The 6 (real) Best Scented Candles 2019

Posted on January 14, 2019
Scented candles can not only embalm a room while being decorative, but also be offered for different occasions.
But how to choose a pretty candle that can be appreciated? Or simply on which candle to choose to perfume your home? To allow you to see a little more clearly, here is my selection of the 6 best scented candles.
Among these, you will be able to find the candles of the Rituals collection that I particularly appreciate for their quality of manufacture and their scents (faithful to their sign) and the collection My Jolie Candle for their duration of combustion and the originality of their concept.

The best cheap scented candles
If you do not want to invest a lot of money for a candle, but you still want to have some spare, here are some scented candles that could seduce you.
Yankee Candle: the best cheap step

 Duplicates possible in assortments
 Perfumes imposed for assortments

If you do not know which candle to choose at a reasonable price or which scents to favor, here is a good compromise. Yankee Candles offer a wide range of products. Here in our selection is an assortment of 18 scented votive candles (also available in 10 or 15 units).
The Yankee Candle collection is very varied! Yankee Candle offers jar candles, crackling candles (which are currently a real hit, including the Ellipses which have an oval shape with a long wooden wick and have a burn time of 50h), tarts (these are wax cakes intended to be melted on a suitable burner), candles in columns, votives, candles … The collection does not lack ideas and offers you all possible formats!
What is pleasant with the box that I present to you is the multitude of scents it offers us. You also receive basic scents, such as Red Raspberry, Vanilla and Lime, as well as more daring fragrances such as Lemongrass and Ginger, Shea Butter or Cappuccino. You can discover surprising scents that you would not have thought of!
The boxes are rather advantageous in terms of price! The votive candles (included in this box) have a burning time of 15 hours and are ideally suited to perfume small areas. The unit price of these candles is 2.65 € on the official website of the brand (while with the box, the price is approximately 2.11 € / unit). And if you are lucky, you could also receive limited editions.
The small disadvantage that you may encounter with this type of box is precisely the diversity of its content, because the scents included can not always be chosen! So be careful if you know that some scents displease you.
Another small disadvantage: it happens that users receive duplicates in their order …
Anjou: a refined assortment!


 Biodegradable components

 Beautiful packaging, ideal to offer
 Candles too small for some

Anjou candles are scented candles made of biodegradable ingredients. I decided to introduce the Anjou collection in this article by a box that brings together 4 small candles with fruity notes.
First of all, the packaging is refined, aesthetic and ecological! The style of the candles is also pretty. Discreet, they can easily take place in any room of your home.
But the biggest advantage of this assortment is that they release their perfume without dyes since their components are natural! These candles are made of soy wax and are matched with a cotton wick. They also have a quite suitable burning time of 20h minimum (25h maximum).
You can discover in this set Anjou 4 different flavors: Pear and Strawberry, Blackberry and Laurel, Orange and Peppermint, and Sweet Envelopes of Scents (scent rather floral). Ideal to create a warm atmosphere in your little home!
Anjou also offers gift boxes with scented aromatherapy candles that come in several scents: Vanilla, Lavender, Jasmine, Christmas Wood … You will certainly find your happiness for a birthday or any other party!
Anjou scented candles perfume your room without you having to put your nose on it. Each smell is different, and it is the Pear-Strawberry perfume that would be, according to the testers, the softest of the box.
The only regret for users is their very small format!
Another warning, the users also advise not to leave the candles too long in their box so that the scent does not attenuate too much.
The best scented candles in the midrange
The Pretty Muse: the best mid-range


