The 6 (real) Best Menstrual Cups 2019

Posted on February 7, 2019
They have personally changed the situation in my case! Here is my selection of the 6 best menstrual cups among more than thirty models available at the moment.
The Claricup, with its classic operation that has proven itself, its low price, its beautiful color and its very practical box.
You will also find a little shopping guide at the end of this article to understand how to choose the one that suits you.

The best cheap menstrual cups
For less than 30 euros the menstrual cup, here are three cheap cuts that will be all the rage.
Claricup: the best price


 Storage box and sterilization


For a price ranging between 23 and 26 euros depending on the size chosen, this cheap menstrual cup of this selection is from the Claricup brand.
Like the Mooncup, this menstrual cup is reusable and made of biocompatible and antimicrobial medical silicone, USP Class VI (implant type) and a pharmaceutical colorant. It does not contain endocrine disruptors, bisphenol A, alkylphenol, heavy metals or nanoparticles.
It is therefore perfectly adapted to an intimate, safe and durable use. Used and cleaned properly, it is usable for 5 years, which investment level is much better than tampons, without hesitation!
Just like the Mooncup cut, it is necessary to sterilize it before each cycle and to clean it with each emptying with a soft soap or intimate shower gel and clear water.
Again, the hand is not necessarily immediate but do not worry, if you chose the right size you will quickly no longer leaks and it will go completely unnoticed.
Available in 4 sizes, so it's a little harder to find the one that suits you best, compared to the Mooncup … but normally with the size guide you should be able to find a model that suits you.
The advantage of this cup is that it comes with a transport box, but it also serves as a disinfection box, in which you can sterilize.
I also like its purple color which, besides making it pretty, hides the dyeing of the silicone by the blood which is inevitable and quite visible on the transparent cuts. This is my favorite of this selection and the best value for money in my opinion. You just have to find the right size.
Mooncup: the classic

The menstrual cup holders have of course already heard of her; the Mooncup is indeed one of the most famous menstrual cups and at around 22 euros the cup, the cheapest of this selection.
This menstrual cup made of non-allergic silicone of medical grade is completely neutral and much less harmful than tampons since it contains no bleaches, deodorants or absorbent gels.
It does not interfere with the vaginal environment and the risk of toxic shock syndrome is extremely low. Perfect for your health!
This menstrual cup is reusable and, if you maintain it well, it can last several years, a very good investment!
Like any menstrual cup, it is worn as a buffer, but unlike it it recovers the flow instead of absorbing it. Its capacity of 30 ml makes it possible to widely see coming and for many to hold a whole day with an average flow.
It is completely waterproof, if it is well positioned. The hand is sometimes not immediate, but in a cycle or two you'll be fine, that's for sure!
Level cleaning, it's like the business of babies, it must be sterilized at the beginning of each cycle, in just 5 minutes. Nothing simpler then.
During the cycle, simply empty it and rinse it under running water. A real breeze, especially if you have a sink at your fingertips.
For an efficient cut, you will have to choose between size A and B, according to your age and if you already had children.
To be able to protect it between the cycles, a simple beige fabric pouch is provided. You're ready for your next cycle!
Of a very basic opaque color, the Mooncup is not very attractive and tints slightly as a result of the blood, but does its job very well.
Intimina Lily: the compact


 Nice and compact design

 Easy choice of size
 Accordion design that can make setting up and cleaning delicate

