The 6 (true) Best Lubricants 2019

Posted on January 17, 2019
After several hours of research, I made my selection of the six best lubricants among more than fifty models available on the market today.
Here I am confined to unscented lubricants, tastes and flavors not being discussed (I let your inspirations free to satisfy your taste fantasies). Among my selection, I highly recommend the Aloe Cadabra which, although a bit more expensive, has very good performance for a composition very respectful of the body.
However, I invite you to read my buying guide at the end of the article, to determine which lubricant is right for you.

The best cheap lubricants
In this first section, only one lubricant caught my attention. It is certainly easy to find other products as little (or even less) expensive, but it is often necessary, in this case, to be wary of their composition.
You may also come across a product that is unprofitable in that, although the price is small, many applications are needed, which means that you will have to buy back frequently.
With the lubricant I chose, no danger of having these bad surprises!
Acvioo: the best cheap


 Correct lubrication time

 Contains glycerine

The first point made by users of this lubricant is its (very) low price, given the quantity available (240 ml). But this is explained by a simple fact: Acvioo gel does not interfere with anything.
It is a water-based lubricant, without any perfume or colorant, and guaranteed hypoallergenic. Of course, everyone reacts differently, and that is why the brand advises you to always test the product on a small piece of skin (this is a tip I give you besides for all the lubricants!).
The little plus that reassures? It is tested, among others, by the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration). It is also guaranteed without dangerous and / or allergenic substances, like paraben and latex.
On the other hand, it contains glycerine, certainly used in many pharmaceutical manufacturing, but recognized as weakly toxic. Too bad !
Of course, as it is a water-based lubricant, it is not the most durable: the brand nevertheless announces a very correct lubrication time of 15 to 20 minutes, that seem to approve users. After all, we will not lie: often enough! (No, gentlemen, we do not believe in "both uninterrupted hours"!).
So certainly, it does not stick, but it is a pretty thick mixture. I prefer to warn you because some users are put off by this aspect. This is nevertheless what allows a better durability.
This remains very easy to clean, as a simple passage under water is enough. And since it does not carry any perfume or additional component, it does not leave stains on the clothes, which will appreciate in particular the fetishists of the sexy underwear or the costumes maid (or any other type of costume, I give free rein to your imagination …)!
In the end, it is an excellent basic lubricant, which fulfills its function well: lubricate, without sticking. It is not without defects (I blame it for its glycerin content), but it is an excellent quality / price ratio.
And if you are afraid of not having enough with 240 ml, do not hesitate to turn to the version 400 ml, even more attractive.
The best midrange lubricants
The products that I have selected here are all excellent quality / price (probably the best on the market). If they are very similar, everyone brings a little trick (more or less) that sets it apart from others.
It's up to you to see what's the right thing for you!
Sliquid Naturals Sassy: the best mid-range


 Modified composition for improved durability
 Renowned for anal sex

The Sliquid brand is globally recognized in the field of lubricants. His bestseller is probably his simplest product, the Sliquid Naturals H20, 100% vegan-friendly guaranteed (I can not say for sure, but Sliquid would be one of the only brands in the field, to provide the all ingredients of its products), and in any case devoid of paraben and glycerin.
The version I propose here is Sliquid Naturals Sassy. "Sassy" meaning "impertinent", this little gel has been specially designed for anal sex … But it adapts to any desire, of course!
The brand is part of the same five basic ingredients as for its flagship product, H2O, but has modified the formula to obtain a thicker gel (the H2O is very similar, texture level, to water) . The result is better durability, to the point that some users are comparing this water-based lubricant to some silicone-based lubricants.
A very small nut is enough, which guarantees that the bottle, despite its rather small size (125 ml) lasts a certain time. Some users, not to "waste" the product by adding a layer as soon as it begins to dry, keep near the bed a glass of warm water, in which they take just a few drops, which liquefies again the lubricant without removing its ability to glide.
But of course, unlike silicone-based lubricants, it is very easy to wash (a simple passage under water is enough). No odorous, it has no taste, does not stick (despite its appearance a little more viscous than the H2O) and does not stain.
The only criticism generally addressed to this product is its low capacity. But since it takes little for its use to be effective, it does not cause any major problem either.
Paloqueth: with water or oil

 Excellent value
 Oily appearance appreciated by those most used to silicone-based lubricants

 Contains glycerine

I'll be honest with you, this lubricant does not bring much compared to the others that I have proposed so far, but since it is an excellent value for money, I had to introduce it to you.
As with the Acvioo, I find it a shame to find glycerin, but I was looking for user testimonials relating to certain reactions, I did not find anything.
So I guess the content is correct. The brand nevertheless announced that glycerin has a spermicidal effect. It is therefore not recommended to use this lubricant if you are in baby test.
This is again a slightly thicker formula, which allows a fairly good durability for a water-based lubricant. On the other hand, the rendering seems a little more oily on the skin, more in the manner of silicone-based lubricants.
So it may be a good option if you want a feeling a little closer to this type of lubricant (and therefore ultimately less close to natural lubrication), but prefer water-based compositions or want to play with sex toys in silicone (silicone-based lubricants must be avoided).
Otherwise, all the testimonies tend to say that this product is without odor or taste, and not irritating, that it does not stick and does not do any task. One of its main advantages is its large 400 ml container, which seems to last long enough (depending on how you use it, of course), because only a small amount would be enough.
Lubido: probably the best quantity / price ratio


