The 6 (Real) Best TV 55 Inches 2018

After several hours of research, I finally made my selection of the 6 best TV 55 inches among more than twenty models available at the moment.
My favorite is the LG 55C8 which is the most efficient while offering a price that is reasonable for high-end.
You will also find at the end of this article a buying guide to help you find the ideal 55 "TV for your living room!

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The best 55 inch TVs cheap
This TV will be perfect for people wanting a quality TV without having to break the bank too much.
TCL U55C7006: the best cheap step

 Good value for money
 Bold and elegant design

 Good contrast levels, good general visual quality
 JBL built-in speaker rather mediocre


It can not be said that TCL is always synonymous with quality. But with this model, the Chinese manufacturer has done pretty well and offers a TV with a value for money that is more than interesting.
The design is somewhat unusual. From a distance, the TV gives a feeling of thinness rather marked. The screen is mounted on two V-legs that turn out to be somewhat narrow, all made of shiny chrome. The whole device exudes sobriety and elegance.
Only downside, it will not stand on all tables, you will need at least 20 cm wide. The TV itself is only 5 cm thick which is a real performance for a device of this price.
Finally the most surprising thing about the lot is how TCL decided to display its JBL soundbar over the entire length of the device, at a time when most manufacturers are opting for hidden speakers.
Connectivity level, it remains standard with an HDMI 2.0 input, an antenna and satellite port, an ethernet port and finally a Jack output. All connections are in a box on the left.
The 55-inch slab is designed with VA technology.
If its coating is shiny, which gives it a nice appearance when it is off, the anti-reflective coating does its job. However, it will still limit exposure to direct light, which has more impact on this type of screen.
LCD quality level, TCL has released the great game. The contrast ratio is excellent for such a price range. The maximum brightness is also excellent and offers true viewing comfort.
Level colorimetry, we approach perfection. Nothing to complain about, TCL has made great progress in this area.
Only downside, the refresh rate a little feeble causing slight motion blur. TCL has made great efforts to present this model as also suitable for gaming, but because of this defect it is unfortunately not the case. Pity !
The soundbar too is a bit weak. With a power of only 12 W the result is not terrible and does not compete with a good entry-level soundbar. TCL probably did not have the means to put a better soundbar for a TV in this range. It's a shame.
TCL has opted for Android TV and present Android applications are quite complete, with in particular an excellent integration of VLC, application that tolerates a lot of formats. Hardware level, the TV embeds 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB of storage and a MediaTek processor with four cores, which is an excellent value for money, without being a war machine so far, entry-level requires.
The TV also has Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity.
It also includes Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. My only regret would be the absence of voice control. It does exist on Android TV, but there is no microphone on the remote. Pity !
The best 55-inch midrange TVs
You can enjoy OLED technology at a reasonable price with these TVs, which should satisfy the majority of users.
Sony KD55A1: the best midrange


 Image of excellent quality
 None identified yet

The first impression coming from this TV is probably its weight. It's heavy !
The huge weighted crutch weighs a lot but we must admit that it is for a good reason: it brings together all the connectors.
Connectivity level we are in the presence of four HDMI ports, an optical audio output, an Ethernet port and finally a headphone output. You are also entitled to two USB ports including a USB 3.0 port that allows you to record programs.
In addition, this stand also contains a subwoofer that is present to complete the sound arsenal of this Sony TV. And yes, the highlight of this device is its sound system, which is rare enough to be specified!
This television benefits from the Acoustic Surface technology, which uses loudspeakers placed just behind the glass slab to vibrate to create sound.
The rendering is of good quality and is really more balanced and powerful than the competition.
The sound system has five audio modes: standard, games, classic, cinema and music. The icing on the cake, the TV benefits from surround effects and also supports Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus formats.
OS level, the device has the Android TV 6.0 operating system. It is easy to use and especially gives access to Google applications. One aspect that I find very nice of this OS is the ability to use his smartphone on the big screen Bravia!
The remote control, although it is a bit loaded is quite ergonomic. The navigation arrows have a small relief, which allows them to be manipulated even in total darkness.
It also contains quick access keys to Google Play and Netflix that are placed so as to jump at your eyes.
Regarding the display, this Sony Bravia KD55A1 TV is equipped with an OLED 55 panel from LG Display. This screen offers a 4K resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels.
Image processing is performed by a 4K HDR X1 Extreme processor and also features Motionflow XR. Several HDR formats are supported, including HDR10, Hybrid Log Gamma or Dolby Vision.
Color level this device is doing very well. The screen is specially designed to select colors throughout the extended range. The shades of the screen remain subtle and do not tend to saturate.
In conclusion, it is an excellent TV, especially in terms of sound thanks to which you will not need to ruin yourself to buy an external audio system in addition to your OLED TV.
Panasonic TX-55FZ950: an excellent value for money