For just 30 euros, the last cheap cut of this selection is quickly distinguished by its unique design. Indeed, with its retractable shape, Lily Cup is the only menstrual cup that can be rolled as finely as a tampon.
Lily Cup is ideal for people with a high cervix and adapts perfectly to your anatomy. Its anti-overflow rim and high capacity guarantee 12 hours of confidence, even for heavy flows.
Made of ultra-soft silicone medical grade, it respects the intimate balance and does not irritate.
Available in two sizes (A size for nulliparous and B for women who already have a child), it will be easy to choose the right one.
Thanks to its retractable design and its storage case, it is very easy for you to take it everywhere with you to be ready at any time. A net saving and a very practical transport, but I must admit that the retractable design does not inspire me completely confidence, especially for the establishment of the cup.
This is already a delicate step and I wonder if its accordion design does not make the task even more difficult. Similarly, the cleaning will surely be a little more delicate it seems to me.
Look level, its light pink color is pretty and its dark pink carrying case is matched. A feminine product rather attractive, but that I would personally a little afraid to test.
The best mid-range menstrual cups
Here is a mid-range cut that stood out.
FemmyCycle: the best mid-range

 Operating mode without suction cup

 Easy choice of size
 Difficult cleaning without water
 Absence of suction effect can cause concern for some

For just 30 euros, the mid-range menstrual cup at Femmy Cycle offers a very special design. It is indeed all round with a bead on the top, an internal rim anti-leaks, and a wide ring at the bottom.
Unlike many other cups, it has no ventilation holes, because it is not supposed to deploy fully once in place, to allow a passage of air that will allow it to fill with liquid.
Its design is very clean, with a translucent silicone and very flexible but it will clean well to avoid staining with blood.
Its 'leak-proof' shape makes it unfortunately not very easy to clean without water, unlike other previous cuts. Indeed, the inner rim of the cup has a very narrow opening in which you can not pass the finger to clean the inside of the cup or dry with toilet paper for example.
Contained level, it is part of large cuts but its actual capacity depends totally on the shape it will take once in the vagina, which depends mainly on the morphology and the tonicity of the vagina.
It comes in 3 sizes: Small (17.5 ml fully extended), Regular (30 ml fully expanded), and Low Cervix (about 30 ml), Low Cervix has the same diameter as the Regular, but is shorter, to offer women who have a vagina short the opportunity to use the FemmyCycle and its good capacity). So easy enough to choose the right size.
An interesting design certainly, but who, as a user of classic cut, leaves me a little doubtful given the lack of suction effect. I guess you have to try and test to see, but I like the way classic cups work so much that I do not know if I dare to start, especially at this price.
However, it has the advantage of offering an alternative, ideal for those who are not satisfied with traditional cuts.
The best high-end menstrual cups
Here are two menstrual cups that will please those who can invest a little more.
Lena Sensitive Cup: the best upscale

 Color that tints easily


For about 34 euros, the brand Lena offers a very gentle menstrual cup for those with large flows (large size). Lena is a reusable menstrual cup like the previous ones, without any smell or sensation.
Just like its competitors, this menstrual cup is made with silicone and medical dyes to ensure complete safety to ensure the best for your body. Thanks to its large size, you can hold important flows and keep it for about 12 hours in a row without worry.
Very ecological, this cup is also sold in a 100% recyclable packaging, printed with vegetable and chlorine-free inks. All good for the planet!
Level design, it is very classic, as much in its shape as its color (white). I must say that this color is not my favorite because it is tainted in the long term because of the blood and becomes rather beige. I prefer the already colored cups, which remain beautiful much longer.
Like most menstrual cups, it comes with a small storage pouch convenient to store between cycles.
Very classic cut so that offers nothing more than cuts cheaper, except that it may work better for some people … it really depends on people and anatomies.
I would say that to start, it is better to try a similar cheaper, to test, because it is still expensive compared to its competitors.
Diva Cup: the known

