The 6 (real) Best Mini Projectors 2019

Updated on January 07, 2019
After several hours of research, I finally made my selection of the 6 best mini projectors among more than twenty models available at the moment. My favorite is the Anker Nebula Capsule which is the only one to offer also Wifi and by this streaming videos, Netflix etc. You will also find at the end of this article a shopping guide so you can find your happiness and watch your favorite movies wherever you want!

The best mini cheap projectors
These devices do not necessarily offer the same features as the more upscale devices, but they will not be less satisfactory for basic use.
Ragu Z400: the best cheap

This mini projector is designed to avoid having blurred corners like on a projector lambda. It offers a brightness up to 2400 Lumens and we also appreciate the fact that this brightness is adjustable.
In terms of sound, the manufacturer had the good idea to include a powerful speaker to avoid having to bring you external speakers. I still recommend using another sound system if you have one available.
It is therefore regrettable that this device is not Dolby compatible: you will have to disable the Dolby option on compatible devices if you want the sound to come out properly.
The device has a fairly extensive compatibility and will work with HDMI, USB, SD card, your Xbox and even your Android and iOS smartphone.
The manufacturer offers a one-year warranty and technical support for life, which is not bad at all, especially for this type of products (and ideal in case of small "failure").
The design of this device is compact and its operating system is quite intuitive and pleasant to use. In addition, the manufacturer gives some tips that it will be good to keep in mind if you opt for this device, which allows you to avoid any mishandling by accident.
First of all, it is recommended not to use this device for business presentations or the display of word, excel etc. files.
Indeed, this device is designed primarily for home theater and gaming. Not surprisingly, it is recommended to use this device in a dark room, but it is normal for a video projector. You will also need to think about adjusting the resolution of your computer if you intend to use it with this projector.
The manufacturer recommends the use of a resolution of 800 x 600 or 1024 x 768. Do not expect high resolution HDR for your video projector!
The unit is equipped with an efficient cooling system that will help extend the life of the unit. In addition, the noise of the fan has been revised downward so as not to cover the sound of your favorite movies and games.
The mini projector is able to play different movie formats (MPG, AV, TS, MOV, MKV, DAT, MP4, VOB). You can also play music with this system as well as broadcast photos.
Finally, we can note that unlike some models, this video projector works perfectly for video games and provides sufficient image quality.
The best mini midrange projectors
These devices should satisfy the majority of users without making a huge hole in your budget.
LG PH550: the best midrange

 Usable even in the middle of the day

 Not necessarily suitable for pro use

This projector gives us a brightness of 550 lumens. It offers an HD resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, the same as the P300 Neo.
Where it gets more interesting is the level of connectivity: the device is compatible VGA, AV, HDMI, Component, USB and Audio Output, but that's not all! The device also has a screen sharing function, a Bluetooth Audio and the Miracast system!
The device is capable of providing a projection diagonal ranging from 25 to 100 inches. The recommended projection distance is from 101 cm to 124 cm.
It is appreciated that this mini projector is capable of converting projected videos from 4: 3 to 16: 9. In addition, this unit is compatible with a variety of video input signals, from NTSC / PAL to SECAM, NTSC4.43, PAL-M, PAL-N and can play videos with up to at 1080i / 1080p.
The mini projector is also equipped with a vertical electronic keystone correction system to correct any projection faults. Like its competitors, the LED lamp has a lifespan of about 30000 hours.
It is noted however that it is slightly heavier than its competitors because it weighs 650 grams. It remains quite portable and the manufacturer even provides a carrying case with the device for those who intend to use it on the go!
The device is designed to project even in small rooms thanks to its Ultra Short focal length.
We also appreciate the fact that the fan does not make a monstrous noise like some of its competitors, among others because the device does not heat too much after several hours of use.
The quality of the image is not bad, although sometimes it is a bit difficult to adjust. It probably depends on the installation conditions of the device. Keep in mind that the device can be quite used in a lounge in the middle of the day, which is not the case for all competitors (it would still be better to close the shutters).
Only downside, it is not necessarily suitable for professional use because the text does not always appear very well.
Asus S1: designed for traveling