 Ability to record on an external hard drive
 Its ok, but not wonderful

In its category, the Panasonic TX55EZ950E is one of these televisions offering excellent value for money for its category.
The foot of this TV is quite heavy, which offers excellent stability to the set. By cons, level design, it lacks a touch that would allow it to really integrate into a living room. The two uprights present to fix the slab are practical, but also rather voluminous.
The screen is rather thin and is framed by a black strip delimiting the image. Fortunately, this does not bother the eye at all. The quality of plastics by cons is a bit average, especially with regard to the connection back.
The upper part of the camera is thinner, while the lower part of the television is thicker to gather connectivity and electronics.
The connection of the device is simple and effective. You have four HDMI ports (including an ARC port), three USB ports (including an HDD port that can accommodate a self-powered external hard drive.), An SD card reader, a CI port, an optical audio output , component inputs, a headphone jack and finally of course an Ethernet port.
OS level, this TV is not doing very well. The applications are indeed few and not very well arranged. The OS is based on Firefox OS and it deserves to be enriched with other applications if it wants to position itself at the level of its competitor Android TV.
Ergonomics level cons, the OS is not bad with a simple and rather conventional interface.
This model embeds a 10-bit UHD OLED panel allowing a display 3840 x 2160 pixels, ie 4K. The image is very balanced with a depth of black almost infinite. In addition, no brightness defect of the image is detected.
The display is fluid, accurate and the standard colorimetry is just right, neither too dull nor too loud, which allows you to take full advantage of the advantages of OLED.
But how does this TV do with the 4K? Well, he's doing it with honors. The image is of very high quality, be it the accuracy of the contours, the colorimetry or the fluidity of the image, everything is close to perfection.
Level audio quality, this TV is doing pretty well. It is well known that new generation TVs tend to ship speakers a bit feeble, ultra-thin screen requires.
Here we are in the presence of four speakers of 40 W. So of course we do not have the sound power of a cinema, but it is more than enough to get a good sound volume.
At the video game level, the device has a game mode that reduces the display delay to only 21 ms while maintaining the perfect colors of True Cinema mode. So we can use this TV for its gaming sessions.
Finally the TV comes with two remote controls. The first is rather classic and brings together all the necessary features.
The facade is aluminum and has a very nice appearance, but we regret that the back is plastic. A Netflix button is present and the remote control can be backlit. The second remote control is tactile and at the same time more compact and more pleasant in terms of grip thanks to its curved shape. The touch pad falls directly under the thumb and is very soft to the touch.
This second remote control uses radio frequency, so you can use it even in the presence of obstacles. In addition, another good point, she embarks a microphone, which is very convenient to start research.
Philips 55OLED803: Excellent HDR management


