The 6 (true) Best Connected Thermostats 2019

Posted on March 21, 2019
In an era where our lives are increasingly connected, thermostats have, unsurprisingly, followed the trend to the delight of many families. For those who are lost to the wide choice available, here is my selection of the 6 best thermostats connected among more than twenty models available at the moment.
I would opt, I think, for the Tado V3 +, which has great features and a nice design, all for a price still affordable!
You will also find at the end of this article a buying guide that will allow you to understand the criteria of important choices, in order to make the best choice for your home.








                                                                Nest Learning Thermostat 3G









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                                    Nest Learning Thermostat 3G







The best cheap connected thermostats
For a price below 50 euros, here is a connected thermostat that will appeal to small budgets.
Heatzy Driver: the best cheap


 Android and IOS compatible

 4 different heating modes
 Not compatible with Home kit and Google Home
 Interface not very easy to handle

The first thermostat in this selection is a very low-cost thermostat from Heatzy, which allows you to easily control your electric heater from anywhere; it allows to save energy and you always have the ideal temperature in your home.
Simple and easy to use system, simply connect Heatzy to your electric heaters. Then simply connect your Heatzy boiler to your Wi-Fi box, so you can control the Heatzy application, which allows you to program your heating on a single interface.
You can control your electric heaters individually, by rooms, or zones, depending on the configuration of your home (rooms, living rooms, etc.), allowing good heating management and optimal control of the energy bill!
Heatzy offers 4 different heating modes to best meet your needs. Choose from the comfort, eco, off or frost mode according to your needs.
The application is compatible with Android and iOS, but you can also directly program on your case. Too bad, however, that the ergonomics of the application is not a little more worked and that this case is not compatible with Home Kit and Google Home. This would have been even more appreciated, especially for connected homes!
However, for the price, it is already a thermostat that has many advantages, ideal when you have many radiators (and therefore requires several boxes to manage everything). Level design, it is quite pretty and rather mat with its white color; he should be discreet in your home!
The best connected midrange thermostats
Much more expensive, around 150 euros, here are three connected thermostats of mid-range that stood out.
Tado V3 +: the best mid-range

 Easy to use interface

 Compatible with Apple Home Kit, Google Home and Alexa

 Options to buy extra

Fairly similar price level to the other two thermostats in this range, this thermostat from Tado is also quite design, but in the style of Qivivo (which I present to you later), very discreet.
In order to save you money on your heating bill, this thermostat has smart features (called Skills) such as Geolocation, Open Window Detection and Weather Adaptation. It also features the Wellness Skill, which provides information about the fresh air in your home and the quality of the outdoor air, helping you maintain a healthy home climate.
For even more convenience, you can automate geolocation and open window detection, but this will require a monthly subscription that can be subscribed in the application, for only 2.99 euros per month and can be canceled at any time . Too bad to have to pay extra for these options!
Just like the Honeywell Lyric T6 thermostat, it is also compatible with connected homes and can be controlled vocally with Amazon Alexa, Apple Home Kit, Google Assistant and IFTTT. What delight fans of gadgets like this!
In addition to a voice command, you can of course control the thermostat via the tado ° application on your phone, wherever you are. With a very intuitive application, the Home screen gives you instant access to all your parts and Skills at a glance for easy viewing and programming.
Like the Qivivo and the Honeywell, the programming is intelligent and only activates if someone is at home. Simply choose the desired temperatures for day and night. You can also customize settings when no one is at home.
Easy to use and the installation is also rather easy. A thermostat that will delight the most connected of us, that's for sure. It is my favorite of this selection, especially with its nice design really discreet and the best value for money in my opinion!
Qivivo: the basic


 Easy to use interface


 Not compatible with Home Kit and Google Home or Alexa

For a high high price, this connected thermostat from Qivivo will change your life. Made in France (it's still taken), and with a super nice and discreet design, it is compatible with most electric wire heating systems pilot.
Wireless (batteries included), the thermostat is placed at the ideal place to measure your indoor temperature with a measuring range of 0 ° C to 50 ° C.
For the programming of your heating, nothing easier because you can create in a few clicks a program for your home, or room by room (additional module to buy) from your mobile, tablet or computer wherever you are. You can easily save on your heating bill, especially thanks to its presence sensor.
With its absence alert function, it warns you even when you have forgotten to launch the "holiday" program. All you have to do is go into remote frost mode!
With the Auto on function, the Qivivo thermostat detects your arrival and adapts your heating program accordingly, which really makes your life easier and save money!
Thanks to its easy-to-use interface and consumption graphs you can even optimize your programs and save even more while making a gesture for the planet. What more ?
Maybe programming via systems such as Home Kit or Google home or even Alexa for even more ease of use and to centralize all your connected devices.
Honeywell Lyric T6: a powerful thermostat