 Aesthetic and decorative candle

 The weight of the candle for some

For a delicate scent, a wide choice is available to you in the La Jolie Muse collection! I chose to introduce you in the first place the white tea scented candle of La Jolie Muse.
The White Tea scented candle from La Jolie Muse is highly appreciated by perfume lovers. This candle indeed embals your room with a fresh and sweet smell for nearly 95h! If you are looking for a lasting and quality gift at a reasonable price, you can indulge in this candle whose decorative aspect is undeniable.
The candles of La Jolie Muse are surmounted by lids, sometimes carved by hand as for this version Sweet peas and Lys in shiny glass adorned with a small golden owl.
Other scents are available at La Jolie Muse such as the Jasmine scented candle. The style of this candle is more classic, but just as elegant! In addition, you can enjoy its combustion for 60 hours.
In their collection, you can also find candles with relaxing virtues, including La Jolie Muse scented with vanilla and coconut produced in soy wax. If you do not like these odors, you can also look at the Cedar-Cinnamon scent, or the Lotus-Coco scent, perhaps more conducive to relaxing (with a burn time of 45h).
If you want a more instant diffusion of the perfume, you can also find candles La Jolie Muse with 3 wicks in particular their candle in pewter with the natural wax and the scent Cotton Crispy, very pretty too! Its contemporary blue floral motif also makes it a beautiful decorative object.
Rituals: a safe bet!


 Long burning time

 Odor too sweet for some

The reputation of Rituals is well established. They sell body products (scrubs, care and other shower products) but also tea, scented sticks and candles! The collection offers gift boxes always well elaborated and neat.
I was able to test some products of the brand and I was pleasantly surprised each time by their softness and their haunting scent. I was able to try the cherry blossom mist for the body and for textiles that won me over. That's why I decided to try a candle from the collection.
So I chose to introduce the Rituals collection with the candle The Ritual of Sakura perfume Cherry Blossom and Rice Milk because I personally appreciate its floral and delicate scent. The flowers of Sakura (Japanese cherry tree) or "spring snow" in Japan symbolize the renewal of nature and purity. When it comes to rice, it represents abundance, joy and fertility in Asia. The essence of rice milk has softening properties for the skin.
The style of the packaging is uncluttered – do not expect fancy candles – but the smell of this candle is very pleasant and soothing. Her style may be suitable for any part of the house: it will fit just as well on a bedside table as in a living room.
The Ritual of Sakura, composed of 70% natural wax, diffuses its perfume during nearly 50h. If you visit the official website of Rituals, you can find this model also in XL version for € 47.50. You can enjoy their scent longer because the large formats diffuse their perfume for 70 hours.
Other scents inspired by Asian ancestral traditions and other formats are also available, such as XL Precious Amber which benefits from an elaborate packaging. The collection also includes 3-wick candles!
My Jolie Candle: a customized gift!

 2 in 1 gift (candle and jewel)

 Watch out for the measurements of the jewels you choose

For about 30 euros, you can opt for a gift 2 in 1. Indeed, what do you think of a candle that reveals a surprise when you made it melt? These candles could be the perfect gift you were looking for, surprise effect guaranteed!
I particularly selected the My Jolie Candle collection, the Monoi de Tahiti candle and the 100% natural natural wax.
The creators of the My Jolie Candle collection have been talking about them for a while on the web. My Jolie Candle candles are known for the variety of their candles and the originality of their concept. You can also find scents like cherry blossom or orange blossom.
This Monoi de Tahiti scented candle makes you travel with its sunny touch! You can also opt for more fun scents like Cotton Candy or Pina Colada!
What's fun is that inside your candles you can find a fine and delicate jewel set with authentic Swarovski crystals. The Monoi version of Tahiti that I present to you contains for example in its wax a bracelet. But other jewels (necklaces, rings, earrings) are available according to the versions of the collection.
The bracelet has a unique and adjustable size (15.5 cm, 17 cm, 18.5 cm). It has a minimum value of € 20 but can range from € 250 to € 1000 for the lucky ones.
The candles of My Jolie Candle are made of 100% natural soy wax, coconut and mango with a pure cotton wick. The cotton wick ensures better combustion while being nontoxic. The designers estimate that the candle is consumed in 35 hours.
Each candle is packaged in a box matching the theme of the chosen perfume. The packaging is quite fanciful, but if you prefer a more classic model, I propose the Gold model that hides a bracelet.
To harvest your little gem, turn on and enjoy the scent of your candle first. Then you will see your gift in a heat resistant aluminum (still happy you will tell me!). Wait a moment before removing your jewel, then remove the excess wax and find out what jewel lurks in your candle.
Each jewel has a code that you can insert on the My Jolie Candle website. If curiosity takes you, you can insert this code to discover the value of your jewel.
Be careful however to choose the model you want and especially the good measures of the jewel you choose!
The best high-end scented candles
For a larger budget, different luxury candles are available to you.
The Baobab collection: the best high-end