 Excellent HDR management
 None identified yet

Here is a new Philips OLED TV. Its design is both minimalist and ultra thin. The quality of the finishes is also top level.
The OLED 803 adopts a minimalist look with a metallic finish. The panel itself is just 4 mm wide, becoming thicker only to incorporate the audio system and electronic components.
Adding a trilateral Ambilight does not add much width to the unit, while small LEDs are placed around the side and top of the projection on the back of the TV.
Connectivity includes 4 4K compatible HDMI ports with HDCP 2.2 support. Be careful though, only two of them have the required specifications for 2160 / 60p.
 There are also two USB ports and an AV minijack while an optical audio output can be used for sound bars and audio systems. Ethernet is integrated and designed to support Wi-Fi. There is also a CI port for those looking for a TV that can take an ESPN TV subscription.
The TV comes with two remote controls. One of them has a Bluetooth control, while the other is more conventional with a keypad.
The OS of this TV is an Android N, but the manufacturer has promised an update to Oreo, which will combine a more intuitive interface with Google Assistant. At this time, it's far from the best OS on the market, but it's more stable than other devices, especially Sony.
At the level of good news, Netflix and Amazon are both unlocked with 4K and VP9 support indicates that Youtube can also be played in 4K.
Now let's see the quality of the image. This is of excellent quality and includes Philip's new sub-pixel design that boosts brightness by about 10 percent.
For HDR, the TV is compatible with the HDR10 as well as the Hybrid Log-Gamma and can be upgraded to HDR10 +, the standard competitor of Dolby Vision.
The HDR10 + offers better shadow detail and color accuracy with hardware designed for the HDR10 +. Not surprisingly, but to the detriment of the consumer, the TV is not compatible with Dolby Vision. These format wars are sometimes a little tiring …
The management of normal HDR by OLED 803 is also excellent. The complexion, which is often a little "unreal" with HDR content is consistent, even in front of saturated background.
The gaming performance of this device is not bad, without being the best of this comparison. Playing in standard mode has a delay of 55.4 ms. If you opt for the game mode, it will fall to 38.8 ms.
Exclusive to Philips, the "Perfect Natural Reality" mode uses an intelligent contrast algorithm to optimize brightness and, of course, contrast.
In practice this means higher definition images, with darker shadows and better brightness. This setting is especially useful for non-HDR videos.
Of all the image modes present, the Standard and Natural modes are those that will stick to the majority of situations, but that does not prevent you from playing with the other settings to see what happens!
Although not equipped with the high fidelity material of its big brother the 903, this TV still offers a respectable audio system. The bass level, too often forgotten is excellent and the stereo presentation is also of good quality. The sound volume is also good, with a power of 50W, more than enough to fill the living room.
The best 55-inch high-end TV
We reach the top of the basket here, it requires a larger budget, but these TVs are also much better.
LG 55C8: the best high end

 Poor color fidelity in play

LG, upset to be overtaken by Panasonic and Philips last year decided to rectify the shooting at the level of image processing.
This LG 55C8 TV features a 55-inch 10-bit Oled panel with Ultra HD resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. Oled requires, the contrast is infinite and the time of zero remanence.
The maximum brightness is 780 cd / m². A new image processing processor is included, called Alpha 9. LG has also thought to add a system of insertion of black images to improve the sharpness of moving images, which is unfortunately sometimes to the detriment maximum brightness.
This LG 55C8V TV uses the latest generation of Oled slab from 2018. The subpixel structure is thus slightly different from the one we have been accustomed to so far.
The antireflection treatment is very good. The filtration is reliable and the reflections are well diluted. It should be noted that LG now uses a black anti-reflective filter, whereas before it produced purple reflections.
Colorimetric level this TV is not left with an average E delta of 1.8. A delta E less than 3 indicates that the human eye no longer perceives a difference between the colors displayed and the colors expected. We can say that the colors are perfectly faithful to those sent by the source.
LG had the good idea to set up an automatic range system that simplifies the life of the general public. It automatically switches to 2.2 gamma, which is ideal for HD / Full HD content to gamma 2.4, which is the standard for Blu-ray Ultra HD.
The color temperature is simply perfect (6500 K which is the reference value) and above all it is perfectly stable over the entire spectrum.
The new processor is 35% more powerful than its predecessor. The associated DDR memory is faster as well. This processor makes it possible to multiply the treatment to ensure a perfectly clear image.
The scaling engine is very efficient. It displays Full HD content on the Ultra HD panel without creating any artifacts.
The Alpha 9 processor also gives excellent results in improving the sharpness of moving objects.
The maximum brightness of the device is correct for Oled technology. We stay away from LCD, but it's normal with this technology.
The colorimetry of the device is very good because the average delta E is 1.5, far from the fateful 3. The TV also covers 96% of the DCI-P3 color space, which is the cinema standard.
Gaming level, this television is simply excellent. With its zero ghosting time (Oled requires) and a delay in display of only 20 ms, you have absolutely enough to do. This is one of the best results in this area with regard to televisions.
Color level games, the TV is doing less well, with a delta E of only 8.8.
Level design, the LG 55C8V uses a new foot a bit less discreet than the previous Oled TVs manufacturer. The slab is very discreet and refined with very thin screen edges, without logo. The mention LG Oled is displayed only on the foot actually!
On the upper part of the device, the TV is only a few millimeters thick while the lower part carrying all that is electronic and power supply is a little wider, with 4.7 cm width. The foot has a depth of 23 cm, which should be enough to place it on a piece of furniture.
In terms of connectivity, this TV offers four HDMI 2.0b inputs, three USB ports including a USB 3.0 port, an Ethernet port and an optical digital audio output, a headphone output, a PCMCIA port and a rake antenna connector and satellite. It also includes Wi-Fi and a Bluetooth 4.0 system.
The LG OS has changed its name this year to become AI ThinQ, but it retains the same interface as the WebOS 2014. The set is always so nice, but against it begins to lack fluidity compared to the competition.
The main applications are of course available (Netflix, Youtube, Deezer, Google Play Movies etc). These start quickly.
The main strength of this OS is its voice control system that allows you to perform extensive searches, control the TV or, among other things, to change the settings.
In terms of sound, the TV has two speakers and two subwoofers with a total power of 60 W, which is not bad at all. This audio system is able to reproduce a quality sound with a power that is quite appreciable.
It should be noted that you can replace the foot of the device with an LG SK10Y Sound Bar for even better sound quality.
Sony KD-55AF8: an excellent audio system

