The 6 (real) Best Wireless Doorbells 2019

Posted on January 29, 2019
After several hours of research, I finally made my selection of the 6 best wireless bells among more than twenty models available at the moment.
My favorite is the Avantek D-3B: this mid-range model, reliable and functional, has 2 receivers. This kit is therefore very advantageous if you occupy a house with a floor or a dependency.
You will also find at the end of this article a buying guide to determine which wireless doorbell is best suited to your needs.

The best cheap wireless doorbells
Entry-level models are very suitable if you are looking for a temporary solution. The main weakness of cheap wireless doorbells is at the call box.
Recurring problems are questionable leaks and battery power, which is expensive in the long run.
Avantek DB-11: the best price step


 Possibility to complete the kit by adding elements

 Very good resistance to elements and dust
 Silent on the visitors side

Avantek offers a range of small high-tech appliances whose quality / price ratio is irreproachable. The proof with the wireless doorbell DB-11, which displays quite impressive performances for its low price.
The Avantek DB-11 kit consists of a call box and a receiver box. It should be noted that variants exist, since you can opt for a kit 1 transmitter / 2 receivers, 2 transmitters / 1 receiver or for a single receiver. So you can easily complete your kit if you wish.
The first strong point of this model is the quality of its transmitter box. With an IP55, it resists moisture, although the joints do not necessarily inspire confidence.
It is also designed to cope with extreme temperatures (-20 ° C to 60 ° C). An appreciable asset following the exhibition of the house! It runs on a lithium battery (a CR 2032, included in the kit) that ensures you up to 3 years of operation.
Another quality of the Avantek DB-11: a range of 400 meters. The receiver, which operates on mains, simply plugs into a conventional wall socket.
In terms of settings, this model is quite intuitive. It has a wide choice of ringtones: no less than 52 melodies.
You have 5 levels of sound adjustment (up to 115dB). Rare thing in this price range: the sound is quite crystalline. It must be said that the device displays a 40 mm stereo speaker quite effective!
The Avantek DB-11 is equipped with a memory function: no problem in case of power failure, your sound and volume settings will be kept.
The kit includes everything you need to install the call box at the door. We will favor the 2 screws and 2 ankles rather than the adhesive tape, which does not seem to resist the elements and would quickly betray you.
Small plus: the Avantek DB-11 has a very nice clean design. This wireless doorbell also comes in two colors: white and black.
The only downside is on the side of your visitors: it is not easy for them to know if their bell has worked or not.
The Avantek DB-11 is reliable and enjoyable everyday: an excellent choice if you are looking for an effective wireless ringer for a mini price!
Techole: a serious competitor


 52 melodies, 4 sound levels

 Possibility to complete the kit by adding elements


Techole is a manufacturer of high-tech small appliances at discount prices. With its wireless doorbell, the brand offers excellent value for money. And if she can not pretend to ring the Avantek DB-11, she is not far!
The Techole kit consists of a call box and a receiver with a rather elegant contemporary design.
The call box displays an IP55 which gives it excellent resistance to moisture and dust. It is also able to withstand extreme temperatures, from -20 ° C to 60 ° C.
Unfortunately, it sins by its power supply: it operates using a battery 12V 23 A (which is also included). In the long run, it is a bit more demanding than the Avantek DB-11 call box.
Regarding the installation, everything is provided in the kit. You have the choice between screws and a double-sided adhesive (which is not necessarily the safest option, especially if your call box is exposed to the sun or large temperature variations) . The receiver is connected to a conventional power socket.
Unlike its main competitor, this bell has a powerful light alarm that is convenient for people who are hard of hearing or those who are used to listening to music through headphones.
This model also offers a choice of 52 ringtones, but it only has 4 levels of sound adjustment, for an amplitude of 25 to 110 dB (in a big house, it's a fair bit). It has of course a memory function that saves you from having to make new settings in the event of a power failure.
In terms of coverage, the Techole doorbell claims a distance of 500 to 1000 feet (that is, approximately 150 to 300 meters), which is already honorable. It should be noted that you can complete your kit by adding additional elements (transmitters or receivers).
A little less expensive than the Avantek DB-11, the doorbell Techole is a serious competition … depending on the surface of your home. Even at the max, the sound is a little light in large volumes.
TeckNet WA878: a good model for an apartment

