selection.
These keys are very reactive and I will not detail the pressures, since they depend on the choice mentioned above. Note however that the keyboard is a model without numeric keypad and if you prefer to opt for a model that includes this pad, you should definitely head to the version "K70 Lux".
In addition, the Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 has a removable wrist rest, very positive point and quite in his favor, especially considering that the finish of it is good and perfectly comfortable once attached.
In terms of accessories, finally, this keyboard includes a grommet which I can not sufficiently extol the merits, doubled with a USB port for your headphones, mouse (although I do not recommend the connection of it to this place ) or for me, the connection of a small USB fan for hot days!
I have absolutely no complaints about this keyboard is perfect in all respects, except that its price, around 150-170 euros, is clearly not affordable for all, but promises a quality few other brands are reaching today.
Roccat Vulcan 120: the keyboard that surprises

 Dear for its limited features
 Uncomfortable wrist rest

Roccat is one of those brands that I would never have seen in front of the scene a few years ago.
Towards 2011 or 2012, the devices offered by this manufacturer offer indeed an inexpensive alternative to Razer or Corsair products already at the forefront of their field, but whose quality and finish is certainly, at the time, well below flagship brands.
If we add the design that I find at this time (and it's quite subjective, I'm aware) simply ugly products, there is nothing that works for me with Roccat (just to see the Ryos for example, which in addition to being ugly is very cumbersome) during these few years leading up to the year of grace 2019.
This time is over and it seems that Roccat has well anticipated the needs of players whether in terms of ergonomics or strength with a minimalist mechanical keyboard, but considered to be high-end, I named the Roccat Vulcan 120.
The Vulcan 120 is beautiful, it is undeniable.Une robust aluminum finish quite up to the current standards, with keys that are visible directly on the mechanism, without frame, as is the case of more and more keyboards to the 'actual hour.
These keys are ultra-thin, but seem very strong and bring out without difficulty the RGB color device, which is itself adjustable through a practical external software, but perfectible because less complete than those offered by Corsair, including.
The switches on these keys are supposed to be comparable to what the competition is proposing, with pressure supposedly 20% faster than others do, but Roccat unfortunately does not specify which switches they refer to at any time.
All we can note is a good responsiveness for a reasonable noise, which must probably put the keys up to a Cherry MX Red or Brown from Corsair … not bad at all given that Roccat offers usually keyboards much cheaper than Corsair or Razer!
Beautiful and solid, yes, but at the expense of its features, because the Vulcan 120 does not offer … almost none. No extra USB, no mini-jack, no cable, no dedicated macros, no anti-slip keys, it's a shame if you want to make the weight in the middle and if you play to other games than FPS.
The keyboard nevertheless offers a magnetic wrist rest plastic, not very comfortable, it's true, but has the merit of existing.
Other multimedia settings (sound, light intensity) are accessible via a wheel on the top of the keyboard. Nothing transcendent, but enough to make a decent mechanical keyboard.
In short, for less than 160 euros, it may be the keyboard that suits you in this selection by its beauty and quality and note that Roccat has made many efforts to be at the same level as its competition, but I However, you are advised instead a Corsair or Razer keyboard if your budget allows to add another twenty euros extra.
The best high-end mechanical keyboards
The hardcore gamer has no shortage of choice at the moment when it comes to selecting a mechanical keyboard of superior quality. But the 2 products that follow are probably the best in the high-end at the moment and one of them is clearly my personal choice for a good reason to discover here.
Corsair K95 RGB Platinum: the best high end