 Display delay higher than the competition

Here is another OLED TV from Sony in this comparison. As an OLED TV, we have of course to deal with excellent contrast and black depth impossible with an LCD.
The 4K HDR X1 Extreme processor on this TV provides powerful image processing in real time for ultra-detailed rendering. It converts all your images to get the picture quality as close as possible to the 4K HDR4.
Here we find the Acoustic Surface technology, which consists in making the sound come out from the screen itself, making it vibrate. Moreover, this technology is coupled with the ClearAudio + system which allows to optimize the sound of your television.
You can also take advantage of the DSEE technology, which is able to restore lost frequency components to video files that do not necessarily deliver quality sound. Finally, this TV uses a powerful computer model to compensate for loudspeaker defects.
The TRILUMINOS screen is designed to take advantage of a wider range of colors, ensuring a more faithful reproduction of each shade and shade. Coupled with 4K X-Reality PRO technology, each image is converted to provide you with a quality that is as close as possible to the 4K. The image benefits from refinement and optimization in real time, revealing additional details.
The TV supports many HDR formats, in particular HDR10, Hybrid Log-Gamma and Dolby Vision 5. No HDR10 + of course, it is competing with Dolby Vision.
You can also enjoy your games in HDR, the gaming experience is responsive and lively. Sony requires, the manufacturer releases us the "it is the ideal partner of Playstation 4 consoles", but this is not surprising because the Playstation is also developed by Sony. Do not worry if you have another console, the result will be exactly the same!
You can use features of your smartphone or tablet on Bravia big screen thanks to the Android TV system present in this TV. In addition, it is enhanced with an advanced voice command that allows you to connect and access various content.
The main advantage of Android TV is its wide choice of applications, Google Play requires. It is worth noting that this TV is also recommended by Netflix. TVs recommended by Netflix are selected based on their performance and features.
Another advantage of this OS is that it has an advanced voice recognition system, which allows you to perform searches and other operations that require time to tap on your remote control in a snap.
In terms of design, this TV has the good taste of having a cache that can hide all your cables. In addition, the device easily attaches to the wall with an ultra-thin screen. At the screen, it is bordered by a thin four-sided frame that maximizes the display area.
The TV has Motionflow XR technology which is designed to provide smooth action. This technology is able to create and insert additional images between the original images. This is possible by comparing several successive images, which then makes it possible to calculate the fraction of a second of missing action.
Object-based HDR remaster technology is also featured. This one allows to adjust the contrast of each object on the screen, where most of the competition is satisfied to vary the contrast only according to the black and white curve.
This allows more realism and more depth.
This TV is able to process the image with a double database. The first database is there to clean the image and reduce the noise on the screen. The second is used to convert the resolution, which allows to bring more details. The pixels of the image are thus improved dynamically and in real time.
OLED technology requires, you can watch TV from any angle without losing a crumb.
The Chromecast system is built-in, which makes the TV compatible with your other devices. You will be able to read content from your Android, iPhone or even from your laptop.
You can of course connect your Bluetooth enabled devices to your TV. You can pair headphones or Bluetooth headphones.
You can finally record your shows on an external USB hard drive for later viewing. Attention, the hard disk must not be more than 2 TB.
The products of my selection on offer for the moment
No products from my selection are on sale for the moment.