 52 melodies, 4 sound levels

 Possibility of combining several kits

 Insufficient sound level

TeckNet offers a fairly wide selection of wireless doorbells. If these products are not devoid of quality, they still suffer small bumps that can quickly be embarrassing.
The doorbell WA878 is a good example of the strengths and weaknesses of this range.
The TeckNet WA878 consists of a call box and a receiver with a very nice design. Both have blue flashing light on call, making it easier for people with hearing loss.
With a range of 300m, this model already covers an honorable area. Especially since it is possible to combine several kits together.
This bell offers a choice of 52 different ringtones. You have 4 levels of adjustment, for an amplitude of 52 to 85 dB, which does not offer a very wide margin of maneuver, especially if your home is large.
The real weakness of the TeckNet WA878 is the design of its call box. Displaying an IP33, it resists quite well to humidity, but not to bad weather. It must therefore develop a well protected location or resolve to use exclusively for an apartment, on pain of seeing him give up the first rain.
The call box is battery operated, and can be attached with screws or double-sided tape (which does not inspire confidence!). The receiver is connected to a conventional power socket.
The design is pretty, but the plastic is light. If the boxes are pretty aesthetic, so be careful not to drop them (more reason to opt for a fixation with the screws).
In short! The TeckNet WA 878 is doing rather well, although the sound level is insufficient in large volumes. We can still doubt its life, unless a place well protect for the call box.
TeckNet WA658: the cheapest

 Inaccurate sound adjustment


TeckNet offers a wide choice of wireless doorbell: we appreciate the manufacturer for the excellent value for money of its products. This is especially true for the model WA658, one of the cheapest on the market.
This kit consists of the casing of the call button and its two receivers. We particularly appreciate that receivers operate on mains: if you want to use your bell long term, you will save money (and you will save the inconvenience of a breakdown!).
Each one claims a cover of 300 m: it is more reasonable to count on 250 m. And by placing your receivers well, you can already cover a very beautiful surface.
The casing of the call button works on batteries. It displays an IP33 classification: if it resists moisture, it is not waterproof enough to be exposed directly to rain or snow. This must be taken into account when choosing a location or booking it for apartment use.
This case is supposed to be easy to install thanks to double-sided tape. We will still prefer to fix it to the door with screws.
The "adhesive tape" option is not safe in the medium term and it is unlikely that this case will withstand a fall. Attention: If hardware is supplied, the housing is not drilled. So remember to use a drill bit fine to avoid splitting!
The TeckNet bell WA658 has 32 different ringtones (but not original, it must be admitted). We regret that the volume adjustment lacks a little precision, since we only have 4 levels, for an amplitude ranging from 25 to 85 dB. This model has of course a memory function for your settings.
This rather compact model comes in two colors – white or black – and the design is quite pretty. We note that this wireless doorbell is part of the models also displaying a light signal, a little more appreciable for people with hearing loss.
Without being exceptional, the TeckNet WA658 ringer displays quite interesting performances, especially since it displays a mini price!
The best mid-range wireless doorbells
The mid-range wireless doorbells are for the most part more complete kits. If you occupy a two-storey house and / or have a dependency in which you spend time, they allow you to equip properly at a favorable rate.
These devices also have excellent coverage and a fairly good sound level.
Avantek D-3B: the best mid-range