 Good battery life

Compact. This is the watchword of this video projector. At only 3 centimeters tall and weighing just 342 grams, this device is designed to be easily carried in your luggage when you travel.
Another aspect that has been thought in this direction is the presence of a rechargeable battery of 22 Wh which offers a battery life of 3 hours of projection at this projector, a comfortable time that should allow you to broadcast at least one movie before having to look for a plug. Another advantage of this battery is that you can use it to recharge your mobile phone even when the mini projector is off!
One thing I like about this camera is that it can project 41-inch images even when it's only one meter away from the wall. It is thus possible to use this material even in a place where one is a little cramped and turn any support into an ultra wide screen.
The LED bulb of the device has a respectable life of 30 000 hours, which corresponds to 8 hours of use per day for 10 years. What a little moment so!
The mini projector has an HDMI / MHL port which makes it compatible with most mobile and multimedia devices. HDMI supports everything from laptops, media players and game consoles, while the MHL standard is what connects smartphones while recharging them.
The sound quality is not left out with an integrated speaker that works with ASUS SonicMaster technology. You benefit from a sound of great fidelity.
Another small advantage is that the LED bulb does not need to heat up or cool, so this S1 can turn on and off instantly.
However, we can deplore the lack of compatibility with USB devices such as USB sticks or external hard drives.
AAXA P300 Neo: the full of features


 Screen readable even in places with a little light
 User manual not very well designed

This camera offers excellent brightness with its 420 lumens. You can play HD videos up to 1080p. The projected screen is 16: 9.
We appreciate the fact that this mini projector has a 2000mah battery. This guarantees 2 hours and half of projection in Eco mode. This is a good performance, but not quite as good as the S1 and its 3 hours of battery life.
One can also take into account that this battery is a premium battery that retains 85% of its charging capacity after more than 1000 consecutive charges. Like the S1, this device offers a lifetime of approximately 30000 hours for its LED bulb.
Where this device does better than the S1 is in terms of compatibility. Indeed, it is not only compatible HDMI, but also Mini VGA, 3.5mm Aux Out, AV and can read micro SD cards and devices with a USB port, which is much better than its direct competitor and all for just 30 euros more.
It can also be noted that this device has an integrated media player and speakers in case you do not have a sound system to use for broadcasting your favorite videos.
The device is very compact and weighs only 380 grams, which is one of the featherweight of our selection! Its dimensions make it easy to be carried in a laptop bag or just your suitcase when leaving on a campsite.
The manufacturer guarantees that this mini projector can work for business presentations as well as video games or, unsurprisingly, home theater. The maximum screen size (in low light conditions) is 120 inches. One can also note the presence of a remote control to facilitate navigation in the menus of this device.
Just like its direct competitor S1, this device is able to turn on and off instantly thanks to the LED bulb.
But back to the resolution of the display. The P300 Neo offers a native resolution of 720p (1280 x 720 pixels) and is able to scale up to 1080P.
It offers more than double the pixels that mini video projectors of the same size offer.
We appreciate the fact that the image is fairly readable, even with a little light in the room, which is not the case for all the projectors, even in this comparison!
Small flat: we regret that the device can not be powered via the USB port. It would have been great to be able to recharge it with a Power Bank!
There are, however, a few other little negative details to report, such as the fact that the user's manual is not of very good quality and that there is no system to warn when the battery goes down, this which is still a bit of a shame for hardware of this range.
It is also a pity that the navigation buttons are flat and not backlit, which can make the navigation in the dark through the menus a bit arduous if you do not have the remote in hand.
The best mini high-end projectors
These video projectors are expensive but offer options not necessarily always present on devices of lower range.
Anker Nebula Capsule: the best upscale

 Can act as a Bluetooth speaker
 Correct image quality even when not in total darkness

 Adapter to charge the device not supplied!

This camera offers an image of up to 100 inches. Featuring an exclusive "IntelliBright" algorithm this mini projector offers a crisp image with excellent contrast.
Another point where this device beats the competition of less range of this comparison: the sound! Indeed, the video projector Nebula Capsule is equipped with an omnidirectional speaker for a correct enough to also appreciate a little music if necessary.
The sound is indeed quite powerful and the bass deep enough to sound a piece of a respectable size.
The projector is barely the size of a soda can and has a light body. Indeed, the Nebula Capsule is just over 400 g, so it is easy to carry this device for use outside your home.
A feature that is not found in the lower-end projectors of this comparison is the Android 7.1 system, for streaming streaming or any type of media app fluidly. In addition, you do not need to install Netflix and Youtube, which are present in this mini projector.
On the other hand, we deplore the native resolution of only 854 x 480, which is less good than competing devices yet less expensive. The brightness is also lower with 100 ANSI lumens.
The aspect ratio is 16: 9, not surprising at this level. This mini projector only supports HDMI up to 1080P, which is the standard for this kind of device. However, for wireless connectivity, the device supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, giving you access to a world of online video. The device is equipped with an automatic keystone correction system (± 40 ° vertical).
The life of the bulb, unsurprisingly, is 30,000 hours like most devices in this comparison. The device is of course delivered with a remote control to facilitate its use.
The Nebula Capsule also has excellent autonomy. Indeed, the device will not take less than 4 hours in projector mode and 30 hours in speaker mode. It's just a pity that the adapter to recharge the battery is not included with the device, which I find a little crazy, especially since it has a rechargeable battery!
The unit comes with a storage case that is both practical and aesthetic.
It is appreciated that the quality of the image is correct even in dark conditions that are not optimal.
AAXA M6: big highlights, but …