 Long burning time

More sophisticated candles are available from various luxury brands. To give you an overview, I have selected for you the Baobab collection and more particularly its elegant Marble scented candle.
This Marble scented candle takes place in a blown glass dotted with black, gray and beige lines. These colors give a touch both feminine and masculine to his presentation. Its scent is a mysterious and subtle mix of leather and tuberose.
With a height of 16cm and a weight of 1 kg, it has a burning time of 150h. Each model has 4 different formats.
For the realization of glasses, Baobab uses the dexterity of artisans: each color is introduced gradually during blowing to create a dense and transparent material. The aesthetic, very elegant, reminds marble.
The candle that I present is offered at a relatively high price, but other candles in the collection are more affordable: the Platinum candle Baobab for example.
With its platinum glass gloss, a height of 10 cm (for the smallest version), and a weight of 500g, it has a burning time of 60h. A 16 cm version is also available with a burn time of 150h.
Besides the Baobab collection, you can also find among luxury collections, for example: the candle Architettura (Fornasetti collection) with a duration of 50 to 60h or Dyptic candles (their candles with two wicks, give off a perfume which in most cases is equivalent to that of two classic candles that burn at the same time).
The products of my selection on offer for the moment
No products from my selection are on sale for the moment.

The choice of a candle is a very subjective choice. Smell of flowers, sweet, fresh, spicy or sweet … You choose according to your preferences! You can create different atmospheres: dynamic scents, fresh or otherwise relaxing and warm.
To choose, you can still rely on the characteristics of your candle: type of wax, wick, its scent, its burning time and toxicity. Here are some points of reference to help you.
The different types of candles
Adopt your candle according to the place and the surface that you wish to embalm. The burning times as well as the intensity of the perfumes can vary greatly from one candle to another. It's the same for their size and weight.
Candles are available in several forms: candles in jars, crackles, columns, votives, tartlets …
Candles in jars
These candles are placed in glass jars (small decorative jars).
Sparkling candles
They are candles that crackle thanks to their wooden wick.
Column candles
Column candles are formats that extend in height (different sizes possible).
The tarts
Tartlets are wax cakes that must be allowed to melt on a suitable support.
A candle is also a decorative element. That's why candles are a good gift idea! Especially since a gift box can be adapted for different occasions.
But watch out for candles containing a jewel, to choose the right model! Be careful, for example, not to choose a candle containing earrings if the person to whom you wish to offer it does not have pierced ears. The same applies to the size of rings or bracelets.
The quality of the wax
Depending on the candles, you will encounter different types of waxes.
Vegetable wax
Vegetable wax is composed mainly of soy, palm, carnauba or jojoba. Containing neither herbicides nor pesticides, they do not have toxic fumes.
Prefer this type of wax if you are allergic or asthmatic. Its melting temperature is low, which allows to prolong its combustion, and provides a very good diffusion of essential oils.
Mineral wax
It is a component derived from filtered hydrocarbons. The current filtration processes make it possible to extract pure paraffins (subject to quality controls).
Natural but more expensive, it is mainly intended for a craft use.
The combustion phenomenon can have an irritating effect on the respiratory tract, especially if they are scented. Some people may have allergic reactions.
The level of toxicity also depends on the concentration of the fumes, so do not hesitate to ventilate the room during and / or after burning your candle.
Types of wicks
There are wicks made of synthetic fibers, cotton and wood. Synthetic locks are to be avoided even if they are often used by manufacturers. Instead, choose non-toxic cotton wicks.
As for candles with several strands, they allow you an almost instantaneous diffusion of the scent! As a bonus, you can regulate the combustion as you see fit.
The wicks that have the coast right now are the wood wicks! More particularly adapted to vegetable waxes, they crackle and add a note of fire to the atmosphere of your interior, particularly pleasant in winter!
In terms of fragrances, candles are either scented with essential oils or scented oils. It is better to focus sometimes on the quality of components with scents because some candles are scented on the surface and are not odorous in the long run.
You are now ready to discover the best candles!

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