 Easy to use interface

 Compatible with Apple Home Kit, Google Home and Alexa

 Requires a mains plug

In the same price range, here is a thermostat radically different design point of view which is also very pretty, but will certainly not go unnoticed (square and black thermostat).
This smart thermostat T6 allows you to regulate the temperature of your home based on the location of your smartphone to find out if you are at home or on the move (geofencing). Save energy in your absence and make sure you have the right temperature when you return!
Very intuitive thanks to its touch screen, you can always keep control from a smartphone or tablet, wherever you are with the application Honeywell Home, whether on Android or iOS. You can even pair multiple smartphones and tablets with your thermostat so the entire family can have control.
You also have the choice between a seven-day programming or the modification of your remote settings in case of change of your projects. Honeywell Home knows how long it takes your home to reach the required temperature and it saves you money on your energy bills.
Intelligent comfort control helps maintain the desired temperature when you need it. Your home will always be comfortable and enjoyable, whatever the weather outside!
Unlike several thermostats presented previously, it works in harmony with voice recognition assistants, smartphone applications and connected devices (Apple Home Kit, Alexa …) and you can manage the comfort of your home intelligently and efficiently.
Easy to use, this thermostat is also easy to install, thanks to the Honeywell Home application that will guide you step by step through the entire installation process. The T6 is a fixed wall mounted thermostat designed to replace a traditional thermostat, it can be positioned on any flat surface.
It communicates with the control unit of the boiler (included) via a wireless connection, but unfortunately requires a connection to the general power supply.
A thermostat that does its job perfectly and fits easily in connected homes!
The best high-end connected thermostats
With prices above 200 euros, here are two models of high-end connected thermostats that stand out.
Nest Learning Thermostat 3G: the best high-end

 Easy to use interface
 Smart programming

 Compatible with many types of heating

 Not compatible with Apple Home Kit

With its simple and elegant design, clearly made to be seen, by its black and copper color, this Nest thermostat is ideal for controlling your heating remotely, from your smartphone, tablet or computer (Android or iOS systems), or directly on the Nest Learning Thermostat with its large, high-resolution, 5.3-centimeter touch screen.
With Far View, you can read the time or temperature from the other end of the room. No need to move every time!
With intelligent programming, temperature, humidity, motion and light sensors and true radiance function, you can improve your comfort and save energy. In fact, this thermostat switches to automatic ECO mode when you are away and consumes very little energy itself (less than 2 kWh / month).
It also uses OpenTherm technology to control compatible condensing and high efficiency boilers, allowing even more energy savings in perspective. This system has the advantage of being compatible with many types of heating such as mixed boilers, system and heating only boilers, domestic hot water tankers, hydraulic underfloor heating systems, air and geothermal heat pumps ( heating only), multizone systems (one Nest Thermostat per zone), heating systems with OpenTherm technology, or Electric Wire controlled heating (Nest Thermostat Base + professional installation recommended).
When it comes to temperature control, Nest automatically remembers your preferences and adjusts its programming. Nest can now also control your DHW cylinder and, if necessary, switch on a forced heat.
As far as programs are concerned, the simple interface makes programming easy enough. It integrates with Google Home Home Automation for even greater ease of use. Unfortunately, Apple Home kit systems are not compatible …
This system is also compatible with Nest Protect. If it detects a dangerous level of carbon monoxide, it can communicate with the Nest Thermostat to turn off the boiler, which is often the cause of the leak.
In terms of installation, Nest obviously recommends having your Nest Learning Thermostat installed by a qualified Nest Pro installer. The Nest Pro installer will place the thermostat in the right place, connect it to Heat Link and configure it for you.
Certainly much simpler, it will nevertheless surely cost something. But you will at least have the assurance of a well tuned thermostat that works. However, it seems that the installation is not very difficult, especially thanks to the many tutorials on the internet.
It is not necessary to use an installer if you feel like trying it yourself.
Ecobee4: the integrated Alexa


Currently out of stock


 Google Home Compatible, Apple Home Kit and Alexa
 Easy to use interface
 Smart programming


The last thermostat of this selection is, at more than 300 euros, a clear investment. For this price, it allows, according to the manufacturer, to achieve up to 23% savings on heating and air conditioning bills with its sensors that measure the temperature of each room but also the presence of occupants to to perfectly adapt the temperature to your needs (like many previous thermostats).
This would theoretically make the purchase profitable very quickly, but I suspect that these figures are not applicable to all unfortunately.
Easy to install, in a time of about 30 minutes, this thermostat has a well thought out installation guide and an application that guides you step by step. Then you simply control this thermostat via its application compatible with both iOS and Android systems.
With an integrated Alexa system, it is possible to very easily control this thermostat vocally to not only control your temperature, but also ask him to play music, and other features that a "normal" Alexa system has. This system also pairs very well with Google home systems and Apple Home Kit, something to delight fans of home automation!
Be careful, however, it seems that the connection is lost quite frequently, which can pose a number of problems, especially if you're not on site. For the price it is a not insignificant defect …
His look is however pretty, even if far from being very discreet, it will take part whole in your decoration.
The products of my selection on offer at the moment