First, what are the key points for choosing a 55 inch TV?
The quality of the image
This depends on several criteria. In particular, note the respect of the colors, the contrast ratio, the linearity of the gray levels as well as the temperature of the colors. Add to this parameters of viewing angles that can affect the rendering of the image (which will not be the case with an Oled TV).
The reactivity
Beyond the quality of the image, it will also take into account the time of remanence, which is not the response time displayed by the manufacturers. This is the time during which an image supposed to have disappeared persists on the screen. Here again, you will have no problem with that if you choose an Oled TV.
Here again, here is a feature specific to LCD screens that is totally eliminated on Oled screens. Clouding is a lack of uniformity of the slab that appears most often in the manner of a dark gray cloud on a black background.
Ergonomics is very important and takes into account various criteria quite varied, as the user interface, the connection (how many HDMI ports, which audio output, are there USB connectors etc), of course the possibility of connect to the Internet as well as the quality of the remote control (s) delivered with the TV.
The audio system
The audio part of TVs is often their Achilles heel. But be careful, that does not mean that there is no model capable of pulling out of the game.
Sony TVs, for example, are generally better than the competition. The main drawback of a television's lambda audio systems is their lack of serious frequencies, with the manufacturer's main concern being voice fidelity.
Today's TVs change quite a bit in terms of design, and builders think of them more and more as furniture that needs to fit into your home.
The advent of Oled technology has also allowed new forms and greater finesse. We can also note, as Samsung, for example, the choice to deport the connector in an external box which allows to hide the cables while facilitating access to the connector of the device.
It will also not neglect the shape of the feet of your TV because it depends on its integration on your furniture.
Let's go back to the HDMI ports for a moment. It is imperative to count the number of devices you have to connect and make sure that the TV of your choice has a sufficient number of HDMI sockets.
If he can have one or two more in advance in case you would upgrade your installation, it's better.
USB ports are convenient, but not essential (although they are present on all TVs in this comparison). They mainly allow to play video files and photos.
Analog ports will be especially useful if you have older non-HDMI devices.
Other points
Now that we've gone through the key points, let's take a look at some of the questions you might have
Use as a computer screen
Yes, as long as you do not leave the desktop of your PC displayed for 3 days because it might stay on the screen forever.
HDR10, Dolby Vision and HDR10 +
In general, we prefer dynamic HDR formats such as HDR 10+ and Dolby Vision. However, there is more HDR 10 content than HDR 10+ and Dolby Vision content at the moment.
The difference between LCD and Oled
Without going into detail, the Oled offers the highest contrast ratios, much brighter colors, the widest viewing angles as well as the finest designs because, unlike the LCD LED, it does not there is no need for backlighting.
LCD panels are available in several formats, the most common being IPS, VA and TN.
Each type has its own advantages: the IPS panels offer an excellent viewing angle and are quite fast, but their contrast ratio is rather average.
VA slabs have a better contrast ratio but this is done at the expense of viewing angles and responsiveness of the screen.
Finally, the TN panels have the advantage of offering excellent responsiveness, they will be perfect for video games, but not terrible for the rest, to be reserved for gamers.
The case of 8K
I advise you to wait a little longer before buying one. No 8K content is available so far, so it's better to wait until the technology improves rather than jump on the first 8K TV came.

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