 Macro keys and anti-skid keys for FPS


 Limited choice for Cherry MX keys

We have seen previously in our selection another keyboard of this extremely popular brand, the K70 MK.2, keyboard that is already at the top of what can be done at the moment.
Therefore, how to propose another keyboard very comparable but who can still perfect what is the strength of the K70?
The K95 RGB Platinum responds quickly to this question and just happens to be my personal choice for this selection.
I'm lucky enough to own a great Corsair brand keyboard, an older model, but that has a lot of the possibilities of this keyboard, so I know from the outset that the quality of these products, their finishes and their performances are among the best in the current market.
This product is already one or two years old and for example limits the color (only red for me) and important details such as a braided cable and a grommet underneath the product.
The K95, therefore, is a Corsair brand keyboard that takes much of the specifics of his little brother the K70.
The finish, first of all, is superb, in brushed aluminum that does not leave any marks and that promises an absolutely excellent resistance to time and shocks.
The keys, then, are obviously mechanical and anti-ghosting, with a choice (more limited than for the K70 by cons) between MX Brown (more tactile and silent trend) and MX Speed ​​(fast, accurate, but significantly more noisy).
The set is backlit, with dozens of possibilities in terms of lighting themes, in Red Green Blue and with adjustable intensity either on the keyboard or via the software very easy to use.
It's worth noting that this keyboard is a model that includes a keypad and an excellent removable wrist rest, although more messy than the rest of the aluminum frame.
Where the K95 RGB Platinum stands out, finally, it is through its accessories, which come to perfect what the K70 was already doing very well and thus place this keyboard at the top of the choices of this selection.
In addition to the grommet and the USB available on the product, this keyboard offers 6 programmable macros mounted on non-slip keys, for absolute control and seems almost necessary for anyone looking for a fast but stable movement, fingers on the keyboard.
The ZSQD keys are also offered with a non-slip alternative that I can not recommend enough for all the FPS players who respect each other.
If you can settle for a K70, or prefer keys in MX Silent, fine.
If the MX Brown or MX Speed ​​works for you and the budget allows (because this keyboard is expensive, which is the only possible complaint to him), go on the K95 with your eyes closed, it is THE best mechanical keyboard high end at the moment.
Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2: the veteran who returns to battle

 Very comfortable wrist rest
 RGB adjustable to the touch

 Price too high compared to its competitors


Razer is a veteran of gaming peripherals. It is a fact.
The brand has been offering hardware for hardcore players for almost 20 years without fail and maintaining their place at the top of the ranking of innovative firms in the field.
Since the Boomslang mouse, 2000 dpi (which was revolutionary at the time), they have not stopped improving their products to please all demanding players, which explains the rather colossal cost of a good part of their ranges, at all levels.
The keyboard that interests us here is the Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2, which comes to retire his predecessor with a very recent model (2017), but also very powerful.
Razer presents a very high-end model that does not seem to be when removed from the box.
Indeed, the BW V2 is made of matte plastic, which we must recognize, is well resistant, but which is below what is done at Corsair and other less known brands where keyboards are designed in a frame brushed aluminum, probably heavier (though …) but very strong and above all, not messy, which is unfortunately not the case here.
The second thing you notice when you unpack this model is that the removable wrist rest is rubber and foam, which makes it one of the most comfortable wrist rests ever, even in competing brands. It is magnetized to be attached to the keyboard and not move in case of sudden movements.
In terms of keys, Razer offers an alternative to the Corsair Cherry MX with a choice between the Razer Green (touch, noisy), Razer Orange (touch, silent) and the Razer Yellow (Linear and silent).
If you do not have to work on your PC, which is reserved only for games, prefer the Razer Green, otherwise, opt for the Razer Orange and quickly forget the Yellow, which does not add much to extraordinary if you compare to the competition.
This is a keyboard that is obviously RGB, adjustable via Synapse software that allows you to manage each key individually. This is a detail, of course, but it allows you to design nice and personalized touch pressures.
There are also 5 macros on the left side of the keyboard, also configurable via Synapse, but none of these buttons is offered in anti-slip version, very regrettably.
The BlackWidow Chroma V2 is a keyboard that focuses on useful accessories. We find a USB and especially a mini-jack to connect his headphones to the back of it and all connectivity that is via a braided cable certainly thick, but very strong and manipulable, which guarantees optimal resistance to daily manipulations.
In the end, Razer offers a high-end keyboard a little worse than what is done among its competitors, at a higher price, but has the merit of including the best wrist rest available, a criterion that is not not to underestimate when you spend hours on your computer.
The products of my selection on offer at the moment

