The 6 (real) Best Screwdrivers 2019

Posted on March 22, 2019
After several hours of research, I finally made my selection of the 6 best drills drills on the market among a wide selection of products. I personally have a small preference for the machine Hitachi-Hikoki DV18DBSLW for its autonomy, its power and features that she offers. However, I invite you just as much to discover the other 5 models of this selection. You will also find at the end of this article a buying guide to help you consider the important points when buying this essential tool!
The best screwdrivers
The drill-screwdriver, it is the essential tool of the do-it-yourselfers! Any handyman, casual or regular, must own this tool 2 in 1 to do small jobs at home.
In this first range, I selected you, among the cheapest on the market, a very interesting wireless machine.
Wireless Tacklife: the best cheap step

 2 long-lasting batteries

 13 mm metal chuck and accessories
 LED light and battery level indicator

 Percussion mode a little light
 Tips not super sturdy

The wireless Tacklife is a very affordable machine that has two 2.0 Ah Lithium-ion batteries. The accessory box is supplied with a series of tips and the appropriate charger.
It is an 18V machine with two rotation speeds (between 0 – 450 rpm and 0 – 1600 rpm). The drive controller, according to users, is flexible and progressive.
The Tacklife is supplied with a mandrel (torque of 35 Nm max.) Made of 13 mm metal. The tightening torque defines the tightening force of the screwdriver or, to put it more simply, its ability to screw screws into different materials.
The quick-change hexagonal chuck does not require a lot of handling: just pull the collar, put the wick, and release the collar. No need for a spanner!
The Tacklife has three functions, namely: percussion, drilling and screwing. The torque limit prevents you from drilling too much, passing through walls, tearing screw heads and damaging your device …
You also have an integrated LED light so you can see what you are doing when you are not in a sufficiently bright environment! Then you have a battery indicator, so do not get caught off guard if your machine gets stuck while you tinker.
This machine offers good autonomy (about 2 hours per battery) and recharges relatively quickly (count anyway a small hour).
According to users, its weak points are the percussion mode, which is a little too light for hard walls (compared to wired models).
Unlike the screwing and drill function, the percussion mode is therefore less satisfactory, but for occasional use or for hollow or soft materials, it is sufficient.
It is also a machine relatively easy to wear since it weighs only about 1.65 kg. Ideal for assembly work without tiring your arm! Its small size also allows you to access more easily in small areas of cabinet type and other small furniture.
Einhell: a handy kit

 2 long-lasting batteries, fast charging
 Transport case and charger

 Not equipped for percussion

For more than 50 years, the Einhell brand has been offering home, craft, garden and leisure products. Einhell develops and sells products in more than 90 countries. The brand Einhell offers, here, a drill screwdriver of choice at low cost.
This cordless machine runs on TE-CD 18/2 Li battery, and has a charging time of only 30 minutes. The ABS system provides maximum power and good life. It is a 18V 1.5 Ah machine, which offers a torque of 44 Nm, and a torque control in 21 positions.
It is delivered as a kit in a transport case with 2 batteries and a charger. Its red and black design is not only nice and visible, but also ergonomic, since it has a Softgrip handle for a comfortable grip. It is also equipped with a hook so that you can attach it to your belt.
The tree lock is automatically done for easy change. You have 2 speeds with fast stop. The couple, according to users, is progressive and efficient. Always useful if you do not want to go through some materials …
The vast majority of users are very happy with it: the batteries last a long time, and the built-in charge indicator makes it possible to estimate the battery remaining as real. Weight level, some users consider that it is quite heavy.
It is a machine that offers a good price, and will be sufficient for occasional small housework. Good material! Only one small point that could be compared to its first competitor is that it does not have a percussion mode.
The Power X-Change Einhell battery system allows you to use the battery on other tools of the same brand.
The best mid-range drill drills
We now climb a level, with a semi-professional model for occasional or regular domestic use. The machine that I present in this range is appreciated for its quality and durability. It is a 3 in 1 drill driver supplied with many accessories.
Makita HP457DWE10: the best mid-range

