The 6 (Real) Best Toilet Houses Chat 2019

Posted on February 13, 2019
After several hours of research, I finally made my selection of the 6 best cat toilet houses among more than twenty models marketed for the moment.
My favorite is the Petlife Curver, a pretty, reliable, solid and really practical mid-range model.
You will also find at the end of this article a buying guide to choose the most suitable bathroom for your cat's profile.

The best cheap cat toilet houses
Among the entry-level models, it is possible to find solid and well-sealed toilets. Color or general look: the design is usually quite basic.
But the main weakness of first price models is the quality of the fasteners. We will therefore think carefully to check the strength of the door, the handle, and the fastening system of the roof and the tray.
Catit Jumbo: the best cheap step

 XL model with big cats

 Easy to handle and clean

Catit is a brand of the Hagen group, specializing in the design of equipment and accessories for animals. As the name suggests, this line is 100% dedicated to felines.
It consists of pretty good quality items at a low price. Among its most successful products: the Jumbo White Tiger toilet. Without being perfect, this model is an excellent choice for owners of large cats, or even a family of cats.
The first feature of this bathroom is its size XXL. Because if its overall appearance gives the impression of a compact model, it displays dimensions for the least generous: 55.9 cm in length to 43.2 cm wide and 46.5 cm in height.
Attention, therefore: it takes space! And it is probably not recommended for a kitten, especially since the tray is quite high (17 cm, all the same).
On the other hand, it is one of the few cheap models that is suitable for a large cat, since the door is large (21 cm wide at the bottom, 24 cm at the top and 26 cm high) and the interior spacious. This model will be perfect if you have several cats at home.
These XXL dimensions also allow it to benefit from a simple but effective design: transparent swing door at the front, hermetic structure and activated carbon filter to prevent bad odors.
Practical, no complaints: the lid is easily lifted to facilitate cleaning. This model is equipped with an anchor point that allows you to manipulate it with one hand and clean it with the other.
The locking system also ensures easy handling: it's easy to assemble and disassemble this bathroom. A handle is also integrated in the lid to provide a good grip.
This model is not perfect so far. His little weakness is the door, which can have a bit of resistance. This element can be problematic for cats a little too fearful.
The Catit toilet should not be offered to a kitten, who will certainly have trouble with the height of the tank. But once your adult cat, nothing to complain about: she will do her job very well.
Robust and functional, it will perfectly retain dust and odors. A very good value for money, and a particularly good choice for large size or "large families"!
Ferplast Prima: a good model for small jigs

 Handle of very poor quality
 Inadapted to the big jigs

Ferplast is a safe bet for equipment, products and accessories for animals. The brand offers a range for cats particularly rich.
These products are distinguished by an often pleasing design, a very good quality and a very soft price. In fact, this bathroom is one of the cheapest on the market and she does her job very well. But knowing what Ferplast is capable of, we could expect a better product …
This bathroom is one of the bestsellers of the range. It is therefore regularly redesigned and improved. This new version, with a more rounded silhouette, offers a generous interior space for a small to medium sized cat.
Because if its dimensions are honorable – 52.5 cm long and 39.5 cm wide and 38 cm high – it is not suitable for a large cat type Maine coon.
We regret that in its momentum, Ferplast has not retouched the handle: simply clipped on the roof of the toilet, it absolutely does not allow to transport it safely!
Apart from this notable defect, this model remains easy to use. The opening and closing system is easy to use. It is therefore quite simple to clean and handle it, especially as daily, it is possible to clean the litter without removing the roof.
The Ferplast washroom is effective enough to retain odors. And if its design is not exceptional, it has the merit of being discreet enough to blend in easily with the decor.
Reliable, solid, this model is pretty good job. With its really low price, it is without a doubt one of the best value for money on the market and an excellent choice for a small to medium size.
But knowing the quality of the products offered by Ferplast, we can only be surprised that its handle is useless (or almost)!
The best mid-range cat toilet
The mid-range models are designed in materials of better quality than the first-price toilet houses. You can find very nice products, especially in resin.
These are great choices if you live in a small apartment and are looking for a discreet model that will blend into your interior. In this price range, it is also possible to find self-cleaning models already performing.
Curver Petlife: the best mid-range


