The 6 (real) Best Teapots 2019

Posted on March 29, 2019
It can be difficult to choose from the many models available, so here is my selection of the 6 best teapots among more than thirty models available at the moment.
The Hiware hand teapot is my favorite of this selection with its very nice design and low price.
You will also find at the end of this article a shopping guide that will allow you, I hope, to find the perfect teapot for you.

The best cheap teapots
With prices below 50 euros, here are three cheap teapots that will delight small budgets.
Hiware: the best cheap step

 Correct capacity (1 liter)
 Easily removable infuser

 Not for solo teas

First teapot not expensive of this selection, this teapot is very different from the others presented in this range, at least visually.
Indeed, it combines the overall design of Tealyra Drago teapot (pot with infuser inside), but with the appearance of the first since it is also transparent. It is therefore possible for you to visualize the inside of the teapot and thus to check the intensity of the tea at a glance, which avoids you to open the teapot each time.
It is also a design that I prefer compared to opaque teapots and has the advantage of agreeing with any kitchen. Its slightly oriental type design with its lid and knob handle is very pretty and elegant.
With its capacity of 1 liter, this teapot allows you to make a correct amount of tea, enough to satisfy about 4 people.
This teapot is made of heat resistant borosilicate glass and can be put in the microwave, on hotplates or in the fridge to have your tea hot or cold and always at the right temperature. This material also allows you to put the teapot in the dishwasher and is easy to wash by hand.
Specially designed with an anti-drop spout like the previous model, this teapot also has an ergonomic handle, for a perfect grip for a service with ease.
The brewer is removable and made of high quality stainless steel, which facilitates both filling and cleaning.
Warranty 2 years, this teapot is my favorite of this selection and, in my opinion, has the best value for money!
Adagio Teas IngenuiTea: the little girl

 For small quantities

 Easy to prepare, serve and wash

The second teapot of this selection is a small model of only 450 ml, which will be ideal for solo teas.
This ingenious teapot is perfect for brewing tea in bulk. Just put the tea and water on it, then when it's ready, place the teapot on the cup and let the tea flow.
Thanks to its mesh filter at its base, the tea is filtered during the passage of the teapot to the cup. Nothing simpler then. Just make sure that the chosen cup is compatible with the small teapot (diameter less than 9.5 cm), otherwise the teapot will not be well placed on it.
Made of plastic without bisphenol A, this teapot is hygienic and healthy, especially since it is dishwasher safe. Too bad however that it is not in glass, which would have been even better!
With its small size (13.3 x 10.2 x 16.5 cm) it will not take up space in your cupboards, but unfortunately will not fit for more than 2 people. A larger 850 ml size, however, exists for those who need more capacity.
A tea of ​​quality and exactly as you wish. What you need for small breaks of the day, at home or at work! Ideal also for those who like to drink tea together but do not have the same tastes, since everyone can have the tea they want, without having to compromise.
Tealyra Drago: the basic


 Easily removable infuser

 Not for solo teas
 No choice of sober color

The last cheap teapot of this selection is, design level, plus what we are used to seeing. Indeed. This teapot is a ceramic pot that has a tube with mesh inside to put tea loose and infuse.
A classic teapot system, the lid is easily lifted with the thumb to reach the extra-fine stainless steel brewer, which can easily be removed with a small handle. No need to burn your fingers to remove it, when the tea is sufficiently infused!
With its capacity of 1100 ml, this teapot is standard size (21.3 x 19 x 17.5 cm) and is perfect for sharing tea or for heavy drinkers since it allows the preparation of 5 to 6 cups . A rather standard capacity, which on the other hand is not ideal for small breaks tea solo, unlike the previous teapot.
The ceramic material is much better than plastic, very healthy and hygienic, and easy to clean since it is dishwasher safe.
With its anti-drip spout, you can be sure not to put it everywhere during the service.
Modern, this teapot exists in many pretty flashy colors. It will not go unnoticed for sure! On the other hand we must love the bright colors, a choice of some more sober colors would have been appreciated, I think. Very different from the previous teapot, the most usual design, this teapot is the basic teapot par excellence.
The best mid-range teapots
With prices significantly higher, here are two mid-range teapots that stood out.
Riviera & Bar QD682A: the best mid-range