There are many, but really many possibilities when it comes to choosing a mechanical keyboard.
Known and less well-known brands, dozens of features and no features at all, or RGB and non-RGB.
If you are a hardcore player, the choice may seem obvious and simple, but if you're a casual player, you probably have no idea what makes a mechanical keyboard better than another.
In any case, we will try here to identify the essential criteria for a purchase that meets your expectations as much as possible.
The different switches
In our selection, we talked about switches and pressure differences between each available type.
The reference in this field is generally Corsair, which divides its mechanisms into five categories (or more, but the most known and useful are presented here).
The Cherry MX Red
Red (or red) is the switch that is the most requested by players. The pressing force required to push the key is only 45 grams (or hundredinewton), making it a series of switches a little noisy, but very responsive and therefore in great demand by demanding players.
Keyboards with MX Red are usually a bit more expensive than others
Perfect for playing, not recommended for typing and working on the PC in general.
The Cherry MX Blue
Blue switches are for people who favor typing and gaming (the point of release is greater than the point of pressure) because of the double pressures that tend to be below other switches.
I generally advise against players and workers, favoring Brown or Silent.
The Cherry MX Brown
Brown switches are certainly the most suitable for both uses of a keyboard. They are a middle ground between game and work and I certainly recommend this mechanism for all those who use their PCs to play regularly but who also work on it all day.
The Silent MX Cherry
These switches are available in Red or Black. As their names indicate, they are silent.
These are the ones I use, because I do not like to hear the ceaseless clicking of the keys, but I still want a keyboard whose keys only require a minimal pressure of the keys.
The red demands 45 grams of pressure, the black 60, the choice is yours, but 45 seems to me to be a good compromise for any regular player.
The Cherry MX speed
The quickest switch, with the shortest pressure time and the shortest total pressure distance available. No rattling here, but the feeling is very different from other keyboards and not suitable for everyone.
Professional players sometimes prefer these switches.
To summarize, a convinced player can probably go to the MX Red while someone who works as much as he can play, he can trust the MX Brown or Silent.
The others are more reserved for people who already have a long experience of using a mechanical keyboard.
For brands other than Corsair, just refer to this comparison and see what kind of touch seems to match your needs with the Green or Orange at Razer, for example.
The anti-ghosting
While most keyboards offer this feature, it's a good idea to make sure it's present on the keyboard you want, if it's intended for play.
Ghosting is simply the act of pressing multiple keys simultaneously and the fact that the keyboard does not usually record more than two simultaneous keys.
Players do not generally like this ghosting, which prevents to chain several combinations on the keyboard.
Most current manufacturers therefore offer an "anti-ghosting" system that allows the keyboard and the computer to record all keys pressed simultaneously without any blocking.
Let's be clear, in 2019, no mechanical keyboard should miss this feature.
The backlight
In 2019, in addition to anti-ghosting, the fact of not offering backlight is very rare for a mechanical keyboard. We have seen in our selection that Logitech is one of the manufacturers who still sell keypads without LED lighting.
This is a personal preference but in case of low light, keyboard lighting is a significant advantage that I advise everyone.
Of course, it is clear that even if most keyboards sold at the moment offer the RGB, a single color system is just as good for some and is almost every time cheaper (this is the case of my Corsair Strafe MX Silent, which offers only red lighting, which works very well for me).
This criterion comes first and almost exclusively by the presence of a wrist rest.
I think I have emphasized this point throughout our selection and for good reason.
Spending a whole day on your computer on a regular basis, without a wrist rest, can easily lead to wrist pain, tendinitis or carpal tunnel syndrome.
My keyboard does not offer a wrist rest, so I bought this article separately and I'm very happy to have done (and I never hurt the wrists, which are always at the same height as the rest of my hand compared to the keyboard).
If you have the choice between a model with or without this feature, choose the one that offers it, whether it is detachable or not, your hands will be infinitely grateful.
Additional features
There are of course many additional features on a modern mechanical keyboard.
The first is undoubtedly the presence of a RGB (RGB or red green blue in French) lighting system with customizable themes and color cycles.
It's fashionable right now and it's beautiful, we can not deny it, even if it's not absolutely necessary.
The brushed aluminum finish
I also advise to check the finish of the keyboard and prefer brushed aluminum versions, which do not leave fingerprints.
In addition, I have a small preference for these models that offer an additional USB or mini-jack plug to connect headphones or any accessory directly on the keyboard without having to go behind the computer.
The latest products on sale at this time usually offer USB 3 to even connect an external hard drive almost without loss.
The particular keys
One can also find the multimedia keys, the macros (particularly affectionate by the MMO players, STR, etc …) a button to adjust the intensity of the lighting and many others.
Most of the available props are generally useful for seasoned players unless you're more of a minimalist genre, and there's nothing wrong with that.

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