 Percussion mode a little light
 Tips not super sturdy, not suitable for concrete


The Makita HP457DWE10 is a popular machine, because reliable, compact and comes with many accessories. The box includes, indeed, a whole series of accessories to carry out your small works!
In particular, you have two speeds, and a self-locking 13 mm mono-ring chuck for precise torque adjustment in 16 positions, with a position for "conventional" drilling and a percussive drilling position. It also has a magnetic bit holder.
It is a machine 2 x 18 V of 1.5 Ah. So you can pierce materials like wood, metal or stone, without it weakening. The adjustment wheel, which allows you to choose the mode, can keep the settings between two holes / screwings. Which is very practical!
If you want to tinker at home with good material, I recommend the machine Makita, it will be a good help. On the other hand, it has some disadvantages.
First, the charger does not change color when charging is complete. An anecdotal detail for some, a real disadvantage for others! Then, although the overall quality of assembly inspires confidence, the mandrel, meanwhile, is plastic.
Finally, percussion mode is also not the most effective. Indeed, it can do the job to troubleshoot, but will not replace a real puncher, even if overall, with this power, you already have enough to ensure the vast majority of your current work.
In terms of weight, note that it is a little heavy (1.7 kg), and that the batteries are not necessarily compatible with other machines at Makita. But, it is a machine 3 in 1 quite correct for an occasional use, if its weight does not reject you!
The best high end drill drills
Among the high-end machines, you have internationally renowned brands, apt to do pro work. These are usually machines that embark three functions, to overcome all your work!
They are delivered in kit, and present many accessories for a great freedom of use.
Hitachi-Hikoki DV18DBSLWJ: the best high-end


 2 long-lasting batteries

 Led, and battery indicator

Hitachi, has been distributing power tools in France for more than 30 years. It is a reliable brand highly appreciated by users. And it's not without reason!
The Hitachi hammer drill is an 18V 5.0 Ah machine with 2 batteries, a charger, and a storage box. It carries a brushless motor, and is suitable for many jobs, both screwing and drilling: up to 13 mm in steel and brick, up to 50 mm in wood.
It is a machine that is as powerful in the wood as in the concrete, first positive point! Then the light is particularly practical and well placed. The belt hook which it has at its disposal is also useful.
She enjoys excellent autonomy. Its tightening torque is 40 Nm for flexible materials – 70 Nm for hard and adjustable on 22 positions. It offers variable speeds with switch, 2 mechanical speeds, and 2 typing speeds. She has a typing speed of 0-6,000 / 0-27,000 strokes per minute.
The 13 mm mandrel is made of metal and self-locking. In terms of weight, it is not much heavier than 3 Ah or 4 Ah. Its weight is 1.7 kg with battery. It is also not the lightest, especially for a long use, but it is a machine that pays the price of its strength and strength.
At the level of the grip, its Soft Grip handles and its small strap, offer a certain comfort.
It also has LED lighting for darker environments, and a battery indicator. The charger is ventilated to optimize charging and battery usage. Clever! By cons, the charger is noisy load … But hey, we can not have everything.
DeWALT DCD790M2-QW: a robust and powerful machine

 A bit heavy for some users


DeWALT exists since 1924 and is a subsidiary of Stanley Black & Decker. The DeWALT DCD790M2-QW machine is a robust machine, equipped with 2 18V 4 Ah batteries that offer a great autonomy of work.
It is also supplied with a 13 mm metal mandrel, and 15 different torque positions for more precision, as well as a switch for intelligent variation of drilling speed and better control.
The batteries offer a very good autonomy, which is convenient for working long without interruption.
Its engine does not heat even after a few hours of use. In terms of accessories, you have a hook to attach to your belt and a carrying case. You also have a charge indicator, and a large magnet, which allows you to hang screws and bits.
Power level, it is in 2000 rpm, for a power of 230W, with 2 speeds. The delivered power makes it possible to pierce partitions like plasterboard or cellular type.
It weighs 1.62 kg: its weight can be felt after a while, especially if you work on a ladder. Only a few grams less could have fully satisfied some users. It is a machine that still remains manageable despite its weight.
Robust, of good quality, reliable, it is adapted for a professional use. Relatively quiet (76 dB), it is an indispensable tool for DIY! Pro gear, ideal for regular use.
By cons, this machine does not have percussion mode, only disadvantage for some users. But in fact, German quality has not finished talking about her.
Bosch Expert Wireless PSB 18 LI-2: a very ergonomic machine