 Correct capacity (1.2 liter)
 Easily removable infuser

 Alerts lack of water and overheating

Of a very simple kind, this teapot is a programmable teapot that offers many interesting features.
With this teapot, the water temperature and the brewing time are expertly preset so that each variety of tea is prepared according to the rules of the art: green tea, black tea, tea and Oolong.
The preparation stages are also announced by a sound signal and during the establishment of the tea basket, the water is kept at the chosen temperature (75, 85, 90, 95 and 100 ° C).
It also keeps you warm automatically for 30 minutes, so you do not have to rush to drink tea and finish what you were doing.
It is also sold with a tea cup to deposit the basket once the infusion cycle is over and thus avoid staining the work plan. They really thought of everything !!
With its tempered glass jug Schott DURAN and removable stainless steel tea basket, this teapot is resistant and easily washable. Its capacity of 1.2 L can satisfy 3 to 4 people without worry.
The Jaipur teapot is also a double hit in the kitchen as it has a variable temperature kettle function (75, 85, 90, 95 and 100 ° C), so you can save on the purchase of a kettle but also offers you a significant gain of space.
Thanks to the automatic standby after 5 minutes of non-use, this teapot allows you a reduction of up to 20% of energy consumption. What to make happy.
With its safety function lacks water and overheating, it takes care of everything and offers you a very pleasant peace of mind.
This teapot is undoubtedly an investment, but it clearly offers many possibilities. In addition, its design is really nice and will please your kitchen without worry!
If you are a big tea lover and have the budget go for it. For those who only drink tea from time to time, it's still expensive.
Morphy Richards 43970: the electric

 Correct capacity (1 liter)
 Easily removable infuser


With this teapot, we are clearly entering the world of more sophisticated devices, for the big fans of tea. Similar to a coffee machine, this teapot with a capacity of 1 liter allows you to make tea to perfection for 2/3 people.
Indeed, it offers the possibility to choose the temperature (85/95 or 100 ° C) but also the infusion time to the minute (2 to 6 minutes), depending on your taste and the type of tea chosen. No need to stay beside and time or check if the tea is ready!
Very practical for those who do not have the time to take the time. Thanks to its LED display you can easily program your tea and you can have this teapot near you wherever you are since it is wireless. What will simplify your life!
It is also very easy to wash since its filter and stainless steel elements are dishwasher safe.
This durable glass teapot is made for busy people and even keeps your tea warm at the right temperature. Its price is certainly quite high, but it offers clearly more than the previous teapots. Since I associate tea with a moment of relaxation where making tea is a soothing ritual, this teapot even if very powerful does not really interest me since it removes a lot of this ritual.
I am sure, however, that it will meet the needs of many people.
Its design and its black color make it a rather pretty device that will easily find its place in the kitchen.
The best high end teapots
At around 300 euros, here is a teapot for true connoisseurs or those who have the budget.
Riviera & Bar QD870A: the best upscale

 Correct capacity (1.2 liter)

 Keeping warm 1h and delayed start
 Precise temperature setting and brewing time

The brand Riviera & Bar offers here its second teapot of this selection. Like the mid-range Riviera Bar teapot, this teapot can also be used in variable temperature kettle mode. However, it offers many other features.
It allows you to adapt to 5 types of teas and has programs with 3 preset tea strengths + 1 personal program. The brewing temperature is thus adjustable from 50 to 100 ° C in increments of 5 ° C and the brewing time is adjustable from 30 seconds to 10 minutes in 30-second increments. You can get the perfect concoction for you.
If you are not quite ready to drink your tea or want to space the cups, its 60-minute warm-up function and 24-hour delayed start will please you, as it has something for your life.
The brewing cycle is also sophisticated since it is fully automatic and the tea basket goes down when the temperature is reached and then goes back to the right time to avoid overinfusion. No risk of having too much tea so!
2 years warranty, this teapot is clearly for true tea lovers. Again, it's really expensive for a kettle and for making tea just now and again.
At this price, it must be profitable. The design is very elegant and goes everywhere with the color silver. This teapot will find its place in your kitchen without harm. It remains to have the budget!
The products of my selection on offer at the moment

