The 6 (real) Best Sports Bags 2019

Updated on December 24, 2018
After several hours of research, I finally made my selection of the 6 best sports bags among more than fifty models available at the moment.
My favorite is definitely the Adidas Defender II: this high-end model is a must have when you train on a daily basis.
You will also find at the end of this article a shopping guide to choose your new gym bag.






                                                                Under Armor Undeniable 3.0

                                                                Under Armor Storm Hustle 3








                    Best cheap



                                    Under Armor Undeniable 3.0






                    Best mid-range



                                    Under Armor Storm Hustle 3








The best cheap sports bags
The cheapest models are quite compact. Their design is quite uneven.
It is therefore important to check a few key points: solidity of the bottom of the bag, fastening of the shoulder strap and solidity of the seams. It is therefore necessary to be a little vigilant to find a good model.
Under Armor Undeniable 3.0: the best cheap


 Available in different sizes and colors
 Logo a bit too imposing

Under Armor – AU for Intimate – is quite well known to sports enthusiasts attentive to their look. The American brand is part of the sportswears specialists who willingly combine performance and trend.
Like its competitors, it also strives to position itself as far as possible at the forefront of innovation and it also offers some interesting technologies for runners (include UA HOVR PHANTOM for cushioning, UA HOVR SONIC for the reactivity). She also signs the UA Storm, an ultra-resistant finish to water and weather, which she applies in particular to this very successful sports bag.
The Under Armor Undeniable 3.0 is a 100% polyester model with a volume of 42 L (55 cm wide, 25 cm long and 30 cm high). It consists of a zippered main compartment, a ventilated compartment for linen or shoes, a mesh pocket and a zip pocket at the front.
Relatively compact, well organized and quite resistant, this model also benefits from the UA Storm which gives it an excellent resistance to the weather. It is also equipped with anti-abrasion panels underneath and on the sides.
On the "grip" side, the Under Armor Undeniable 3.0 features handles and an adjustable, padded shoulder strap.
UA is also one of its exclusive technologies: the HeatGear shoulder strap … which is not exceptional, it must be said. But even if the shoulder strap does not have a revolutionary characteristic, which would distinguish it from its competitors, it does the job, and that's the main thing.
All in all, this model is a sports bag all that is classic. It has all the necessary options for the good organization of your business and is very resistant.
To avoid spoiling, it displays a neat design (note that it also comes in several sizes and colors). We may regret the UA logo, a bit too invasive.
An excellent choice if you are looking for a safe value at a low price!
Adidas Linear Performance: the base


 Several sizes and colors

Adidas is one of the most famous sports equipment manufacturers in the world. The brand signs some iconic products, including its Linear Performance sports bag, regularly reissued.
To the point that one crosses it in all the cloakrooms: it is better then to affix a small personal mark there, in order to avoid an impromptu exchange!
The screen printed bag Adidas Linear Performance comes in several colors. Made of durable polyester, it has compact dimensions: 21 x 55 x 19 cm. It has a shape that allows you to fully exploit the interior space. It is also delivered with a shoe pouch.
The design of the Adidas Linear bag is simple: a main compartment, an outside zipped pocket, two handles and a shoulder strap. This is not the most revolutionary model on the market, but this sports bag benefits from its classic look.
If Linear Performance has style, it's true, but do not ignore its flaws. The reinforcement of the bottom, in particular, is a little too narrow: it would be good for the brand to decide to widen it a little. Ditto for the anti-abrasion panel, which could go up a little on the sides for more efficiency.
The Adidas bag is a very good travel companion: it is perfect for a weekend getaway. This bag is available in several sizes: if you practice a sport of combat, it may be wise to opt for the size L, even M for the boxing.
From a practical point of view, this bag starts to be a bit outdated. There are also better models signed Adidas, but this timeless model is now a basic.
Certainly, we will find models offering more storage and more versatile. But from a purely aesthetic point of view, it must be said: the Linear is a bit basic!
Domyos Fitness: the first prize that makes the job