 Ergonomic grip
 Syneon chip that manages battery energy as needed

 LED light and battery level indicator
 Lightweight, easy to wear

The Bosch Expert Wireless PSB 18 LI-2 is a high quality machine. This machine has 2 batteries 18V 2,5 Ah. The longevity of the machine is high thanks to its 18v lithium-ion battery (usable on all Bosch power4all tools).
Its design, is the first element that catches the eye: it adopts an unusual shape for a grip less tiring. Its unique shape allows for ideal power transmission and comfortable use. In the event of a blockage, the anti-reverse sensor causes the machine to stop immediately.
This cordless drill driver works with a Syneon chip, which manages battery power as needed. When working, it automatically adjusts the ratio of the speed of rotation to optimize the torque. Its brushless motor reduces wear and offers high efficiency for long life.
It is a machine, which allows you to perform all types of work, but which does not require the percussion function. It is therefore suitable for drilling wood, plastic, etc. The 13 mm automatic chuck (maximum torque 32.0 Nm) offers a higher torque torque than its competitors.
In summary, it is a light machine (only 1.3 kg) that is very handy. It offers a very ergonomic grip thanks to its special handle. It has two speeds up to 1,400 rpm for the second: it is suitable for drilling and screwing in wood and for all occasional work in brick and plasterboard.
You also have the drill driver Bosch 06039B5101 18V which has, meanwhile, the percussion mode with 2 batteries, and a storage box. Its maximum typing frequency is 22,500 cps / min.
The products of my selection on offer at the moment