 Very good resistance to elements and dust
 Silent on the visitors side

As the Avantek DB-11's big sister, the Avatek D-3B wireless doorbell has many similarities to this model.
The main difference? This kit consists of a call box and two receivers, instead of one.
The call box displays all the features of the system proposed by Avantek: IP 55, which offers good resistance to humidity, dust and above all extreme temperatures (from -20 ° C to 60 ° C).
It always works with a lithium battery (a CR123A which is also included), which guarantees you a good life. The case is also delivered with everything needed to fix it: screws, dowels, keys or double-sided adhesive.
Both receivers connect directly to the mains. Each is equipped with a speaker that produces a nice enough sound for a wireless ringer.
The kit boasts a 400m coverage, and since it has 2 receivers, you can expect to cover a beautiful area, two floors or home and an outbuilding.
On the practical side, the D-3B has 52 ringtones and 5 levels of sound adjustment, ranging in amplitude from silent mode to 115 dB. The programming is simple and very intuitive, and in case of failure, there is the memory function that saves you from having to reprogram your bell.
Design side, we find the contemporary design, discreet and clean, models Avantek. And as always, the bell is available in two colors: black or white.
If the Aventek D-3B does not revolutionize the concept of wireless doorbell, it's a great product that does its job very well.
This kit is very suitable in a two-storey house, or if you have a garage in which you spend time tinkering, regularly missing visitors and passing the postman.
The best high-end wireless doorbells
In this price range, it becomes possible to find models more sophisticated than the basic wireless doorbell. The high-end models offer indeed a video option, which also offers you control from your smartphone (or from the tablet or computer).
It is no longer necessary to polarize your wall outlets to install a receiver.
Ring Video 2: the best high-end

 Case of excellent quality

 No traditional receiver

 Infrared and motion detector

Ring offers a number of connected objects for the home. These specialties: wireless doorbells and surveillance cameras.
With Ring Video Dorbell 2, you have a hybrid equipment, halfway between doorbell and monitoring device. And if this model does not escape through connected devices, it stands out as one of the most reliable on the market.
The Dorbell 2 Ring Video System allows you to be informed that someone is coming to your door – this is the basic principle of the wireless doorbell.
Major difference with the models of this selection: you only have one box to install, the call box. Because it is your screens – smartphone, tablet or computer – that take the place of receiver. And so you can see and hear your visitors and, of course, talk to them.
The case is equipped with a camera, which offers HD images. It works with a rechargeable battery. Do not panic: a pack comes with the device.
Certainly, you must have the discipline to recharge the battery regularly, and this will not suit everyone. But if you do not mind, you should quickly grab the hand to eject and replace the battery. And it is soon cheaper than conventional batteries!
If you currently have a classic bell, know that you can replace it with this system and connect it to mains continuously.
It should be noted that the Video Ring Dorbell 2 comes with two fronts, one black and the other silver, which allows you to choose the one that best matches your architecture: a small detail quite appreciable, yet that the sleek design of the case makes it quite mat.
The kit also contains everything you need to install your device, including the drill to drill the concrete.
From the installation of the housing to the configuration, the installation is quite simple. Once you have a good connection, you can take full advantage of the features of this model. Only downside: if the image is of excellent quality, the sound is much more average.
Care must be taken to choose the location of the housing, designed to withstand temperatures ranging from – 20 ° C to 48 ° C (which is not huge, if you live in a hot and sunny region in summer) .
With its motion detector and wide-angle, the Ring Video Dorbell 2 infrared camera is also a good surveillance system. If you're hoping to keep up with what's going on at your door when you're at work or on vacation, be careful though: the app is not 100% reliable and you may be disconnected.
Always good to know: Ring Video Dorbell 2 offers a free 30-day access to the Cloud Ring Protect (if the possibility to store and share your videos interests you, you can subscribe). The device is also compatible with Alexa, the personal assistant designed by Amazon, but not with Google Home.
Admittedly, the Vidoe Dorbell 2 Ring is more expensive than traditional wireless bells. But even if it is not immune to a failure (especially when you are remote), it remains reliable.
It is a very good compromise between doorbell and monitoring system.
The products of my selection on offer at the moment