 Delivered with shovel and doormat
 Reliable and robust model

Curver is THE international specialist in plastic storage. Since its creation, 65 years ago, the company has diversified to offer more varied equipment for home, garden … or animals!
With its experience, the Curver brand has launched the Petlife range. A range that offers products of excellent quality, with a very worked design. A particularity that we particularly appreciate when it comes to choosing a cat toilet house …
At first glance, the Petlife Toilet breaks with most of its competitors. Because its design is beautifully sought after. From the pleasantly contoured silhouette to the texture – a rattan effect modernized by a total anthracite look – this model displays a deco limit look.
We note that the brand has patented this effect "rattan" resin, which has largely been imitated, but rarely equaled. In addition to the care taken in finishing, we note the quality of the metal fasteners. This bathroom is clearly designed to last!
Another originality of the Petlife bathroom: its drawer, which facilitates the cleaning of litter daily. Attention, however! If the system is practical, it is not irreproachable: it can happen that a few grains of litter escape through the slot of the drawer. But it remains anecdotal and quite manageable.
Practical to the end, this bathroom is equipped with a compartment for storing a shovel, which allows cleaning.
It should be noted that this model is accompanied by a small "doormat", which can collect the litter that could get stuck in the pads of your cat. Certainly, this involves a little more footprint, but it's convenient enough to make the effort to use it!
Side dimensions, we are on a fairly standard model, which corresponds to small to medium cats. We also find the traditional elements of the bathroom: swing door and activated carbon filter. Nothing to say on this last point, by the way: this model retains the odors!
If you start to feel like living in your cat, you should appreciate this decorative accessory, which will make your home warmer than a traditional model.
And if you are looking above all for a practical and effective model? You will probably appreciate it as much!
This bathroom, reliable, spacious, functional and aesthetic, will seduce both humans and felines.
Omega Paw Roll'N: for all-rounders


 Suitable for all templates

 Average material quality

The Omega Pawn brand had everything to be confused with any other brand specializing in pet equipment and accessories.
Until she has the good idea to launch his Roll'n Clean toilet, which has the distinction of cleaning (almost) all alone. A rather ingenious system, which might deserve a little bit of design …
Difficult to ignore what is obvious: the Roll'n Clean is not discreet. Pretty big, it displays a rather ugly design, it must be said. In short! This is the kind of toilet that we will strive instead to hide … and it's a shame!
Because this model is equipped with a particularly ingenious system: a self-cleaning box. The principle is simple: you grab the handle, you tilt the house sideways, and a grid filter feces and soiled litter.
You just have to grab the drawer and empty it. It should be noted that this system is designed to work with silica litter.
This model XXL corresponds to all the templates. Attention, however, if you have several cats at home: it will certainly be essential to carry out a cleaning twice a day, because the drawer does not offer a very large capacity (a bias on the part of the manufacturer, which gives obviously prioritizing the comfort of your cat by offering a generous interior volume).
Once or twice a day, you have to admit that handling the Roll'n Clean is quick and easy: your cat can enjoy a clean litter all the time. This bathroom is so practical that it is almost forgiven for its bulky size and its more than average look.
On the other hand, the poor quality of the elements that compose it is more problematic. The filter, in particular, is disappointing. The problem is the questionable quality of materials. Moreover, this model also has some sealing problems, and when tilted, it can let out a few grains of litter.
Omega Pawn has already reworked his bestseller, but it would be good if the manufacturer pondered the issue. Beyond a rather daunting design, this bathroom has a real weakness in its internal grid, which almost invariably ends up giving way in the long run.
And that's a shame: because if this concern was to be resolved once and for all, we would certainly hold the most practical litter of the market!
Modkat Top Entry: inventive and ultra-design