It is probably not useful to present Domyos, the brand of Decathlon, which offers very good sports equipment at very low prices.
The quality is generally at the rendezvous, even if the mark is a little hard on some specific equipment (including dance shoes). Even though this gym bag has one of the lowest prices on the market, we've been used to it better by Domyos …
This model of 30L consists of 6 compartments: the main pocket of 26 L and 5 other compartments to organize your business.
Let's be honest: not all storage is essential. But overall, the bag makes it easy to organize your things, and that's the main thing.
Made of polyester, the Domyos sports bag has a fairly uneven finish. Certainly, the seams are well reinforced.
But the handles – and especially the tie loops on the shoulder strap – do not inspire long-term confidence. Note also that the shoulder strap is not very well padded.
This bag is not designed to carry too heavy equipment, which is a shame. Let's agree: to go to a dance class or judo, it goes. But do not expect more.
Too bad, because this bag has a length of 32 cm for a width of 21 cm and a height of 52 cm. These dimensions, adapted to a cloakroom locker, are also fully in line with the "hand luggage" standards if you're flying.
The Domyos sports bag is a practical compact model, with a very simple and very successful design, for a really small price. This model does its job and it has almost everything to please.
We can only regret that the shoulder strap is poorly designed and that it threatens to let go quickly enough if too much load.
The best mid-range sports bags
In this range, we find some safe values, such as Under Armor. The mid-range sports bags are made of quality materials, and they especially benefit from finishes that already give them a good life.
You can also find ultra-versatile models, which will accompany you to both sport and travel.
Under Armor Storm Hustle 3: the best mid-range

 Not suitable for small sizes

If you're looking for a backpack sports bag, it's more than likely that you'll fall for the Under Armor Hustle 3.0 model. Especially since this bag can also turn into an urban bag and accommodate a computer 15 inches, which makes it terribly versatile.
The Hustle 3.0 backpack has a decidedly sporty design. With a capacity of 30L, it allows you to take your business to the gym.
But its capabilities are not limited to that, since it has a pocket in which you can carry a computer 15 inches more serenely that the bottom of the bag is very resistant.
This model also benefits from the UA Storm technology which guarantees good weather resistance. You can also embark on a mini-hike.
Finally, with its dimensions – 25 cm wide by 35 cm long and 45 cm high – it can also take the place of hand luggage when traveling by plane.
In short, the Hustle 3.0 is versatile at will. It also offers neat finishes, including strong seams.
As for comfort, nothing to complain about.
Once again, the HeatGear technology that the brand proudly displays does not revolutionize the concept of a shoulder strap. But the straps are nonetheless padded and very well arranged.
We appreciate the solid handle, and offering a good grip, located at the top of the bag.
The Hustle 3.0 sports bag is perfectly representative of the Under Armor brand's know-how. Well thought out, robust, ultra-functional, it offers excellent value for money.
And not to spoil anything, it is very super versatile. A must have for the team "backpack" at the gym!
Osprey Trillium 30: a superb model with shoulder strap

 No upper handles

Osprey is a California brand specializing in the design of bags and backpacks. The brand has the distinction of offering a lifetime warranty and repairing its products to avoid discarding and replacing them.
The Osprey bags are easy to recognize with their contemporary and ergonomic design, like that of the Trillium 30. An excellent model if you like the shoulder bag sport bag …
This sports bag has fairly standard dimensions: 50.8 long, 27.9 wide and 22.9 cm high. It has the distinction of being able to fold and slip into a pocket, to store it more easily or to take it on vacation.
We find all the specifics of Osprey bags: neat finishes, ultra-reinforced seams. This model has a main compartment and small additional storage: mesh pocket, zipped pocket and location for the ID card.
The Trillium 30 is equipped with a shoulder strap, which is solid and well padded. Strangely, he does not have handles on the top. Indeed, the shoulder strap can adopt 3 positions: the longer to carry the bag across, the average to carry the bag to the shoulder and the shorter to carry the bag by hand.
Bad idea: the load is no longer balanced at all. Classic handles would have been welcome. There are still the side handles, practical when the bag must be stored in height.
If the Trillium 30 displays a very nice design, its specific form is not really ideal to optimize the interior space. It will therefore be reserved for sports and very short getaways.
This bag is not necessarily the most successful model or the most versatile proposed by Osprey. But Trillium 30 remains an excellent basic for the sport, and one finds the quality of the materials and the realization which made the reputation of the mark.
The best high-end sports bags
With a rock solid, high-end models are destined to last, even if they are abused. Daily training, heavy loads: these sports bags are made for intensive use.
They are still light enough not to overload you unnecessarily.
Adidas Defender II: the best high-end