The wireless doorbell has two uses: to replace a doorbell that has failed and to have a doorbell without engaging in electrical work that can be expensive.
This is a particularly interesting option for tenants who want to be certain to collect their deposit (and not to ruin themselves for property that does not belong to them!).
Traditional wireless doorbell with connected doorbell
If you just want to be notified when a visitor arrives, the traditional wireless doorbell is more than enough. If you've chosen a connected home – equipped with a Google Home or Alexa virtual assistant – or if you want a more secure entrance, you can opt for the connected doorbell.
Then plan a higher budget (120 to 200 €). Remember to check the compatibility of the bell with the equipment you have, and to inquire about any additional costs (subscription to the Cloud etc).
Be careful not to lose sight of the fact that this type of model can fail, since it depends entirely on your Internet connection as well as a specific application.
From a technical point of view, the connected bell is designed to allow you to see and hear your visitors. If the cameras are now of excellent quality (resolution 720p minimum), the quality of the sound may leave something to be desired: remember to check this point before you start.
The use
The main question to ask before buying a wireless doorbell is that of use. If it is a temporary relief from the breakdown of your traditional doorbell, you can head for a very small price, like the TeckNet WA658.
On the other hand, if you are looking for a sustainable system, it will be essential to bet on quality. You also need to determine if you want a basic doorbell system or if you prefer to use a model that also acts as a surveillance system, like Ring Video 2.
The composition of a kit
The basic kit consists of a call box and a receiver.
The call box, located near the door, is the central element – and the guarantor of the proper functioning of your kit. It is therefore he who must draw your attention. Check first: the strength of the materials; the waterproofness of the housing, which guarantees its resistance to weather and dust; and its resistance to extreme temperatures.
Do not neglect the maximum temperature up to which it works, because on fixed point in the sun, and with the reverberation of the facade, the housing can be subjected to severe test in summer.
The call box often runs on batteries. Check the model: Replacing the batteries too often could be expensive in the medium term.
There are still battery powered receivers but they are increasingly rare. They are preferred models that plug directly into a wall outlet.
If your home consists of a floor and / or dependency, it can be interesting to multiply the receivers to miss any visitor.
Quality, volume and number of ringtones
It is likely that your doorbell will ring several times a day. Favor the quality of the sound to the number of ringtones, opting for a model with a clear and pleasant sound.
Do not neglect the volume issue. The more adjustment levels you have, the more accurately you can adjust the volume. The most common models offer 4 to 5 different levels (including silent mode). But the sound amplitude can vary considerably.
The loudness depends mainly on the configuration of your home. A volume of 25 dB is more than enough in a studio or a small apartment. In a spacious villa, it is better to opt for a sound volume of 90 to 115 dB.
The light signal
The light signal is essential for people who are hard of hearing, but not only. It is always interesting to opt for a model equipped with LED lighting.
The light signal confirms to your visitors that pressing the call button has worked well. For your part, this will prevent you from missing a visit if you have headphones on your ears or if you are busy with a household task involving the use of a noisy device.
The cover
Wireless doorbells now have a range that can easily reach 400m.
However, this data must be taken with care. Indeed, the environment and architecture can significantly impede the smooth operation of your wireless doorbell.
The installation
In theory, it only takes a few minutes to install a wireless doorbell. Indeed, just put the call box to be ready for operation.
In practice, it is worth spending a little more time on this operation, especially to choose the location. If possible, avoid exposing the case directly to the sun and the weather.
Many models have double-sided tape. This should remain an option reserved for temporary use of the wireless doorbell.
In the long run, changes in temperature and humidity are likely to overcome the tape, which would cause the casing to fall. For long-term use, preference is given to fastening with nails and screws.
Warning: if a model like the Ring Video 2 is delivered with the necessary drills, this is not always the case. So plan a concrete drill for installation near the gate or on the facade, and possibly a very thin drill, in case the plastic case is not drilled.
Do not neglect the choice of the receiver socket. It must be in sight and easily accessible, but out of reach of children who might have fun unplugging it.

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