 Easy to empty and clean

 Unsuitable for old cats or convalescents

ModCat is one of those brands that decided that nowadays, cat accessories and equipment would be design or not. Their iconic piece?
The Top Entry washroom, which could easily pass for a traditional decorative object, just as in phase with a Scandinavian interior as with a resolutely contemporary decor. But be careful, however, do not forget the comfort of your cat …
The ModCat bestseller stands out for its design. The Top Entry takes its name from its particularity: access from the top. And that is both a very good and a very bad idea.
This design cube is approximately 40 cm apart. It therefore occupies a little space. But his look still allows him to be discreet. We appreciate in the first place its ability to retain odors.
Due to its shape, the Top Entry provides deep and comfortable litter to your cat. The flip side is that this system will not match all profiles.
It will be avoided especially in the case of an older animal. Caution also in the case where your cat is recovering after a surgical operation: the stitches would quickly give way.
If the Top Entry is to be avoided in some very special cases, we can only welcome the sense of imagination of ModCat. The principle is quite ingenious, since this very refined case contains a removable lining, which you just have to catch and empty. Unfortunately, it is not really solid and it will have to be replaced in the medium term.
The Top Entry toilet is a good compromise between design and functionality. It is a very good choice for a young animal or in the prime of life.
It can still be good to have a traditional tray on hand, in case your cat is suffering or undergo surgery. We will avoid this model for an older cat.
The best high-end cat toilet houses
High-end washrooms are divided into two categories. On the one hand you will find ultra-design models, certainly original and creative, but not always comfortable for the cat.
And you'll find on the other hand, self-cleaning models running on mains. The challenge ? Find a model that is not too noisy, both for the comfort of your pet and for yourself!
PetSafe ScoopFree: the best high-end

PetSafe is a fairly well-known brand of animal friends: cats, of course, but also dogs and NACs. If this manufacturer is not positioned among the most imaginative and innovative brands, we know that its accessories and equipment are safe.
Its strong point: robust, reliable products, designed to last. Unsurprising qualities in this self-cleaning toilet.
The PetSafe washroom is equipped with an automatic rake that can be programmed to work 5, 10 or 15 minutes after your cat has passed. Do not worry: if your pet has the idea to enter again when the rake starts, it does not risk anything, since the system is equipped with a safety sensor.
This model is 100% hygienic, both for your cat and for you. Because if your pet has a clean bedding permanently, you no longer have to handle the litter. The toilet is indeed equipped with a disposable tray: waterproof, it is thrown when full.
Attention: christened ScoopFree, this tray is filled with crystal litter. But all cats do not appreciate.
This bathroom is not given, it would be heartbreaking that your pet sulks. Remember to test the crystal litter in a traditional litter box or in your current toilet house before investing in this model.
This disposable tray system can be compelling, since ScoopFree refills are not available everywhere. But this system can be practical for happy owners of cats who have a busy schedule.
The washroom takes care of everything everyday, just replace the tray once a month.
If the design of the PetSafe toilet is not exceptional, it is reliable and efficient. And she has the good idea of ​​not being noisy. Attention to the choice of its location, because this model works on sector!
Although the price of this toilet is quite high, and the purchase of specific bins may seem compelling, this model is one of the most reliable and efficient on the market. A very good investment for cat owners who do not have a lot of time to spend on litter drudgery.
The products of my selection on offer at the moment