Just like a coffee machine, teapots come in many forms and with different levels of sophistication. Given the wide selection available on the market, it is always good to remember the important selection criteria so that you can be happy with your purchase.
The different types of teapots
The teapots come in many forms and models and each of them has specific characteristics.
The classic teapot
This is a model that is especially intended for those who have time to enjoy their tea break and / or do not drink too often. Several materials are generally used to make it. This is for example cast iron, porcelain, glass, etc.
To make tea with this type of teapot it is necessary to put previously heated water in addition to tea. So you have to have some time in front of you. The classic teapot usually has a removable brewer or is directly inserted into the carafe at the base of the spout.
The removable brewer is a much more convenient option, which allows in addition to better filter the tea. If the teapot does not have any of these two devices then you will need to buy a tea ball or a small colander. So much less convenient. The maintenance of this model is generally quite easy.
The electric glass teapot
This is one of the most modern teapots on the market thanks to which you can make all sorts of teas. One of the special features of this appliance is the possibility to choose the water temperature according to the tea to be prepared.
The commercially available models are also equipped with thermostats that keep the tea so prepared for a long time. More or less sophisticated, these teapots are generally quite expensive and are rather recommended for those who drink a lot of tea and / or do not have much time to prepare it.
It allows to always have a perfectly infused tea and this, very quickly.
The piston teapot
Just like the piston coffee machine, the piston teapot is very useful especially to achieve in a few minutes a good cup of tea. You will have no trouble using this device because you just have to put the tea and add more boiling water.
Then you pull on the plunger so that the tea can macerate. Many users like this teapot because it keeps all the aromas of tea.
This teapot usually does not allow to make large quantities of tea, so perfect for solo drinkers but not recommended for breaks.
The capacity of the tank
In order to choose a teapot with a capacity adapted to your needs, you must take into account the number of people to serve or the amount of tea consumed. The models available on the market usually have a capacity of between 1 and 2 L, although you can opt for a smaller model of about 500 ml if only one person drinks.
Except with very sophisticated electric teapots that can hold the temperature for a moment, it is not advisable to choose a model too large because otherwise your tea will be cold or too infused.
The interview
Some teapots can be cleaned only with water or depending on the material, with neutral soap. In this way, the taste of tea will be preserved in all circumstances. However, this makes cleaning a little longer. If you are in a hurry, prefer models that are dishwasher safe.
Temperature adjustment
With electric models, you can usually adjust the temperature according to the nature of the tea you plan to prepare. The temperature levels are variable from one teapot to another.
The more efficient the device is and the easier it is to use and the wider is the choice of temperature. However, you will have to put the price.
Other functions
Sophisticated electric teapots can often be used as a kettle, saving you money on extra equipment and saving a bit of space in the kitchen. For the price they cost, it's always taken.
These high-end electric teapots also often have tea-based programs that you want to prepare, allowing you to get the optimum temperature and brewing time and specifically adapted for the perfect tea.
Level very upscale, some teapots come down and go up the brewer themselves so as not to overinfuse the tea … enough to get a really perfect tea.
In conclusion, which teapot to choose?
I would say that everything depends on your consumption and the time you have to prepare your tea, in addition to the budget of course.
If you do not consume a lot of tea and you have time for preparation, then a simple teapot (non-electric) with infuser is perfectly sufficient. Level design, I like the transparent, to check at a glance the level of infusion.
For large consumers and / or those who do not have the time, prefer an electric teapot. Quit to put the price, opt for one that makes kettle at the same time. If really money is not a problem, the QD870A Riviera & Bar teapot has some incredible features that will definitely make emulators.
Honorable Mentions
Bodum Assam: for a very modest price the famous brand Bodum offers a relatively good quality teapot, but with a plastic filter that, unfortunately, does not work well.
Hario Chacha Maru: small teapot price too small, but does not have enough customer feedback to make an objective opinion.
H.Koenig TI700: teapot at a reasonable price, but the glass unfortunately seems to crack at the base in the long run … shame!

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