 Practical pressure service during the action


 Glue a little when it dries

If the general price goes up a bit, it's because you do not get here a bottle of 250 ml, but 3. As much to tell you that it is better that the Lubido Gel satisfies you, because you have for one end of time (well, unless you're really a big practitioner …).
Again, it is a water-based gel, but the texture has been slightly enhanced to allow for better durability. Depending on the brand – and users confirm, only a few drops are needed for a small session gambols in the air, and if really Mr. is enduring, a little water stimulates the case in a while.
Guaranteed paraben and latex free (Lubido really insists on it), it still contains glycerin, to my chagrin. However, I did not find any user testimonial stating that there would have been reaction, so we will leave the benefit of the doubt and say that the level of glycerin should be quite low.
Again, it's a guaranteed lubricant that's odorless and tasteless and does not stain. On the other hand, a small defect can be raised: certainly, during its application, the product does not stick.
But if you let it dry on some areas, a plating effect may appear once all the water has evaporated. This of course is quickly solved by adding water (just a few drops to prolong the pleasure, or what to permanently eliminate any residue if you're done).
A point generally appreciated is also its pressure service: no need, in the heat of the action, to unscrew or unclip your bottle, a simple support is enough to replenish you. And as everyone knows, every second is precious in this kind of case!
In the end, I do not think that this lubricant is the best on the market, if only by the presence of glycerine or its somewhat sticky appearance when it dries, but it perfectly fulfills the mission for which it is designed, and it is certainly an excellent value for money (I advise you also to check the prices charged by various third-party sellers, because a strong difference is sometimes noted).
The best high-end lubricants
It is in this section that I propose you the first (and only) silicone lubricant of my selection, but also the one that, from (very) far, wins my preference.
Aloe Cadabra: the best high-end

 100% natural composition
 Lubricates and restores bacterial flora


This lubricant is different from the others I have presented so far because of its composition and vocation.
Indeed, if many lubricants boast of being made of natural products (but God knows what can be grouped under this term) and released harmful substances (paraben, glycerin, etc.), here I examined the composition and have really found nothing to complain about.
The main ingredient is Aloe Vera (95% according to the brand). It is known for its moisturizing and soothing. It is also found very often in moisturizing creams. But still, this lubricant is enriched with vitamin E, which is, among other things, antioxidant and very good for the skin.
And all this is because this lubricant was designed 2-in-1: certainly, its main function is to lubricate (you had no doubt, no?), But it can also be used for your personal hygiene, to repair your skin and restore your bacterial flora.
Furthermore, the brand insists that it is not a temporary "dressing" for lubrication: unlike some lubricants that can, in the long term, contribute to the destruction of vaginal tissues (by changing the bacterial flora , among others), Aloe Cadabra, with its PH neutral formula, is designed to restore the woman's vaginal environment and allow her to regain her natural moisture balance.
The brand also announces that this lubricant would sometimes be recommended by doctors to their patients suffering from vaginal dryness or an imbalance of the flora. Well, I confess that I did not go to check, but it has in any case received certifications from the FDA and the NSF.
That said, let's all the same to its use during your erotic evenings (after all, that's probably why you read me today …). Users generally testify that a very small amount of lubricant is sufficient for a pleasant ratio, that it does not dry quickly (although it is a water-based lubricant), that it does not stick (neither during application or drying) and that its taste is even rather pleasant.
His feelings would be very very close to natural lubrication.
In short, it is a product that I highly recommend. While it is a little more expensive, but you have for this price, an effective lubricant and whose natural composition can only help you maintain your internal balance.
And finally, it's rather reassuring to know that it is really only natural products, in the sense that we really hear it.
Swiss Navy: the most sustainable

 Probably the most durable on the market

 Perfect for sex in the shower
 A little too thick to the taste of some


I finish my selection with a lubricant based on silicone (finally!). I propose you here the Swiss Navy, known to all Americans a bit naughty, because it is THE erotic brand and especially THE reference lubricant among our friends across the Atlantic.
If you read my buying guide, you'll find that silicone-based lubricants evaporate less and therefore require fewer applications than water-based ones. And among them, the Swiss Navy seems to work wonders, since very (very) rare are the users saying they have managed to perform over time to the point of having to resort to a second application (and again, they would they not a little mytho?).
It is a lubricant without taste or added color, and does not stick. On the other hand, it leaves an oily sensation on the skin.
A passage under the shower (or 2 or 3, depending on the users) is mandatory after your short session of sport in the room. But this is also why it is one of the most recommended lubricants for sex in the shower: you have the assurance that lubrication will continue even if your lovemaking continues.
Composition side, nothing alarming. The product is even enriched with vitamin E. And again, the bottle is equipped with a very fast pressure pump to quickly get what you need during the act.
If there are complaints about the Swiss Navy lubricant, these may be: some users find it a bit too thick to really make all the sensations. However, I think it's often the case with silicone-based lubricants, and water-based ones are better for texture if you're looking for a feel closer to natural lubrication.
The other criticism often addressed is its difficulty in cleaning it: on your skin it will sometimes take several passes with soapy water, but on the clothes some traces would be quite difficult to recover.
But if this is not a problem, and you want to focus on an effective lubricant and very durable over time, do not hesitate, the Swiss Navy is for you!
The products of my selection on offer for the moment