As always, everything depends on the desired use. For occasional use, you will not choose the same machine as for intensive use. For a more sustained use, it is better to invest in a quality tool, which can be sufficiently robust on a construction site.
Even if you are new to DIY, you are already necessarily past such machines in a hardware store. And for good reason, it's a useful tool for any audience! Whether you want to assemble a piece of furniture, hang a frame or hang a coat rack, the drill driver is the machine to have at home.
A drill consists of several components, including a motor, a battery for wireless models, a trigger and a chuck. There are three types of mandrels, but the self-locking or self-tightening chuck is the most suitable for screwdrivers because it allows you to adapt quickly (if you want to change the tip, drill or bit).
In this guide, I will help you find a quality machine that fits your needs, considering the important points to consider when buying.
The materials
A screwdriver drill, obviously allows you to drill and screw different types of materials.
You can work soft materials, such as plasterboard, and plasterboard with a metal drill. With this type of drill, you can also work with metal materials like copper, aluminum, brass, zinc, iron, and steel.
For wood, you can drill and screw with the wooden drill, whether on soft wood or hardwood (depending on the type of machine).
If you want to use it on hard materials such as stone, brick or concrete, I recommend a drill driver equipped with the percussion function.
Always remember to check on which option the machine is when you use it (screwing or unscrewing).
The percussion mode
The percussion option is offered on some screwdrivers. It is recommended for working with materials such as stone, concrete or cellular concrete (but do not try on tiles …).
Wireless models equipped with this mode are effective on soft materials such as soft concrete, brick or plaster. A little less against, on the materials that require more power and for which a wired machine will be more suitable.
The power of the machines, corresponds to the voltage of the battery which is measured in volts (V). The higher the voltage, the better the torque (or the torque rotation force to overcome the resistance).
The ideal average voltage is 18 volts: enough voltage to drill holes in a frame and the floor covering.
Do not rely, however, not only on the tension, the drilling and torque performance, also count!
The tightening torque
So, I told you a lot about the tightening torque, but what is it? The tightening torque defines the clamping force of the screwdriver or – to put it another way – its ability to screw screws into different materials.
The capacity of the tightening torque is expressed in Newton Meter (Nm). When adjusting the tightening torque, you adjust the rotary force of the drill. This force must be adapted to the material on which you want to work, so as not to damage the screw heads and the bits.
The chuck of your machine has a ring, set on its base, on which you can read several values. Each value corresponds to the tightening value of your tool.
In terms of speed, the majority of models have two speeds: a powerful torque to drill holes in hard materials; and a lower torque, to screw and unscrew, or make holes in softer materials. Depending on the speed, you need to adapt your accessories.
A sliding switch allows you to select a higher or lower speed. On some machines, you have an electronic speed controller.
To drill and screw, a drill with a minimum torque of 40Nm is recommended.
The weight
For this type of machine, weight matters. All is to choose a machine that balances performance and weight.
An 18V model is usually less lightweight than another less powerful model. But most wireless machines today are manageable, thanks to their shape and the harmonious distribution of the weight of the various elements.
Your machine will probably not slip from your hands either, most of which are fitted with a non-slip coating.
These machines allow you to access different areas, even smaller spaces, because your hand is in line with the center of the machine.
These are the lithium-ion batteries found most often in these tools; in any case they are the most widespread. The composition of these batteries is less toxic than the batteries of old, nickel-cadmium.
They are also more powerful, and have a better longevity.
If you know that you will be using your machine for long hours, consider bringing a model with two batteries.
The battery life is measured in amperes hours (Ah). For charging, allow between 30 minutes and 1 hour. Now you understand why a second battery is always useful to have on hand!
The power
The power of a machine, represents the amount of energy required by the engine for it to work properly. This power is expressed in watts.
Generally, the higher the power, the easier it will be to pierce resistant materials.
The machines are sometimes equipped with an electronic dimmer or another system to start the screwing smoothly.
For percussion mode, power is needed! Count around 24,000 strokes per minute for proper use.
Cordless machines use a mandrel of 10 to 13 mm, with a speed of rotation that can reach 3000 revolutions per minute.
In conclusion, which drill screwdriver to choose?
For an occasional start, or for small housework, I highly recommend the Tacklife wireless machine. I find that for its price, it offers features worthy of a mid-range model (two batteries, a metal chuck, LED lighting, etc.)
For most jobs, you also have the Makita HP457DWE10, which offers three functions and is equipped with two batteries. It comes with many accessories.
For regular, intensive or professional use, the Hitachi-Hikoki DV18DBSLW is the one I recommend the most. It is a powerful machine of 18V 5.0 Ah, equipped with two long-lasting batteries and a brushless motor.
The DeWALT DCD790M2-QW drill driver is also, in my opinion, one of the best high-end, in terms of features and functionality it offers: two 18V 4 Ah batteries, a battery indicator, a magnet to hang your tips and wicks, a hook for a belt, a power and a robustness quite satisfactory. However, note that you do not have a percussion mode with this one, unlike the previous one.
Honorable Mentions
Black & Decker BDCDC18KB-QW: The Black & Decker, is an 18V cordless drill driver, equipped with two 1.5 Ah batteries (chargers included), and delivered in a box. It offers a metal motor housing, and a bi-material handle for a comfortable fit. This machine has a 10-position torque control to control the clamping force. Ideal for all small jobs at home!
Bosch Professional GSR 12V-15 Wireless: The Bosch Professionnal is a 12V machine, equipped with 2 2.0 Ah batteries, and comes with a storage pocket. With a 10 mm mandrel, a two-speed gear made of metal, a torque of 15 Nm, LED lighting, a charger, and a complete set of accessories, it is a machine with many advantages. I decided not to put it in this selection, because its power does not allow to use it optimally as a drill.
Teccpo: the Teccpo wireless machine is equipped with a brushless motor, a steel chuck, two 18V 2.0 Ah lithium-ion batteries, and a charger. The box contains various screwdriver bits, and metal drills. And an extension to screw in less accessible places. The max. is 60 Nm. The charge is fast (about 30 minutes). It also embeds a percussion mode, and offers a two-speed setting (0-500 rpm / 0-2000 rpm).
Metabo BS18LI: The Metabo is a 18V 2 Ah drill driver that includes two batteries with charge level indicator, and two lamps to illuminate your work area. It also comes with a very useful set of accessories.
Makita 18V 3.0 Ah: the Makita is a 18V 3 Ah 2-speed drill driver, with a self-tightening 13 mm mono-ring chuck. It allows precise torque control in 16 positions and a drilling position. The machine stops when the trigger is released. Its Soft Grip technology offers a good grip.
Hitachi KC18DJLF: The Hitachi is an 18V li-ion machine that is suitable for both apprentices and professionals. It is a very complete model supplied with nearly 100 accessories and a self-locking 13 mm mandrel. It has LED lighting, but it does not have a battery indicator or a belt hook. A shame for a machine of such quality.

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