 Easy choice of size
 Color that tints easily


The second top-of-the-line and the last of this selection is the very famous Diva Cup. At the price of nearly 40 euros, this menstrual cup is quite expensive, we must admit.
For this price, the famous Diva cup unfortunately does not offer anything really revolutionary. Indeed, it is a reusable menstrual cup like the previous ones, also made from the highest quality of silicone in health care to ensure comfort and durability.
Without latex, plastic, PVC, acrylic, acrylate, bisphenol A, phthalate, elastomer, polyethylene, dyes and dyes it is very healthy for your body and will provide protection without adverse effects.
With its classic suction mechanism, it provides no less than 12 hours of protection without leakage if the flow is normal and positioned correctly.
You can easily choose between the two sizes available, size 1 being for women who have not yet had children. So easy to select the size that should theoretically fit.
Level look, it is, like the previous one, a white color that may be tinted quickly, unfortunately. Another color would have been I think more judicious.
Just like the previous menstrual cup, it is a good cut, very classic, but which, for its price still non-negligible, offers nothing spectacular compared to others. If ever less expensive classic cuts do not suit you, you can always test it.
The products of my selection on offer at the moment

With their economic and ecological advantages, menstrual cups attract, and rightly in my opinion, more and more women and cuts are blooming on the market, sometimes making the choice difficult, especially for novices …
Here is a little buying guide to help you choose the one that should suit you. Keep in mind that you may need one or two cycles to position it properly and be comfortable and sometimes your anatomy may not be compatible with some models.
Patience then, but when you have found the cup that suits you and have taken the hand, you will swear by it.
Size is the main factor you will need to choose. If many models offer a rather easy choice between two sizes (size 1 for nulliparas and 2 for others), you will sometimes have to choose the size according to the flow, sports activity and others.
Keep in mind that you may have to try one or two sizes (or even different models) before finding the right one, which is perfect for your anatomy. If not, ask your gynecologist, he may be able to enlighten you on the question.
The colour
Many menstrual cups, especially those sold at the beginning of this "fashion" are silicone, ie white, but not opaque. If the color of a vaginal device such as a cup is not really of consequence, it should be known that such a color will still have a tendency to tinge as and when, being in contact with the blood during long periods of time, even washing it after each emptying.
I advise to opt instead, as far as possible, for cuts of color (pink or other) that will stay pretty much longer (not that anyone can notice …). The pharmaceutical colors used are harmless so choose the one you like!
The form
The classic menstrual cups are funnel-shaped, foldable silicone with small holes on the sides for a suction effect that ensures a seal. New forms have emerged such as the retractable funnel shape or other forms that use other systems to adhere and prevent leakage.
Personally, the retractable cups, even if very practical for the transport do not really inspire me confidence, in other for the setting up and the cleaning. As for the new shapes, I would say that the funnel has proven itself and therefore does not see why go reinvent the wheel, unless it really does not work at home.
Be aware that this funnel shape, in addition to being effective, is easily washable, even without water, which is not generally the case of other forms, which have corners hard to access. So try the classic and if it really does not suit you, then try these new designs.
In any case, it is always better to opt for a cut that fits you perfectly and is comfortable rather than choosing it according to the capacity. The form will therefore be a first order criterion.
The cups have a stem for easy removal. This rod is longer or shorter depending on the model and can annoy some people. If yours proves to be too long, you can still cut it, this does not prevent to be able to remove the cup.
The material
Made in general of medical grade silicone (recommended), menstrual cups have different degrees of flexibility, which can influence ease of insertion and comfort. Flexible, but not too flexible, you may need to try different types to see what suits you best.
Each is different, but given the range of choices available on the market, you should find shoes at your feet.
Most cups are easily cleaned with clean water and mild soap between changes and sterilized between cycles. This should be kept in mind if you choose a cup, especially if you do not have access to a sink regularly.
At worst, you can still use a bottle of water and empty into the toilet, but this must remain casual to keep a clean enough cup.
The accessories
Most cuts are sold with a small carrying pouch that will allow you to keep it relatively clean between cycles (you will still have to sterilize it between two cycles).
Some even come with a storage box in which you can sterilize your cut, which can be very convenient. If this accessory is not important, it can make your life easier.
Again, you may need a cycle or two before you really get the hang of it and leaks can happen at the beginning when the cut is not perfectly set. This is usually settled quickly enough, if you have a model that suits you.

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