If you're planning an intimate party, whether alone or in pairs, a lubricant can totally change things. But between the (large) variety of products on the market and the alternative lubricants that are often a bad idea, it's hard to navigate.
Here are some tips to have a good time.
The importance of lubricant
The primary role of the lubricant is to avoid discomfort during a sexual act. It helps moisturize the skin and make it easier to slide a variety of things, be it the skin of your partner or your favorite sex toy. It can even help stimulate sexual arousal (well when it stings, it cuts a little envy …).
For many people, the lubricant is a taboo, the pinnacle of depravity. But it is not unusual to have a lubricant one day, whatever the reason.
You should not consider that something is wrong with you, or that your body is "broken". As they say, these things happen …
In some circumstances, I would even say that it is mandatory. I think of course, on the one hand, anal sex (this area is obviously not self-lubricating). But again, and this concerns everyone, from around 50 years – or at least when the first signs of menopause appear – hormonal changes sometimes prevent natural lubrication, at the same time that the skin becomes less elastic.
This can result in some discomfort during intercourse.
Types of lubricants
Of course, the vaginal area absorbs the products you apply, just like any other part of the body. Be careful not to put anything in it!
Water-based lubricants
This type of lubricant has several advantages. The first, and not least, is that they are the closest to natural lubrication. Versatile, it is available in various forms and textures, to best fit your personal needs.
They are safe, both externally and internally, and are easy to clean.
But it is also this last point which constitutes their weakness: they are not very effective for the sex under the shower, and evaporate rather quickly. To avoid this, you can turn to thicker blends (but then you move away from the natural lubrication sensation). Otherwise, do not hesitate to apply small regular touches!
Another damaging point is that they often have, in their composition, glycerine, certainly used in many pharmaceutical manufacturing, but recognized as low toxicity. If you find one who does not, then it's better.
Silicone lubricants
Silicone lubricants evaporate less and therefore require fewer applications. Unlike water molecules, silicone molecules slide on the surface of the skin without being absorbed.
The sliding sensation is therefore also increased tenfold. They are highly recommended for anal intercourse or sex in the shower.
Their major disadvantage is that they can damage your sex toys, if they are also silicone. But still, they are often harder to clean.
Alternative lubricants
Are you preparing for an intimate evening and, when the time comes, no way to put your hand on your lube pot, whereas it is precisely today that your body tells you damn while remaining inflexibly dry?
It is tempting, in this kind of situation, to resort to certain substitutes. But beware, they are, for the most part, real fake friends!
This is probably the most common substitution practice (if only at the time of oral reports), but it is in fact to be proscribed. Saliva, in fact, has no lubricating power, only the opposite: it goes to dry mucous membranes and can even transmit STIs!
I think that any novice looking for lubricant thinks first of all about Vaseline. This is a very bad idea, because the oil it contains can damage condoms, making them ineffective, but also cause serious infections.
Moisturizing care
We would tend to think that hydration = lubrication, but no! These treatments generally contain a multitude of irritating active ingredients: perfume, silicone, paraben, …. With all this, beware of swelling and irritation!
Mineral oils
Mineral oils can damage the latex of the condom, making it ineffective (And boom, 18 minutes of pleasure, but 18 years of obligations …).
But still, it can cause irritation (probably in that they cause an imbalance of the bacterial flora), even vaginal mycosis.
The options
As I said earlier, the number of lubricants available on the market is quite amazing. As a result, brands do not hesitate to put forward some "options" to stand out and win your preference.
Scented lubricants
Banana, strawberry, chocolate or even bubble gum … Just about every taste is offered in terms of lubricants. This is most often an odorous scent, rather than taste, but some combine the two.
That can be a plus, in that they give a greedy dimension to your antics, or simply in that they mask the intimate smells that some find uncomfortable.
Be careful, however, that they are sugar-free (not because it makes you fat, but because they can cause yeast infections!). Many scented lubricants contain flavoring sugars.
So make sure your perfumed lubricant contains a safe, sweetening ingredient for the body, such as aspartame or stevia.
"Hot" or "thrill" lubricants
All users are not sensitive, but some lubricants have heating virtues, which help intimate excitement through the sensations they provide. Not always effective, it's far from being indispensable in my opinion, but it can be the little extra that will spice up your relationship.
Anesthetic additives
While there, by cons, I say stop! Lubricants that offer these additives, under the guise of protecting you from certain pains, are definitely to be avoided.
They are extremely problematic in that if they create better comfort at the time of the report, they can prevent you from feeling potential injuries and ultimately cause you more pain than anything else.
Never forget, pain is the way the body has to tell you to slow down! And no you must not suffer to be beautiful … Even less to have fun!

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