 3 sizes, different colors

 Little storage for valuable business

Adidas offers a wide range of sports bags. Among his bestsellers: the Defender. For this second edition, the brand has significantly improved.
Admittedly, there are still some alterations to be made for it to be irreproachable. But it is definitely a very good model, quite suitable for frequent training, even daily.
The Defender II comes in 3 sizes: S, M and L. Made of 100% polyester, it has very sturdy seams and extremely neat finishes. It is equipped with handles and a removable shoulder strap. WARNING: only the M and L models have a padded reinforcement on the shoulder strap.
The first advantage of the Defender is its resistance to wear. We also appreciate the compartment reserved for shoes, which is spacious and very well ventilated.
The WET / DRY pocket is even more appreciated (in other words, a perfect seal so that moisture does not penetrate the partition separating this pocket from the main compartment).
People who like well-organized sports bags may regret that there are not more pockets inside. It's actually a constant at Adidas: the brand generally sticks to excellent storage for sports equipment, leaving aside the organization of personal affairs.
We find this taste of functionality above all in terms of design. The Defender II adopts a shape that lacks a little fun, but that allows to fully exploit its capabilities. If the lines are basic, the look is no less neat, with varied colors and beautiful effects.
The Defender II is an excellent sports bag, thought in the first place … for the sport (although the bag can very well serve as luggage for your next vacation).
But as often with Adidas, style is not left behind. A practical model, of very good quality, and stylish …
The products of my selection on offer for the moment

Any good sportsman must have a bag in which to put his stuff, but a good bag is not chosen anyhow.
Here are some criteria to take into account to help you choose among the range of sports bags available!
A sports brand
This may seem obvious, but let us specify it all the same: to find a sports bag, the best is to turn to a sports brand. Indeed, traditional brands can offer models – shoulder strap version or backpack – whose capacity may seem appropriate.
But to have adequate materials and storage, it is better to contact a specialist. Sports equipment manufacturers design more and more models that are ultra-versatile, like the Under Armor Storm Hustle 3 which can be transformed into an urban bag to carry your computer.
The budget
Between the first price models and the high-end models, the price range is very wide. It can therefore be difficult to decide the budget to spend on the purchase of a sports bag.
It depends on several criteria, including the sport you practice and the frequency of your training.
Do you only bring the basics – shoes, leggings etc – to the room? An entry or mid-range model is sufficient (from 20 to 80 € depending on the size).
For imposing equipment and / or intensive training, bet immediately on a high-end model, which you will keep for many years (80 to 150 € depending on the size).
The capacity
As always with a bag, the capacity is measured in volume. If the manufacturer does not indicate it, you can determine it by a quick calculation: length x width x height.
The choice logically depends on your sport, and the equipment you need to transport.
The type of bag
The choice depends on your habits, as well as the weight of your equipment.
The shoulder bag
It is a classic, suitable for most indoor sports and the pool.
The backpack
It has the distinction of distributing the load. It is also the most practical bag if you go to public transport training. Remember to carefully measure its dimensions: it must not be wider than your back.
The wheeled bag
It is ideal for some sports requiring complete equipment, heavy or bulky.
Whatever type of bag you choose, your comfort is a crucial criterion. No question of hurting yourself before or after the effort!
Materials and finishes
A sports bag is sometimes abused. It is therefore essential that it be very resistant. In terms of materials, polyester is the most common because it has a good solidity. Nylon is another safe bet.
Your gym bag must be waterproof, or at least have good weather resistance.
To stop your choice, consider 5 key points: the quality of the zippers, the stitching strength, the strength of the shoulder strap fasteners, the abrasion resistant panels, as well as good ventilation, which will limit the risk of moisture and bad smell.
The compartments
Your gym bag should have at least two compartments, to allow you to insulate dirty and / or damp laundry, especially if you are exercising outdoors.
A pocket for shoes is also welcome. For backpacks, we favor the side mesh pocket for the water bottle, to save space.
More and more models offer additional storage for the smartphone, identity papers and so on.
Most sports bags have an inside pocket in which you can drop off your valuables. You can also opt for a model with a padlock, or at least, can accommodate one.
You do not want to multiply the bags? Opt for a versatile gym bag. Manufacturers are making more and more efforts in this direction.
Most compact sports bags, for example, meet the standards established by the airlines for traveling in the cabin. A backpack model will accompany you for a short hike or work.
The style
Manufacturers now offering very versatile models, which can for example take the place of hand luggage, the aesthetic aspect is important.
If you want to use your bag elsewhere than at training, it may be interesting to opt for a sober model, such as the Under Armor Undeniable 3.0.
The interview
A gym bag is generally not compatible with the washer and dryer. It is cleaned with a sponge, with a little soapy water. On a day-to-day basis, care must be taken that the interior is always dry.
In case of humidity, lick the bag open for drying in the open air, away from any source of heat.

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