Who has never dreamed of a temperature always ideal at home and which is perfectly adjusted according to the parts and the needs and all this without taking of head and sometimes even saving?
A connected thermostat not only allows you to always have the ideal temperature in your rooms very easily, but it also offers you the opportunity to make significant savings in heating, by adapting the consumption to the use of the home.
In order to take full advantage of these advantages, it is important to choose your connected thermostat. Here is a small guide to choose the one that suits you best.
The ease of installation
Unless you are an experienced electrician, it is necessary to choose an easy-to-install thermostat that will not take many days to install. A well explained notice must be provided, or a contactable and competent service.
On average, it will take 30 minutes to 1 hour of installation by thermostat.
Utilisation facility
Once the installation is complete, start the real "work", ie programming and learn how to use the thermostat. Once again, unless you're a tech savvy, the thermostat should be easy to use and the platform should be intuitive so you do not spend hours trying to properly program the device.
Of course, check that the application is compatible with your smartphone. Indeed, if all connected thermostats are intended for use on your phone, all do not necessarily provide an application available on your operating system Android or iOS.
It is therefore important to choose the brand of the thermostat not only according to its quality, but also its compatibility with your smartphone.
An application that offers default programs and is easy to use will greatly facilitate your work. In addition, in order to achieve good energy savings, an application that clearly shows your consumption according to the zones or parts can help you to intelligently adjust your consumption.
Thermostat control
Two technologies are preferred by manufacturers to control a connected thermostat: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
Classically, Wi-Fi is the most effective solution to allow precise programming and especially modifiable long distance. Indeed, by connecting the thermostat to an Internet box it becomes easy to check and adjust the needs from your phone, whether from inside the home or being at the other end of the world.
The second solution is based on a Bluetooth connection, more intuitive and easy to implement. However, it has the disadvantage of preventing a long-distance control, and therefore requires the user to be at home to make adjustments to the programming.
A Wifi connection is therefore widely recommended if you want to enjoy the benefits of remote control.
Compatibility with other connected systems
If you have other connected devices or want to get started in a home automation house, it is essential that the thermostat you choose is compatible with a system that will be able to gather all these connected elements, such as Amazon Echo, Google Home or Apple Home Kit.
You will have all your connected equipment at your fingertips and at the same place. This will greatly facilitate your life!
Special functions
Some thermostats offer additional functions that may interest you.
The presence sensor
The first function, which is often included in the quality thermostat, is the presence sensor. This function, as you imagine it will allow to adapt the heating to the presence in each room or zone (according to your needs).
No need to heat a room that is not occupied. This function is also available in automatic holiday mode that allows you to get on the holiday program even if you have not programmed it, following an absence too long.
The second is geofencing, which activates heating according to your geographical proximity to your home. Thanks to the geolocation of the smartphone, the thermostat switches on or off the heating of the housing when the user enters or leaves a defined perimeter.
A very useful function for people regularly leaving home, with very variable working hours or having to leave in an emergency far from home. This saves you from having to program complex sequences and thus maximize energy savings.
The weather function
Another interesting feature is a weather function, which will adjust the heating to outdoor conditions to once again optimize energy expenditure.
Customer service
As mentioned earlier, given the installation and use of the thermostat which can sometimes be complicated, it is important to choose a model that offers an easily accessible and competent after-sales service that will be able to direct or help you when needed. .
Depending on your decoration and your tastes, you can opt for a very flashy and visible model or on the contrary for a very discreet design thermostat.
In conclusion, which connected thermostat to choose?
The answer to this question depends mainly on the level of connectivity of your home.
If you want a thermostat that integrates with home automation systems such as Apple Home kit, Google Home and others, you will choose a compatible model, such as the Tado V3 + or a high-end system such as Nest Learning or Ecobee4 if you have the budget.
If, on the other hand, this does not interest you, a mid-range thermostat that is fairly basic and easy to use, such as Qivivo or Honeywell Lyric T6, will be ideal.
Honorable Mentions
Heatmiser Neo: not very expensive thermostat that will appeal to small budgets, but seems to have worries of connectivity WIFI, which can make its use problematic.
Netatmo: a mid-range thermostat, but unfortunately seems to have problems with service, which is always a negative point with devices such as this thermostat that often require help during installation and operation.
Somfy 2401498: Like the previous one, this midrange thermostat seems to have some problems with service, unfortunately.
Ween: a very promising thermostat, but unfortunately that does not have much return customers, probably due to its not very affordable price.

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