 Record native resolution

 Autonomy far too weak to play some movies

This camera is high-end and it immediately displays the color with its native resolution of 1920 x 1080 (1080p) without scaling. This mini projector includes the Texas Instruments DLP 1080p system to ensure the best possible resolution.
The camera is very bright with its 1200 lumens, which is much more than most of the competition in this comparison. The LED lamp, once is not customary, has an autonomy of 30,000 hours, like the majority of its competition, nothing new at this level.
The device has an integrated media player, designed to play files on micro SD card or USB port. In terms of connectivity, the mini projector will also be able to support HDMI, VGA and AV format.
The rechargeable battery that comes with the device does not last as long as its competitors, only 90 minutes, which may not be enough for some movies. In addition, it is autonomy in Eco mode!
Best of all, you can not even charge the device while it's in use. If you want to watch a long movie, you will need a place to connect your device.
The device is a little heavy, 1 kilo 15, which is still much more than most of its direct competitors of lower range. However, it can display images up to 200 inches, which is twice as much as most competitors in this device.
Note that this is the maximum size in low light conditions, which suggests that it is still possible to have a picture of a comfortable size in less ideal conditions. Convenient if your home or office where you want to use it does not have an optimal material to cut the light!
The manufacturer guarantees "cinema-quality" colors because the mini-projector does not contain filters usually found in lamp projectors. If you have the right adapter, you can also connect your tablet or smartphone to this device.
It will be appreciated the presence of a port 3.5 mm Aux, thus facilitating the connection of external speakers to the device.
We deplore the lack of automatic image correction system, which forces you to have to find the best possible location to broadcast your images. Professionals should also take into account that the device does not support the powerpoint format, you will need to use your computer to project your presentation.
I find this and the autonomy of the battery really damage because this device had really everything to please but suddenly, I prefer the Nebula Capsule despite its lack of adapter to charge the battery.
The device comes with a carrying case, which is the least of things for a device of this price I find.
The products of my selection on offer for the moment

A projector is already a nice tool, especially when you want to do a movie session at home, but it is also a product that is not very portable and often condemned to stay at home.
So, why not opt ​​for a mini projector? They are most often in the hand and can be carried everywhere. I have taken you here the characteristics to keep in mind when you search the shelves (virtual or not)!
The type of video projector
Although this comparison only offers LED projectors, there are other technologies available.
LCD projector
This transmits the image in the same way that a camera would. Taking the signal from the source machine and sending the information from behind the lens.
LED projectors
They work in the same way except that the light source is different. The advantage of LED projectors is that the image is brighter and the light source will last much longer than with an LCD projector (which is why we only show LED projectors in this comparison).
Image quality
Mini Projectors offer a wide range of software and lenses to help you get the best possible image quality. LED projectors have equipment specifically designed for the lens, while LCD projectors typically use laser projection equipment.
Laser projectors have a lower level of brightness, but the color rendering is also better than that of LED projectors.
There are three main ways to connect your devices to a mini projector: VGA, HDMI and Wifi.
The VGA port is a specific port for desktop and laptop monitors. The HDMI port is mainly used by video systems. Wifi will allow you to connect your tablet or smartphone.
Most projectors include their own assortment of connection cables as well as USB ports that can be used if you do not have cable available. Attention, all the projectors are not necessarily compatible with the USB ports!
Each projector comes with hardware that allows you to connect it to other machines and project images. For some users, the ease of use of the operating system and various software or user interface can make the difference.
The sound quality
The sound quality of a mini projector will depend in particular on the volume control of the projector itself and the audio source. Some models (as we've seen in this comparison) have built-in speakers of varying quality, but you'll still be able to hook up an external audio system, which will usually be a better option if you have one.
Many mini projectors can use a battery. This adds to their transportability.
However it is important to check the specifications before purchasing your device as some mini projectors, although portable, need to be plugged in to work. It will also be necessary to check the autonomy of your battery. In this comparison, we have seen batteries with a range of 4 hours to only 90 minutes, so it will be a good choice of your device depending on the use you intend to make your mini projector.
A mini projector should be small enough to be easily placed in a bag or even a pocket.
So if you want to project text, photos, videos and other visuals to a group of people, you can do it with a mini projector.
It will therefore be a question here of paying attention to the autonomy of your device if you intend to use it in a place where there is no easy access to an electrical connection.
The luminosity
The brightness is measured in lumens, which will give you an idea of ​​how much light the projector is able to generate, which is crucial to ensure that you will have a pretty bright image.
A 1000 lumen projector should be enough for home theater use, but mini video projectors are usually less powerful. The size and brightness of your room will therefore also be important factors.

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