The main difference between the traditional litter box and the toilet house is the roof, of course. The toilet house therefore has the significant advantage of hiding the view of the litter (and incidentally retain odors!).
Certainly, it is appreciable for the lucky owners of a cat!
But we must not neglect the interest of our little companions. In fact, if the cat so carefully buries its excrement, it is by instinct of conservation: in nature, it avoids him to be spotted.
We will therefore be keen to offer him a litter clean, of course, but also reassuring. With its roof and walls, the bathroom is much more suitable than a conventional litter box! This is especially true in apartment, where it is often difficult to find a place intimate enough for a cat to relieve himself.
The cleaning mode
There are two types of washrooms.
Traditional models
They consist of a conventional tray and a roof, and usually equipped with a simple odor filter. These models, such as the Petlife Curver, have a drawer for easy cleaning and litter renewal.
This type of toilet house is quite sufficient if you only have one pet at home.
Self-cleaning models
More expensive, these toilets are equipped with an electric rake that recovers excrement and litter used after the passage of your animal. If we find now quite discreet models, like the PetSafe ScoopFree, this system is potentially stressful for a cat: too fearful temperaments may have trouble getting used to it.
This type of model is perfect if you have several cats at home and want to make sure they always have a clean bedding.
It should be noted that there are "hybrid" models: if they operate manually, they have a filter system that facilitates cleaning. In this category, the Omega Paw Roll'N model is undoubtedly one of the most practical models on the market.
The dimensions
If a roof and walls provide a safe space for your pet, he should not feel cramped or hindered in his movements. The dimensions of a toilet house are therefore the first criterion of choice.
The length and the width, which determine the volume, will therefore be systematically recorded; the height and the dimensions of the door.
If one finds models of original design, such as the Modkat, the traditional bathroom is composed of a roof and a removable tray. Be careful not to neglect its dimensions (in other words: its capacity).
The capacity of the tray can vary radically from model to model. Care should be taken to favor a model with high edges, to avoid spreading the litter when cleaning or renewing it.
A large capacity bin is also essential if you have several cats at home, otherwise you have to clean the litter several times a day.
The type of litter
Traditional washrooms accommodate all types of bedding. Most self-cleaning models, however, require a special kind of litter.
Now, it is quite inappropriate to impose a new type of litter on a cat: this sudden change could have consequences as unpleasant for him as for you, because he could refuse to do his needs in his new litter.
If the cat is an animal that can adapt, it can also be quite stubborn. Some are definitely recalcitrant in the face of a crystal litter, for example.
To avoid disappointments, you can adopt several tips. It takes a little patience, but the most effective technique is to mix some of the new litter into the old one. Start with a small dose (a handful) and increase the proportion as the cleanings.
The cat is a demanding animal, who likes to have very specific spaces: one to eat, the other to rest, the third to make his needs. Add to that a space of play and its instinctive need to mark its territory: if we are not careful, we quickly have the feeling of being humans who live in their cat!
The question of design is therefore not as anecdotal as one might think, especially when it comes to something as cumbersome as the bathroom.
If you have a relatively unobtrusive place, a model as basic as the Catit Jumbo will do the trick. If you need to install your cat's toilet house in a more prominent space, it may be better to hire a slightly higher budget and opt for a nice model, like the Petlife Curver.
The profile of your cat
For an animal as clean as a cat, a clean and easily accessible litter is simply essential. Without this, he could look for alternative solutions, which would inevitably result in urine or faeces in the house.
It is therefore to consider his profile to choose his toilet. You must choose a model that corresponds to your age and temperament, and possibly adapt your usage.
 If you have just adopted a kitten, avoid the toilet, or use it by removing the door or better: remove the roof and use only the tray. Climbing the ledge and pushing the door is too demanding for a very small size.
 If your cat is old, opt for a traditional model, easy to access, whose door opens and closes easily.
 If your cat is fearful, be careful with self-cleaning models. Start by gently accustoming him to his new washroom, by not making the rake work. Opt for a model that allows you to program the cleaning 15 or 20 minutes after the passage of your animal.
The interview
The cat is an extremely sensitive animal. For him, a dirty litter is forbidding. But he will not appreciate a smell of household product either! So have a light hand cleaning the tray of his toilet.
Take advantage of the cleaning stage to check that the urine has not created a large ammonia deposit at the bottom of the tank: this could be very inconvenient for your pet. In everyday life, the use of a bag deposited at the bottom is therefore advantageous, unless you opt for a toilet working with a system of disposable trays, like the PetSafe ScoopFree.
Traditional litter is renewed once a week. There are now more practical products that can be used from 15 days to 3 weeks if the bedding is carefully cleaned.

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